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    The benefits of the technology spin-off's to the private sector alone are worth it and not just for the economy, our quality of life, imaginations and place in the universe have all been affected in a positive way.
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    Spin off technology created by an inefficient government bureaucracy . That's so a classic case of the broken window fallacy.
    And I think it's the other way around with those benifits by the way....
    Telstar1 the first communication sati late was developed by AT&T on their quest to improve was only then later used by the Department of defense and other government agencies like NASA.
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    @RONPAULFAN Telstar1 would still be on the ground if NASA had not put a program together to launch.
    18 years of closely working with a major aerospace company, Rockwell, Air Force and many private industries experience says private industry AND the US government (NASA) drove your extreme use of cell phones and the internet...
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    @Curmudgeon lol, where did we spend money on political correctness? I mean, let's ignore the trillion we spent on a pointless republican war huh?
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    The British understood the value of science for science's sake long before the invention of socialist interference and the American obsession with profit. An agency like NASA is vital for the benefit and survival of the human race and this cannot be measured by profits nor by political posturing.

    What I'm saying is that both private enterprise and politics should allow NASA to accrue benefits for them both by staying out of its way and by judging the agency by its accomplishments more than it's failures, because science is not nor will it ever be a perfect endeavor.
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    NASA can provide one other intangible: it's the only federal agency that creates romance. The Apollo program inspired a good part of my generation to "boldly go" - and wouldn't it be nice, in today's petty and toxic political climate, to have legitimate sources of inspiration and realistic opportunities for aspiration?
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    Careful- you may cause a few NeoFundamenalist heads to explode. We wouldn't want to engender God's wrath by daring to bring back more moon samples that irrevocably prove just how old Earth and the Moon are........or that it isn't all green cheese up there.
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    Youth appears to have lost the actual "boldly go" instinct, unless you count the trips to Cabo.......
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    @Unfit2serve Don't see how more dating material through means that rely on invalid assumptions would disprove a young earth - either -

    A - Dating methods we have used on Earth actually work. The Earth is billions of years old. The moon is too.(This is not a correct statement)

    B - Dating methods we have used on earth do not work. The earth is about 6000 years old as God's Word shows us. The moon is as well.(This statement is true.)

    They either work on the moon and earth or on neither (they don't work)- so why would dating moon material matter in the slightest? It shouldn't change either viewpoint.
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    @BobSmith I'm laughing. You have ZERO background in science, yet you confidently state that 99% of scientists have it wrong and you have it right.
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    Our inability to blank check NASA is punishment for out past lack of financial discipline. Now is the time to stop digging and pay bills.
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    Even with a fully functioning debt free national government, I don't think any bureaucracy should be given a blank check. That's just redicilous.
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    @RONPAULFAN Both Democrats and Republicans have done it.

    A past President warned about NEVER letting public servants unionize.

    The garbage collectors are unionized, they want an huge raise and benefit package from the Mayor that won't be sustainable in 25 years and if you don't give it to them, garbage stacks up 30 high, people will riot, germs and sickness will take over, and you can't hire others to collect it or fire them. Then you are told, what the hell it isn't your money, you can approve it and keep your job, and include yourself in the retirement package, they will praise you and vote for you or you can stand up to them and get replaced.

    Many of the unionized civil servants, garbage collectors, Firemen, Water treatment men, etc. are retired at over six figures.
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    If you want to see what 'American Exceptionalism' means after WWII, you'll see primarily one thing: NASA. The tangible and intangible benefits alike from this agency are numerous and many, and for the most part for less than 1% of our national budget.

    Read Carl Sagan's A Pale Blue Dot or Neil deGrasse Tyson's Space Chronicles for insight to what NASA really means to the USA and the world. Its influence is, to understate it simply, inspiring.
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    Politix Op-Ed Contributor
    @Rattrap: thank you so much for sharing those exemplary points. Let's just hope more people start listening, especially in Washington! Perhaps we should send a few politicians into outer space on a long journey!
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    NASA is one of the better government agencies, but they are not exempt from the creeping bureaucratic waste that has crippled most Federal organizations. I bet that if they trimmed the fat from NASA HQ and Goddard Space Flight Center, they'd have enough money to do everything they're proposing.
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    I've said this for a long time. I don't understand how the country that invented the modern world is so far in debt, because they decided to just hand all that technology over for free. Electricity, the automobile, the telephone, radio, television, computers, the internet, almost every single thing we use in our lives every day was invented right here in America, we should be OVERFLOWING with cash, instead we are 7 trillion in debt, and everyone is enjoying the tech we invented for free.
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    >>>everyone is enjoying the tech we invented for free. <<<
    Everyone but us taxpayers who paid for it.
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    @boombatic One thing you need to consider though- no matter how much money this gov't rakes out of our wallets, they will ALWAYS find a way to spend it. Whether it be giving astronomically over-priced contracts to their buddies, or buying more votes with whatever benefits their particular constituents are looking for. :(
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    A lot of money was also spent/will be spent on Gays in the Military. People that joined under Don't ask, don't tell and we caught telling were kicked out. Now that Obama has punished the taxpayers with Gay's poor decision to tell and reversed DADT, one sued for and honorable discharge and got it. That first of many, many to come wants in the VA and PTSD payments made to her because getting caught being Gay and being kicked out was traumatic for her.

    No, look it up yourself.
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    @Curmudgeon IMO.......the VA and it's service should NOT be automatic. Getting VA benefits for a 4 year hitch in which your "action" was the red light district in Germany is a joke. Have a service related injury (and PTSD is not a "I'm offended in how they treated me" injury) and you got VA. Don't have one and you are not.
    Similar to people getting Social Security/Medicare benefits when they have paid little to no money into that system. all can cut my head off (but, remember, I did say IMO)
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    @Curmudgeon! "A lot of money was also spent/will be spent on Gays in the Military. People that joined under Don't ask, don't tell and we caught telling were kicked out. Now that Obama has punished the taxpayers with Gay's poor decision to tell and reversed DADT, one sued for and honorable discharge and got it. That first of many, many to come wants in the VA and PTSD payments made to her because getting caught being Gay and being kicked out was traumatic for her.

