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    So many straight people here speaking of what they do not know. You condemn others and justify it with a few lines of text?
    While many gay people like I who were raised in religious families, struggle years, 5 for me, denying it, trying to like girls, telling myself it's wrong and not how God wants it, crying myself to sleep in prayer many nights. As I said for 5 YEARS I did this. From 10 till 15. I hated and tortured myself and wished 100% to change during that time. Till finally I awoke one day, and just knew it couldnt be changed.
    Thank god I didn't jump from a bridge into an on coming semi, or cut open my privates and poor bleech on them. Just 2 of the many horrendous things that people have done because of the unjust pressure to change what can't be changed.
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    Same here. Was forced into marrying a man at 18 and we kept each other miserable. Having to go through therapy when I came out at 14 messed with my head bad. Being told that I was just looking for attention or hadn't found a real man and the dozens of other bullshit excuses and logic straight people forced on me to fit their idea of what I should be. I was bad with self harm for many years and only started to heal when I surrounded myself with the family and friends who did not care if I loved men or women.

    Reparative therapy is dangerous and we both know it. I'm all for wanting to do it of your own free will but I call bullshit on being 'cured'.
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    I sympathize with your condition
    I understand you were raised a Christian
    Jesus loves you and he loves me also
    Jesus Christ does not want us bound by our sins. There is deliverance available if we only accept it
    The Word "Let us lay aside the besetting sin that so easily beset us and run the race with patience."
    I believe that people are born with besetting sins, just like people are born with infirmities and diseases
    But there is deliverance and healing thru the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ if we only confess our sins
    The Word also says "Confess your faults one to another that ye may be healed."
    Don't confess your faults to one who has the same problem, but confess it to someone that you know is a prayer warrior and who will speak to you
    Do not rely on 12 steps to recovery being promoted in the religious circles
    May I recommend Teen Challenge. They have many successful cases where Jesus Christ has brought deliverance
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    If people want to do it I don't see a problem with it, but I don't think people should be forced to.
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    @sargentrock or vice versa (you ain't that old marine gunny I knew who said that if he only pitched and never caught he was still straight?)
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    It depends. If it is harmful then it should be banned even if someone wants it, just depends on how harmful it is. We regulate medical treatments and this one should be no different.
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    Wow,,,.this is beyond absurd.....being gay is not a choice...and morality can not and should not be legislated...I mean, when did you decide to become heterosexual?...if being gay is a choice it's only logical that heterosexuality is too.
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    @ahsum99ss When did you choose? Are you constantly pushing down your urge to have homosexual relations? How often are you making this decision?
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    There is NO therapy that can change sexual preference. If there was, child molesters would be put into therapy instead of onto sexual predator lists.'s the homo-phobes and closet homosexuals that believe in this therapy. I do NOT.
    "We may not know why some people prefer soccer over basketball or CHOCOLATE over vanilla."
    Now, that's just funny <Sorry, occasionally I get these juvenile urges that come out>
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    You are absolutely correct. I had to investigate child molesters and you nailed it, there is no cure because they don't see what they are doing as being wrong. They view children differently than normal people. Even chemical castration cannot cure the pedophile. Sick people are sick, there is no cure for alcoholism, just knowing right from wrong is a start. I could start a fire storm of criticism right now by saying that if more people had God in their lives, the world would be a better place. If people want to change, they can, "...there is One who has all power-That One is God." That's how AA members stay sober.
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    @Ratpackjimmy Except you ignore the fact that alcoholism and child molestation has a victim. Two homosexual adults doing whatever it is they want to do is none of our business as there is no victim and is no more a 'sin' than eating shellfish.
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    I really don't think that the relationship between two unrelated, consenting adults is anyone's business but their own as long as no one is being harmed or exploited.
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    Exactly. Which means they should be free to do what they like. The only reason why we don't legally sanction polygamy is because of our history with Utah and no concept of how to legally file taxes in a polygamous situation.
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    @Ets101592 How about three consenting adults and a hood ornament and a consenting Collie? Same logic applies, I agree with you.
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    @Ets101592 Not sure what this comment means as the topic is about relationships between 2 consenting adults (not related) . If it means that our silly little theocratic government should always be able to stick its nose into the private affairs of couples and harrass people about their private lives ad infinitum then that should apply to heterosexual couples also. They should constantly get harrassed with questions about how many children they have ,if they have children, why they have so many (or so few) , whether they go on camping trips with the family, if they own parakeets, dogs, etc. Then maybe they would stop and think how others feel about their privacy and choices always being questioned.
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    @BritAustenpal your right it is no one else's business, what they keep private is private but unfortunately they make it public. Which removes it from the sphere of privacy.
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    The image accompanying this article drives home a simple truth: There's nothing more unnatural than a gay man forcing himself to marry a woman.
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    My boy was Left handed but, he wanted to write right handed, he taught himself to be right handed and has never went back .. it happens every day in the real world .
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    And handedness works the same way our sexual orientation does, right?

