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    I support the right of workers to unionize if they want, but also support any person that wants to opt out. Right to work states are doing this the right way.

    Unions definitely had their much needed place in our history when safety and abuse were major concerns. Today, there should be no reason to unionize and I think they only hurt their employees.
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    Wait until the Union busters are finished with their work. Then you'll find out right quick why Unions are still needed.
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    @Thunderchicken That's because the Unions existence advanced work rights in your area whether you were in one or not.
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    I prefer to think I'm that valuable. And the experiences I've had with unions has been all bad. And that's from a former member's perspective.
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    Really?? What's next, 20% lower pay. More BS for the working class, as if they haven't suffered enough over the past 30 Years attempting to make a DECENT living through employers' generosity?????
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    Yeah, and the wars abroad, and foreign aid have nothing to do with it. Come on, provide facts to support your argument.
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    If you actually believe that you're either an idiot or uninformed, or both. The reason our country is broke is because we don't tax enough for the programs we have. That's why we're broke. We fundamentally changed the way our economy worked in 1981 and since then have multiplied our debt by 1700%. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the issue is. When everyone in the govt promises tax cuts and not cuts to programs their constituents use, which has been the GOP platform since the 70's, the govt will go broke. Now, the question is whether or not you actually want to do something about it or if you'd rather just put the blame on something that is not the problem and won't fix the problem.
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    @AceLuby Problem is that 65% of the people are Public Union government employees and on public aid and paying no taxes. This leaves the working people who pay the entire amount for the Unions and the public aid. Raising taxes is not the answer. Getting rid of Public unions is the answer. Get rid of fat pensions also paid by taxpayers of the few who really work.
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    The SEIU sides with amnesty for illegal aliens, which SUPPRESSES wages. For does the SEIU work really? The liberal Nordic countries deport all illegal aliens
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    @aspblom If you don't know the answer to your question, you don't deserve the collective support you took for granted and obviously abused.
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    In the beginning unions were a necessary evil. Now unions do nothing but destroy business. Unions make it virtually impossible to lay off under-performing workers.
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    If that's the compromise given by both parties, aren't the owners who negotiated for the contract 50% to blame?
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    @AceLuby - "aren't the owners who negotiated for the contract 50% to blame?"

    Actually no. Negotiations are conducted under the treat of violence and destruction of the business. The Unions almost completely destroyed the railroad industry in the United States and is doing a good job of it with the auto industry as well. As with all things, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    Unions definitely have worn out their welcome. Now all they do is drive prices up for all.

    Government workers certainly shouldnt have a union.
    Why? because they get paid by YOUR and Mine ....American Tax dollars.
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    Cmon PUDDLE all you have to do is compare the price of goods manufactured in this country to those manufactured in other countries that do not have unions to find your proof, it is not rocket science.
    If you are worth it you don't need a union to protect you but the unions have become protection for the lazy that like to call themselves middle class.
    I have worked around union workers for forty years and they have changed tremendously from a once needed protection to a bunch of greed infested political lobbyist doing all they can to take over this country.
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    Since you want to debate unions. let's start by you offering up proof to support your statements that unions are no longer needed and we'll go from there.

    Unless you have proof to back up your statements all you have is opinion and in that case, I disagree.
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    I love the way you brainwashed union boys play this game so lets try it this way why don't you offer up proof that unions are needed and we will go from there.
    I have seen six decades pass and my experience is more than proof to me that unions are as described above, I have stood on jobsites and watched union employees intentionally do work incorrectly and when it was brought to their attention they must said it was job security for tomorrows work, I have witnessed a non union worker drive in the union gate of a large shopping center project and the unions call a strike and go on a paid two week fishing trip, and I have seen many episodes of union workers intentionally destroying non union work to drive competition out of the local work.
    I don't need any more proof as the above incidences are only a few of the many I have witnessed personally. Unions stand for greed plain and simple.
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    I believe people should be free to Unionize if they so desire, but not strong-arm others into joining. This is not much of a decision. It still collects from people against their will, and they have a right not to be in the Union in question, but the Union will still syphon Union dues out of them. I hate 'closed shops' and 'post-entry closed shops'. I hope at some point they are struck down.
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    Again.....First Amendment is is an absolute truth and a foundation of this country and without which all other freedoms are nothing but empty shells.....
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    Personally I would say that the Second Amendment is paramount for without the ability to be able to defend your rights the Government can easily take away all other rights.
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    @Ric_Hornsby The Second Amendment is what protects the First Amendment if government start messing with the First Amendment.....
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    @Ric_Hornsby Even if they did, your little gun could do nothing to stop it. However, the second amendment isn't going anywhere, it is part of the identity of America.
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    I can't judge the opinion until I've actually read the opinion, but Scotusblog's (strictly objective and apolitical legal analysis) initial read seems to indicate that it is a limited impact decision based on a small number of workers in a special situation (visiting nurses who are hired by their patients, but paid by Medicare) raising questions about whether they are public employees in the first place.

