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    @BobSmith After I posted a link of 64 Obama Lies (many more since that video was made) one guy inadvertently admitted I was right, Clinton sent Halliburton into Europe with a blank check first and then told me that Clinton sent Halliburton into Europe better than Bush sent them into Iraq.

    There is only a dozen or two people with the intelligence to hold a decent conversation on here and you guys are all on my side. I feel like a school teacher talking to a brick wall.

    People tell me 'Prove or Retract' Have you ever heard a better three word sentence saying, "I am not prepared for this conversation that I want into, just show me the paragraph I need so I don't have to take any initiative looking it up or actually do some reading or learning'
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    Indeed, Clinton gave Halliburton no-bid contracts - but where is the outrage?

    "There is only a dozen or two people with the intelligence to hold a decent conversation on here and you guys are all on my side. I feel like a school teacher talking to a brick wall. "

    When I joined this site, I used to be a left leaning moderate (Socially conservative however and always against the EPA/illegal immigration), but over 6 months I drifted steadily right due to the intelligence of the conservative posters on here and the failures and lies of Obama.

    Conservatism and the right-wing posters on here make sense, liberalism does not.

    I'm glad I figured that out.

    "People tell me 'Prove or Retract' Have you ever heard a better three word sentence saying, "I am not prepared for this conversation that I want into, just show me the paragraph I need so I don't have to take any initiative looking it up or actually do some reading or learning'"

    Indeed. That is quite annoying - it seems to have increased in frequency recently if anything.
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    They don't believe the IRS... they are shivering in their bones because they know deep down that Obama probably had something to do with all of this. That can't be discovered! Not their King… it would ruin him!
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    They will never give the emails because Obama is behind the entire scandal. Remember the lost files that the housekeeper found in the white house during the Clinton's scandalous presidency.
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    Yes, four years of Clinton lies and stalls. She is actually contemplating a run for the Presidency. Have we slipped that darn far that she would have a chance? Rush Limbaugh won't be running 'Operation Chaos' this time giving her tons of false votes to eliminate BO in the Whitehouse, her actual low information fools and Liar Lovers would be on their own this time.
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    @Curmudgeon I don't think Hillary Clinton has ever told the truth about anything. I would believe Hillary if her tongue came notarize.
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    Oh yea the travel gate scandal the papers was found on the fire place shelf right out in the open. Oh yes those papers, The one Hillary said she had no idea where they was yea right.
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    And have you turned over the proof to congress, cause I am sure that they would like to see it.

    BTW, I think those entities the IRS was checking out needed to be, for some reason most of the hinky behavior has been coming from them.

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    @LEC WOW! The next time we have a Republican President who gets the IRS to check out only the liberal groups, let me know how you like it. TOTAL HYPOCRITE! Obama & these Democrats have proven that they are the party of hinky behavior but people like you just look the other way. You sure don't want them stopping your medicaid & food stamp payments do you.
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    Listen to the limp wristed liberals. Actually condoning criminal long as that criminal activity is carried out by a Marxist like themselves. Lmao. And we wonder why the country is sliding down a rat hole of mediocrity?
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    it's sliding down the 'rat hole of mediocrity' because it's mediocre.

