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    Paternity leave too. How do we not have paid leave yet? Women have been a major part of the workforce for almost 100 years.
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    @Arumizy So mothers have time to bond with their children, and single parent families don't have to choose between their children and paying their bills?
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    Our country only leads in bombs, invasions, and imprisoning its own population. In every other measure we are woefully behind because half our country doesn't want the other half 'to get free stuff on their dime', and at the same time vote themselves 'free tax cuts' because they deserve it.
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    @Ironicguy they can stay home for free, tell me as an employer why I should pay you to stay home, not being productive and not doing your job.
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    @Ironicguy there is a solution for those who plan. if you cant afford more children don't have them. I know this doesn't cover every scenario. but there are already other programs to help.
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    @dances-weebles lmao. Another communist freak aren't you. I guess the employer DOESNT own the company afterall.
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    ""If France can figure this out, we can figure this out," Obama said."
    Hey, Obumbler.........
    Have you checked France's check book balance lately?
    I know the French have been balancing it and they ain't too happy 'bout it.
    Is it a good idea? Yes. Is it affordable. NO!
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    I see some here who think it's such a great idea....
    To them, here's a few questions.....
    1) Who's going to foot this "bill"?
    And most importantly (since you guys are all for equality for the masses):
    2) What compensation is forth coming for childless and beyond child bearing age employees?
    Synopsis of your above "Yes":
    You have absolutely NO plan how to pay for and/or compensate the one's who we not use this benefit. You just want everything for free.(OPPs, that last sentence was more of a statement).
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    Obama is desperately trying to make this nation as useless as those European democratic-socialist islands that he seems to prefer over this nation.

    Obama is the most useless president that the world has ever seen.

    If anything, foreign nations should look at WHY the United States has been so strong (economically and in terms of national defense) and become like us -- rather than the other way around.

    Obama sucks.
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    Liberals want taxpayers (and even churches) to pay for their contraceptives when they have sex. They want taxpayers to pay for unloved babies that aren't wanted by the mother. They want employers to pay for medical leave to take care of babies that are wanted by the mother.

    In other words, Liberals want everyone else to pay for your lifestyle.
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss European countries are not in the least useless as can be seen by the number of citizens they have who are happy with most aspects of their lives. As far as I can tell, most European countries really don't need a lot of changes, they treat their workers well, act like women who have given birth are people who need a period of convalescence after childbirth instead of treating them like robots who are supposed to be instantly all healed and ready to go, have generous vacation time. Seems like Europe is doing most things right.
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    It would be a reason for employers not to hire women. If you want to have a baby. Great but to force businesses to pay for your choice is wrong! How about getting the economy roaring instead of figuring ways for people to not work!!
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    I agree. For years, banks wouldn't count the wife's income for a home loan because they new she would get pregnant and quit. Back before Liberalism was put in charge, when she quit, she saw a benefit to raising her children rather than dropping them off at the day care.

    The bonding issue is nuts. Do you want a career or kids?
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    @BritAustenpal it is a choice! Discrimination is wrong but having to pay a nonworking employee? It is a choice if you can't afford to take days off due to maternity YOU CAN'T AFFORD A CHILD!!!
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    We may have anti-discrimination laws but it happens all the time. Many over 50 have been long term unemployed due to age discrimination. Employers are just smart enough to not give a reason for not hiring them.
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    Does the French government pay the woman, or does her employer? America is broke already, how could it add an obligation like this without adding to our debt? BTW, France is running out of money too. French entitlements are going to have to be cut back.
    If the employer pays, who can afford it? If the woman's job requires a temp to take her place while she is on leave, the employer is now paying two employees for one job.
    This idea is yet another scheme that looks and sounds great on paper, and it is so very compassionate, so long as you don't ask the real question; where does the money come from?
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    If we are going to do this then I want paid time off for the fathers as well. I mean after all shouldn't the father bond with the child just as the mother does?
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    Doesn't everyone just love how Obama has all of these ideas about how businesses should be run, what they should pay for, how much they should pay, etc. Who's going to pay for this? Employers? Who is going to pay it when all of his brilliant ideas run the businesses out of business?
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    well he is a successful, self made business man so he has first hand knowledge on these issues...... NOT :)
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    Your question is absurd-American businesses have enjoyed the record-high profits, efficiency gains, and obscenely-high CEO salaries ever seen in America..........while workers have been relegated to the importance of a worn-out drill bit-replaced at the earliest opportunity to stifle wage increases. Oh, and there's that little "hiring illegals" problem that has infected every facet, every industry in America....all to benefit overpaid, overvalued business owners.
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    I agree....stop all the tax cuts and bailouts to the rich, corporations, and banks now!

