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    I did too. Grew up in a house full of guns and still have them in every room. But some people need things like this to make them think.
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    I guess. Growing up I never knew a kid who got into the father's guns without permission.(Remembering my cousin showing me his over/under .410/.22 combo.) When I got my first gun, it was never locked. It just sat in the corner of my room.
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    I'm curious how did you keep them from wanting to play with them? Me and my cousins almost shot each other when we found my unckle's guns when we were kids.
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    I don't know about anyone else but from a very early age I was taught what a gun could do and they weren't toys. I guess when you see an animal killed with a gun you learn to respect guns...
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    The same way I kept them from playing with the tools in the garage. They knew I'd be happy to teach them how to use whatever was available. But they weren't allowed to use anything dangerous on their own till I was comfortable that they could handle it safely. After they got older, they knew could and would with permission use my guns or tools whenever they wanted to. To this day they both go shooting with their friends.(Mostly range stuff.) My kids are now 22 and 20 and to this day they've never gotten into any real mischief. Although the oldest has developed a propensity to climb fire towers.

    As I think about it, we were older parents (35 and 32) and had gotten most of our stupid over with before we had kids.(I often tell them that sweetie and I weren't this boring till they came along.) They knew that I occasionally carried a gun at work.(I kept it in the work truck.) I taught them to view guns as just another tool.
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    @AntiPorcheria How obscene. Don't you realize there are born again Christians on this Website? You're just lucky that I happen to be a born again sex fiend.
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    Just wondering.(???)

    Gun & Dildo awareness:
    Both can be dangerous weapons when loaded.

    NRA sponsored???

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    @HawkTheSlayer @thismonkey @dances-weebles
    This message was brought to you by NRA

    Otherwise known as BOB.
    Battery Operated Boyfriend.
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    Very funny ad. But that is what gun safety people should be doing running safety ads not trying to curtail gun owners' rights. Good job I think.
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    "I remember once seeing a Doberman running down the street with a big dildo in his mouth!"

    There wasn't a guy chasing the dog shouting Heel Lorena Heel! was there?

    You do remember Lorena don't you? As in Bobbit?
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    I've been laughing so long at that, I think I hurt myself!!
    You're lucky. Or maybe I'm lucky. I've still got two hands.
    I hope you got a spare key! Just in case.
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    @ mimi57 @HawkTheSlayer -
    Just out of curiosity sake.... what, exactly, did the director tell these child actors the 'swords' were or what they were for??????

    Kids are naturally inquisitive, ya know.

    Reckon why female actors weren't used???

    All sorts of 'what if's' on this one.
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    HMMM.....boys and their toys?
    (Double) HMMM.........wondering if the woman is in competition with another woman with "She who dies with the biggest toy(s) wins"?
    Hope she washed the toys before the kiddies played with them........
    Can anyone say "Awkward"?
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    "Hope she washed the toys before the kiddies played with them........ "
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    Lol! It's the new policy ever since poor @lisa fine caught some flack on the racist redskins thread. It was uncalled for but everyone at Politix went into hiding except @david marks. He retains his posting gonads. Especially since he's promoting his new book at the bottom of the articles. Lol! ;) Dave.
    I love all these guys and girls. It's takes very special people to mess with our heads.

    I think it may work out better like this. I've also noticed slightly better wording of article titles that better reflect reporting without bias.
    Geez, If I saw "awesome", " hilariously funny" or racist in a thread title again, I was going to pull my hair out. It had become infectious with all staffers addicted to it.
    Yes, I still have hair. Very little gray, too.

    You've been here longer than me but I betcha I can tell you who posted this. I think it works because it mixes serious political discussion with humorous political discussion and that works for me. Back when topix started in 06 I believe , I always said you could win more people over with humor than any mad discussion.
    I'm gunna buy ole Dave's book when it comes out and drop him a line on feedback after I've read it.

    I'll be waiting for the next article. Entitled:
    "Condoms are Not Balloons! Children At High Risk Of Choking"
    ... Please hide these in accordance with all applicable dildo and gun precautions....
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    It may be shocking to some but I don't think you'll ever see it on network TV or viewed in the context where most children would have the opportunity to view it.

    Overall , I think we need a few more articles like this at intervals to break the tension. It sends a great non partisan message of importance.
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    Why was locking up guns NOT a problem when my wife and I were kids? O yeah, our parents taught us discipline and respect and didn't shield us from every little thing that might hurt us but rather taught us about life, death, and responsibility.
    Never wore a bicycle helmet and never even thought about pointing a gun (loaded or not) at anyone. Let's teach our kids RESPONSIBILITY instead of FEAR.
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    @Knightkore hey, don't laugh. She's a sex kitten...meow.
    Oh, and she has nice feet to boot(pardon the pun).
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    By the way, my brother and I knew where my grandfather kept his gun and rifle.....but we also knew if we touched any of his stuff.....including the gun and rifle.....without permission.....we'd be punished was called respect which children these days don't is best to be proactive with this generation.....
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    Knightkore - "Respect" and "Kids today don't have it." You sure as Hell called that right. Yeah, I had guns from about the age of eight. My Dad had guns when he was a kid, but never did as an adult. Had a nice gun rack in my room, and they were never locked up. First two things I ever heard were, "Always treat a gun as if it's loaded. And, "Never point a gun at anything (or anyone) you don't intend to shoot." Of course my parents taught us respect for everything. Not just guns.

    You'd better stop posting things I agree with. I'm starting to think some of the things you say make sense. And, what fun would that be? It's really scaring the Hell out of me.:-).

    Loved the humorous side of the battling dildos. I'd imagine like many, I had to click the article just to see if it wasn't a joke.

    I see a possible scene for a sequel to the movie "Spaceballs". Battling dildos. "May the Farce be with you!" Sometimes it's just good to laugh, and realize people aren't really all that different.
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    @Roco oh... and if they persist in that sort of attitude, by the time their kids reach 13 or 14 they'll be able to teach them all about it.
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    So rare, considering all the guns in homes. But of course there are always the aberrations such as you described.
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    Big Uns {Anthony Weiners Therapist}: So tell me about your childhood.

    Anthony Weiner: It was traumatic. I remember one time my friend and I had found some toys, and one had batteries. They were long so we had thought they were swords. As we were leaving to play outside our mothers were shocked. Later on they told us what they were, for so long we were so confused.....
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