    tell me, is sending and receiving e-mail a criminal activity? i don't think so.
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    @dances-weebles no one said it was! they say the message might prove who wanted the IRS to go after those who were against them, it is proof they want to see is there. You and I both know it is. do you think the IRS would buy it if you said your records were accidently lost and gone forever? wake up weebles, you are smarted then that. hey read this;
    Yes but to be truthful, the IRS, and the collection arm of the Treasury which is refusing to turn over the official emails of a half dozen of Lerner's colleagues, Lois Lerner, all have the same reason to cover up and hide the emails! Their reason is easy to see, they want their jobs, and they discovered that their jobs carried with it the way to become super rich. Money and job is one reason, the second is, they don't want to go to prison, and they will if the emails are seen by Congress. We need to go to a flat tax, and then we would not need the IRS! We have way too many ways people can fraud us out of money and the IRS is one of the top worse. The reason the Congress, Senate, and President does not want a flat tax is so they can raise, raise, raise taxes time and time again and wasted money, you have seen this a lot haven’t you? Let raise hell and demand a flat tax.
    The above is my idea on the subject.
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    @dances-weebles Weebles, I'm in a play now, it started on the night of the 12th, it will run a month, I am in the first, middle, and end of play but not a main part. I've enjoyed not having lines after lines to learn for a change. It is a Christian play, and we have been playing to a sold out house each night except the first. have a good day
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    Start sending people to federal prison. Compliance with the law is not optional and the American people are sick of being lied to. The IRS can not be allowed to be used as a political bludgeon. This is not the path our nation should go down.
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    @dances-weebles I'm seriously surprised on how quickly the right is jumping on this like it's a bad thing to have scrutiny over tax exempt status. All the while ignoring all the other groups also targeted. They love their fake persecution.
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    As long as honest people support and condone corruption in the government, both parties, we will have a corrupt government. Maybe this means there are insufficient honest people in the country to give a damn.
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    @ACTSmom If you want your taxes raised, just say so. We don't need to change the entire tax structure so you can pay 20% while giving the rich a tax cut.
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    @AceLuby We don't need the corrupt IRS either. Look at all the excess baggage that would be cut from the gov't payroll. I don't know that Fair Tax would raise my taxes or give the rich a tax cut. If we pay as we go and certain things are "prebated" I don't see how it would unfairly tax anyone. It would cut out payroll taxes so all the young folks on here could quit griping about funding our medicare and SS since they apparently don't realize we still pay for those things and have for 40+ years..
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    @AceLuby As it stands, some of these "rich" you speak of aren't paying taxes. While the middle class pay almost 60 to 75% of their income. It's time for something different. If you want to keep going down this path of feudalism there won't be any revenue at all. There is a shadow economy brewing and it's Bitcoin and bartering is becoming the currency. Why not? The banks are dealing drugs and making tax free profits.
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    We need a Special Prosecutor and people need to go to jail. This is nothing more than a Criminal Conspiracy to hide crimes committed by people in the IRS and the Administration. Those involved need to be identified and prosecuted. The funding of the IRS needs to be significantly cut. No bonuses for anyone in that agency.
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    hmmm. now there's a good idea. let's cut the part of government that is in charge of taking care of the money that is necessary to run the nation. that makes a whole lot of sense.
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    @dances-weebles ::
    Thank you for making it clear you think is proper that the regime should 'run' the Nation.
    Your copy of the Constitution is highly flawed.
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    @dexter60 people 'run' businesses... the nation is 'run' as a business. of course the government 'runs' the nation. you certainly aren't capable of doing so... especially without any money. did you actually think before you hit the post button? if so, it doesn't show.
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    You persist. Supposing you are thinking. But you do not understand the words.
    This regime wants us to believe The Government is a corporate entity, which is not its contract; it has shown itself to be no kind of business that exists in the real world, demonstrating that daily. They talk about deficits when there is no budget -- is that found in business; they say they control the economy or national employment, perhaps because this what they would like to be able to do, but show they can only meddle.
    I could go on for as many words there are in the 2.500 pages of ObamaCare and the 20,000 pages of regulations that have so far come out of it -- but I won't because enough is enough for you to get the message if you were not still wet behind the ears. You have posted a thoughtless response, after having plenty of time for reflection. That's all.
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    I thought the NSA stored all of this in their own database. Get a subpoena and shut them down if they refuse, citing obstruction of justice.
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    Amen! The reason the IRS won't cooperate is because they are getting rich off of us, did you hear about their bonuses, and the other reason is, they don't want to go to jail. We could close them down if we had a flat tax.
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    @bsking yeah except for Obamacare uses the IRS has their strong arm....which is why the Communists structured Obamacare the way they cant reformat the IRS they are going to reform us
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    Easy, Go to a fair flat tax, that would make them be fired, no longer needed, then get honest people in there if needed, and then get the emails.
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    @jerbear If you want your taxes raised there are easier ways than changing the entire tax structure.
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    @AceLuby ...What could possibly be easier than dumping the horrid tax system we have now, getting rid of the IRS, and going with a simpler Fair Tax system?
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    The idiocy is in looking for them in the first place.

    If you have issues with non-compliance to a basic request, you start locking up people.
    Start with those writing and receiving emails.
    Move on to managers, IT personnel, etc.

    Believe me, sooner or later - some one will find the emails once it is inconvenient enough for them to stop loosing them.

    As it is, the are no consequences for not finding them.
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    They not only lost the emails, they "recycled" the computers (6 of them). Recycled in IRS terms = trashed them.
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    Actually it does...
    If found to be in contempt of congress (manifest irony in itself), one can be imprisoned.
    It is more of a threat than a reality.
    It has happened.

    Obviously, not frequently enough to concern IRS employees.

    It's not like congress can lock people up and throw away the key.
    It can't award GITMO vacations.

    it has on rare occassions detained people.
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    Trashing them is a good start...
    that is only the beginning.

    Even if they fired the drives, there are images in mail exchanges - and, on mandatory back ups.

    Those need to be trashed, too.

