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    For those of you who like Gov. Brownback, he can come to your state once he is replaced by someone who really cares about education, farming, and the increasing problem of water. Paul Davis has been consistently ahead in the polls because anyone other than the teaparty are really sick of KS operating in deficits, jobs disappearing, and teachers leaving the state. The moderate Republicans are finally waking up and deciding that this is not the way to govern. KS has a history of electing the right person, regardless of party affiliation. Davis is that person.
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    Never vote for a Catholic extremist right could shake up Brownback and Santorum in a bag, and still get the same useless anti choice charlatan, and the same flair for punishing the working class with cuts in services. Time to get the Koch brothers to pay straight Democratic!
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    No never vote for no damn Catholic, vote for them muslims instead, that is working out so well!
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    Brownback may have converted to Catholicism (without his family), but he also reportedly regularly attends the fundamental Topeka Bible Church. As you might guess, many Catholics are not thrilled with that.
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    @URBS ...He wrote Catholic extremist right winger.... He didn't write just Catholic as you are suggesting. Your statement is however, portraying you as a hatemonger.
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    One thing this Catholic would like to know about Brownback's Catholicism is what he said on his weekly radio during the sales-job being run by the GOP during 2002 for Bush's War.

    From Jeff Sharlet for The Rolling Stone in "God's Senator" :
    "VAT is like a closed communication circuit with Brownback at the switch: The power flows through him. Every Wednesday at noon, he trots upstairs from his office to a radio studio maintained by the Republican leadership to rally support from Christian America for VAT’s agenda. One participant in the broadcast, Salem Radio Network News, reaches more than 1,500 Christian stations nationwide, and Focus on the Family offers access to an audience of 1.5 million. During a recent broadcast Brownback explains that with the help of the VAT, he’s working to defeat a measure that would stiffen penalties for violent attacks on gays and lesbians. Members of VAT help by mobilizing their flocks. An e-mail sent out by the Family Research Council warned that the hate-crime bill would lead, inexorably, to the criminalization of Christianity." day/WvnXz
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    You all have no idea what Brownback is doing to our state. There are not enough dems to elect Davis, however, there are enough independents and repubs willing to vote for him. As a resident I can tell you he is not well liked. Brownbackistan is quite accurate.
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    @JGorney I should read more since your state neighbors mine, and I am meeting more and more folks that live in Kansas. Cutting without rebudgeting first can be bad for sure. Cutting without understanding how much the revenue will actually change is also bad obviously. Streamlining and making people work with less and still get it done? That's not necessarily bad.
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    @Firestorm It would be good except he is still spending the money. We just borrowed $675 million for next year. His tax cuts will have us over a billion in debt in 2 years even though my taxes have gone up every year. However, if you are rich taxes have went down. He is cutting services while raising taxes on working people.
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    Brownback's 15 minutes of fame ended when his entire "cut everything" agenda crashed and burned, causing the neighboring GOP States who were poised to emulate Sam's madness to pull back. The final Brownback agenda nail came when the downgrade of Kansas's Credit Rating occurred.
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    Thank you! I've lived in Kansas most of my life and I've always been saying "voters deserve the government they choose to elect.
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    If you stay here long enough, you will see me repeat "We will have the govt we deserve" regularly.
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    The voters of Kansas have lived with the consequences of electing Brownback already, hopefully they learned from that mistake.
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    I consider it a privilege to be on the November ballot. My candidacy gives Kansans a choice for change and I am working hard to earn their trust and their vote.- Keen A. Umbehr, Libertarian candidate for Kansas governor ( )
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    The problem is, Mr. Keen, I don't see anything on your platform to turn around education, support farmers, and get a handle on water conservation. These are the three biggest issues that Kansans face. Cutting taxes is not the answer-we now pay more in property taxes to make up for the cuts in corporate taxes. We have to restore a fair tax base (and yes, that means people that make more pay more because they can afford to do so). You're not going to bring jobs to a state that is bankrupt.
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    I am tired of his failed tax experiments, privatization of Medicaid, faulty disproportioned school funding, and push for open-carry it is hurting Kansas and I am not going to sit by and let it happen again....
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    "In office, Brownback and the legislature cut spending, abolished three state agencies, closed welfare offices and eliminated arts funding. The governor established an Office of the Repealer, to recommend the repeal of obsolete statutes."