    So if you were forced to have sex with someone of your own gender then you would turn gay and never look back, right?

    Makes sense.
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    @Wilderide He chose to be Right handed. The comment "you are what you are" is a ignorant and weak statement, we all have choices.
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    @Wilderide You know what, maybe I responded to you statement too quickly, maybe it's not such a ignorant statement since it could be taken two ways. "You are what you are" Why do men try so hard to become women ? Why do they dress and talk like them ? Why do they get sex changes ? Why can't they understand that "you are what you are" Sorry for making that "ignorant" comment.
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    Sexual and gender orientation is one of those issues that no govt is designed to deal with.

    If conservatives are all about freedom and liberty, they have no business messing in anyone's sex life, excepting forcible rape as a criminal offense.
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    Yeah sorta like the whole separation of church and state thing too, except when it comes to defending what is politically correct and wanting to implement hate crimes.
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    Cincinnatus - You know I agree with you 99.9% of the time. However, I should remind you that there is no such thing as 'rape'. A very well respected Republican, Todd Akin, explained that "the victim's body has a way of shutting that whole thing down."

    And, help me out a bit here.... is 'forcible rape' different from 'consensual rape'? <wink>
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    "is 'forcible rape' different from 'consensual rape'?"

    Oddly enough, yes.
    Maybe I hang out with the wrong crowd, but over the span of my short life I've had two ladies ask me to rape them.
    I'd consider that consensual rape, and a little kinky too.
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    @eyesonu Depends on the State. For example, "statutory rape" of a minor often appears to be consensual, but legally isn't even if a guardian gave permission.
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    Heterosexuality began when God created man and woman, with body parts that fit together in such a pleasurable way as to assure propagation, which is normal. Homosexuality goes against God's creations. Penile/vaginal copulation follows "Go forth and multiply." Whereas penile/rectal or vaginal/vaginal sex contributes nothing to mankind, and actually victimizes the future generations not able to be formed and born via egg & sperm. Homosexuality is not normal.
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    @marylou Your ideas about sex would be more credible if they had any basis in reality. What actually happened was that about 3.5 billion years ago, some organism, ancestor to all Eukaryotes, including humans, invented sexual reproduction which improved on bacterial conjugation enabling it to reproduce more adaptively than previous organisms and in so doing, populated much of the planet.
    Studies reflect that homosexuality is caused by epigenetic factors in the uterus which affect the impact of androgens on the developing fetus. Blame it on nature, or if you prefer, on god. It is a completely natural thing which occurs in all sexually dimorphic entities we have studied
    As for your crude ideas about sex, many common sexual practices alleviate procreation - and a good thing too. The planet is already massively stressed .
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    Marylou, it is a fact. What Hermit said can be proven. While you god can not be. That is the nature of faith. There is a difference between scientific fact and fiction.
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    The evidence is that "conversion therapy" does more more harm than good.
    And don't think that everybody subjected to this does it of their own accord. People are forced to be "deprogrammed" all the time, not to mention stern religious and cultural pressures.
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    Reprogramming is a misnomer. Can't reprogram someone who doesn't want to take on a different lifestyle. They must be educated so that they themselves want to change their lifestyle.
    Would agree that a battle will breakout when the one being re-educated has no interest in making a change. Even people who think they are good enough as they are and do not need a savior, will never come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Only the individual themselves can make that decision. Even loved ones who may have a little impact on the individual can't force the decision. They can only lovingly enlighten by example.
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    The word I used was "deprogrammed" and I put it in quotation marks above b/c that is the word most universally used. I feel that comparing the mind to a computer is darn close anyway. There is no "ghost in the machine", we're just a fleshy bag of wires and chemical reactions. Do I think there is a way, operation, or procedure that can change someone into something they weren't? Certainly (see lobotomy).
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    Very true. What most people are seldom taught and therefore are unaware of, is that we are in a war and it starts in the spiritual realm. Read the books of Daniel and JOB. They tell of spiritual warefare that impacts all of mankind. When you do not know you are even involved in a war, it is impossible to win it.
    Christ although outside of time, entered into it to provide mankind a means of victory. He has already won the battle and it continues to play out just as He has written. It is like rooting for your favorite team knowing already who has won because you have it on videotape. The Bible is God's videotape which clearly identifies Christ's victory over all spiritual forces opposing Him. But it is only clear to those He reveals it to and they are those who have HismHoly Spirit as an earnest for eternity.
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    @ Clarity
    What we're dealing with, though, is a SECULAR issue in a SECULAR society!