    This welfare nanny state crap needs to end!
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    @boombatic I agree totally, but we can't stop there it needs to be cut at all levels of the social ladder, and what's sent to foreign countries. Without any of it we would not need as many government employees or taxes. With fewer taxes we could attract more businesses to locate here. Thus providing more jobs, lowering the unemployment numbers, again making us the economic model everyone else should follow.
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    I wasn't aware this was an issue, my wife got 8 weeks paid both times she had our kids, I on the other hand was deployed for both.
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    Obama never saw a socialist program he didn't like.
    Business owners should be able to make the decision whether or not they can afford to pay for maternity leave.
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    This is another of the White House's political stunts designed to lessen a pending disaster in the upcoming mid-term elections. This would only cause already stressed employers to hire less people, especially women of child bearing age.
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    Is there anything he won't say for a vote, or support? Once again he's catering to the low-information voter. Who's supposed to pay for this? The gov'ts broke. Employers are competing on a local, national, and international scale to control costs and survive. He wants higher minimum wages. That'll cost too.

    What about couples who choose not to/or can't create a larger family, are they just supposed to pick up the extra work without greater compensation? What about the self-employed, who pays them?

    This person that some refer to as President of the United States is an idiot! I look forward to the day he is impeached, or removed by the military (that's what I have now come to think it will take), because I don't believe he will go freely, or peacefully, at the end of his second term.
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    Time for you to get a new tin foil hat, or stop sniffing household chemicals, or spending too much time hanging out with the other Children of the Corn.
    If you truly believe that nonsense about Obama..........keep sniffing that glue.
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    Well, I'm pretty sure CEO's can take a pay cut to cover it. So they'll be able to afford one less mansion, and perhaps have to wait a couple months before they can buy a 2nd yacht. Ohhhh nooooo those poor things!
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    Unless you are a complete idiot you KNOW that it will be the average Joe who pays for it, either as additional tax, reduced income, higher prices or a combination of the foregoing!
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    @thismonkey - You don't seriously believe that the 500-1000 rich CEOs are the standard by which you can judge ALL corporations and executive officers, do you?

    Most companies -- including corporations -- are small and struggle to be profitable each and every year. Yes, there are some Apples and Exxons out there. However, for every big corporation like that, there are hundreds or even thousands that are struggling to get by.

    How will the majority of corporations pay for yet another expensive quasi-socialist "good idea" from the guy in the White House? I am beginning to think that Obama flunked Economics and Math in high school and college.
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    You and everyone else on here. The problem with Obama supporters is they have no concept of how the free market economy really works and many fall for these type of political stunts. What's Obama going to do next? Declare that no one should have to work at all - after all, he can just print a check and send it to them.
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    We will never know what Obama's grades were, because those records are sealed.
    If he actually made good grades, he would have made the public a long time ago.
    Obama is nothing but an empty suit. He is no where near as intelligent as the left wing Democrat media makes him out to be.
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    Why would anyone want to be more like France of all countries. The funny thing is that those industrialized countries have had more and more jobs leaving for places that do not.

    What we have is another attempt to woo voters with a feel good idea that will in the end allow more of those women to have far more time with their newborns when they are unemployed.
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    The better question is, why are we currently WORSE then France on a lot of policies, but claim to be so much better?

    That's what you should really be worried about.
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    @boombatic Have you ever been to France? I would guess not with that post.

    France is far worse off economically, and has more infrastructure issues than the US. In some cases the bridges that they have problem with can be blamed on the US since the US Army was the one who built them. Then again, they were suppose to be a temporary bridge.

    Sorry, but France is much worse than the US. In fact it is much worse than half of Europe. Lucky that they have Spain and Italy to be compared with.
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    It's probably good for the kid but not so much for business. In Silicon Valley, we had a girl go on maternity(with full pay) leave 60 days before due and some time after too, her husband got some time off also. Nobody blamed her but the rest of us workers had more work to do(she spent her free time working in a real estate company).
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    No one with any sense should really care WHAT 0bama wants. This guy has never had a real job in his life (unless you count slinging ice cream one summer) and about all he's proven he knows how to do is win an election and lie.
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    Do you really want to add another reason why an employer would choose a male employee over a female? It's not like an employer has to say the real reason why he picked one over the other in an interview. As a business owner I would do serious considerations. Women are ALREADY more expensive, you have to keep the job for them, train a temporary replacement, etc etc...
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    @Unfit2serve - Do I hate women why would you even ask that. If I have work to be done I want the lowest cost. Do you volunteer to pay more taxes then you owe or do you hate the government?
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    Again: the Quad "R" Plan takes care of this issue. New mothers and fathers can literally waltz away from secondary employment that isn't accommodative, without the fear of income loss or insurance coverage.

    Short of that, Mr. Obama had best begin raising sales taxes and putting businesses in collective headlocks to get this done.
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