    It all sounds good, but "Office of the Repealer" is awesome! We need to make that a Cabinet level position in Washington.
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    Yes, because closing welfare offices so we can create an entire new office, most likely with a 6 or 7 figure salary, is obviously what's best.

    And the sheep go "Baaaaaaa".
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    @AceLuby Be aware that you're talking to Galt. He's a Randian follower-- the single most looney woman to ever write a book.
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    @MerriAnnie How someone could take a fictional novel and think that it should be the basis on actual policy is beyond me. These people need to have their head checked.
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    The Keen Umbehr is the only choice if you don't want the "Status Quo" to continue...... If we keep doing the same thing over and over we can expect the same results whether its "R" or "D" in charge. BOTH parties over the last 15 years have lead our State to where we are now.... THE VERGE OF INSOLVENCY.
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    Umbehr is a Libertarian -- which is a Republican on speed.

    He'd have to get out there and convince people that he's not as bad as Brownback. I can't think he'd be worse, but I can believe he'd be just as bad in his own way. After all, he'd still be working with a far right legislature and I have no doubts he'd find ways to agree with them.

    Paul Davis is our only hope for sanity in Cedar Crest. He's moderate, a bit too far to the right for me, but he'd be far far better than what we have.
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    @MerriAnnie actually after talking to keen his views hit home with Reagan. Reagan was able to do what was best with the country working with both parties. So I would call him a 3rd party candidate. I think if you sat down and talked with him you would see what I'm saying and actually like him. The libertarian party has a bad name. I for one believe that. Crazies and so on. However keen is not one of those crazies. We just want less government and prosperity for all.
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    @Glendahaskins Reagan is the one who pushed the fairy tale that if we give more and more money to the wealthy they will Trickle Down on the rest of us. They never have. They focus strictly on what makes THEM more money with no concern whatsoever for what is happening to 99% of the country.

    a BIG for instance - taking jobs overseas

    another BIG for instance - putting their millions in offshore accounts so they are not paying taxes that help the rest of the country

    another BIG for instance - putting millions into the campaigns of people who promise them they will free them from taxes and regulations

    another BIG for instance - lobbying Congress for laws that benefit ONLY them and hurt the rest of the country (Did you read the news about Coke today? They spent $210 million paying off members of Congress to keep sugary soft drinks on the list of approved items for Food Stamps, while American children are getting fatter and fatter. It worked.)

    The thing is, Glenda, what I've put down here is just a drop in the bucket to what the monied guys do and have done with Reagan's absolute backing and approval. He preached Trickle Down big time. He wasn't the one who made the wealthy greedy, but he pushed it with all his power.

    I have a tough time where Reagan is concerned. On the one hand I really liked the man. I voted for him. But on the other hand he was a big part of the reason our country has tumbled so fast, in just the decades since he started pushing Trickle Down, to the point that the 1% of the people in this country own, by far, the wealth of the country.

    The middle class was growing and was healthy after WWII for a long time. The future looked great for our country. Then Reagan came into office and set us on a path that has resulted in the entire middle class clinging to the edge of the cliff, falling into poverty.
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    @MerriAnnie In some instances you would be correct; however, Keen is a more moderate form of Libertarian. He does not "worship at the alter of Ayn Rand. As with any political party there are extremes on both ends, Keen is able to temper those extremes with reason. I will admit if Keen was not in the equation, I would choose Davis/Docking over the "Brownbackastan" regime.
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    @MerriAnnie I believe that Supply Side Economics "trickle down" if you will, works, however, what Brownback has done "Trickle Up" economics is a BAD POLICY. The rich buy assets, the Middle and Poor buy consumer and durable goods. That does help our consumption driven economy.
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    Jennifer Winn would be a better candidate for the Republicans to run against Davis. Unfortunately, she probably won't get the nomination. As for me, I'm ready for some REAL change and fresh ideas for this state (and the country) and I will be voting Libertarian.