    Lesson to be learned - don't accept the pre-digested opinions of others; form your own, based on understanding the issue in some detail.
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    "impact decision based on a small number of workers in a special situation (visiting nurses who are hired by their patients, but paid by Medicare) raising questions about whether they are public employees in the first place."

    And family members who simply needed some financial assistance to keep their loved one out of an institution.
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    Collective bargaining and the right of Americans to assembly are fundamental to our Constitution.
    But forcing someone to pay union fees which should be something you elect to do by joining a union is clearly wrong.
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    "Devastating blow?" Who writes this garbage? The Unions still have a stronghold on the highest paid public employees, and most government contracts. Most home health care workers are low wage and taxpayer subsidized. My state was going to unionize day care workers! This ruling is a good thing, but just a start.
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    It'd the way of the left wing liberals trying to scared people this going to be the start of unions to hit the skids and go away.
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    i'm quite certain that we haven't been given even close the amount of information that we need to form an intelligent opinion. i would in this case, prefer that the media, including topix to stop grandstanding their headlines and give us full information, including all of the discourse from both sides of the argument.

    while i'm 100% pro union in almost every case, on the surface, i don't see how anybody can be asked to pay into the unions to take care of a family member.
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    Unions have their places in history and in the present. Opting out of a union should be acceptable because union dues do support political candidates that these workers may not want to support.
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    A great victory against public unions; a scourge on America that shouldn't even be allowed to exist.
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    Forcing a person that has not chosen to be part of a union violates their rights, I believe collective bargaining and the tight to assembly are fundamental to Our Constitution.
    But those who collectively bargain as part of a union should not impose fees on anyone who doesn't choose it.
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    leoa_owner Yeah, we know. The free loaders just want the benefits that others put something on the line for.
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    @JohnnyDiego RU kidding, thats what they do now, its called right to work.
    But it is Not about a worker's rights, it's about corporations, businesses, doing pretty much what they please.
    I have a friend who recently was employed by a famous restaurant chain.
    She had to remember what looked like a college book, before they even hired, they asked her to purchase a uniform, 300 bucks.
    Without even knowing if she would pass their exam and be hired.
    She did, out of 40 ,3 passed to be a waitress.
    She cant park close to the store has to park a mile away, often gets off at nights.
    They are not allowed to use the restaurant bathroom, they have to go to the back of the restaurant.
    Only a few states require emplowers to give a break, Florida is not one of them.
    She works 8 hour shifts but has to work a double, two shifts back to back and no overtime.
    Just recently, Florida passed a law that parties of 5 or more no longer have to pay gratuities because corporations didn't want to pay a tax on those.
    Now most people would say, she should go and find another job. Easier said and done, years of Bush and Romney outsourcers have eliminated employment to these jobs which under the right to work are like 3rd. world.
    Let the employers dictate, look businesses ecist to make money, why do you think child labor used to be used in our nation?
    Think something out and look at all the facts, in our nation there is a separation of church and state.
    To use religion to deny a woman health care they oppose with the same money they made when they sold their garbage to women who may have had abortion(s), satanists, wiccans, gays, adulterers, agnostics,atheists or anything else that is in opposition to those employers supposed religious moral beliefs is HYPOCRISY.
    It is anti-christ, who take the offerings from an idols' altar but refuse to distribute a small part of that offering because you feel those you give it to may offer it to an idol?
    It's the same offering, the same money but somehow no matter what altar they are whores to for their morals, that money has been laundered of its origin. It all came from their true god, money.
    Jesus, told the pharisees, you sent out prosletytes and when they come back, they are 10 x as evil as you are!
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    @Pflack huh?
    If we are discussing unions, if a person chooses a union, so be it and the benefits that accompany should be theirs.
    But I don't think anyone that is non-union ever asked the union to represent them on anything.