    To live your life according to your faith is fine, and if Christians were smart enough to leave it at that, there wouldn't be a problem. The problem comes when Christians expect EVERYBODY to follow THEIR 'morality' and completely disregard others' personal spirituality!

    (Matthew 6:4 comes in handy here, too...)

    The whole point of that verse is that religion should be personal and PRIVATE. Spiritual beliefs are something that should be KEPT personal; God and Jesus DON'T want people to make a big deal out of it!

    But this ISN'T a religious matter; it's a matter of the Texas GOP pushing a 'therapy' that's been COMPLETELY debunked!
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    About what I'd expect from a state that would elect a nincompoop like perry. You want to "repair" something? Repair bigotry, ignorance, and fake christians.
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    I think I'll start a therapy for helping de-convert Christians, as it is a mental illness and is also curable. First thing we need to do is get back to the basics, as in, snakes and donkeys do not talk. That the story of Noah is ridicules. That a god punishing children of children of children for something their parent did is not Just, loving or caring, and that reading the bible is why many people become atheist to start with.

    I mean hey, if your morals outshine your god's, then clearly you don't need that god.

    I would also note that it has been proven that being gay is genetic and is not some "view" or a way for people to act out. The only reason for having that position is if you also believe in some space ghost that believes little babies are evil and need to be forgiven by him for something Adam and Eve (2 fictional people) did a few thousand years ago.

    Also the story of Adam and Eve itself is absurd. Lets punish humanity for the next few thousand years because a couple people ate some "knowledge fruit". Makes perfect sense.


    1 Timothy 2:12

    King James Version (KJV)

    12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    Good day.
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    "I would also note that it has been proven that being gay is genetic and is not some "view" or a way for people to act out"
    I remember reading an article on Sheryl swoopes who came out in 05 and then years later married a man.

    She riled the LGBT community up by saying, she didn't feel her sexual orientation was determined at birth.

