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    America mourns the loss of many things, Mr. Gerard... How can a union justify taking dues from a mother who is taking care of her own child? How can a union justify taking dues from low wage workers that have given up hope of ever getting a raise, or being treated with any more respect than they had before a union shop? Unions have become self serving political machines. Broken, and most likely not repairable.
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    You obviously did not read the blog. The SEIU nearly doubled the wages of these workers. By year's end, instead of getting $7.25 an hour, 28,000 home care workers in Illinois will get $14.00 an hour, plus health benefits. It is pretty easy for the vast majority of those workers to pay their union dues or fair share fees. They know they'd still be getting $7.25 and no health benefits without the union.
    But some people, like Harris, want to reap the benefits of that pay increase, will demand that the union represent them if they have a grievance, but they don't want to pay anything toward the cost of providing those services. They shirk their responsibilities. The union is mandated by federal law to represent them in collective bargaining and to hire a lawyer to represent them if they've got a legitimate grievance. But now, SCOTUS sanctions these shirkers paying nothing. That money is supposed to just appear out of thin air.
    How can you justify demanding that the union spend money to represent people who refuse to pay their fair share? Would you demand that your local swim club allow entrance to families who refuse to pay the fees?
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    @bwstack I read it and disagree with the lop sided reporting of the facts. Look deeper and maybe without a Left leaning lens. Try to be objective, you might actually change your mind.
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    The Unions wanted money and getting a democratic state to make the home health care workers state employees solely so that there membership in a union was mandatory is politics at its absolute worst. SEIU is a union of thugs but a favorite with democrats.
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    Blind hate will get you nowhere fast.... There are MANY hard working members of the SEIU who are very good people who work hard to keep your electricity on, pipes sending water, and more. Prejudice is not accurate at all. It's bigotry. People are not numbers nor labels. They are PEOPLE!
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    I thought this article was a joke and I was waiting for the punch line -- but it never came. I think there are people that actually believe this babble.
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    The head of the SEIU is an admitted socialist. He had said it many times in interviews.
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    @Danny_Livewire And there would be no electricity without the SEIU, somehow I think not. There are places where they SEIU has no influence, no union and the power and water flows just as well.

    We are not talking about the people on the poles or in the holes. We are talking about the union who is spending those dues on political power grabs. You talk about blind hate, now open your eyes because blind love is just as bad as blind hate.
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    "Income inequality" is going to be around for a long time. What Liberals can't seem to understand is that investment in the private sector of the economy is what creates jobs. Jobs create competition for labor and its a surplus of unfilled jobs that drives the wages of labor up. I've been in the investment business for decades and nobody in their right mind would invest big bucks in the US economy for the foreseeable future.

    Unions have ceased to be a positive economic force for the working class, and have instead become a source of income for "Men of Respect". Before I change my mind I would have to see an audit of union finances.
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    You guys never took economics in college did you? You are totally clueless how business and the economy works. The big bad businesses and "1 percenters" are stealing food right out of all of our mouths. Boo-hooooooooo! If you want a lesson...stop LISTENING to the rhetoric that SOUNDS reseasonable to an uneducated person....I didn't say unintelligent, I said UNEDUCATED. If you want to understand the economy and how business works....then educate yourself. Everything Obama and Dems has done has been with retritubution and "rub their nose in it". It's been to take $$ out of those CEO's pockets. Guess what? The people REALLY hurt has been the workers. But, again, that plays right into O's plans. Deepen the divide between CEO's and their workers and the cries become louder and the blame gets misplaced. Many CEO's have taken hits to help save businesses. And many have failed. And unions have done nothing to help. Union had a place back in their inception. But they have become the big, bad political machines that politicians have become and you have to ask yourself.....when there's that much fight in an issue....whose pocket is at risk? And just like politicians, union reps will taut the party-line...oh, the poor, poor worker. Don't kid yourself. Everyone's in it for themselves these days. The losers? The middle-class and those that have fallen off the backside of the unemployement numbers.
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    I have to agree with unions have done nothing to help. The auto bailout was the result of unions unwilling to take even a small cut to help keep their jobs. So, as a result, many other people and groups with investments such a pension plans took the hit. All so auto union members could get free Viagra and other perks along with a great salary.

    In addition, those morons whine because those they whine about move the bulk of their money outside of their grasping reach while they whine about the poor little people. Even while those whiners trample those same people.
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    @Tina How can you say such an ignorant and FALSE thing? The unions had spent YEARS of taking massive pay cuts and agreeing to contract provisions that ran counter to the years of promises that what was cut would be returned to the workers...all while MANAGEMENT soaked up the bucks and the goodies. If anything, it was the complete LACK OF GOOD FAITH by the auto companies that caused their own problems. Ford, which bargained in GOOD FAITH is still around.
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    @skywatcher888 Massive pay cuts, how can you say that? They have conceded a few minor points at most. In the case of Hostess, they were the reason why the company went out of business. In cases, there were CEO's and others who also took massive pay cuts. There are many who are working only for a dollar. Of course it is more a publicity stunt, but the fact remains that they did give up the big salary and cash bonus. Meanwhile, what did those auto workers give up? Not much compared to those who had their retirement evaporate to keep those auto workers in keep viagra.