    Plus, you need to nail the senders email, the recipients email, all carbon copies, forwards and replies.
    Then occasionally some one will print out a hardcopy.

    trashing the subpoenad machines is a good start.
    email is leaky.
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    People can certainly be jailed for contempt of Congress, but only if the Department of Justice prosecutes the charge.
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    Backups? Those e-mails were stored on a server before the end users downloaded them, and if the mail server was running an IMAP (or more likely, MAPI) service, those e-mails were stored on the server until the users deleted them. I'll bet you, there's a backup of some -- if not all -- of those e-mails in a backup archive somewhere.
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    there's multiple backups the federal government backs up shit for christ sake it's the IRS they know everything you've done for the last 25 years....this is the biggest load of bullshit since global warming
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    A sound move for a solution is to lock-down the IRS as a domestic terrorist organization, suspend all operations until the wrong-doers are brought out, prosecuted and incarcerated under RICO. We have been forced to support sedition and insurgency, internal and from abroad, beyond the point of conversation.
    We are definitely close to the collapse of the Republic, by people charged with it's care who have no grip reality grasping for a totalitarian authority. At their hands, un-interdicted, tax collection will come to be at the point of a gun even for those not marched to work each day.
    Their fantasy, not mine.
    If the war on citizens continues, to appear with horrendous finality in the streets, we will go through a recovery from this regime that will take longer than the Reconstruction from the war between the States which increase our vulnerability to an even more alien and lesser foreign powers by the posers in government. Americans will have no place to go even in their homeland as they are forced to rent their lives by the day.
    We know the enemy. No matter how many times they try to redefine us and themselves.

    Shut down the meat-grinders before it comes to a matter of taking no prisoners.
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    I would charge each one of these people with corruption and lying to Congress, and Have impeachments proceedings to start after the Mid-term elections, then send them to Prison. The IRS has shown that we need to remove any authority from them to do anything but be a collection agency to gain taxes from private companies within the USA , and any other company that does business with us. remove the "income tax from the citizen and do away with it .
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    If Obama was behind this scandal, I hope that he is impeached. In fact, I would like to see ANYONE involved in this misuse of authority sitting in a prison cell for an unspecified amount of time. That is the only way to restore any remaining respect for the IRS.

    People should not fear their government -- a government of the people, by the people and for [all] the people. Government should both fear and respect the will of the people.

    What would happen if a police chief suddenly told people to target one segment of society (with no rationale in terms of suspect descriptions or criminal activity)? The bleeding hearts of the Left would very...very...loud...and they would be calling for the individuals behind it to lose their jobs. I wonder: Would these same Liberal continue to call it a "phony scandal" if a ranking member of the Obama Administration (or even Eric Holder or Obama) pressed the IRS to challenge or audit conservative groups?

    We can conclude that Lois Lerner is hiding something. Is she protecting the president, Eric Holder or some other ranking member of the Obama Administration? I hope that we can, at least, get a list of all of the emails that were sent/received. This way, the "other end" (sender/recipient) emails can be reviewed .
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    @Cal - If. If. If.

    IF a ranking member of the IRS (or the Obama Administration for that matter) misused their authority to target certain Americans for their political beliefs, then, yes, it would be a "misuse of authority."

    It is akin to a teacher/police officer/employer who targets a person or group of people because of his/their race, religious faith, etc...

    IF this is true, someone should be sitting in a prison cell.
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    You want those e-mails start throwing people in jail for obstruction of justice. The Government don't have a problem throwing other citizen in jail for not giving something they want up to them. So fair is fair right start from the top and start putting official of the IRS in jail till the e-mails come to light. They will start singing like a parrot.
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    Unless there is an "or else" why would they feel the pressure to respond to any inquiry - start sending some of them to jail for contempt and see if the others will be willing to cover for the administration!
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    I couldn't agree more. Most IRS employees are ordinary working stiffs who absolutely will not lie. And some are itching to tell their story. The committee simply needs to find some likely to have knowledge, immunize them and ask some pertinent questions.
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    The IRS needs to be dismantled completely. Get rid of this bloated, inept and very corrupt government agency. This should have been done years ago.

    As for the missing emails and computer harddrives……..

    Try every upper level manager in the IRS including the POTUS for obstruction of justice with long federal prison terms to the guilty with no option of early parole.

    Enough is enough!
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    Actually harry reid agrued with an interviewer stating that the federal income tax system in the USA is voluntary. harry reid belongs in a straight jacket.

    This link should take you to the interview:

    One way to drastically reduce the size of the IRS is to have one basic flat tax. Everybody pays the same rate, no matter what your income. Everyone should have some "skin" in the game.

    The other way is to have a national sales tax. Everyone pays the same rate.

    A stipulation would need to be made that any tax increase would have to be passed by a supermajority vote in both houses of Congress and signed by the president.
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    Everybody paying the same rate is one of the worst ideas ever conceived. As is a supermajority requirement to raise taxes.
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    Abolish the IRS and the 16th Amendment, stop the self-imposed insanity.

    Do you like the IRS playing these games with Congress?
    Do you like jumping through tax code hoops, do you like hiring an accountant, do you like worrying about an audit, do you like figuring out what you can legally invest your money in every year, do you like being manipulated by the tax code?

    If your answers are yes do nothing, if they are no; start voting for people who pledge to abolish the IRS and the tax code, who will support the repeal of the 16th Amendment and who support the Fair Tax.
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    I would never vote for anybody who supports those positions, even if I agreed with them on absolutely everything else.
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