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    Unbelievable that someone would vote this comment down. Whomever you are, you are a spineless coward, with no heart or compassion for your fellow man.
    N0rthman, well said my friend.
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    N0rthman - Ditto on Fishbone345's "Well said". It's too bad that your comment is always said by both sides after such a tragedy, and then nothing is done to try to prevent the next one.

    I give it a few days, and Wayne LaPierre will be on the news, saying that if the children had been armed, they might have been able to protect themselves.
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    Although I do think something could've been done. The government should've offered to conceal their identities and hide them from this man.
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    From some of the news stories, it seems that there was domestic violence in that past marriage - so he was already breaking the law by having a gun. That didn't seem to slow him down. Another law would?
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    Yea right, the Liberal's would have us believe that. Although this is a really tragic event, by comparison to the violence from guns overall most of it is the kind of violence found in Chicago...and nearly all gang and drug related. No matter how many, or what kinds of laws are passed, something like this event can never be foreseen and the only way to prevent it is to just lock everyone up in rubber rooms and keep human beings away from one another.
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    @BravoJuliet Hey I have a great idea! Let's further increase the income disparity in this country and see if we can get even more violence.
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    Yea, let's just confiscate everyone's money...throw it all in a big pile and let the Politicians divvy it out so we can all be equally miserable...get f-ing real!
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    @jond414 Why do my taxes go up all the time to pay for people that don't work, instead of being left in my pocket so that I can be closer to rich and reduce the gap?
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    @BravoJuliet Seems like we want to hold everything accountable and or responsible EXCEPT the people who keep committing these crimes.
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    What each and every one of us needs to start thinking about is when it will happen to us. Not IF. But when. When will you or I become a victim of a violent crime? When will we be shot down like dogs?

    This country has its priorities all screwed up. We worry about foreign terrorists. We worry about Mexican immigrants. We worry about homosexuals. We worry about China. What we worry about least is ourselves. In general, I think we're on the cusp of becoming a miserable, angry bunch of people riding a thin line between rational and full-bore insanity.

    I'm not sure what is happening, but in my entire life I have never seen such brutality, such cruelty, such meanness and violence towards even the most vulnerable of victims. People seem addicted to hurting something or someone. There's a rising tide of animal abuse. The stories of child abuse are more numerous and brutal. The violent killings are vicious.

    When are we going to start paying more attention to our own country and own people and try to figure out what is becoming of us?
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    I think that maybe Andrew is, at least, partially correct. I think in these modern times of extreme media, we hear a lot more about things than we used to. Part of it the reason is "the word" travels further, and part is because the media is constantly trying to find more sensational stories.
    Society also takes some things more seriously now than in past eras. For example; child abuse, animal abuse, D.U.I. In the past, if you drove drunk, the cop would just tell you to go home and sleep it off. Re: child abuse, it was just that strange, touchy-feely uncle you had to watch around the kids, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........
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    That shows how effective the media has been in scaring people into supporting their gun control agenda. The murder rate is less than half of what it was 20 years ago, but people are more scared than they were then. And all because of a political agenda and not any actual increase in danger.
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    Way to show your carelessness, eh as long as I have my defense it doesn't matter how many other people die, don't regulate guns, don't regulate ammunition people die all the time what a way to solve the issue!
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    @bendybubble re institutionalize the mentally ill. Most if not all of these shooters in these tragic incidents would have been in an institution 35 years ago.
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    I think that is a good beginning.
    The country had a pretty good dealing with the mentally ill up until Reagan's Cabinet started defunding state programs.
    Here in New York State... still a long way to go to catch up to where it was in the early 80's.
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    @Republiccommi so your idea is to take away guns from law abiding owners and turn us into mexico? look what happened there do to the citizens being sitting ducks,the criminals take over,not just the streets the military and the gov
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    So what is your thoughts on why they started happening so often less than a few decades ago, and they are happening more and more often as we move forward in time?
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    @bendybubble I'm not so sure they happened less often a few decades ago, however if we assume for a moment that they did... how have gun laws changed to facilitate this increase? If there is an increase in these sorts of incidents, I would expect the reason to be increased financeial distress of working families and economic disparity in our society.
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    I do not know if you can see his comments, but Keyjo and I were thinking the correlation to the closing of many of our nations mental care institutes and the increase in these type of out of control shootings may be related.
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    Why is it one crazy person goes off and kills some people and you want to take everyone's guns? This happens in inner cities all the time but no one is crying to take the guns from those thugs.
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    Have you noticed the way suddenly crazy people are mass murdering people? Sure its happened but its becoming alot more frequent and the violence in inner cities has gone down from previous times theres so much going on we don't know about. You can easily get ahold of guns and ammunition in Texas so it doesn't surprise me
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    Because big cities can extort big money for sub standard living conditions and as a caveat to their recipients, they can condition votes in return. Why do you think Chicago has seen no improvements in the last 50 years?
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    How do you profile a crazy person? Do you have some criteria to go on because even well-trained people in the field of psychiatry can't define "crazy."

