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    @freelancehobo Kids have always been used by those who would do us harm. Whether it is on an active battlefield or not, these kids are being used. The cartels are not stupid....they run their drugs without much problem while the Border Patrol and local law enforcement are occupied by the illegal aliens crossing the border.
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    Yes seal the border, but remember they are kids. And yes I am too well aware of how children can be misused during war, but this is not a war. Just kids who ran out of options.
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    @freelancehobo What is the "natural disaster"?
    It sounds more like a country problem with the drug gang problems and famine that these kids are fleeing.
    Something akin to urban kids fleeing the urban cities here in the US and going to the country...
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    I guess natural disaster may be wrong. But so is invasion. Would you accept man made disaster?
    What ever it will end up being called it has to stop. Fence, patrols, get them kids to where ever their folks are.
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    I'm for executing the otherwise criminals and repeat offenders. And if I were running the show I’d stick their heads on poles at known illegal crossings. With a sign in Spanish “THIS WILL BE YOU”.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Interesting note: I read in the paper that one of the "children" was a one year old. Sending a one year old back means that he was accompanied by someone older and they should be sent back also.
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    This ersatz president has made a complete mockery of our Constitution, Rule-of-law and especially the Sovereignty of this Nation by not protecting our borders from illicit encroaches. When he took office one of the first things he did was to stop fence construction along our southern border. Instead, he replaced that effort with signs strategically placed 60-80 miles north of the border WARNING citizens they weren't safe in their own country!!! Is it no wonder, everything Pinocchio has touched, both on domestic issues and foreign policy has turned to shineola!

    Pictures that he doesn't want you to see--
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    @S-N-A-F-U Human Events?
    Next time just post an article from the National Enquirer.
    Yes, there is a problem on the border, no contest there. But private organizations taunting OUR government with signage is hardly the way to deal with it, especially when those signs lie.
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    Yeah, who needs that pesky constitution anyway. Just kill people on site Judge Dredd style.
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    @AceLuby The Constitution applies to US citizens...not Guatemalans or Hondurans entering this country illegally.

    Put up large billboards every few hundred yards in Spanish "Turn back or you will be shot!"
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    While I can certainly sympathize with the plight of people in poorer countries, and I care about children, in general, I can't ignore the fact that people are entering this nation in violation of the law. If your first act in a country is to break the law, you've already demonstrated why you shouldn't be allowed to stay.

    If the only way to insure that we have adequate manpower on the border is to put militia on the border, I can see that as a viable plan, with some modification to their SOP. As supplement to border patrol agency personnel, they will have to observe stricter restraints on their rules of engagement. They must be made to understand that Martial Law is not in effect and that they are acting as CIVILIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT.

    Here is how I see the handling of asylum requests: If a person requests political asylum, that person should be given the appropriate paperwork, supplied with a temporary visa and be required to check in at regualr intervals, until a hearing can be held. If asylum is granted, the individual can start preparing to become a U.S. Citizen, if he/she so desires. If asylum is denied, ICE will take the individual into custody and transport him/her to his/her country of origin. If, at any point during the process, the individual fails to check in, commits a crime or goes missing, an arrest warrant will be issued and the individual will face prison time, followed by immediated deportation and a permanent ban on ever coming to this country, again.
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    Your idea would work if they ever showed up again. As soon as they are given the paper work they vanish. We don't have time or manpower to round them all up again. Stop them at the border and send them back to wherever they came from.
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    Please define militia, the proposal is to post national guard on the border, more a department of defense then a militia. When I think militia, I picture a bunch of well meaning Americans armed, but not fully trained as a group, where accidents could really get messy.
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    @DickB from what ive read many of the militia folks are vets so they are well trained and train their members.

    when the feds fail or in our case straight up refuse to do the job someone has to make a stand for the country. we are already hurting and more invaders will multiply the problems we already have.
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    Illegals collect social welfare,(with stolen, or fake ID) take jobs,(with stolen, or fake ID) burden schools, get handouts, commit crimes..
    Oppose amnesty now. Google this: NUMBERSUSA .
    Once you are registered (join us), go to the "action board" to send free faxes to your state representative .
    They are all typed up and ready to go,
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    this needed to be done decades ago,there is no reason anyone should be able to come acoss our borders without permission,we have the tech stuff and man power. it would be far cheaper than the mess doing doing so has and is causing,

    what if these states have a natural disaster right this minute,all our citizens are screwed to to the massive waste on illegal aliens.

    there is only one reason this can happen,the gov wants it to.
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    @JoseinThrdWrld or see hospitals in your area closed to to them like has been done in my area and many others.
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    What is the problem with enforcing the law? These people are not undocumented immigrants, They are illegal aliens simple as that. Stop them at the border and turn them around, What's the problem? What part of the illegal in illegal aliens do some people have a problem understanding? But of course we all know when they can vote or their anchors vote they will vote demarcate. Could that have anything to do with it?

    Yes put the military on the border and do what is necessary to stop this madness. And the ones that are here, Start mass deportation.
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    From browsing the comments, it seems like there is a general agreement across party lines that the influx of illegals needs to stop. That's a good first step. Something we can all fundamentally agree on!

    That said, I agree with some of the points being made concerning the military- mainly the associated costs. But, what are those short term costs compared to the LONG TERM, BIG PICTURE costs of an influx of illegals on our Public Assistance Programs, our schools, our economy, our political process? I venture to say a drop in the bucket.

