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    What they should do is lay a sheet of hexagonal graph paper over a map of the state as a first iteration, then if they want to make adjustment, they should have to explain the rationale behind the adjustment.
    There should be a maximum limit on how far the ratio of perimeter to area would be allowed to go.
    Hex paper looks like this...
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    I think you have stated this on other threads. There are a couple of things wrong.
    The first is, why would any incumbent from either party do this?
    There are several steps to solve the issue.
    A) Never, ever vote D or RINO
    B) Only vote for a person who supports a smaller government , with Constitutionally based policies.
    C) Never vote for a person who proposes or supports laws with obscure or misleading names, for example: Card Check, Voting Rights Act, Affordable Care Act etc.
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    What?...we "solve issues" by becoming libertarians? This is as arbitrary as the solution you are criticizing. How about just not gerrymandering?
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    @JMWinPR lol You start talking as if you're going to give sound, objective advice, then you just throw out 3 right-wing stances. Hilarious.
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    I am in full agreement with you. There should be consistent rules against the shapes and aspect ratios that districts can take. That way we won't have to listen to the bitchy whiny Democrats complaining that the only reason they haven't been able to take the house is because of republican gerrymandering. It will be fun to see how many Dem districts will turn to Rep in states like MD, IL, CA ..where DEM gerrymandering has secured DEM seats.
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    "The Florida Legislature illegally drew the state's congressional districts to primarily benefit the Republican Party, a judge has ruled, and has ordered them redrawn."

    This should be being done in every state....because the republican party has done in almost every state
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    "The judge did not agree that all the districts cited by the groups were unconstitutional. But he found that two districts violated the new standards: a sprawling district held by U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown that runs from Jacksonville to Orlando and a central Florida district held by U.S. Rep. Dan Webster. Brown is a Democrat, while Webster is a Republican."

    Well...since only two districts were found to have violated the standard, one district favoring a Rep, and one for a DEM, its not as big of issue. are truly delusional if you think that the GOP is the only party that gerrymanders or redistricts to their party's advantage. They redistrict to their advantages in states they control, and Dems do the same in states they control. Oh....and a state can be redistricted to favor one party over the other without it being gerrymandered.
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    @MemphisTiger89 They have in a few places, but less so than you might think.

    In a surprising number of states, the districting ends up being done by the courts, precisely because of anti-gerrymandering laws.

    It is wrong -- and that is true no matter which party does it. So you can either try to justify and excuse it the way you are, or you can take the better route and condemn ALL OF IT.
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    The courts are assuming powers not granted to them if they are drawing voting maps. That power is granted to the state legislators by the US Constitution.
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    @MemphisTiger89 - The Dems don't HAVE to do it in ANY state where they're the majority because it's their adherence to the law that MADE them the majority.
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    I don't care which party uses gerrymandering to draw legislative maps it is wrong, undemocratic, and "taxation without representation." That is gerrymandering unfairly takes away your and my representation. I hope this does go to the Supreme Court and they have the common sense to rule for fair proportionment in drawing legislative boundaries. But I'm not going to hold my breath for such a ruling from the Court.
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    We all know that both parties gerrymander in states they control. Some of you might want to say that one party does it more than the other. Ultimately I don't think it matters who does it more--gerrymandering is wrong and it should stop. If it isn't already illegal in a given state, then it should be illegal. Congressional districts that look like the snake from the game "Snake" are anti-democracy and make a mockery of our electoral system. Stand up for what is right and oppose gerrymandering, regardless of who does it.
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    Gerrymandering is the reason ther are so few sensible people in office.

    If you run in a district drawn to be red, the guy farthest to the right wins.

    If you run in a district drawn to be blue, the guy farthest to the left wins.

    There is no compromise in dc because constituencies electing them are as extreme as can be because of the gerrymandered lines
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    Money quote:
    "Republican political consultants or operatives did, in fact, conspire to manipulate and influence the redistricting process," Judge Terry P. Lewis wrote in a scathing 41-page ruling.

    PNWest question:
    Do you think that even a single conservative poster will acknowledge the immoral actions of the Florida GOP without whining "but the democrats do it too....."?
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    There are 27 districts in Florida. The legislature drew maps in response to the Democrat sponsored Voting Rights Act. Of the 27, 2 were found to be skewed by a Democrat Judge. Slightly more than a 7% errror. One favored a D the other R. The obvious response, Nero Cross, is "name a Democrat legislature that has done a better job". If the VA only had a 7% error rate treating Veterans, no one would be upset.
    No story here.
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    @JMWinPR In the last congressional election the (R)s got 51.61% of the vote with the (D)s getting 45.67% and others getting the rest. In a fair system the (R) would get close to 51.61% of the 27 house seats and the (D) get close to 45.67% of the seats. This would mean a 14(R) and 12(D) and 1other distribution of congressional seats. Instead we see 17(R)s and 10(D)s. Republican gerrymandering took waht should have been a 14-12 advantage for the (R) and turned it into a 17-10 advantage. Republicans can't win elections on their ideas. They have to rely on gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement and other dirty tricks.