    Were you aware that mental illness can strike anyone at any time? ANYONE. It's an equal opportunity disease. It can come and go in some people's lives. For other people it can come on like a freight train and render them totally unstable. 1 in 5 Americans suffers mental illness. Thank God, most of them are harmless, but take 5 people right here on this thread. One of us has a mental illness. Scary, huh?

    We've not been able to define "crazy" because America is a country that spends it's money on things other than its own people and it's own problems. There's a distinct possibility that if we took even half the money being invested in illegal kids crossing the border and used it to research mental illness, we might actually learn something that would help us ALL.
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    Violence can't be "fixed" it will always exist, especially domestic violence. The best we can do is to provide support for victims and education on how not to become a victim.
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    Back on January 3, 2014 I made this post......Here are my predictions for 2014 - at minimum two school shootings with a minimum of 30 dead kids, five public shootings with casualties, four domestic homocides that will make national news (shooters will be men, more dead children including their mothers, grandmothers and cousins.) It's going to be another bloody year and there's nothing anybody can do to prevent it.

    National news, shooter was a man, more dead children.
    My gun rights trump their bloody corpses.
    Just another day in the good ol' USA.
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    EVERY SINGLE SHOOTING we get the same damn question. What would any proposed gun control laws have done to stop this? You cant stop sick people from doing sick shit.

    That said.... this dude is a sick bastard. He needs to die.... alot!
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    Laws weren't obeyed this time. Why do you think they'd be obeyed next time?
    In China attacks are just as efficient using knives. Sadly, we can't legislate morality.
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    Sadly this tragedy doesn't fit the criteria necessary to enforce stronger gun laws because in this case the disgruntled Haskell may have found another means to commit his heinous slaughter. Something that may slow the violence considerably though would be to conduct psychological research with convicts and incorporate those studies into training to warn people (especially our police force) about possible firearm violence.
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    14Jul14.....' outpourings of sympathy ' you say,' the neighbors shocked you say '.......gimme a break. People tune into the news now to mainly hear who has broken the record for the number of people killed in a domestic disturbance.
    Ps: By the looks of this arsehole / Ron Lee Haskell.....he has very little education, can only express himself in short bursts of filthy language (especially at the dinner table with the kids around-----they have no dinners at home other than macaroni from the box)- has never made more than $12.00 an hour in his life.....but is well experienced on video games, knowing how to hunt animals, and wiping his own arse. Just sayin'.....BobLoblah
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    This appears to be a domestic violence issue. Murder is already against the law. Stricter gun laws will in no way stop anyone bent on killing someone. Stricter gun laws may in fact prevent someone from acting in self defense.
    At issue here is mental illness . The article is very vague on details. Were drugs or alcohol involved? If so why not a cry for stricter controls on those substances, or for more help for domestic violence victims?
    Apparently, it is far easier and along the political agenda to use any shooting as the genesis for new and crippling gun laws.
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    Given he was already prohibited from having a gun due to domestic violence I doubt he would've listened to a law against having a gun period.

    This is a better case for expanding "witness protection programs" to cover people besides witnesses. If you have a strong case that you may be a victim of a violent crime in the near future the government should help hide you.
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    We live in a very sick world. It's really sad that every time a mass murder happens, it barely makes the news anymore. We've become very complacent and numb to them. Frankly, I'm tired of praying for victims. I'd rather pray that the madness stops. The only bright spot is that this happened in Texas and they have the death penalty. This so-called father will never be able to hurt anyone ever again.
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    Which is why we need to at least pass the Toomey-Manchin act before Bloomberg gets ideas. These so called "gun rights activists" think doing nothing is the best way but it ain't going to work. If we don't act, Bloomberg will.
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