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    I'm more interested in "Melgen, a major Democratic contributor, was recently identified by federal health officials as receiving more than $21 million in Medicaid funds in 2012 - the most awarded to a single physician in the U.S."
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    Not aure what's going on but Menendez has definitely screwed up somewhere. Something is definitely up with his friend getting 21 million in healthcare subsidies.
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    This guy has guilt written all over him...I hope they see this through. The party and country don't need anybody like this in a position of leadership.
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    I'm going to call out "my republican leadership" (loosely termed) that most likely are behind the "omg prostitution" scandal. I have to wonder why they haven't noticed that 21million? Well let's see...... they all do that crap in one way or another. Obama wonders why there is cynicism? I could care less if he's "friending" hookers. If he's married? I question his character at the most.
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    How does that look? It's good to have these simple solutions, though: innocent until proven guilty is so, so tiring.
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    @Raybo He is entitled to a fair trial and I am not a judge. I support his day in court. My opinion is that he is coming off as very guilty, which is an opinion that I am entitled to and one that I would bet a lot of money will show as true once he has his trial. Better?
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    Yes!...and, you are right: you are entitled to an opinion and that is all you gave. So, a small apology on my part as well.
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    What with politicians trading their votes like political capital some would say they are prostitutes. And as the saying goes: "Birds of a feather..."
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    @daclark1911 do you believe that the idea of a man visiting a prostitute is news? it's almost as exciting as someone getting a bj or janet jackson's boobie.

    not news.
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    There is evidence Menendez intervened with senior officials at the Department of Health and Human Services five years ago, after a Medicare audit found $8.9 million in questionable billings for eye treatments at Melgen’s clinics. (A database of all physician billings to Medicare, made public in April, showed Melgen was reimbursed $20.8 million for treating the elderly and disabled, the most of any other doctor in the country. His 894 patients underwent 94,000 procedures in 2012, according to the database.)
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    That should be a much bigger deal than hanging with some prostitutes. Says a lot about our political system that his work on behalf of Melgen isn't the focus, perhaps that level of corruption is so common that it's not really newsworthy.
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    Medicare fraud is an epidemic in Miami but it has trickled all over Florida . There are weekly arrests here but it cant be stopped .

    "Miami has long been ground zero for the nation's multi-billion dollar-a-year Medicare scams. Authorities also have recently begun targeting complicit patients."

    A few years ago when my grandfather was alive he got a penis pump sent to his house by a doctor who is now in jail .

    My grandparents had no idea what it was . I told them that it was to break up clogged sinks .

    "Fake penis pump bills lead to Medicare fraud arrests in Florida"

    Emilio Felipe Lopez, 47, president of Charlie RX, and Orlando Hernandez Estevez, 25, president of Happy Trips, were indicted on charges of healthcare fraud in February. Last week, FBI agents arrested the two Hialeah businessmen, who authorities say were in hiding. They have their first appearances in Miami federal court Monday afternoon

    Read more here:
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    @JoseinThrdWrld Exellent points Josein- It doesn't surprise me that Miami Cubans would be in the mix-I doubt that Cubans even knows who this guy is. Your comment s support my gut reaction to this Neanderthal wretch.
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    Well, there's no evidence, but his and the US' stance on Cuba has been 100% wrong. We deal with dozens of dictators and our embargo's against Cuba have done nothing but drive further wedges between the two countries. The madness needs to stop.
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    Don't let the circulated 'stance on Cuba' attributed to Senator Menendez fool you. Because New Jersey, like Florida, has a sizable population of Americans of Cuban ancestry, Senator Menendez feels almost obligated to 'bark' a certain way. But his tail has been wagging all along insofar as being very open to re-establishing diplomatic relations and trade with Cuba. The (rightful) criticism of Cuba's government has been expressed to 'cushion' his much more potentially-controversial views, should they be made common knowledge. These guys will do anything to keep their elected offices, whether they are coming from the Left or the Right.
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    @LeeR Democrats usually get a pass on things like this. Must be something else or there would be a news black-out
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    @barnrn You guys and your victim mentality... you really need to get over it. It's worse than the race card at this point.

    You aren't a victim, stop acting like one.
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    @AceLuby You are right Ace, that's the only response a lefty can come up with. Calling someone a racist is preferable. I don't consider myself a victim. That is a Left tactic.
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    I'll tell you guys this much..... I know personally a few aids to politicians all across the Country and nearly ALL of them are either actively seeing or have seen prostitutes. It's one of the best ways for a campaign contributor to gain real access as they can whisper sweet somethings into their ears. Until we fix our Campaign finance laws to restrict $$$ spent, this will only become much worse of a problem as money talks, and sexy money talks even more!
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    Politicians , judges , DA's and other brass don't get involved with hookers . They have escorts come over , lol.

