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    Do it & let the chips fall where they may.

    (Now those lefties can post comments about Boehner crying, calling him 'boner' and being orange on cue)
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    @Zazziness Haha, exactly! Conservatives are the ones with all of the nasty insults...Obama is a Muslim terrorist from Kenya, right?
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    @drpeeper I'm waiting to see you point out an example. But you won't because it's the rightwingers around this place who don't know how to conduct an adult discussion about politics. Let me see.... yup. Just skimmed this entire comment thread. As expected, none of Boehner's opponents are five-year-olds so none of the nonsense you imagined.
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    I remember being on another debate board some years ago debating the Patriot Act and I told them ... wait until a democrat is back in office, then republicans will rue the day they gave a president so much power to spy on its own citizens!

    Now republicans want to limit the power of executive orders ... I just hope they remember that it was their own party that did this when in the future a republican president runs into the roadblocks they want to install. But I'm pretty sure they'll forget who demanded this and will bitterly complain that the democrats are using this law wrong ... The Law Was Only Meant For Democrat Presidents.
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    Yeah, "Uphold your oath"....the worst do nothing congress in the history of the United States, I think the only thing he's been "upholding" is his pumpkin colored genitals...
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    If republicans are in power in congress and the house during the next republican presidency they'll decide these block were ill advised and eliminate them.
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    @boombatic #72

    Can the President sue the Congress for giving away their power to the President by not doing the business of the country they were elected to do forcing the President to do work arounds thereby filling in the gaps by the do-nothing Congress?

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    Every time a Republican gets some courage to stop the madness, the electorate gives them no support. Obama is a traitor to everything America stands for & when the GOP tries to stop him people do not speak out in support. If Boehner has proof Obama is breaking the law, he should do something.
    Romney was 100% correct about the 47% who pay no federal taxes and would vote for any Liberal no matter what. These are the people who say nothing to Obama's scandals.
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    What scandals? Please make sure to provide the docs and/or links verifying lawless, dishonorable behavior; the actual part of our Constitution (Amendment, Section, Title).

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    "How about not enforcing the immigration laws? "

    How about someone telling the truth about this "not enforcing" for a change?

    In 2011, the administration announced a policy of making deportation of criminals (think violent offenders, gang members and drug traffickers) who are in the U.S. illegally a top priority. Those with no criminal record or threat to public safety became a low priority and would likely be allowed to remain in the U.S.

    The words are --would likely-- are what is being misconstrued as ,,,, not enforcing immigration laws.

    Would likely is the short version of,,, they might, they might not,,, it all depends.

    What everyone is also overlooking is the POTUS has Presidential discretion. Every POTUS has in the history of our Gov.
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    No, he shouldn't bother. It will just waste more tax dollars and nothing will come of it. If he really wanted to do something constructive, he'd attempt to unf@$ k the Republican party. Fat chance of that happening. As long as they "got theirs!" it's all good. Problem is, if they don't fix shit they won't have "theirs." Stop listening to the loons. If you can't win with today's liberal democrats continued failings, move over and let someone else do it. FORGET ABORTION, BIRTH CONTROL AND GAY MARRIAGE!!!! They are meaningless in the grand scheme of things!
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    Yep, it's a waste of both money and time.
    Why complain about the ACA, when you have NOT proposed anything to replace it.
    Why complain about immigration, when you have NOT proposed anything to replace it.
    I can keep "whying" for awhile, but, I have a life to live.
    If your answer to a problem is just NO, then, you have NO answer.......
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    The Fed wants to dump illegals in many states.
    Go to the NUMBERSUSA website (google it) and Check the map.
    If you register you can send free faxes to your state rep. They are all typed up and ready to go,
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    @Bob112z2 Sorry, more what to do AFTER the cow escaped the barn BS.
    What NEEDS to be addressed is what NEEDS to happen NOW to prevent more border crossings.
    Congress appears to NOT want to be the party with the answer, but, the party that points fingers........
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    @stepped_in_it why must there be something to replace the ACA? Also the complaint on immigration is the refusal to enforce EXISTING laws.
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    Still looking for the constitutional power of the House to sue the president for doing things they dislike outside of impeachment. Boehner has no standing to bring suit.
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    Boehner knows that there aren't enough votes in the House for a bill of impeachment.

