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    Just a dog and pony show for the midterm!

    There's no justice left in America, we can even get the DOJ to uphold the damn laws that are on the books, government agencies repeatedly commit crimes against the American people, law enforcement violates our Constitutional Rights on a daily basis, and the Supreme Court seems to be bought and paid for by Corporate America!

    Yeah ... bring suit ... a lot of good that will do ... put on a show for the ignorant sheeple .... and please by all means... do it using taxpayer dollars!
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    Everyone likes to forget that Obama extended the Patriot Act in 2011 and this is what allows most of this bullshit to go unchallenged and puts him above the law which makes this lawsuit all the more ridiculous and a waste of time.
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    Eric Holder has blocked justice and protected criminals like Lois Learner. I suspect there are also some Democrats in the House and Senate who stepped far over the line in demanding the IRS go after Republicans and they should be held to account. In fact the Democratic Party has become almost a crime family under Obama.
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    Bringing a suit is a long shot but standing back and doing nothing while the CRIMINALS in Obama's Administration destroy this Country is not an option.
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    @Raybo Obama has passed them all nothing in any previous administration comes even close to the criminal conduct of the current administration. Obama should be impeached along with Holder.
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    Most of this article is a brief history lesson that chronicles SOME methodologies by SOME presidents to circumvent a non-functioning congress. The title of this article is misleading as I see nothing in the content that supports the notion that the DEMS are on the side of Boehner, or at least for the same reasons. Congress is too tribal and split for that action. Still, the bigger question remains, what EXACTLY has Obama done that is probative and actionable and why hasn't Boehner disclosed that at the time of his announcement?
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    Answer: because Boehner knows there isn't anything substantive, and he is just throwing raw meat to the base.......which is all they understand or even want.
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    @Unfit2serve Nothing substantive? The man thinks that his one man executive orders can take the place of Congress! Who needs Article I of the Constitution anyway when you can be supreme emperor of the world without answering to anyone and people like YOU are OK with it??
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    2 wrongs dont make a right. But personally Id rather see my president behind bars, having already used his executive orders to actually get something accomplished that benefits the will of the people, and the providence of our country, then the selfish acts of congress who work for themselves and their greedy agenda, forsaking the people who elected them and pay their salary.
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    "President Ronald Reagan, for instance, used appointments of figures who were opposed to the missions of the agencies they headed"

    Not unlike Holder at DOJ.
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    Your right there. DOJ acts like it is now the ACLU rather than the Justice Department. The only thing they seem good at is protecting the President and other criminals in the administration from real justice and I'm talking about JAIL TIME. I suspect that if the Republicans win the Senate there will be a lot of administration rats looking to jump ship before the axe falls.
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    Wee you just born after the (w) Bush Administration?
    Whining about Holder???
    Talk about a gross inability to see past your own nose when lookig for criminality...... An AG appearing to protect and excuse the behavior of a President's bad behavior was never more overt, odius, or criminal than our worst-ever AG, Robert Gonzales....and you are complaining about Holder???

    Was there any crime or action Gonzales DIDN'T get in trouble or exposed for?? Mutiple resignation calls hroughout his "career", indictments, personally instigated illegal torture.........the list of just this one GOP AG sets the record for most horrific behavior by a Presidential appointee.
    By any measure, compared to the last guy we had, Holder is a dream come true!!

    Funny how "conservatives" quietly change the subject when their AG Gonzales comes up.....must be due to his introductions of illegal FBI eavesdropping, championing torture, his illegal dismisal of attorneys, the many calls for his resignation by BOTH sides, and his trying to coerce a sick, dying man on his deathbed to transfer, sign , and grant him some special authoritative powers before the poor guy died..........It is impossible to list all the crimes and abuses by Gonzales here.......he was clearly the sickest phuk in Politics over the last 50 years..........and almost solely responsible for all of the civil rights we lost via the Patriot Act.

    Heck, even Megan Kelly would be questioning Gonzales unquenchable bloodlust for killing our military folks, savaging our country, and trampling our rights as citizens........if that torture-loving coward was ever stupid enough to make a personal appearance on PrimeTime T.V. outside of the one softball appearnce with Wolf Blitzer some years ago.......

    Then again......only a Texas Republican butthole friend of George W. Bush would EVER somehow magically get elevated by Republicans to hold the office of AG..........and then shock the entire world by declaring there are "no habeas corpus" protections for citizens in America. Why does the worst of the worst, the most criminal, the utterly unsuitable and ignorant "leadership" always come from Texas???