    I often wondered why did the LGBT community get mad at her when she said this????
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    I would say you are funny but you are not. If being gay was genetic wouldn't their genetic line die out. Think about it. Like the idiot teacher I had who once said giraffes through evolution stretched their neck to reach the high leaves. They would have died out before they could reach the top leaves. And how does a tree affect the growth of an unassociated animals neck. Your science has been debunked. Only the Democrats control the media and the school system. Obviously every child born, save one, had a mother and a father. So you are suggesting that homosexual men and women procreate to continue homosexuals. Do not think that dog will hunt.
    Your comment that says homosexuality has been proven to be genetic is a lie.
    As for talking snakes, you are one so you disprove your own position. Only a snake would have made the claim above.
    The curse that goes to the third and fourth generation deals with genetics. It takes that long for it to become less likely to be promulgated. Just because you don't understand something please do not make things up to drag others to hell with you.
    Let's say you find and marry a women with your beliefs and lack of morals. Your kids will learn from you what right things not to do or believe. They then will teach their kids to a lesser degree what good things not to do or believe and for several generations. You are a prime example of the curse mentioned. Your kids didn't deserve you but that is how SIN works.
    Could explain in great detail the more complicated issues but when you have an individual who either can't see or in your case, refuses to see the simpler things, one would be wasting their efforts. I would not try and teach a child calculus if he first didn't understand algebra, nor algebra if he didn't understand simple mathematics.
    Talk to an aborigine and tell him about the moon walk, he will think you are nuts. You just happen to be a Biblical/Spiritual Aborigine.
    Accept Christ, He will take the scales from your eyes. Check out fulfilled prophecy and be amazed at the awesomeness of God's power over thousands of years. Or stay in the outback where you seem to be happy.
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    12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    But Jesus never told any women to be in silence & when he arose from dead he revealed himself to women before men. Perhaps that was a signal that women should lead. In the early church women were often the leaders and they served Communion until the early middle ages. The Catholic church seemed mostly afraid priests would have legitimate children that would inherit church property so many kept a mistress & church leaders kept them much longer.
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    The idea of forcing another person to change their sexual orientation should be offensive to all, especially to those libertarians who otherwise advocate that government should stay out of the bedroom. There is plenty of evidence, however, that homosexuality, or at least bisexuality, exists in a very wide range of animals, not least among our closest relatives in the ape and chimpanzee world. Furthermore, there have been studies that have found a high correlation between sexual preferences and the level of sexual hormones in the mother during pregnancy. So, it is very likely that indeed a gay person is born that way. Just leave gay people alone. It is perversion to apply religion to try to change sexual preference. It is downright a violation of the Constitution for a state to get involved in aiding that religious goal.
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    Totally agree as long as you are willing to turn your back on a God who loves you and wants the best for you (all our problems are caused by or initiated by sin (not following God's guidance that protects us) somewhere along the line) and willing to accept HIV. But other than that do what you want. As they is your life to through away.
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    Are you saying that HIV is a punishment from God? If all our problems are initiated by sin, then I want YOU to tell me why God is punishing little children with cancer 3 floors above where I am right this minute. I want YOU to tell me what those innocent children have done to anyone to deserve such a "punishment."

    You AND your judgmental god can both go take a flying leap.
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    @Clarity I concur with PayThatCEO. I would just add that your post contains so many unnecessary presuppositions about the nature of the universe that it would be hard to list them all. I will note only that there are many religions with many more gods. Christianity, which you seem to espouse, is one of the polytheistic religions, which is why it is repugnant to those who believe in only one god. Also, you seem to think that HIV is a disease that attacks only gay people. I should note that you are badly misinformed on that.
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    @Clarity God never told anyone that he/she wanted them to change their sexual orientation . That comes from people who say, "God told me to tell you..." and those people have told us kill all the cats in europe because they were demons, told us abandon home/wife/chidren to run off to the middle east to slaughter Muslims, told us to kill off all the Jews because they were "christ killers" even though the truth is that Jesus execution was ordered by the Roman governor. They told us that Black people are apes. They told us animals have no pain. They told us lots of completely immoral crap and attributed it to God. Turning your back on their con game is NOT turning your back on God. It is turning to look into his/her wonderful face.
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    You err because you do not know the love, the person nor the power of God.
    We do not always understand every detail in God's plan but we do know that everything that is less than idealic on this planet has come about not necessarily by the person who suffers from the sin, but is often collateral damage of others. In some very few occurrences, like JOB, God tests us.
    Also, no one apart from Christ is innocent, not even young children recently born. I know you want to believe they are but it is not so.
    Just as a flowering plant can only create fruit of that variety of plant, so too mankind could only recreate itself based on its parents. When Adam sinned he became corrupted and all his progeny are therefore also corrupted.
    If a woman has aids or leukemia and then decides to have children, the children through no fault of their own also contract the disease. Unbelief is a disease according to scripture with a whole assortment of associated effects.
    Using the idea of the flowering plant once again, only when Christ is grafted in each one of us are we capable of pleasing God. Then a whole host of blessings are accrued to our account. This is called imputation. Christ not only transfers His righteousness to all who come to Him, but He also transfers all that is corrupt in us to His own account, and why He became sin for us and was executed on our behalf.
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    true story... a friend's aunt went to a mystic and asked her to contact her recently dead husband for her. the woman burned some incense and covered the lamps with scarves, and then produced her mystical ball and gazed into it. here's the conversation as she reported it to him...

    'your husband arthur'
    'yes, allen, says that he's fine. he's with your father.
    'my father fine, he's still alive.'
    'not for long.'

    the really funny thing is that the aunt paid her the 40 bucks.
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    One thing that comes to mind is that homosexuality BY its very DESIGN, denies a child either a father or a mother.