    This is his way of keeping the pot boiling.

    I am skeptical that he will follow through once all the reporters move on to something else.
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    @cpeter133 Check Ted Kennedy's lawsuit history, and before you tell me that Boehner isn't a Senator, you guys did that by handing off to a Senator.

    Read more, guess less.
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    He's not suing, he's talking about suing.

    Actually, he not talking about suing, he's talking about voting about suing.

    Much talk...
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    I'm against wasting taxpayer dollars. Problem is that the executive branch HAS overstepped it's authority repeatedly in the past couple of administrations. The only way to solve this is by suit as the current administration tries to end-around everything.
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    @Food4thoughts As someone sworn to uphold the laws, he could try not to circumvent them. That is the choice he has sworn to.
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    He's trying to circumvent grid lock...because grid lock hurts people. His duty is to the good of the people first and foremost.
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    @Food4thoughts Actually, it's to uphold the law first and foremost. His agenda is arguable, and results have been lousy. I'll accept him following the law as that's his job.
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    @Food4thoughts Gridlock doesn't hurt any of the people. Our federal system was designed by the Founders to encourage gridlock so that the emotions of the day of any one group would not make it into legislation that would end up taking any liberty from the people. We did not elect a monarch, but this president is trying to act like one when the legislature won't bend to his will and he must be reigned in or we will suffer the consequences as a nation - both now and under future presidents who will further abuse the precedent set.

    The current rush to do 'something' has brought us every nightmare piece of legislation that has continually eroded our freedoms. Current examples would be the Patriot Act, NDAA, creation of DHS and even the ACA. It's better to be a divided government and get nothing done - and in poll after poll, the majority of the American people agree...
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    Of course he should sue! You have to build the process step by step! The President is acting outside his powers and a case for impeachment has to be built one step at a time. This is a President that will only act responsibly if he is forced to(like an immature spoiled child). To get to the stage where he will listen and act responsibly has not yet arrived, so it is the only option at this stage.
    Makes me laugh Democrats suddenly using the "It's a waste of money routine. Shame they ever thought of it before! Obama Care, welfare entitlements, et al!!!!
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    Sure, why not since they can't realistic impeach him until after the mid-term elections. Must remember though with this administration more talk means less action.
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    As much as I hate to see our government come to this, Obama has brought this upon himself. Boehner happens to have the kahunas to follow this through. I am not a fan of many of our politicians of either party. But the time has come to put the president back into the role of president, not dictator! I want my children and grandchildren to grow up in the United States that I did! The way things are going, that's not going to happen. It's time to stop, turn around and see what others did right and emulate them; and what others did wrong and not make the same mistakes. Obama is a class unto himself. He's not a democrat, he cares nothing for our constitution and frankly is not presidential material. This has nothing to do with race, I'm genetically as black as he is. People keep trying to pull the race card. Sorry folks, this has nothing to do with race. I don't care how many times other president's used executive orders. It's what these executive orders are about. All elected to the hill are supposed to be acting in our best interest. That's not what's happening! It's better to not get some things done, than to act and do it wrong; or pass legislation just because they are there or can. Don't try to fix what is not broken. More legislation has just caused more problems. Too many not in our country's best interest. I'm not saying personal matters like gay marriage is not important, it's just not as important as other things out government needs to attend to. This country has gotten so involved in personal matters that what's really important is not getting done. In the word's of my favorite president, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country !" J.F. Kennedy. Right now our country has got that reversed! We've got a country of give to me and a socialist president feeding on that! This has to be fixed!
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    For a "socialist" he sure has made wealthy people a lot wealthier. Have you looked at the market numbers...gas prices...corporation income margins? Let's not mention the farm subsidies aka "welfare for the wealthiest".

    As far as not following the law: There is an immediate crisis at the border passed by the GOP House and signed into law by President Bush on January 01, 2008: H.R. 7311 that this current President is trying to FOLLOW; the citizens protesting and preventing him from following the law are blaming him for it. Those who passed it...they had a great 4th of July...letting freedom ring.