    Gonzales' COMPLETE unsuitability to hold his AG position, his varied criminal acts, and crazy behavior is probably why huge numbers of REPUBLICANS joined Dems in demanding his ouster.....but to no avail as Bush refused to cut his asshole buddy loose. Now, predictably given his ZERO talent, the idiot Gonzales is "having trouble" finding work......(the ONLY AG to ever have that problem) I guess he can cruise over to Crawford and finger-paint with his fellow war criminal ex-POTUS.

    But...y'all keep whining about Holder.....who is Jesus Christ compared to the last Republican AG.
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    @Unfit2serve It's amazing how forgetful some folks are.... we had "fundies" like Ashcroft as AG too, and I can't think of anyone as repressive as this feller was. It comes as no surprise that Missouri would have this zealot in their Hall of Shame, but Limbaugh has a seat of honor there as well.
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    Is that all you've got? That's how you excuse the multiple misdeeds of Holder? by criticizing Gonzalez? That's weak! Gonzales is gone -- Holder is there now. Changing the subject gets you nowhere.
    Here's a clue for you: Neither of them were anything to write home about --But Holder is in office NOW.
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    Huh? Can you point to anything in my post that even remotely addresses or excuses Holder's behavior?
    Just pointing out that no Republican today has any credibility on grading the performance of Holder as AG......since they just supported a much, much, MUCH worse guy when they were "in control". Is this concept beyond your pay level?
    I'm not a fan of any politician outside of Rand Paul........but as someone who understands scope, scale of "misdeeds" and can make a valid comparison of AG misconduct between the two major Parties, I'll take a hundred Holders over the alternative most recently on display by the GOP WH Adminstration. BTW, what else do I need?. I'm not here to convince you or anyone of a darn thing-not my responsibility..........I read people's comments to see what other Americans think........not to play elementary school Debate Club. If you just wanna hear your own views parroted...knock urself out .....that only ensures zero learning and zero objectivity and reinforces asumptions.

    Here's a "clue" for you..........the Republicans have cried wolf so many times for the last six years that espite finding REAL issues with Obama, Holder, Dems........anything.........N O ONE IS LISTENING ANYMORE. That is what you Righties should be worried about-how to regain an ounce of credibility with the majority of America after 6 years of self-victimization, sour grapes, and "waa, waa, waa, waa...we hate Obama". You can't point o anything I've said anywhere that "excuses" Holder or anyone else.......

    Bottom Line: Mabe you just don't want to accept that America could have elected a tree stump in 2008 and 2012, and been personally poked in the eye by Obama, and most folks would STILL be relieved, delighted, and happy after what Republicans did to America's credibility as a superpower, our world image, our economy, our civil rights, our house equity, our wages.........everything the GOP touched, ignored, or forced on Americans during their flirtation with running this country that they utterly bungled 2000 - 2008.

    The only folks Republicans should be blaming for ANYTHING the Obama Admisitration does is..........stupid Republican governance for 8 years that was so abominable that it made Obama's election even possible. In 2012, America still despised the GOP so much that despite a winnable election and doomed economy and all of Obama's mistakes, they STILL reelected him. Be mad.......but be mad at the folks who brought this upon us all......the Right in America.
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    Well, I am a Democrat and I think this suit is a protest against abuse of power. I won't go anywhere as long as Holder is AG. But, impeachment is a questionable move. What the hell do you do? Impeach everyone....that will just mean that impeachment means nothing. But, if the Republicans get control of both houses the cry for impeachment of Holder and Barack Husssein Obama may become a reality because they can then have a trial in the Senate to actually remove them. As it stands now the Senate will never take it up.
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    @ruffsoft I notice that you are a newcomer to, I will give you a pass on this one. But, don't push the envelope. I have been on here quite a while and my stance is well known, just like my lifelong Democratic membership....and the fact that I am just another private citizen of the USA.
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    seedtick, your observation is inaccurate: I have earned 11 badges and have over 300 upvotes and endorsements. If you are a Democrat, why do you use the far right birther name for the President

    I am not a Democrat (or Republican) and I no longer support Obama, but you are the first alleged Democrat I have ever seen who used the birther name.

    "Don't push the envelope." As your view of me as a newcomer is quite wrong (verging on arrogance..."I have been on here quite a while.....), so is your attempt to intimidate me with commands.

    Pushing the envelope is exactly what is needed.

