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    I wouldn't go that far, but I would suggest that she's using the old free and the brave image to turn us into a herd of cats.
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    PoliticalSpice - It's a shame how 'personalities' try to out 'absurd' each other to stand out. I used to really like Stossel, until his big deal show about opening "Al Capone's vault" fiasco. Stossel's reinvented himself though, and isn't all that bad.

    Coulter is just an idiot. Thank God there are people out there like Sarah Palin who she can still 'compete' with.
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    @silent99 I disagree with your premise that Ann "Uncoultured" is empty headed. i do not believer that her stupidity is based on having nothing upstairs but rather she has too much of what should be in her lower intestines composting too far north of her collar bone.
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    @Now_What No, it's called commenting that you do not care. In other words, a declaration soccer is boring no matter how you label it.
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    @sockettuem I disagree. If that were the case, he would have said something like:

    "I think Ann is right, soccer is a horribly boring sport."

    However, his statement tells me that:

    "This article is uninteresting to me and I do not have anything to say about it, but still wish to make a comment."

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    The entire premise of this item is absurd on it's face. The world is in chaos, literally, and the best Politix can do is come up with an utterly inane question about soccer? Who Cares should, by right, be one of the responses. It may help in sending Politix a message that it's participants are more interested in things that are relevant rather than this kind of asinine, empty, fatuous Propaganda Ministry Media fluff. I do not care what Coulter, Obama, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi or anyone else thinks about Soccer and I want Politix to know it and stick to issues that matter. Perhaps they can create a category and name it "Fluff, Entertainment for the Mindless" for this kind of tripe.
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    @SavageNation So you mean you a) listen to and believe Ann Coulter and b) believe in the Apocalypse?? Wow- I don't think I can help you, man. I'm sorry.
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  • Comment removed for Engagement Etiquette violation. Replies may also be deleted.
  • Comment removed for Engagement Etiquette violation. Replies may also be deleted.
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    I'll humbly yield to the censors. Simply suggesting that WWE is a good alternative for one who feels the NFL has been "sissified" might be construed as a personal attack and is thus verboten. Perhaps I may suggest that a real guy like Coulter would prefer wrestling to satisfy any vicarious alpha-male urge....
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    Give her credit. Thinking is clearly hard for her. She having trouble with Uh, duh... what comes after duh? Coherence is a bit off yet.
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    That's funny, most people think interest in anything that comes out of Ann Coulter's mouth is a sign of America's moral decay.
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    If she wasnt hot, would anyone even listen? Rates right up there with Palin. Cant the media find some attractive women that actually smart and not loony to clammer over?
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    @DegredWhiteGuy ... are you serious? Ann Coulter is fugly...and Sarah Palin is beautiful.

    Further, Ann Coulter is just some angry woman who loves the battle with people who disagree. I consider myself an Independent conservative but I cannot stand her nor most of her opinions.
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    That's completely absurd. Soccer (aka Real Football) has been around for hundreds of years. It's a great sport, perhaps one of the most physically demanding out there. Ann Coulter is off her rockers on this one.
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    Your wrong Ann! I took an interest in the worlds most leading sport while living in England. I had a flat with a balcony that overlooked the stadium in Twickenham. All those world class matches for free! I was worried that the land-lord would raise my rent realizing that some Yanks may have an interest in the sport.
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    I think she speaks of children's soccer...maybe differently done in a country that prides itself on it so much.
    Where I LIVE its the 'over protective parents' way of making sure their kid learns they are okay whether they ever do anything or learn anything or not.
    Actually CHOSEN over sports like football and baseball and HURTING those teams because of SOFT PARENTS.
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    @Cookie777 My kid payed Soccer in his GS years. It's far more active then LL BB and injuries do happen. I don't live in TX so kid sports are BB in the summer, Soccer in the fall & Basketball in the winter. They are all more interesting to watch then kiddie FB.
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    Well my game of course is Baseball...and I DO NOT LIKE SOCCER nor ever will!
    If the shoe fits your family...wear it.
    But in comment #241 I explain further my feelings on the matter.
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    Moral decay ?? I think 90% of the world's population rate soccer as their number one sport. If you believe the rest of the world is morally inferior to America you are simply too arrogant for me. This girl should have more sex or something in order to cure her bitterness about other people's enjoyment.
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    Well, you don't have to love someone to have sex with her. She's defintely not ugly, and I don't really dislike her either, I just think she's wrong deeming people's sport preferences as moral telltales. If Americans started to watch Spanish bullfights she might have a point.
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    Ain't talking about love, she's just a major buzz-kill to me. I wouldn't sleep with her. Looks aren't everything, attitude is, and I just can't picture her in a sexy mood.
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    I think not accepting people's opinions is a sign of moral decay and the fact that Politix even posted this poll is a sign of moral decay. But most of all, the fact that we are responding is a sign of our moral decay.
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    "Her basic argument is that soccer is too much of a team sport.

    Individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer.".........this is the right wing disease, you're on your own, and the hell with shared sacrifice for the betterment of the team/country. I can't think of a better example of right wing selfishness.
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    Yeah, they will take care of the AKC registered, $5000.00 Pomeranian with salon visits and needless vet bills but god forbid they help a fellow US Citizen with basic health care... inhumane.
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    Poor old Ann. Not much of a Sports fan if she doesn't realize that Football, Basketball, Softball, & Baseball are team sports too. In spite of big name stars Basketball Championships go to the best teams not the best players. Other wise why do the Celtics have so many more Championships then any other team. Chamberlain scored a hundred in one game but had major trouble beating the Celts.
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    High-level professional soccer is a bad -assed sport. Maybe Ms. Coulter would like it better if it was like 1000 years ago when they kicked around the heads of defeated enemies. We here in North America developed our own sports and most Americans like them better. I've been playing organized hockey since I was 7 and just turned 59 and still play. Also played Baseball and football in High School. Does Coulter ever say anything nice about anything?
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    @Cincinnatus That's what I think. She may not even believe half the shit she says- but she makes damn good money and gets the attention she (apparently) craves. She's just another product of media hype and public stupidity.
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    Is she off her meds again?...."no heroes, no losers, no accountability, and no child's fragile self-esteem is bruised", she's pro child bruising self esteem?...well, don't worry Ann there's plenty of that going on in all team sports
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    Soccer is for 'Wussy kids!'
    And over protective parents that do not GET IT.
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    I didn't mean to vote you "UP."
    Soccer is far from a wussy sport. It takes more endurance than baseball or football. A lot more running for longer time.
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    I know it is 'in the upper levels' but please see my comment #241 for my explanation of why I AGREE with Ann ....this time. I see this as an important 'point' even if Soccer has good merits.
    In my area...its used as a 'last resort' for kids whose parents don't like 'competitive' sports.
    And don't worry about the vote up OR down...I don't pay that much attention!
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    If anything, futbol/fusball/soccer, appears to increase nationalistic fervor as opposed to 'internationalism'. The Olympic Games appear to have the same effect. If patriotism can be restored by even (a) vacuous, superficial game(s) as such, then I view futbol/fusball/soccer mania, and Olympic Games as a good thing. As a side bonus, they may also increase knowledge by Americans of where exactly a country is located, what language is spoken there, etc. in the process.
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    Desperate and pathetic attempt of an irrelevant to stay relevant.
    Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports. International futbol fans far surpass American football fans. Soccer and hockey are high endurance sports as is basketball.
    Coulter has shown herself once again to be an unapologetic racist. She is among the worst the United States has to offer.
    I might add that the "team play" which she degrades is also the backbone of our military.
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    I might add that the "team play" which she degrades is also the backbone of our military.

    So very true. Well trained Armies kick individuals easy. Washington Valued the Pole from Europe's ability to train his troops very highly.
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    Ask the Romans about team play. I would put fifty veteren cohorts (the team in the Roman military..instilling pride in the functionality of the team and centurion.) up against most medieval militaries, both Christian and serasen. The Romans instilled so much collective militaristic values in their military that the same organizational skills wouldnt be present in Europe until Napolean. They conquered 2/3rds of the ancient world due to "team work".
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    She is almost correct..
    Soccer - for the points that she argues over - is no worse than any other sport.

    Baseball is 20, 25, or 30 minutes worth of excitement packed in to 3 hours.

    So, soccer taking too long - or, having bizarre rules and strategies is no worse than cricket (in general)- or, baseball's in field fly rule.

    Sports have all manner of idiotic parameters that one could complain about.

    When they thought up basketball the average player height was 5 foot 9 inches.
    Dunking was not an option.
    Basketball "had" to be a team sport.
    Now, a player can stand flat footed and drop the ball in...
    This is not athletic ability - it's genetic mutation...

    When Ann comes down to her moral argument - she totally misses the point.

    When you are going to pay your athletes a million dollars a game to chase a ball around a court, a field or whatever...- and, you demand that your military get by on minimum wage
    - THAT is a tangible sign of moral decay.

    Your athletes can come back to the well any time they choose for more money - with their concussed brains and performance enhancing drug ravaged bodies.

    The military gets 250 bucks, a body bag - and, a folded flag.
    The spouses get red tape - and, endless bureaucratic obstacles to benefits.

    There is a crime here.
    There is moral decay.
    Sports is as good a metric as any to model that decay against.
    Soccer isn't the problem.
    Soccer didn't cause the decay.

    Our upside down society has serious issues.
    Sports just models what all is going wrong.
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    Wow, if you're too lame to comment on soccer or Coulter's humorous article you can always comment on her intellectual ability, her looks, adam's apple, medications or relevance.
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    sosmpls - Thank you for clearing that up. Most of the people here were unaware that Coulter was being 'humorous'.

    But now that you mention it, everything she says is pretty damn funny.
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    She's irrelevant, ugly, masculine, and stupid.

    I question whether she a woman or not, since her negative character traits are all usually identified with adolescent males.

    I wonder if she should submit a DNA sample for testing.
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    Ann Coulter thinks? AHAHAHA. There is a first time for everything but, as usual with this creature, this is not the time.
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    Yes, does she say anything that makes sense or that isn't hateful? There is nothing wrong with playing any sport unless you're cheating or harming someone. But it is impossible to take anyone who hates single mothes seriously anyway.
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    Does she have a book coming out? That seems to be her MO. "How can I get some free publicity? I know, say something b@t$hit insane and get people to talk about it."

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    Why anyone would pay attention to a person who is so obviously loosely wrapped and who seldom knows anything about the subjects she rants about is beyond me.
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