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    I've never heard of this guy, but classless seems to be his style.

    In what world does an adult male start hurling derogatory epithets at a woman because she objects to him taking her photograph.

    I think a mature person would have simply apologized and deleted the photo.

    Then again, it doesn't appear that this gentleman has much maturity at all.
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    @AntiPorcheria I'm not quiet sure ..........cause his profanity mostly caught my attention but..........wasn't she smacking the crap outta him before he had a chance to apologize and delete the photos?
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    @blue_yahoo - Could be. However, given the story and his vernacular, I would assume the scene went something like this:

    She: "I don't want to be in your picture."

    He: "Oh, it's a great picture of a hot woman in a red dress you sexy b....."

    The beating and other crap commences.:D
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    "It's always interesting when two people, who already think the world of themselves, collide."
    Well stated. I do hope that those that defended Duck Dynasty's words of wisdom and cried out in protest against A&E also come to this mans defense. Likely they won't and we all know why, but I'd like to see repetition in belief.
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    @AntiPorcheria if you check the pics he posted, most of them were of women in tight clothes, a man with leather underwear on talking with cops, and the shots of the woman in question, which appeared to be taken as the confrontation was going on. How much of a ass whooping was that if you can take pic while its accuring. And when was the last time you seen a camera that didn't have a video function! Its 2014!
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    #tbh No BS about that statement......the Dead Mayor hoax shouldve been the last time they were on the air. Freaking Idiots
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    The cursing was bad but he had a right to get angry. There really is more black violence than any other. That breeds hatred after a while. He should have had her arrested for assault. Get her off the streets.
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    Boy, did you hit the nail on the head. Having lived with and around blacks for much of my life, I believe only an idiot would disagree with the fact that theirs is a bully culture where the person who is the most violent is the one who gets the most respect. I actually listened to a black fellow in Paterson tell me this verbatim.

    The mistake that many whites make is lumping all black folk together. It's that culture that should be attacked and people like Bill Cosby, who I often disagree with, are out there in the public eye trying to change it and getting attacked by whites and blacks for doing so.
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    @catiz Isn't it frustrating that so many people let their ideologies get in the way of seeing what's in front of them?
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    Maybe the huge numbers of unwed mothers, absent fathers, poverty, drugs, school failure and crime.
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    Unfortunately, the 1st Amendment is silent about the employers right to fire an employee for speaking his mind. Free speech only protects you from government intervention.
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    also says you can own a gun, doesn't tell you to go shoot up a school every week, and it also says you have the freedom of religion, the single one thing responsible for more, genocide, rape, and incest than anything else on the planet, yet that seems to be protected really fucking well, don't you think?
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    "also says you can own a gun, doesn't tell you to go shoot up a school every week"
    That was kinda my point. I'm glad you got it.

    "yet that seems to be protected really fucking well, don't you think? "
    Angry much?

    "and it also says you have the freedom of religion, the single one thing responsible for more, genocide, rape"
    I'm not religious, so yes I would agree with this statement. Though personally, I blame people person by person. Religion in and of itself isn't responsible for those things. Asshats who use religion to justify their hatred are.
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    @Fishbone345 -Have you ever listened to all of John Lennon's "Imagine"? Now it's a forgotten dream buried in the hearts and minds of two Kennedy's, the Reverend Martin L. King jr., Gandhi, Malcolm X and several others died at the hands of ethnic or racist violence simply because they expressed the Utopia they sought duly expressed in this beautiful and profoundly prophetic song. Here it is with the lyrics:
    &fe ature=player_detailpage
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    Agreed. Recently a trauma came to the hospital I work in wherein a known gang member was shot by federal officer. An employee in the hospital took to twitter where he began to use the same sort of horrible vernacular that this person did to describe the race of the patient and why they should all receive the same fate. The hospital fired him before the day was out. I feel they were completely justified to do so. If you don't want your boss to see what you are really like, then don't post on media sources like Facebook and Twitter or else make it private.
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    Hahaha...this is full blown proof that idiots Tweet on Twitter and that makes them look like Twits!

    Don't use Twitter unless you want to look like a "Twitiot"!
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    'racially-charged and hate-filled remarks on social media.' He was a attacked by an angry black woman and a group of blacks and he's the racists. I got it. Stay in your homes people if you don't want to be attacked and then called a racist for being an angry victim.
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    Actually, both he and the woman acted like assholes...her with the violence, and him with middle school profane rants.

    He calls her an animal? He needs to look in the mirror too.
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    @methinks I agree, the profane rant is part of his shtick on the radio. He had every right to be angry, but in the end, the ones that attacked him win out. He lost his job, what did they lose? He needed to separate his radio "rants" from real life. He was correct about one thing, when a group of people attack a man, they are acting less than human. Packs of wild animals attack the lone animal.
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    Having a black woman punch him doesn't make it any less racist for him to make racist statements in response.
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    WGN News in Chicago didn't fire their african american on-air reporter when she physically and verbally attacked a White woman at a gas station.
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    so he was getting beat up, he vents on twitter, and he gets fired. Love this PC world we live in... and the woman has what life penalty for being a twitch? nothing, the privilege of being a minority
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    This guy is attacked (punched ten times) by this woman for taking a picture that she happened to be in. And he's a villain for making disparaging remarks on twitter?

    PC BS... no common sense required.
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    Yeah and then she counter it with his death threats. Maybe she shouldn't have hit him but wanting her to get killed and shot? Right.
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    Oh I don't condone what he did. Not in the slightest. Most likely he was fuming after just being assaulted by a woman and multiple other people threatening him. He most likely was venting but unfortunately his venting was in a digital format where others could take screenshots of it. He paid dearly for his ranting.

    Still no matter what assaulting someone for taking your picture accidentally is totally out of line. She should be charged.
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    They're (Opie and Anthony) malformed turds, but there's GOT to be more to the story than this. Why would anyone go off like that over being in frame of a photograph?
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    Likely because of the existence of "Upskirt photo's". Someone she didn't know took out a camera or phone and started snapping pictures in her direction. It's sad that she assumed the worst, but with the internet and the sicko's that wade through it, I can see why she would.
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    I'm not sure how exactly anything he said was 'racist'? Since when has this country lost it's mind to the point where speaking the truth is 'racist'? Smh.
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    I checked with my a few of my BROTHAZ & SISTAZ, nobody knew who the hell O&A was.....but now the whole black community has to be mentally "lynched" because a white man lost his job......The Hypocrisy! KEEP IN MIND that a few of my coworkers who knew of this show says that he does....uses his "photography" of random citizens to crack jokes. Maybe this black woman unconsciously decided that day, that she would be the classic AMERICAN punchline no longer. We only got his words that she assaulted him. And no police report. You think a D-bag like him WOULDN'T call the cops if a black woman, along with some black bystanders, decided to beat his ass? Their are two sides to every story. I particular don't care to hear ANY of it, but if it must be told, I would prefer to hear it from a police chief.......or Tyrion Lannister!
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    well, I have less mixed feelings than none at all. guy's a jackass I've never heard of before, and based on a little Interwebz research, could care less about going forward. if Sirius think he'll hurt the bottom line, well, employment is an at-will relationship. hope he enjoys his vacation, the dumbass.
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    Why was he shooting that construction scaffolding while she was there? It's not exactly a Times Square shot. I think he was up to no good from the start, maybe?
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    I had never heard of him before, so I know nothing about him.

    Nor do I greatly care.

    But after reading his tweets, I think his employer acted rationally.
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