    No, the "article" doesn't detail the Libertarian platform because the Libertarians are outside of the mainstream and do not accept corporate contributions. That's yet another reason for voting Libertarian.

    Go Keen!
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    A person who would be a political nothing, had it not been for SUBSIDIES, is telling working class Kansans to pay for a free-ride for corporations here and not to expect authentic public education, nor affordable health care insurance, for everyone in exchange for the additional taxes and fees that middle-class Kansans must pay or else.

    And all of that is just the beginning, as it is not unlikely that declines in property value will continue longer and steeper, because real talent will prefer other states, as my daughter, who now owns her own successful business did, to find an economic environment that is more broadly supportive of young entrepreneurs such as herself.

    Also, I don't know about you, but, after the '08 Derivative Crash, and being unable to find adequate employment at my age, my house is the last thing I have left to leave to my children, so Sam Brownback is hurting not only me, but also my family's future by damaging the market value of my last asset.
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    Brownback had his demented's time to replace him before he kills the state. Largest mistake EVER in Kansas election history. Brownback has got to go!
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    We are having the same problem in NC with Gov McCory who after working 23 yrs with Duke power ..when he got elected he filled his cabinets with all the Duke power x employees.. Our state has become a conservative experiment they have free reign no one to stop them from doing anything they want..including making fracking legal with no choice of saying no if they want to frack your land ..that's right the gung ho property right champions of constitutional freedoms just sold us out to the oil companies we are not even compensated the same money as other states negotiated. They can frack public lands and private property no stopping them..and the untold pumping trillions of gallons of water and vile chemicals into our water chains..They took the campaign money sold us out...Now that is the conservative movement....Money for them nothing for us...we got 2 more years of these thugs but they have gerrymandered and re changed elections laws to keep them in power. We swapped crooks (democrats) for new crooks (republicans) which crooks will best serve NC?? least the Democrat version didn't sell us out to big oil chemical Corp or change elections laws to benefit the few..or hand us over to Duke power the big Corp of Corps...They the GOP teabags have butt hurt us big time.
    Conservative governors will soon find out if citizens of their state have benefited from the new policies....because people vote according to the economics of their situation and if they have not improved with all the radical crap they do then good by charlie all the Koch bro money in the world will help them win again.
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    Like I always say ... they will tax you to death to support their parasite jobs which produce nothing of any real value!

    Personally, if I were him, I'd fire 80% of the state employees ... most them are dead weight anyway!

    As for education, privatize it ... the private sector yields results unlike the worthless ass, incompetent government system that's proven beyond a doubt that it's a bottomless money pit that politicians love to throw money at just because it buys the teachers union vote =)
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    That is too obvious. Yes it's true but I'm sure the Politix gurus want people to keep coming to this site :)
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    Oh, you think those tax rate cuts meant lower taxes? Cute.

    What is actually happening is local aid from the state has stopped and those taxes were shifted in greater numbers to local property taxes and higher fees. In the end people have less than they did before which is why these tax cuts aren't working.
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    I have a simple question I want to ask. First are you tired of the democrats and the republicans?
    Would you cross party lines and vote for the following?

    1. Freedom
    2. Family
    3. American exceptionalism
    4. The Founders’ wisdom and vision
    5. Lower taxes
    6. Limited government
    7. Peace through strength
    8. Belief in the individual

    That's why i voting for keen Umbehr

    Check him out at
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    There are not many details on his page. What budgets and missions will he reduce? How will the state pay for services if there is no income tax? We need highways maintained, highway patrol, etc. What is his fair tax plan?
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    @LindyDuree I can do you one better. Send your question directly to Keen at [email protected]

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Been on the road.
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    Actually I thought the democrats would list Scott Walker as there number one target followed by the Michigan Governor who made Michigan a right to work state.
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    Nope these two guys actually have the support of independents and some Dems secretly. But Brownback does not have such support. And he is losing suppirt from conservatives for lack of education funding. Having said that I do not think a win for Davis will come as easy as this article implies.
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