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    My best friend was a black guy whose mother was a Simpson, like in Wallace Simpson the deceased former Duchess of Windsor. There are black Simpsons and white Simpsons and guess which side of the family is the wealthier, by about a billion dollars. It ain't the Duchesses' side. Brains, ingenuity and desire doesn't know race.
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    Agree! But growing up I NEVER saw blacks represented in history books other than the one chapter on slavery. And in Texas my teachers did not even teach from that chapter. It was like black people had no place in American history and only then as victims of slavery.
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    See...if more people would be like Morgan Freeman...regardless of skin color...this would be a much better place for all...I applaud his courage to speak his opinion and thoughts.
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    @Frosty45 By majority I'm guessing you're talking about whites huh? How about we forget the many whites who DON'T agree with Freeman? And how about we forget that Freeman is simply speaking his mind and is not influenced by others?
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    Absolutely. Race has been used as an excuse by the black community and a fund raising tool by black activists like Jackson, Sharpton and others. Affirmative action is nothing more than racial discrimination against other races. Anyone can make it in America if they are willing to do the work and are intelligent enough to get an education and stay away from drugs.
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    He's mine too! He's one class act...which is rare in Hollywood these days.

    Besides his movies, I enjoy Through the Wormhole too.
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    I like anyone with brains and the courage to try new things. This guy learned to fly a full sized jet at the age of 66. Now that is something you don't see very often.
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    @Ryunkin If I'm channel surfing and Shawshank is on, I finish watching it. One of my top favorite movies...along with Godfather I & II, and The Green Mile.
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    I work hard and have experience but I don't get hired because of my age. Who can I complain to??
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    @kravitz EEOC under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act- but you have to be between 40-70 to qualify, and the potential employer has to have 15 or more employees.
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    @Tamal_Pais It's hard to prove Age Discrimination though. They have many ways around that. I know that they are not allowed to ask your age on job applications, but can ask what year that you graduated. Also, my Dad once filed with EEOC , and lost the case. He was let go from his job as a meat cutter because of the high blood pressure medicine that he was taking. It seems that the diuretic side effect of the drug made him have to use the men's room 4 times in an 8 hour shift.
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    @kravitz My husband's ex Co worker is having the same problem because of his age. He has tried everything. Unfortunately, companies want people who they think will be worth training and age discrimination is hard to prove.
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    MLK was right in asking that a man not be judged by his color but by his deeds.To bad so many today ignore his hope and choose to do the opposite.
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    Is that why white people in the South degrade his memory by celebrating January 19th and Confederate Memorial Day?

    Why don't you go spit on his grave as well.

    It's amazing to me that a man who sought to bring people together and celebrate equality, has a holiday in his honor besmirched by something so insidious as the celebration of a group of people who wanted to tear the nation apart over "states rights" to hold other humans in bondage. Sickening!
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    @The_JillyBeans White people in the south? I happen to be both and I don't know a single person who doesn't honor Martin Luther King, Jr. confederate memorial day?? I don't know anyone who celebrates that. What a stereotype!! Your worldview is what is wrong with this country!

    Our schools, hospitals, families, etc. All honor MLK. He was a great man who didn't seek to divide people. There aren't many like him in this world.
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    @TigerLandSC - Y'all keep doing stuff that makes you suspect. So don't complain to us, when y'all work so hard at deserving your reputation faster than dispel it.
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    Cool statement from a cool guy. Racism is still alive and well in this country, but there is nothing you can do about that, besides work hard to succeed yourself. Very cool.
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    Racism will survive in every country until we humans are mixed enough not to care about the difference.
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    @Ryunkin My kids fit into the "Heinz 57 Variety" class! I'm German/Irish, but my wife, even though she's from the Philippines, is also Spanish and Italian with some Chines and Japanese in there somewhere! France is the only major European country not represented in my kids! And you know what, they're damn good looking because they've picked up the best traits from all nationalities...and, from average looking parents no less.
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    I believe racism still exist....but...I don't think it should be used as an excuse...not to strive for that monetary, spiritually or today's society....race may be an obstacle but it's certainly not the barrier it use to be
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    I completely agree. I was always told 2 Things growing up. 1 You need to be better than most to get ahead. 2 You need to be twice as good as the white person you are competing against to gain half as much.

    In my experience these have been true. But the latter is becoming less true day by day.
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    "I believe racism still exist"

    I agree with the rest of your comment but not this part. Is there any empirical evidence that racism has decreased over the years. I doubt there is. It is more accurate to say that racism has been stamped out legally (segregation) though.
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    Black racism...
    The race card...
    General race baiting...
    Have cost the urban black population dearly.

    King was not far off with his expectations.
    Reviewing his speeches - one can recall references to the black population's potential, if only allowed access to sufficient resources.
    King and some of his associates were not demanding equal access to resources, simply to squander them.
    They were committed to (and, fully believed) that given access to education and opportunity, that the general black population could be as productive and valuable as any other demographic.

    After his assassination, the movement was co-opted to idiotic slogans - and, resource consumption sans production.
    The nexus with delivering products and services after access to the resources was completely lost.

    Morgan is really going back to King's original message.

    Income inequality is the latest chant... ala "I am some body" and "black is beautiful."
    It means nothing... literally, and functionally.

    Equality as a goal is idiotic.
    If you have superior skills and abilities, being equal pulls you down to average.
    If you are skill and ability challenged, then average is a pipe dream - and, a constant reminder of your failures.

    The military slogan of "be all you can be" is better.
    If you are doing what you can do - to the best of your abilities, then that's about as good as it is going to get.
    Income inequality is an attempt to reconcile your under achievement to some one else's over achievement.
    So long as equal opportunity is largely preserved, the issue of Income Inequality is your own fault.
    Attempting to legislate some one else's success into a penalty - so that your lack of accomplishments are less embarrassing is not a solution.

    If an individual accepts that they are responsible for their situation, they will do some thing about it.
    If an individual believes that their overseers are responsible for their situation, they will expect their benevolent overlords to tend to their needs.

    We have virtually none of the former - and, 10's of millions of the latter.

    Where racism is demonstrated in areas limiting/restricting access to opportunity, there should be corrections and adjustments.

    Where income inequality exists as a result of individual incompetence, little can and should be done.

    I found some of the statistics interesting, if they are correct.
    The black population with a head start of 50 years worth of affirmative action (aka reverse discrimination)
    are doing worse per capita than...
    the Hispanics that show up with nothing, don't know the language, not having had a formal education - and, little or no benefit from reverse discrimination.

    This disproves the whole Income Inequality premise.
    If some one can show up with nothing and out perform and out produce others that have spent centuries avoiding opportunity, then the whole race baiting issue starts to unravel.

    I would like to see the numbers for the second generation Latinos compared to whites and blacks.
    I would expect that as they grow up with the language and opportunities - that the income differences would shift dramatically towards to whites and away from the blacks.

    Perceiving your opportunities - and, doing some thing with them works.
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    I am more on the liberal side but I agree with this but I also wish they would get rid of the hoods and that more black people pursue a higher education. Things keep going to shit and the blacks blame us like we are responsible for it
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    He's right some use it as an excuse to not do anything and if they are told to achieve something then your profiling.
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    I don't see a man as the color of his skin, I see another person. I look on a good man, as a good man. I look on alcoholics as alcoholics. I look on thugs as thugs. I look on evil men as evil men. I judge people on their behavior and choices. Race is nothing more than a physical differentiation.

    The biggest racists are those who hurl accusations of racism, where they have no proof of such behavior.
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