    And their supports like you don't have the courage to admit this even in a clear case of gerrymandering like this.
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    Do you think that even a liberal single poster will acknowledge the immoral actions of the Democrat Party gerrymanders districts in states where they are in the majority without whining "but the Republicans do it too....."?"
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    @JMWinPR And the Judge was appointed by Democrat Lawton Chiles in 1998. He is also the one who ruled against Harris/Bush in the 2000 Election Fiasco.

    2 districts out of 27, 1D & 1R. Looks like a solution looking for a problem!
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    This is a common move by Republicans. They are losing more and more support all the time and need to get creative to try and not fall too far behind. It is very standard procedure for them. How about appealing to more people instead of trying to cheat America? just a thought, but I know nothing will be done about it. I'm glad they are failing the way they are.
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    Did you miss that one of the two districts that were considered gerrymandered to support the incumbent was a Democrat held district?
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    Cons are quick to call "sheeple" of liberals, yet articles like this tend to magnify who the real sheeple are....they tend to have long beefy post countering every Republican sin w/ Democratic sin. Or they yell "PROPAGANDA" or "BIASED" as if it the Sesame Street word of the day. Liberals usually place cynisism on the whole system when Democrats are at fault. That is lame too, but at the very least, responsibilty is taken.
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    I guess the Republicans in this thread ignore the FACTS that the lawmakers didn't draw the map, a lobbying group did, That DIRECTLY violated the law. Oh wait I guys are above the law.
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    Two districts out of the entire state. One held by a Democrat. Just making that clear before lefties start their rhetoric.
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    You focus on the wrong part of the information Slowmo.

    Yes, there are two gerrymandered districts. But what you omit is that the total elected members of Congress were radically shifted to the Republicans by gerrymandering.

    We understand; that kind of deliberate failure to distract from the pertinent facts is a common right wing stratagem.
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    @Yank I haven't shared any false information. You realize gerrymandering had been going on for quite a while, right? It was not a one-off.
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    @DeeGee you realize this article is about the 2012 redistricting which a judge ruled 2 districts were gerrymandered, one being a Republican controlled and the other a Democrat controlled?

    So you said that the 2012 redistricting "radically shifted to the Republicans by gerrymandering" and that is a false statement. I won't go so far as to calling it a lie, as it was most likely made in ignorance..
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    Three words: Texas, Texas, TEXAS!. The most shamelessly gerrymandered state. This "solid red state" is actually deep purple. The true basis of everything America is one-man-one-vote. Among the priorities of tea-baggers is to do anything to deny this most basic Constitutional premise. Gerrymandered Texas, election changing and illegal voter purges in Florida (could you imagine where we would be if "W" weren't imposed upon the USA?), creative voting machine distribution in Ohio, closing polls just when blue-collar and black people are apt to vote, and the millions of voters who won't have a voice b/c of voter ID laws. And all the while they're clutching The Flag, painting Hitler-moustaches on the President of the United States, and trampling on the parts of the Constitution they don't like. Even if it is the most basic principal.
    I wish these hypocrite wacko's would stop"tread[ing] on" America.
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    " The Florida Legislature illegally drew the state's congressional districts to primarily benefit the Republican Party, a judge has ruled,........."
    No, not shocking that Florida Republicans cheated, it's shocking that a judge in the Kingdom of the Hanging Chads actually took them to the Everglades woodshed.
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    All political districts should be drawn with any reference to race, religion and political registration. Population and community boundaries are the factors to be considered.
    I agree with others regarding the use of "hexagonal graph ", keeping lines straight and only ajust for community integrity and population numbers.
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    I wish they could fix the rigged sham we now have in North Carolina.....The corporate thugs have took over our state and will leave it in ruins.
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    Any and all gerrymandering should be toast... whining and collusion in the hamper.
    It always favors incumbents, who should work for re-election just as the newbies have to work to be elected.
    How about we have folks running for office who are out for having the responsibilities of the general community at heart first... be it local, state, or federal... and not out for the few buddies or sponsors they feel bought them into office?
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    I don't know enough about the specifics of the area in question to make a judgment. I do know there are areas in metro Detroit that are decidedly of one mindset, and areas that are another. Specifically there are areas not only in urban Detroit, but around the auto plants that are very Union Democrat, whereas the outskirts, where I'm at now, are completely good ole boys Republicans.

    I believe the elected official in a certain area should reflect the majority of their constituent's wishes, not be mapped in such a way simply to win the state as a whole etc.
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