    Despite the exceptions to the rule, society generally accepts and research shows, that having both a father and a mother in a child's life is the healthiest way to be raised. And of course that makes it in the best interest of society, preferable to a child being raised by either two males or two females, be they gay or not.

    While two straights of same gender may never change their status, there is much less chance the gay couple will change theirs to the healthier opposite gender family lifestyle.
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    Apparently no one can think of an example of homosexuality be harmful. Not even your attempt at the influence on children qualifies in my opinion. I may agree that a gay couple adopting children my not be in the best interest of the children, but that's another issue independent of the inherent gayness of the parents.
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    "...and research shows, that having both a father and a mother in a child's life is the healthiest way to be raised."

    Can you back that statement up? I have seen evidence to the contrary.
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    First of all, Repairative therapy is a lie, no one changes their orientation they simply learn to repress their sexual desire. Any one can have sex with anyone so just because they can have sex with the opposite sex does not change their desire. Loving someone s more than sex and gay people don't require repair they are not broken. It is only religion that tells them so.
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    We've seen the results already. Teenage suicides, broken families, marriages that end in divorce because the "cured" gay person decides they can't live a lie anymore...often times with children involved at that point who get stuck in the middle of a messy divorce and even messier life situation.
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    All that happens but it happens because the individual lacks a true commitment to the only one who can heal him. Wanting to be cured is different from taking the cure. Christ ALONE can cure these people and has cured many. Many more do not take the cure but only approximate it or go through it for someone else's sake and are not really committed. Like boot amp, not everyone is committed or has the ability to give what it takes. I know you don't want to heatproof it and can't believe that some are destined for failure but...many are called but few are chose. Being committed makes you chosen.
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    @Clarity Funny how most Catholic priests....your very own holy of holies, turn into gay child molesting monsters under the same guidance you talk about above.

    Why doesn't Christ start with curing them?
  • #1404
    God has already taken on the mantle of man, entered the world, been crucified for us and has given us His Word that we might come to Him. Mankind, that includes the priests, must come to Him for healing. A sick or dieing man seldom gets healed by a doctor when that man doesn't come to the doctor for healing.
    It also doesn't help when the entire Catholic Church is still using the old testament foundation. Namely, that man needs a priest as a go between. We do not. When Christ was sacrificed on the cross on our behalf, the vail in the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom opening the pathway for all men to associate with the Father through Christ Himself, our High Oriest.
    Your theology is tainted, the priests were never the Holy of Holies but were ministers of the people and a mouthpiece to God on their behalf, giving sacrifices for our sins, nut that was only in effect before the ultimate sacrilege, the Lamb of God, offered the final sacrifice.
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    This, and every other kind of "therapy" (including those attempted by medical practitioners, such as aversion therapy) are a fraud; they don't work. In the 1980's and 1990's, I researched this for the Council on Homosexuality and Religion, drawing on interviews with "ex-gays", practitioners, and published literature, including the religious tracts issued by, or on their behalf. All of those who considered themselves "ex-gays" affirmed that they continued "to struggle" with their same-sex attractions, even those who were evidently bisexual. They were not "ex" anything. The effect of the therapy, regardless of which kind, lasted an average of about six months. Even those practitioners (Masters and Johnson, Charles Socarides, Tim and Beverly Lahaie) who claimed large-scale "success" could provide no actual "ex-gay" individuals to be interviewed (they had "lost contact" with all of them). In fact, there were, and are now, never more than a handful of individuals, even at national gatherings, who claimed, at any one time, to be "ex-gays". Their organizations always failed or were taken over by heterosexuals. The paper tracts lasted longer. On the other hand, there are tens of thousands of ex-ex-gays. It may be uncharitable to say, but it will be the judgement of history that "reparative therapy" and all of the other "treatments", are a cruel fraud, and that those who promote them, today at least, are largely motivated by wilful ignorance and malice.
    As for the alcoholism comparison, it, too, is foolish and entirely motivated by a determination to harm others.
  • #788
    It is only a "fraud" because the "experts" say it is a fraud.

    And sure, everyone struggles with SSA, but not all give in. Not giving in is the important part. Doing right always involves suffering. If it didn't, there would be no point.