    I hear some of you on the Militia idea. If we could trust everyone deputized to follow the letter of the law without over-zealousness, it'd be a great idea, but I fear we'd run into shoot first, ask later "accidental shootings" with explanations like "He charged at me *wink wink*", or "He didn't present identification when I demanded it!(because the poor guy left his wallet at home on the nightstand)".

    The current set-up is definitely a failure, that's for sure.
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    Might be a 'good first step' that we agree, but We The People need to get off our behind to Do Something and stop bitching on the interWEBS! I'd say our government loves seeing us go back and forth, pointing blame at each others opinions because it keeps the heat off them, so they can keep on doing nothing on the job. Time to kick their asses to the curb and cut their benefits too!

    Funny that most of us are unhappy with those in office, at most any level, but yet most of the same government representatives keep getting reelected year after year. That means we really are all idiots, who will fall for anything in spite of what we witness leading up to an election OR it means our votes really don't matter after all!

    Ugh, I keep hoping we'll all wake up and this mess will have been just a dream or rather a nightmare.
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    @ALonelyHeart Us? We? Got a mouse in your pocket? I voted straight 3rd party since 2010. Everyone tells me to stop wasting my vote. Hmm...
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    @AtsilaKamama Hey, if we can't even agree about it being US against them, that is is We The People, then we are truly more doomed than I thought!
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    First and foremost the people of the country that the kids are coming from need to change what is happening there. If it's drug smugglers using the kids the communities need to come together to stop it and yes the US could help. Secondly the borders need to be secure on both sides now that there is an ever going concern of the resurgence of militant islamic groups that what to kill Americans. At this point it's too easy for anybody to cross the border on each side of us.
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    I think it is very appropriate to use our military including the national guard to defend our borders from people trying to enter the country ILLEGALLY.
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    @Curmudgeon Beyond that I think in the wake of Mexico jailing a marine who accidently approached the border we need to take action. I suggest we start sending back to Mexico every single Mexican that is in this country ILLEGALLY. After the first million or two maybe Mexico will give us back our marine.
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    @fscott777 The Marine is low hanging fruit. Obama could have him back with a simple phone call. Just tell the President he is a Muslim and votes Democratic.
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    We need to secure our borders. Funny I always thought that the President of the United States was responsible for the security of the Country. Then Obama gets elected and all of the sudden laws no longer need to be enforced. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on longer need to be deported in violation of the laws of this Country. It is time to IMPEACH OBAMA.
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    More immigrants have been deported under Obama than any recent President... but who needs facts?
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    @AceLuby Bull, Obama is counting turnarounds that are apprehended right at or near the border and immediately returned to Mexico. These folks were never even counted in previous administrations. Once again you can't trust anything the Liar in Chief puts out.
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    @fscott777 Not bull, easily verified fact. I'm sorry that you can't seem to comprehend them and instead listen to fearmongers.
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    @Thunderchicken For a reason:

    "Mr. Johnson said they are prioritizing those they think deserve deportation. In the past, illegal immigrants from Mexico who had just illegally crossed the border would often times be returned, only to try again almost immediately. Now, many of them are put into full deportation proceedings."
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    @Knightkore "how would you propose to secure our borders?"
    Jello filled moats with marshmallows so they don't sink..... <wink>
    I also propose a DMZ (no mans land)........
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    To little to late; there are to many here now which have a large voting block and will always vote in favor of issues which will ultimately destroy what little is left of American culture and sovereignty. The Sunni Muslim in the white house who has always hated America wants the border open. FEMA region 9 - majority Spanish speaking. I honestly don't see the the United States existing in the not to distant future and it is heart breaking; one word - hubris.
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    National guard ?ok troops? no! against the constitution! I have no problem with working immigrants now the ones who collect welfare is a different story.
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    There needs to be troops on the border to stop this influx of illegals coming into our country. When our men and women are being overwhelmed and we can't stop them all, we need to provide backup. Let me guess, it's because of a Republican doing it that everyone is against it but when Obama did it a few years ago there wasn't a peep.
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    Joshacham - Funny. Could it be that there 'wasn't a peep' when Obama increased border security was because the GOP was insisting he did? Hence,'no peep'. Not really a 'peep' when he got bin Laden either. The GOP wants illegals here. Where else are they going to get cheap labor? And it gives them something to use as leverage against their U.S. workers.

    GOP Immigration reform - Naw! that would require actual thought and work from the House Republicans. Rubio screwed up and actually proposed a bill, but got his hand slapped by the 'tea baggers' and was forced to vote against his own bill. Boehner said "Immigration reform is doable this year", until the same 'tea baggers' tied his tail in a knot, and said, "no it's not.". Much better to stand around reading "Green Eggs and Ham."

    Remember.... Aim low. Get those 'lil illegals before they grow into big 'uns."
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    Boy you are all over the place. First they're supporting Obama for the increased border security, now they're the ones who want the illegals here even though they are the ones who are against illegal immigration to begin with and demand for more troops on the border to prevent more from coming in. Strange how that works in your world.

    Then you accuse them of wanting them as cheap labor even though it's the Democrats who are championing for them to come here and take residence here illegally so they can have the cheap labor. Democrats love cheap labor considering they're all about slavery.

    Why should there be immigration reform when we already had it during Reagan's time in office? If only there were enforcement of the law, as well as the wall being built as per the law. Build the wall and enforce the law first then we can see if there's an actual need to reform the law.

    Your insanity and insistence of using tea bagger, I'm going to block you.
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