    No, look it up yourself."

    Wait wait wait....hold on.......oh sorry, I just can't. Stop laughing.

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    @PauldenZangpo ridiculous? The Adminstration admits it.

    So, ridiculous that it is mentioned, the media all jumped on that one, I mentioned it, or that you are denying it?
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    There are several federal agencies worth funding. NASA is one. And for all the reasons mentioned (consumer products trickle down) and a few unmentioned. Other agencies do what each of us cannot do for ourselves. One is the FDA. Others are the FAA, CDC, EPA, Air Traffic Safety Administration, HSA (Highway Safety Administration) etcetera, etcetera.

    All federal agencies like those above and others benefit all of us in so many ways. Problem is in America we have lost our way. Side tracked spending our tax dollars fighting wars aboard is but one wasteful way of spending tax dollars much to no avail nor benefit to us in our own homeland.

    My 2 Cents (¢¢)
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    The consumer products derived like Teflon frying pans will be made in China, and all exploration knowledge gained is also given to the world, free as an Obamaphone.

    BUT, I'd rather be spending on that and not on PC.
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    I agree.

    The outsourcing of products initially designed and engineered here in American then made in foreign countries is another problem we got ourselves into with all those so called "FREE" trade agreements.

    If it where (was) not for the outsourcing of consumer products, America would have a huge industrial and manufacturing base. Resulting in much lower unemployment and a huge increase in tax revenues at all levels of government. Lot's more consumerism by folks with more after expenses spendable dollars.

    American has lost it's way. How our elected leaders managed to convince us FREE trade and products made overseas was a a good idea was one of America's best con jobs at it's finest!

    De-employing American workers through FREE trade agreements and De-regulation all of which shipped jobs overseas is and was and still is a BAD idea. Bad policies many of which American cannot get out of. We are stuck in those agreements. Why we need to create jobs that cannot be outsourced.

    When will ever learn? A song lyric of many years back that imo still rings true for many other issues and or matters then just wars right here in AMERICA!!!

    My 2 Cents (¢¢)
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    I figure the government will need to give NASA a huge budget boost...when global warming really kicks in...and the time has come to go and try another planet to rape and destroy
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    The ironic part of that scenario is the climate change deniers will fault the catastrophe on something else and demand seats on the colony ships. Oh, and cargo space for their plus size Martian rovers.
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    I get your sarcasm, and it's funny stuff.
    Truth is, our future.. the future of mankind lies in the exploration of space. I truly believe that.
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    NASA is about the only Federal organization that does contribute but the current regime is all about cutting it and having us hitch a ride to space with Russia. I wonder how that is going considering the recent nastiness over Crimea?
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    Won't happen. Since everyone has Obamacare, you can afford or it's reduced or free, have you seen charities stop sticking their hand in your face?
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    @boombatic Well that is one unholy union you made.

    Social Security was forced upon the people and their money was taken out of their pay for over sixty years in my case, and it now pays less that welfare, by a long shot, and the Democrats lump us into the same group as the lazy ass people they depend on for votes. Talk about your irony...

    Times were good, all those baby boomers were working, paying taxes, SS funds building so high, who could have expected more or be expected to keep their hands off of it?

    Many financial experts have said, the same Social Security money invested into the stock market would have THE AVERAGE SENIOR citizen retiring as a MILLIONAIRE. Look it up.

    What happened? Politicians 'borrowed' money from Social Security's "LOCK BOX" and handed out Medicaid that they didn't want to fund otherwise, welfare (they were told, if you are in doubt, give it to them) and all kinds of PC and Social good deeds with someone else's money.

    The Good news, the Politicians put a IOU in the Social Security fund Lock box.

    The Bad news is they signed the taxpayers name.
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    I prefer to blame the Nixon and Reagan Administrations; Nixon for whittling the STS down to what we eventually built and Reagan for letting it go on when we realized it could not possibly launch on a weekly basis and come in even reasonably close to budget estimates.

    We even had the Soviets fooled - they built Buran (inspired by the Shuttle Orbiter), launched it once in 1988 and wisely mothballed it in favor of throwaway boosters.

    We should have followed their lead; we didn’t and now we are without a ride.

    Don’t blame Obama. Don’t blame Bush II.
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    @Proud_Agnostic Good points. But, you have to admit that the current and former POTUS were the ones who put the nails in the coffin.

    Of all federal agencies, this one is the most beneficial to all mankind, not just the US. Look at the list of tech I listed above.

    Remember, if it weren't for the Dark Ages, we'd be colonizing space by now. The current Information Age would most like have occurred when DaVinci was concocting his futuristic inventions, and Bach would have been composing on synthesizers, instead of human powered pipe organs!
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    However, more funding is needed by Congress for NASA to truly maximize its potential for the American people and the world.

    Couldn't the same be said for every government agency? Being in debt up to our eyeballs kinda puts a crimp on every expendature doesn't it?
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    I understand where you are coming from David however, in the absence of abundant funding for NASA, private entrepreneurial companies such as Virgin Galactic are pressing forward with it and making great strides in reducing the costs as well as technological developments.
    I think we can get to a day when we can put more money into NASA, but we have a lot of other issues that effect us all every day that need to be dealt with first.
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    I could write a book here on why I would rather have NASA back vs. sending more money to the Jehadist's in the Middle East or more to foreign countries who turn on us anyway.
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