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    You don't want to hire gay people.....
    DO NOT BE A "federal contractor". Simple!
    "planned executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating against gay Americans"
    You can have your cake and eat it.....
    But, you can NOT eat your cake and have it.
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    @stepped_in_it - You know I support equal rights. My daughter and her partner raise my grandson and we have many, many LBGT friends and associates.

    I also have a great many friends and associates who are solid Christians.

    (It happens when you have been in business as long as I have.) I go:

    @MaryNoble - A more accurate headline would have been: A Few Far Right Christian Leaders Are Seeking the Right to Not Hire LBGTs In Some Circumstances.

    (But then, that would not have generated the pissing matches we are now enjoying.)

    IMO: If you are a Federal contractor you should have no say as to the sexuality of your employee. None of your business. You must operate under Federal regulations.(Thus the reasoning for this odd request.)

    HOWEVER, I agree 100% that the Federal Government needs to stay completely out of the hiring and firing practices of privately held businesses insomuch as they will succeed or fail based on their practices.

    It is so much better to vote with your wallet or refuse to work for a company that has a moral or amoral standing with which you disagree.

    The concept of government intervention into private business practices is inept, unwieldy and a greater cause for concern than the idea that some small time business didn't hire Gracie because Gracie was gay.

    In fact, this goes to the common sense part of the issue:

    WHY IN THE HELL would you WANT to work for a business that didn't want to employ you? Is it the nobility of suffering for a "greater cause"? Is it that it pisses you off so much that you want to make a point?

    It's sheer insanity.

    As I see it, if you don't like XXXX-Mart or whoever because of the standards and practices...DON'T SHOP THERE.

    IF it is truly the will of the people to force a business to change, then that business will be much more swayed by lost revenue than protests, picketing and whining.

    All this back and forth with the juvenile taunts and schoolyard name-calling may make you feel better...

    ...but to me, it makes the poster look very small.

    One day, folks will figure out how to talk to one another and to respect each others opinion EVEN while disagreeing...without resorting to the jackass braying.
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    @AntiPorcheria The very concept of govt involvement in such decision making on this subject is imperative, right down to the founders and what they believed, regardless the "religious" "cultist" attitude of today...
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    @AntiPorcheria Well the editors have to get their bias across somehow. Just glad they didn't use "super awesome" or the like lol
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    @hankf68 btw, I am totally "liberal" as far as the concept of sexuality goes and " to each his/her own", "you do you" and I also have and am proud of my "gay/normal" daughter!
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    Let me get this straight: these people want a "religious exemption" that would enable them to make hiring decisions based on their assumptions about private behavior they have not witnessed and and can only believe exists.

    Apparently there's a version of the New testament out there missing Matthew 7:5 "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."
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    apparently you're easily tricked, cause this isn't a true story for one. And for two, privately held companies have rights, don't like that too bad. Boycott them.
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    Would it also oppose your members from taking out the loans in the first place. Catholics haven't changed their position in 2000 years, your comment id silly, even for

    They don't want to pay for your contraceptives and they don't take them.
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    @dances-weebles Are you telling me Catholics are sinners? I know that, they sin more than another group you can name, I disappoint God every day, and try harder the next, but then again Catholics hold themselves to a much higher standard that your common Democratic Abortion Doctor.

    Is this news to anyone? If you are talking about an individual instead of the Church, Boy o'boy do I have some non Catholics slime balls Democrat names to come back at you with.
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    @catiz Your habitual party can't point fingers at anyone about being a liar. HL just asked the law be upheld, they didn't write the decision and you know it. Stop being so silly. Supreme court justices wrote it and gave people the right to religious freedom. The Socialist in you must be very upset to continue the argument.

    Let's go back to open borders, Hillary the Liar, Obama lies all the time or my Favorite Benghazi.
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    Hatred? Are you not being a little over dramatic here? Because someone doesn't agree with homosexuality doesn't mean hatred, it means we don't agree with that or any other sin.
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    @ahsum99ss - Call it whatever you like, it still should not be a reason for allowing discrimination. I call it hatred because of the determination of these people. That they try this hard, go to this much trouble, just to be allowed to exclude anyone who isn't like them seems pretty hateful to me.
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    @ahsum99ss : Well if it's just sin they are worried about then perhaps the letter should ask if they can refuse to hire anyone who has broken one or more of the Ten Commandments ... no matter if they have been later forgiven?

    After all, their own Jesus refused to surround himself with sinners which does seem to be their point?
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    @ahsum99ss What do you mean "not agreeing with homosexuality"? Also these groups are lookig for a right to descriminate that IS hatred.
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    Unless you are hiring a prostitute, I fail to see the relevance of a person's sexual orientation in hiring an otherwise qualified applicant.
    Those vying for federal contracts have always had to meet certain criteria. I also wonder federal contracts Rick Warren, Andy Crouch, Michael Lindsey and the rest are looking to secure.
    Somebody pass the Pandora's Box, please.
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    @Knightkore I mean you wouldn't hire a nazi or a muslim terrorist to fight alongside our military against nazis or muslim terrorists.....oh crap.....President Hussein Obama.....well at least half of America understands.....
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    Plenty of Japanese-Americans fought against Japan in WW2, and with dignity and bravery, I might add. And while they fought mostly in the European theater, The 442nd Infantry Regiment, comprised almost entirely of Japanese-Americans, is the most decorated unit in American military history.
    Nisei Linguists serving in intelligence units proved invaluable in translating Japanese "Z Plan" documents and interrogating Japanese POW's. (United_States)
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    @Keyjo They were NOT of the same ideology of those fighting us were they? There IS a do realize that right?
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    Who saw this coming? The conservative Court is not stupid so they had to intend just this effect. It is all part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" to establish Christianity as a national religion. A national religion gives religion more control over peoples lives, like the Taliban and Islam.