    Your children and grandchildren are very lucky...they are not one of those on the buses being sworn at and listening to horrible verbiage...viewing contempt they don't understand. Your children and grandchildren are extremely blessed to have a Mom & GrandMom who cares; they are going to witness the very foundation this country is built on...the growth and change of our great nation. You are fortunate to see them contribute and become part of our...their America.

    "...cares nothing about our constitution" and " marriage is not important": Our Constitution is all about equality and that is important, more so to those are being denied it. President Obama did not support that issue and as our President recognized the rights of all citizens, placed his personal feelings aside and respected the law that is sweeping across our great country...state-by-state.

    Don't worry too much about legislation - our ONE PARTY Congress is making sure that the only legislation they will certainly pass: A raise for themselves.
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    kahunas vs cojones ... You should know the difference if you want to be taken seriously.

    " "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country !" J.F. Kennedy. Right now our country has got that reversed! "

    But not the average citizen, just the Republican fat cats.
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    Suing will do nothing but it would be great if it worked. Impeachment should have been started the day after the POS was re-elected. But then we would have been stuck with Biden. Barry knew exactly what he was doing with that choice. Barry is a dangerous, egomaniac, traitor POS. The damage to our country is going to take many back to back terms with a GOP president and majority in both the Senate and House. I might not live long enough to see it but I pray daily that my kids and grandson will.
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    "Suing will do nothing but it would be great if it worked. "

    That very accurately sums up the far right way of thinking.
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    Of course he should.
    Unless you believe that letting Obama make a mockery of our political system isn't worth standing up to.
    Its not about what we gain but what we have lost.
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    On a number of occasions congress asked the DOJ to appoint a special prosecutor to look into these scandals, as a right by congress. Each time these request were made, they were ignored by Holder. The only thing forthcoming was heavily 'redacted' documents that had little meaning or clarity. All the missing e-mails at the IRS were apparently eaten by Bo, the first pup? The reasons for the cover-ups are quite clear to those that aren't ingesting the
    media pap and spin! Learner's injecting the 5th was necessary because self incrimination was a dominant concern of hers which would lead to her culpability!. It's quite apparent that if the assignment of special prosecutors had taken place, the smell of corruption would lead directly to Holder and the WH. Get this; The DOJ lead investigator on the IRS issue was a joke. Barbara Bosserman, was a partisan donor who supported obama in both election campaigns. Hardly a symbol for confidence and jurisprudence. The Speakers only recourse is going through SCOTUS to force the issue -- as been done previously with 13 other cases that have been brought by a number entities to be judicated by the higher court. So far, the Obama administration hasn't fared to well in front of SCOTUS in these particular cases....
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    @S-N-A-F-U : So then, where's the Obama WH connection? How is it possible that the commissioner of the IRS, Schulman, a Bush appointee, had no knowledge of this going on? How did they get Lerner, a 30 year employee to do their bidding without leaving a trail? And you can bet Issa has been looking for this link since he started ... so then is Issa to incompetent to find this connection or is Obama just to smart for him?

    And what of the 24,000 emails they have managed to retrieve so far ... is it possible that Lerner never once mentioned that the WH has ordered to go after the tea party in any of these? How did she communicate to her underlings to carry out this nefarious plot ... by carrier pigeons?
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    If there is, or not a connection -- Can be only determined by a Special Prosecutor to sort it out! And if there is no chicanery afoot, why the obfuscation and denial. Nor does a person have to claim the 5th unless they have something to hide.

    Why Schulmann didn't know, maybe for the same reason Gen. Eric Shinseki didn't know what was going on in the VA!

    Those e-mails and other documents weren't retrieved -- those that came forth were s e l e c t e d by the DOJ or the departments in question, not by Issa. He asked for a number of things, that doesn't mean they complied. He hasn't any idea what they have on hand, or not. Another reason for a Special Prosecutor!