    But there are many ex-gays, and people continue to ignore and attack them, and that is immoral. Ex-gays are an inconvenient population for the gay powers that be who care more about preserving their lifestyle than they have compassion for people. As the wrong kind of "love" increases, actual compassion for others decreases.
  • #800
    @SpottedGirl Reparative therapy is a fraud because the data say it's a fraud. There are very few ex-gays and most of them have recanted and apologized. Ex-ex-gays are an inconvenient population for the snake oil salesmen pushing harmful therapies.
  • #831
    @SpottedGirl You know, I've heard that there are unicorns too, but honest to goodness real unicorns are incredibly hard to find. (This is undoubtedly the snarkiest comment that I have ever made on this site, but the incredible self-righteousness of so many of the commentators on this topic is insufferable. In other words - don't take it personally - take it communally)
  • #842
    @SpottedGirl And, one more thing - you said "everyone struggles with SSA". Really? Can you cite your sources?

    I am, by the way extremely familiar with the landscape, challenges and dilemmas - ethical, moral and every other way - of SSA. The main struggle that people with SSA have is the struggle to accept their true sexual orientation, in the face of fallout from their family, friends and society. If you love someone, the last thing you want for them is to lead a life being unhappy and unfulfilled. THAT is what true love is all about.
  • #893
    @SpottedGirl - The only people who "struggle with SSA" are closeted gay and bisexual people who haven't accepted their own sexuality.
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    While I believe that people should have the opportunity to seek that kind of "therapy", if they so choose, I don't think it's going to be very successful. As a straight man, I can't countenance the thought of being attracted to another man. It's not what I find arousing. On the flip-side of that coin, homosexuals can't countenance the thought of being attracted to a member of the opposite gender. It's hardwired into them and the only thing this "therapy" will do, will be to teach them to deny themselves what would make them happy.

    Also, can anyone show me real proof of a single person being injured by someone being gay? I don't think I've ever heard of a single case.
  • #976
    How about the millions who have contracted the HIV virus. How can anyone who can read not have heard of HIV. Bet you even were tested for it at one time or another. Conveniently forgot because it doesn't fit your belief system?
    And gay means happy. The word "Gay" was chosen to give a better connotation to what is really happening and which is called an abomination in scripture. It was felt that over time the school system could downplay the Bible or get rid of it altogether and the new word "gay" would help infiltrate the dumbed down masses. Worked pretty well , wouldn't you say?
    If ou meet someone who says they are gay, just say oh you are a homosexual, and they will take on a demeanor that is quite different. Deep down they know it is wrong but have convinced themselves otherwise.
    Scripture says hate homosexuality BUT love the individual,caught in it trap. Alcoholism directly affect the one who has it and indirectly those around him. One cannot transmit alcoholism as one can transmit the HIV Virus found predominantly found within the homosexual community, at least until it breaks out and infects others.
  • #994
    @Clarity Most of the people who have HIV are heterosexual and became infected through heterosexual sex and HIV infected straight people for decades before gay people started to become infected. Did you conveniently forget that because it doesn't fit your belief system?

    Gay was chosen as a way for homosexuals to refer to themselves so that people like you wouldn't realize what they were talking about. Or risk being arrested or assaulted. Then in 1969, after having been arrested and assaulted one too many times (by people like you no doubt) gay people started fighting back. Really, you have no one to thank but yourselves for causing gay liberation.

    And... well, the rest of what you say is as nonsensical as what I've addressed.
  • #1173
    @Clarity That's a facile argument. "Blame the homosexuals for AIDS" is an old and roundly debunked position. It's a blood-borne pathogen, just like hepatitis or ebola. It's not "caused by gays" and it's potentially spread by anyone who engages in risky behavior, gay and straight, alike.

    So, I reiterate my position that a man being gay is not harmful to those who choose not to be gay. The risk of HIV is present, with or without homosexuals in the picture. The risk would be abstract and indirect, at best.

    Never been tested, myself. I've never had a potential exposure.
  • #1175
    You have to wonder at these people who think gay sex (between males) spontaneously/magically creates disease. Or who think bacteria and viruses screen their potential victims. They are living in a dangerous fools paradise if they think only other people get STDs.
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    If you have ever had sex or an exchange of fluids in any manner you are at risk and should be tested.
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