    Please explain why you use right wing birther code when referring to the President?
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    Another way the House can affect what it doesn't like or support is through the money. I think that the Justice Department, IRS, EPA and many of the President's favorite agencies should be in line for significant budget cuts and I'm not talking about 5 or 10% how about 25%. If they can't get there act together to serve the nation they should be eliminated.
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    Silly boy, the House doesn't ACTUALLY DO's still falling apart under Republican "control", as Boehner would say, being governed by "a herd of cats".

    Pelosi observed "it's amateur hour" after seeing Boehner and Cantor have to run wildly down the aisle to suddenly vote FOR something they had said "no" to minutes before, to prevent looking like complete fools when they realized they didn't even count their OWN GOP votes against a bill that was being passed by Republicans..........Yes, for the last 4 years, it's definitely "AMATEUR hour" in the house of Representaves. America likes the House and House Republicans so much they gave the House a 7% approval rating...the lowest in 200 years of recorded history.
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    Under Pelosi it was nothing more than a gang of liars taking care of there friends which is why the House is now controlled by Republicans.
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    I heard a man on Fox News say that getting back those emails is going to cost a little over $1,000,000. He also said that EVERY employee at the IRS should take a 20% pay cut until we get them. I think so too.
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    @Unfit2serve Why do you think Congress gets the 7%? It is because of "leaders" like Pelosi, Reed (Senator) and Dick Durbin (Senator). We the PEOPLE elected the Republicans as the majority in the House in 2010. That means AFTER GWB, who will, IMHO, go down as one of the best Presidents in this Century, probably right below Ronald Reagan, and George Herbert Walker Bush.

    The Constitution give the House of Representatives the power of the purse. This president, who you claim to NOT support, is the ONLY president in American history to not have a budget for over 4 years. He refused to even allow the budgets that were passed by the House of Representatives (Bipartisanly) to even come to a vote in the Senate, where the False Prophet is the Majority "Leader" (and is also a criminal himself.)
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    A republican president would never get away with violating his/her oath as often and blatant as Obama has. The media would draw and quarter the GOP. Liberals would demand impeachment as would a large number of republicans.

    The lapdog "news" media is guilty of conspiring against the American people. The media propagandists should be purged from its ranks by boycott, protest, or pitchfork.

    The unwillingness of democrat voters to police their party and hold their elected representatives accountable is very troubling and it exposes progressive liberalism as a threat to liberty, justice, and freedom.
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    Time to cut out the fat! In this case, we are cutting out the Phat President and his what he has tried to make his domain, that which we Americans call America! Furthermore, I see this as a great way for America to not only gain back what rightfully belongs to it, but as a way to stop our joker in office from cheating and robbing America blind. In other words, the people are putting their foot down, and we aren't going to stop until all of America and its Constitution is restored. Chew on that!
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    Hey, USA people this is the same old story isn't it? This is like a recurring
    nightmare, administration comes administration goes and the abuse and
    the mistakes all over again and again, when will we learn?
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    Our dictator & chief told us all before his election he wanted to transform America. Gee, I thought America was the greatest nation on Earth, but Liberals hate America's freedom to succeed or fail & want to transform it to a Political correct commune where everyone is paid the same & we all have our income redistributed by corrupt politicians who will pander to low end voters to get the vote.
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    what is B/S is that obama will find away to get out of trouble, because he is already getting all the help he needs from the media. he belong in jail plan and simple.
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    There certainly is Precedence set by Democrats suing in the past, and Obama has over reached to often and needs to be corrected by the courts again.
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    Once again, the professional politicians fight over political market share.

    Does it really matter who rips us off, POTUS or Congress? At the end of the day, we all lose.

    There is one single most important broken cog in the U.S. governments wheel. That's the legislatures ability to legislate their own prosperity.