    Well some might be idiots but as a whole I am sure the politicos you know use escorts .

    If you know the UN in NYC , That whole area is wall to wall with escorts which the ambassadors see and write it off as business expense .
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    Totally sensible response and the only rela solution-but don't expect the bandits controlling Congress and The House to ever act on this great advice very soon. Perhaps we need a voter revolution for independents.
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    I'm a Republican and taking a small minority stance as a qualified NO vote. Qualified because I'm defining "anything wrong" as related to this issue or group of issues. Why? Because I've been developing my own group of philosophies about our society. We've become the nation of spin, smear campaigns, public character assassination, media (and social media) witch hunts, propaganda and personal libel. There is so much volume of non-credible information (much of it outright lies or distortions), lying by omission, etc.) it is difficult for any American to discern truth from what is actually happening. They gather lynch mobs with knee-jerk quickness. I'm not jumping on anybody's "hang 'em high" campaigns any more. And I don't care if Menendez actually used prostitutes. As long as he didn't use taxpayer dollars to pay for the excursion. For that, I would expect criminal charges and resignation.
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    DCarrier, you just declared yourself a RINO.

    I am a democrat, no way in hell am I a neo-liberal.

    Thinking for yourself gets you smeared in our society. You have my sympathy.

    Now go get-em.
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    I would ask: "Why would Cuba, which is interested in the 'embargo' going away, set up Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who is sympathetic to Cuba, and who is trying to influence his peers in the Senate, House of Representatives and the White House, to re-establish commerce and diplomatic relations with Cuba?" Cuba doesn't appear to have much of a motive for setting up Senator Menendez (D-NJ), does it?
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    Menendez wants the failed embargo to continue because countless of the Miami junta have made a very nice salary with these assorted "Cuba libre" funds which have only fleeced the USA for hundreds of millions and achieved nothing but putting that aside Menendez is a small player and looking at his Florida friends .

    He didn't need Castro to frame him as he claims.

    As you know in 2008 the Cuba libre funds were frozen because only 17% was actually spent as far as having anything to do with Cuba , The rest was spent on sending their kids to college, new cars , vacations, etc , etc.

    It was reinstated several months after the freeze .

    One guy alone pocketed $500,000 .

    Cube libre my @###.
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    @BobFromDist9 Thanks for your civil reply! Senator Menendez, like the MAJORITY of the Cuban-American exile diaspora, loathes Fidel & Raul Castro Ruz with the same intensity that they love the remaining members of their family on the Island. The exile community of Miami alone, with whom I keep close contact through my Cuban-American friends, and fellow Jews, some of whom also happen to be Cuban-American, want at LEAST a less tyranical Cuba, so that the embargo can be eased. As many of you have seen in the media lately, foreign countries, through MAJOR BANKS have circumvented the embargo. Many countries have kept trading with Cuba despite the so-called embargo, which has been as effective as the border security with Mexico.

    By comparison, Francisco Franco, who headed Spain, received trade from ONLY 2 COUNTRIES from 1939 until his death in 1975. Franco raised Spain from the ashes, even after a devastating Civil War (1936-1939), which became an experimental battlefields for volunteers from all over the world, pro and con, including Soviet help and materiel, and German Nazi and Fascist Italian 'volunteers' and materiel. Approximately 1,000,000 Spaniards died in the Civil War, which was approximately 1/23rd of its population- imagine the USA losing 13, 700,000 Americans in any kind of a war. Franco raised Spain up by its bootstraps though ONLY TWO (2) COUNTRIES traded with it- South Africa and Juan and Evita Peron's Argentina.

    Fidel and Raul Castro Ruz's Cuba relies heavily on the 1 BILLION DOLLARS yearly that the exile community in the USA sends its family members still on the island. Regardless of the 'Politically-Correct Hatred' that the Left can hurl at the 800,000 plus strong Cuban-American community in the USA, most of these folks want an END to the oppression of the Cuban people, and a resumption of trade and travel FREE OF THE BRIBE-PAYING that Cuban Americans are forced to endure at Jose Marti' Airport in Havana. Senator Menendez, to his credit, walks a fine line between 'barking' in public against the Castro Regime and working behind the scenes to attempt to restore diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba.