    Back to blue laws we go. Back to blacks denied equal access to public accommodations. Women and blacks not allowed to vote. Religion did it once and it can do it again if these right-wingers are not removed from and kept out of power. Southern Baptists justified all of the evil under name of religion. This time they will have help from the Catholics. Then first thing you know we will have religion wars between Protestants and Catholics and splinter groups. We'll have our own little Middle East. Sounds far-fetched but when our rule-of-law system is usurped by religion every bad thing is possible.
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    Of course, in that case there would be no reason for women and blacks to care about this country (if denied the right to vote). There are, after all, other countries that are not stuck in the dark ages that will appreciate the contributions both groups make to society. And the idea of so-called Christians not practicing the " love thy neighbor" rule just strengthens my resolve never to go to a church service, except for a Unitarian type church or similar to that, ever again.
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    Yea...Here we go. Put on your boots folks 'cause it's gunna get deep.

    Liberalism always flows downhill.
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    You know what I especially admire about your dedication to freedom? I know from discussion that we hold differing viewpoints about homosexuality and Christianity -- and yet despite the fact you think homosexuality is a sin, you never support laws that discriminate against homosexuals or people who want to change our nation into a theocracy.

    That's the way things are supposed to work. Bravo.
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    It is so clear to me that my religion is most free, liberated, and protected, separated from the state under our secular rule-of-law. Hobby Lobby decision joins church and state together.

    Hobby Lobby and others making religion exemptions claims are hypocrites because they invest their money in the very things they condemn and from which they seek exemption. Instead of stepping away from mammon and not walking with the world they are deliberately and intentionally running with and are immersed in the world.
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    If my conservative "friends" can't see the damage this "act" will cause us all, then, well, I have lost all faith in any of you and will commit all my efforts into my liberal beliefs!!!
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    Yeah like that's something new. If you can't understand what your King is doing to our country you are part of the problem.
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    @ahsum99ss lol, and may I asked, who is my King that you refer too? I serve no "king/queen" and have never professed too, smh ;)
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    @ahsum99ss " If you can't understand what your King is doing to our country you are part of the problem."

    Speak for yourself buddy, who's the one proposing making it legal to discriminate? If you can't see that then please keep it to yourself. It's way too clear that this is morally wrong, you should be able to see that from your moral high horse (the bible)
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    This SCOTUS decision only show cases the religious nut cases this country has and what detriment it causes our society as a whole, smfh!
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    If religion is so bad, then why did the Founding Fathers give it special protection in our U.S. Constitution ?
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    @FaFoxy ...links? Btw, I don't profess that the "founding father's" had it all together, ie. slavery and many other mistakes, but I think they got it right religiously, even within their day...I can link it, just saying.
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    They wish to see America turned into a theocracy and would gladly resurrect Fred Phelps the only person that ever got alot of attention in their little group
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    Let's be clear on this. Atheism was not a "threat" to religious organizations as it is today. Nobody was ever afraid of nonbelievers destroying banning religion (which isn't going to happen, anyway). The point of the First Amendment was to LIMIT the power of religions, and prevent major ones (such as Catholicism) from stomping out the minor ones.

    Giving what is essentially a religious exemption from the law, was not the intention.
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    Corporations (and apparently religious organizations) aren't just people, they're ill-informed people. Whose factually incorrect beliefs must be upheld because they sincerely believe them anyway. Jon Stewart
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    And......we're off!!

    Lol yes .

    The Republicans have always aspired to see a theocracy but again ONLY the Bible passages which they do not find an inconvenience . The rest they disregard as the hypocrites that they are .
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    Hey this took less than a day and all the conservatives said no it won't happen it only about this one sincerely held belief. Christians are the worst form of humanity. Anyone who is turkey a follower of Christ needs to come up with a new name because the Christian is no longer very positive.
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    Funny how they are the first to scream about slippery slopes when they disagree with something, but they dive in head first to start a slide when it suits them.
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    ALL religious fanatics are a disaster .
    It just so happens that in USA the Christian/Catholic/Evangelical Conservatives are the threat .

    Misery loves company is actually what they are all about.
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    Quelle surprise.

    What hypocrites. Anti-discrimination laws & promoting human dignity are good, just don't make us do it.
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    First off, I completely agree with the decision of the Supreme Court to agree with Hobby Lobby.

    This issue on the other hand, is completely different. First off, Hobby Lobby is privately owned whereas federal contractors aren't.
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    So the government doesn't sub contract work to privately owned businesses? Are you sure you know what you're talking about?
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    @Ventric you clearly do. A federal contractor is not part of the government, it's a private company that CONTRACTS with the government

    Complicated huh? Lol
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    @Ventric:@Placratotle is partially correct. There are federal employees, think IRS agent, and their are workers that either work for themselves or work for privately owned companies that contract with the government. Think Lockheed Martin, or Haliburton.
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    The truth is, if an employer doesn't want to hire you because you're gay, he can come up with a LOT of other reasons to tell you why instead of that.
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