    While there are many other problems that need attention, none come close to the urgency and impact of ridding our selves of the profession of politics.
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    Some people say why didn't you say something when Bush was in office. I didn't have a computer at that time
    I did not agree with Bush on a lot of his policies. The Republicans (I am a Tea Party Republican) started this spending this country into outer-space. Both parties were wrong.
    I do not like executive orders and they should only be used for cases of tragedies or national emergencies. They should not be used to circumvent laws that have already been established. They should not be used to choose which laws they will enforce. Congress ought to be able to defund executive orders if they violate the laws established.
    I did not agree with Bush's bailout they gave the big banks in 2008 with AIG. I think they ought to have let it tumble and let capitalism work. No business is to big to fail
    I did not like the GM bailout.
    I did not like stimulus packages that this administration had. This is where the Americans were lied to. It was only another way to put more money in the Washington bureaucrats pocket
    I agree with Boehner's lawsuit. But Congress should be allowed to put the teeth in lawsuit, not Boehner. He does not have the guts to standup to Obama. I also I believe it is sham to take away from the Tea Party candidates from winning anymore primaries.
    This is the whole thing in a nutshell
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    Democrats were fine with suing the president as long as it was them doing it! But republicans suing the president is "OUTRAGEOUS"! You can't have it one way. If one party can do it, so can the other party. Frankly I would rather see him impeached or removed from office by the citizens! What Obama has been doing is OUTRAGEOUS. It's time to take away his pen and his phone as he put it to make executive actions and bypass congress. We all remember "I have a pen and I have a phone." You would think democrats in congress would also be upset by being bypassed. Rendered useless by Obama who is no democrat. He's a power hungry socialist wannabe dictator! I keep waiting for him to try to pull a Putin that would allow him to be president for as long as he wants. Putin set up these laws on the down low that he could run for president again after his puppet was out of office and remain there indefinitely. He actually didn't win the election, but managed to steal it. When the Russian people found out he had "won" the election they were angry! They knew they had not voted for him and took to the streets in protest, but when faced with Putin's guard the backed down. They knew the guard had no problem with using lethal force. Now Putin, a dictator is trying to rebuild the USSR! Both of our countries are going backwards, but Obama is trying to change the country in a way it has never existed before. I'm not a huge Boehner fan, but I really hope he wins! Obama needs to be put back in his place! Not where this megalomaniac is trying to go!
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    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism is what the Dems used to say while Bush was in now is domestic treason and tantamount to the IRS and AG Holder and other government agencies watching you.....and targeting you.....
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    I think it is a good thing for it to discussed and debated at least. They might also bring up why Congress is so dysfunctional and federal government in general sucks.
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    Let me answer that for you Unfit. His "place," under the Constitution, is to faithfully execute his office and preserve protect and defend the Constitution. That includes adhering to the parts that give the legislative authority solely to the Congress of the United States, in Art I. Usurping the powers and authority of Congress is clearly NOT his place. Yet that is precisely what he does, almost constantly. He apparently believes that he is a supreme power unto himself -- that he is some sort of super legislature and judiciary with powers superior to those granted to Congress and the courts in Articles I and III.

    Example: his EPA declares CO2, a substance essential to all life on earth a poisone and with the stroke of a pen puts the coal industry out of business killing tens of thousands of jobs, reducing our power generation capacity, and raising our utility rates. Might be a good idea -- but if it is it is an idea that requires legislation.

    The Supreme court has just knocked him down a couple of notches unanimously on his ridiculous recess appointment routine. Because he clearly did not know his "place" there. He is a mere president, not a frickin emperor!
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    Our president that told the nation that he was through with Congress and that he was going to use executive privilege in the executive orders to get done what he felt needed to be done. "I have a per and I have a phone." Have you forgotten that speech? I definitely have not. I remember telling my husband that's what a dictator does. Skipping congress gets rid of our checks and balances system. No one man should be making the decisions for our country! That's not how it's meant to be! He did nothing about the NSA. We all know the "lost emails" lead directly to him. He is behind all of those children making it from Central America. There's just no way they could grave that far by themselves. There's more, but I think you get my point,
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    "Do you agree with this view" seems to be the lazy-man's go-to question of late. You'd hope more thought would go into it.
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    Courts have ruled for decades that the executive branch has discretionary powers when it comes to implementing the law. The legal standard is that the law has to be implemented in a timely fashion. President Obama has not refused to implement any laws. The Republicans are spending tax payer dollars to sue the President for something they asked him to do. Republicans are jokes, they don't know how to govern so they sue the President for being President.
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    Isn't Obama spending our tax dollars by having Holder sue states for trying to enforce U.S. laws? In either case, the citizens are going to pay for the lawsuits. In the instance of Boehner's lawsuit, however, it's to stop a dangerously out-of-control administration that is running roughshod over the checks and balances originally built into our Constitution.
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    Courts have ruled for decades that the executive branch has discretionary powers when it comes to implementing the law. The legal standard is that the law has to be implemented in a timely fashion. President Obama has not refused to implement any laws.
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