    If the truth is known, unions use the totality of the numbers to get what they want.
    If a union didn't benefit, do you think for one minute, they would pass on any benefit to non-union members.
    I believe in collective bargaining, but unions are a money making business.
    Unions are good because without them, wed have child labor and all other egregious things money makers will do to make money.
    But unions have downsides as well, overpaying, protecting marginal workers who can play the game, raising the price of commodities where it becomes difficult to compete.
    Personally, I like Coscos style, they are not union, but employees feel like they have ownership, turnover is low, absenteeism is low, customer service is high, Cosco makes money and pays well.
    The benefit of having a loyal employee is worth a nice dime in itself.
    I get tired of hearing the word freeloaders especially when the real freeloaders, churches, corporations and politicians never get included.
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    I have been on both sides of the issue, including having my own company. I know it's tough operating your own business, but if you can't pay a living wage with benefits, do it yourself! I have put it on the line by helping organize and put my job at risk, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Companies like Walmart & McDonalds could enhance the slide of the middle class by just paying a fair wage with benefits, but darn, that would mean several mucky mucks might have to give up a million or two this year for the benefit of thousands of workers.
    Wouldn't it be nice if there were more companies like Costco, but reality is the reason the middle class have slide backward for the last 30+ years.
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    More of the typical government mandates. You join, you pay a toll. You don't join, you still pay. And lame. You get the benefits of good bargaining. You also get screwed if they don't. Didn't realize that compulsory "taxation" without your representation and input into how things are bargained is a brain teaser. You aren't forced to join a religious group. A union is like a Frat or cult.
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    You pay you get the benefits of a union, you don't pay you still get the benefits of the union. This is how you break a union and create slaves. Make unions do their jobs without pay.
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    @freelancehobo It's people who want all the benefits of the union w/out actually paying for those benefits. These are the same people who want their taxes cut and still want the services that govt provides. What's ironic is these people call others 'freeloaders'. This is the mentality that destroyed the middle class and caused our 16 trillion in new debt since 1981 (unless you ask them, then it's poor minorities that cause these issues).
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    @AceLuby People are opting out of joining the union because they do not see the benefits for the cost of union dues. Now if you are right, and wages and conditions become supressed or untennible, then those that previoulsy opted out may chose to join the union.

    The other added benefit is taht it forces the unions to become better stewards of their member's dues. Maybe forcing forcing marginal performing, deadwood members to improve their performance or face job loss.
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    @AceLubyThe person who brought suit obviously did not want ALL the benefits of the union. I missed that in the story. People have issues with organizations and mandatory. Look at professional organizations and licensure. It also keeps out the "riff raff". It is not competitive when you mandate a membership and tithe in order to work. A Work Tax.
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    @freelancehobo And you create membership because you don't have a right to work unless you pay a Work Tax? Like an entrance fee. Same job in another sector and it is not mandated that you pay a toll fee. Why government. Still get preferential pay and jobs if you are union. All Subsidized wages etc. on government jobs courtesy of the tax payer.
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    I agree with any ruling giving freedom to the worker & preventing the Democrat party from stealing union fees from people who are opposed to Left wing politics. I am also sick of paying taxes for public unions that I have no say in. Tax payers are forced to pay for huge pension plans & other benefits & we have no voice in the process. It is pure insanity!
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    And the Left gets their hands slapped yet again.

    "Freedom of association is primarily manifested through the right to join a trade union, free speech or debating societies, political parties, or any other club or association such as religious groups, fraternities, or sport clubs. It is closely linked with the freedom of assembly, particularly under the US Bill of Rights. More specifically the freedom of assembly is understood in a political context, although depending on the source (constitution, human rights instrument, etc.) the right to freedom of association may be understood to include the right to freedom of assembly."
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