    The fact is that the average auto worker is a very well paid fat cat.
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    Cronyism, the Tax Code, excessive regulations, the national debt and the Federal Reserve are the major causes of the widening income inequality gap.


    Abolish Tax Code and IRS.

    Enact Fair Tax (national sales tax).

    Minimize regulations to only what is absolutely necessary.

    Balance the budget.

    Start decreasing the national debt.

    Abolish the Federal Reserve as we know it. Replace with automated system as Milton Friedman suggested until better solution is discovered.

    Allow gold and silver as legal tender.

    The income inequality problem is counterintuitive. Big government equals more income inequality. Smaller government equals less income inequality.

    The middle class is the byproduct of a free market economy; it is not manufactured by a politician's tax gimmicks, minimum wage laws, or government redistribution of wealth.

    There is no such thing as a living wage; there is only a wage that someone can afford to pay. You have to tailor your living around your wage, not have government tailor your wage around your living.

    It is about supply and demand. If you have an easy time filling your employee needs, you offer lower wages, if you have a hard time filling your employee needs, you offer higher wages; because if you do not your competition will and you will be out of business.

    It is not about what people deserve or what is fair or what is just; it is about what the market will bear. Blame the consumer for shopping for the lowest price and blame the voter for voting for government to fix their problems.
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    The living wage certainly does exist: it is the minimum anout to provide food, clothing and shelter for the worker.

    The "Fair" Tax is not anywhere close to fair close to fair.

    For gold and silver to be used for commerce, the government has to mint coins. This can cause deflation and inflation at moments unrelated to the rest of the economy and when we had this, we had a major crisis , panic or depression every seven to ten years. It is a HORRIBLE idea.

    It you tried to balance the budget with your "fair" tax, you would cause a terrible depression.

    If this country is not aboiut some degree of fairness, it is not worth living in.
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    Agree with everything except the so called fair tax. I would favor a flat tax. Any sales tax is to easy to increase on a whim.
    I travel extensively for work and am currently in Germany. The VAT here, that is National Sales Tax, was started as a lowly 5% when it was enacted now it stands at 22%.
    Flat tax 15% across the board no deductions, no exemptions, Corporate and Individual the same.
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    @Xavier_Onassis "This can cause deflation and inflation at moments unrelated to the rest of the economy and when we had this, we had a major crisis , panic or depression every seven to ten years. " You mean like the federal reserve causes a major monetary crisis, panic or depression every 7-10 years by funding government sponsored entities like Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, Sally Mae etc?
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    No, I mean like the MAJOR busts the economy had during the 19th century, and again in 1907. Read a history book. The Federal Reserve does not fund those government corporations, and the reason for the last recession was caused by PRIVATE BANKS that sold bogus loans to other banks. Go inform yourself.
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    More left wing nut propaganda.
    The decision let these workers escape the tyranny of Organized Crime, oh sorry I meant Organized Labor.
    I love how these people rail against the 1% while advocating the very people they say they are for to pay to allow Hoffa and his cronies to the union live as the 1%.
    There is no way in the world that a person not in the union should have to pay dues to the union.
    I have been in a union and would never join one again as the union bosses are the biggest crooks out there after the Government.
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    This story is total hogwash. The reasons people have no economic independence is because they are totally irresponsible with their lives. AS ALWAYS Liberals blame everything on the hard working successful people for all the ills in our nation.
    Tell me how the Rich man caused that one night stand that produced an unwed mother raising her child with no father. Tell me how that Rich man forced that dead beat father to walk away from his child. Tell me how that rich man caused people to take illegal drugs, get hooked & destroy their lives. Drugs cost a lot of money that these people say they don't have. Tell me how the rich man forced public schools to censor any mention of common sense moral values, & at the same time indoctrinating our kids with birth control as the answer. Birth control is not the answer, it is the result of a immoral culture that lifts up irresponsible lifestyles & makes fun of any politician or church that speaks to moral values. Teenagers are not responsible enough to use birth control no matter how much you talk about it. If a parent wants their children to learn about birth control, do it on their own time, not my child's time when he should be learning math, science, English, etc. Polls have shown that teens who postpone sex do so from moral values taught to them by their parents or Church. Parents are the answer, not bigger Government. Rich men are not the fault, our immoral culture is!
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    Ahh blame the victims and not who drove them into poverty.

    Of course Wall St, the FED, IMF, World Bank or the CFR and a corporate bought government had absolutely nothing to do with why this country has gone to the dogs. So fraud, graft, murder and thievery are just fine... as long as wear a suit.... got it.
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    @gininitaly As typical you never once addressed my points. Did the rich man force that teenager to sleep with some loser & get pregnant. Dd the rich man force people to take illegal drugs or become alcoholics? You just spew pure Liberal Socialistic rhetoric & the low end voters eat it right up because they do not want to be told how their irresponsible choices are the cause of their poverty.
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    @gininitaly Even more obvious that you never had. You accuse others of parrot speak and are the poster child of it yourself.
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    It is so kind and just when those who were blessed with good fortune peer down their noses at those who were no so blessed.