    How NAIVE can some of you folks be? Don't you know it is all POLITICAL THEATER, whether from the Left or the Right? lol. Thanks again, BobFromDist9.
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    @JoseinThrdWrld You totally understand Miam,New Jersey and the fools who fund Americn publi c dollars to the "gusanos", and now their children In order to free
    Cuba -interpreted as making this g5reat little nation submit to capitulate. One Cuban on the Island is woth more th1n 1000 Cubans in Miami.
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    Do you think Menendez did anything wrong? Is he a politician?
    Cuba did it. hahahaha, that's a new twist on the Democrat blame game.
    That's right up there with blaming an amateur video for Benghazi and "If you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor; if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan."
    Bush did it.
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    Well, you have convinced me, Cuba did it.

    After all, you cited six points on which the claim was correct, so why not Cuba did it?
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    For a guy that didn't do anything he sure is trying to find somebody to blame And why would Cuba do this is Menendez that much of a threat to Cuba.
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    He is more Republican than Democrat. I will tell you the Dr. does not want normal relations with Cuba. Yes he should be looked at for that $21 million. Is this man guilty of playing around with hookers ? He is innocent till proven guilty. But it would not be a surprise as 75% of the boys in congress have. It comes with the territory and has for 300 years.
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    Oh you may be right. Like I said 75% of them sure like the women. Should read Molly Ivins book. She has the dope on all of them. But she is dead now.
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    Until we totality clean both houses, clean both parties out, and get back to the way it was when the founders gave us this government. Have term limits; do not let our Congress and Senate move to Washington! Have them stay with those who they represent, and vote on issues from their home state. They can have conferences on the computer and phone. And cut their pay to about $30,000.00 a year instead of $150,000.00 and let them work at other jobs. If you want to pay a public servant more money pay your military more and the congress less, the military at least does its job. Then we will have a chance to make it. When they come to Washington they are hit by big money influence, unions and other special interest. The only group that should be able to influence them should be the voters in their district! No one else at all.
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    When you said this it was pretty good.

    " clean both parties out, and get back to the way it was when the founders gave us this government"

    Then you screwed it up, as every single thing you said after that was the opposite of what the Founders gave us.
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    @BobFromDist9 Mind explaining, I have to head out, be back and answer more later have a great evening and thank you.
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    The founders did not give us term limits, had congress in the capital, which moved to DC, lived in DC, and were not required to work as something else, though many did, as they tended to be wealthy even then. They were subject to special interests from the start.

    I would pay them $200K or more a year, and forbid them to have any income from any other source, including investments. When they entered and left office all their investments would be inventoried, and any increase would be paid to the treasury, other than MAYBE an inflation adjustment.

    Their loyalty all too often goes where their paycheck comes from. When they get outside income they are bought and paid for.

    Oh, and no way in hell would I trust conferences on the phone or computers.
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    @BobFromDist9 No there were not term limits back then, but most of them served 1 or 2 terms and went home or ran for a different office. I am not against adding term limits if it is done legal! They added things back then, but by majority vote only, not by going around the congress or the law. The reason something’s were not used back in the day is only because it was not yet available, not because of it being bad.
    Last time I looked a young man entering the military service made about 22,000.00 a year to start; if they had attended a military school of course it was more. Now, they go through a basic training program that is as tough as it gets. Also if they were in the military in the last 20 years they stood a great chance of being in grave danger of losing life or limb, they slept on the ground, ate those great meals. In my mind they really were in our service, almost all of Congress and the Senate seem to only be in their own service. I would give the Army man or woman a 150,000.00 to start and a Senator 25,000.00 and I would make them stay in their home state and listen to constituents and I think the only reason they moved to Washington or Philadelphia was because they did not have computers or phones back in the day. I think the security could prevent trouble makers from crashing the system, and backups could be available also, and I think no discussion on any issue should be where the public can't see and hear it. There could be exceptions to the last, but not many. I am sick and tired of private meetings that could result in higher taxes, new programs, or a war and we have no idea what was discussed. All of this probably would have been done at home had it been invented then. I see nothing that goes against the Founders with it, do you? It’s okay if you do, please educate this old fool.
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    Seeing how we don't have all the facts, but just what I've read, seems like he's got something to hide since he's working so hard on a defense already.
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    Frankly, I expect more from a politician. A total political novice should be able to come up with something less imagination and more believable than: "Cuba did it."

    Of course 50 years ago everyone would have jumped the Cuba hypothesis.
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    Who cares if he screws hookers but when he pulls strings for his millionaire buddy to screw the government ( us) out of millions is a different story. Just another typical politician. They seem to be the same whether in Africa, the Middle East or the USA.
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