    Issa, or any other person hasn't the authority to go to the scene and retrieve anything -- that's why they have Special Prosecutors and designated Investigator(s). If there is a fire behind a locked door and are denied access by the Fire Chief, he'd better have a damned good reason for that denial! Either way, it would be automatically be investigated by a person or persons designated by the Mayor and his city council or by county officials.
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    @SandySF jobs, our credit rating, our Ambasedor , Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year.
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    I think he's just jealous because he's not the president. Other presidents have done what President Obama has done & no one dared sue them. It's just not American to sue our president.
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    They'd impeach him if they could, but they couldn't get a majority in the House to vote for it, and they know it.
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    President Obama is getting done what he was elected to do. Those of us who voted for movement on healthcare reform and environmental concerns expect results. We understand our opponents are unhappy, but they have had their chance and failed to address our issues.
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    We elected a President, not a King. He still must work within the framework of the US Constitution! That means he CANNOT unilaterally rewrite laws, and he cannot ignore laws he doesn't agree with.
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    There is plenty of precedent.

    Remember Bush 43's signing statements that said he wasn't going to enforce the act he just signed into law.

    Where was Boehner then?
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    @MemphisTiger89 All recent presidents have used the executive order, and neither were any of them kings. Presidents have power which if not approved of, should be removed from their availability to enact. Until then I expect my president to do what I voted for him to do to the very limits of his power. Our issues are serious ones in need of addressing whether the other other side likes it or not. Don't like it? Win elections.
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    Boeher's so called "lawsuit" is a joke and is like everything else Boehner and the do nothing republicans have done... A waste of taxpayer dollars. Boehner has no legitimate basis for his ridiculous lawsuit threats. If anything Americans should suit Boehner and the republicans for failure to enact laws....and for blocking measures that the country needed to get out of the republican created Great Recession. Americans suffered and Boehner and the republicans did NOTHING.
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    Not true, I'll bet you can't even name how many bills the House passed and had tabled and how many times they have given in to the President of ceiling raising and deficit spending.
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    I find it very odd that no one sued Bush when he did the same things. This just goes to show that the GOP/TP is going to try to obstruct the President in every way they possibly can.
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    IT'S JUST A STUNT!! The gop is distracting from not doing their job!! They don't wanna help America or Obama so they come up w/these BS tricks.
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    No. I think the Republicans have done all they can to make the President look bad, and the house hasn't done anything constructive in 6 years. It's already known that since Obama took office, congress has pretty much sat on their hands and done nothing. Old Mitch himself made the statement that house Republicans priority was to keep Obama from getting a second term. That blew up in their faces, as have most every other tactic they have tried. The only time Republicans agreed with Obama, 100%, was when he was going to do strikes on Syria. When Obama backed away from that, it was business as usual. The Get Obama Party loves war, not blacks. I'm no Obama fan. I didn't vote for the man, but if he is going to get anything accomplished, he'll have to use executive privalige.
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    Amazing the the Republican have only had control of the House for 4 years, so you are admitting that the Dems under Nancy Pelosi did nothing either. Good for you. The first step is admitting you have a problem!
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    That door swings both ways. The problem is our congressmen/women speak for us, but never talk to us to see what the people think is best.
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    @jjt47 But the legislation that has passed, The Republicans did compromise. No one could talk about Obamacare because no one knew what was in the law. Even Nancy Pelosi said we would have to pass the bill before finding out what was in it.
    Look at raising the Debt ceiling, the Republicans gave into the Democrats and the White House.
    The Democrats did not budge in any of these issues.
    Both John Boehner and Harry Reid will not allow debate on bills that go against them. These men should allow bills pro or con to be debated.
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    I love how the left actually ignores what is going on. They completely ignore how Obama has expanded and changed ACA laws at will, how he has refused to enforce current laws, or how he is doing what ever he wants with immigration. I especially love how the left pretends our illegal immigration problem is because we don't pass new laws instead of enforcing existing laws.
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    I still say he needs to shut up about it, and either crap or get off the pot.

    If you're going to sue him...sue him. Don't just make the rounds to all the news channels making empty threats like the empty suit that you are, while in the meantime, while you're wasting all your time doing that, YOUR job, is not getting done.

    I say sue Obama, let's see what happens, then next we should sue Congress, because while the President may overstep his bounds to do SOMETHING, Congress claims to have all the power but won't do ANYTHING, for 6 years, they have done NOTHING, and that...just might be worse.
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