    So kind. So just. So wise.
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    In the past, unions had a purpose..........
    Today, unions have an agenda.
    That agenda is increase in membership. Increase in membership increases dues collected. Dues collected fatten the pockets of union presidents <HMMM....check who the op-ed is>
    Always........follow the money!
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    Right. Follow the money. Union presidents don't make anywhere near the money CEOs make. Check it out. Leo W. Gerard makes only slightly more than the highest paid Steelworker. His wages, and those of most other union presidents, are determined by the membership. The membership elects the union president. The membership can get rid of union presidents they don't like.
    Unions have always tried to increase membership. That has always been the union agenda, from the beginning, because there is power in numbers. If two guy ask the boss for a raise, they'll probably get a door slammed in their face. But if 100 percent of the workers ask for a raise, they may get a more positive response. That is what Dorothy Glenn talks about in this blog.
    And increase in dues collected means an increase in the strike fund, which provides payments to members who vote to go out on strike to seek better wages, benefits and working conditions.
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    @bwstack Do you actually believe that B.S.? We haven't been on strike in years and frankly I dont trust them to lead me out on a strike ever again. Now that my state is right to work, I would probably cross my own picket line and make some money. That $150 a week for pulling picket duty can be put where the sun dont shine.
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    @bwstack Oh and btw, I have zero say in who my president is or their "bargaining" team. Guess that's why we haven't gotten a raise in over 9 years. Now they want more dues? Come on.
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    @Thunderchicken And do you know what the highest paid Steelworker makes, Mr. Chicken? Bet you don't.
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    Americans have lost their independence because they elected a communist as president, and he is intent on destroying the country. Job growth? Not on O's watch! O wants to eliminate jobs by raising the minimum wage! Got a job at a coal-powered generating plant? Not much longer, thanks to O's EPA! Maybe you can get a job installing government-subsidized windmills and solar panels.
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    Total nonsense! The problem is low information voters voting more and more programs to their selves and liberals encouraging this class envy so they can get the vote of people who think that the liberals want to help them, the answer is to get educated either by college or trade school and kick out the liberals who only want your vote. Quit the spending, work hard, and pay your bills.
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    I have no issues with unions so long as it remains voluntary. No one should be forced to join a union to get/keep a job or be forced to pay dues that go into the deep pockets of labor management.
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    Mr. Gerard sounded like Harry Reid, and Obama whining over Koch Brothers. You would think the Koch's were the only two men worth millions. I never hear the D's whining about Gates Buffett, Zuckerberg etc etc.
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    Gates...Buffett...Zuckerberg are very savy and very smart; they spread the money equally to all parties...GOP & DEMs or to sum up...the "PARTY OF ONE."
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    Until the 99% figure out just how screwed they are thanks to the best politicians money can buy, and we watch the middle class get increasingly squeezed by corporations who will not pay benefits, not pay taxes, and not pay their employees a fair wage, the US can kiss its economic superiority good bye.
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    and I thought I was the BS king...not one word of how the Union friendly Obama sucked the life out of the American economy like a vampire and spit it back into the open mouths of union officials like him.

    what a joke
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    Where did States' rights go in all of this? It is pretty funny that the right, who voted they liked the SC's decision, also say they don't like the feds interfering with the states ...except, of course, when it fits their ideology.
    Of course, the left will do the same type of thing.

    You see, it is never as simple as we like to pretend to see it.
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    The conspicuous consumption and debt spending that is also the legacy of President Reagan plays a large role in the shifting foundation of American economic independence.

    Do you really need the iPhone 5? Cable, satellite TV? Designer jeans? Monstrosity SUVs and pickups? Four wheelers? Meat at every meal? Etc, etc.
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    "Do you really need the iPhone 5? Cable, satellite TV? Designer jeans? Monstrosity SUVs and pickups? Four wheelers? Meat at every meal? Etc, etc.

    Whoa now Paul. Try and take my fired chicken and hot dogsand we'll have us some problems here. They're about all the meat I can afford.
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    "They found it in a handful of home care workers who didn't want to pay the fair share fee that was charged to those who benefitted from collective bargaining but declined to join the union."

    This is where unions break down. They force independent workers to join unions and then are surprised when they fight back. Many of the home care workers are actually family members who don't actually work for an hourly wage and yet were being forced to pay union dues.

    Mark Dayton tried to do the same thing in MN with childcare workers.
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    Quit telling LIES - the Union in IL was taking a substantial portion from PARENTS that were receiving aid to take care of their own CHILDREN. Had they not gotten that greedy and crossed that line, and instead been happy with the non-relative caregivers, things might have been different. It was their total greed and the Democrats in IL total bending over to bribe the unions that led to this decision.
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