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    There was PSA in 1992 that I remember about a guy just going through a single day in his normal life with his three-year-old. The closing line was that any guy can father a child but it takes a man to be a daddy.

    Or that's how I remember it.
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    That's what I'm thinking. If we now have to show people WHY they shouldn't leave a child in a hot car, I'd say the intelligence level in America is at an all time low.
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    I agree with you. My personal opinion is that parents (or breeders if you want) are way too distracted in the car, and are not focused on parenting. They are not focused on the children, but probably checking their phones, thinking about their day, etc. Then they forget. I have two kids and I cannot imagine how this would happen. If you're communicating with your children in the car, singing, playing game, doing arithmetic, talking about their day, you don't forget they are back there and you ultimately don't leave them in the car. I just don't get it.
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    I remember once when I was around 10, my aunt took me and her 4 kids to the store. She left everyone of us in the car while she shopped in some jewelry store. It was August and we were all sweating and they were all screaming. I remember going in the store twice only to be yelled at that she would only be a couple of more minutes. I can't remember correctly but I believe we sat there for over an hour. I remember thinking that it was wrong and now that I am an adult with children of my own, I find her actions despicable.
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    I have called the police myself. This should be taught in some course in high school along with insurance, contract law, birth control and nutrition because it appears it isn't being taught at home.
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    You have got be a Damm idiot to " FORGET" YOUR CHILD is in the car. These people don't need children . The kids didn't put in an application to go to a dumb ass family.
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    "People like this man are not the problem."
    [Really? Surprised the Hell out of me!::SARCASM::]

    Everybody with appropriate genital structures has business having kids. The stupidest and the smartest and the lowest and the greatest have business having kids. The only ones who don't can have a difficult time going through the adoption process and then even they can have kids. Everybody who has kids, whether they be mentally retarded or genii first-class can get distracted from anything and everything.

    Anybody, even this man trying so hard to explain the situation and spread awareness, can forget. Most don't forget at the critical points but anybody and everybody can. Therefore, anybody and everybody is the problem and also the solution.

    Do you know where your kids are? Are you sure?
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    @Allex_Spires Just because you have the equipment doesn't mean you should be using it to reproduce. We spay and neuter our pets and geld our large male animals because they aren't suitable for breeding; I think it should be the same way with humans. Not all of us should reproduce; not all of us want to. People who aren't capable of being good parents, or who have already contributed to the death of a child should be sterilized.
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    Whose job is it to decide who will reproduce? Who will decide what a good parent is?

    What if someone's child is perfectly fine up to the age of fifty and then murders somebody. Sure there were a lot of intervening factors but surely that killer's parents were not good parents. Let's spay and neuter the geriatric parents... or is there a cut-off age? What about somebody who is a terrible parent who has really clever kids versus someone who is a brilliant parent whose kids are curmudgeons and in spite of everything and even answering the warning signs, one of the brilliant parent's kids murders a sibling. Parent couldn't keep the kids from murdering one another, spay and neuter them right?

    That's just disgusting.
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    If you can't take your kids or pets inside with you, then don't bring them.
    There is no where you need to be that is more important than your child's safety and well being. If there is a place more important than your child's safety and well being, then you should not be a parent. Give them up for adoption.
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    You cain't fix stupid!

    [And you cain't spell can't. That was stupid of you. Will you never do it again? Are you sure?

    One tiny stupid instance can set off all kinds of problems we cannot predict or foresee. One little tiny stupid action can always change your life for the worse forever. Try not to do stupid things. The stupid is now fixed.

    You can fix stupid.
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    Good that more attention is being brought to a problem you would think shouldn't exist, but not the first person to do this.
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    People who put themselves in life-and-death jeopardy to save the lives of others always seem to make me feel good. I wonder why that is.

    War and murder always make me feel bad. I wonder why that is.
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    So soldiers who put themselves in life-and-death jeopardy to save the lives of others make you feel bad?
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    You bet they do! Their job is to keep life running so that it can kill. That's not what life is for; I don't know what life actually is for but I'm pretty sure it's not for the process of maintaining a cycle of fear, hate, death, and lonesomeness..
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    @Allex_Spires let's let all the warlords and maniacs around the world destroy their own people, then: we'll just leave them alone so we don't make you feel bad.
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    This guy did well.Hope others understand.Good post Mary I hope it was approved by the politix administrator that warned me of post that create argument?
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    Yeah .. but they sure do like to play that excuse though when trying to weasel out of murder charges.

    The funny thing about this video is that I know welders that would be wearing a coat and smoking a cigarette in that car and probably not even break a sweat =)
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    Enough already, give it a break. Give the kids some lawn darts, wood carving set or just a chemistry set. Then out the weaklings.
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    Good this man took up this important cause. This is seriously important because children should be protected from excessive heat.
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    You typed that out. This is important because if you hadn't done that I couldn't have read it.

    Was my comment just too obvious?
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    Waste of time ... most that have common sense would know not to cook their kids or pets to death =)

    People doing this type of thing are retarded or on drugs and need to be sterilized or their murders looking to cash in on insurance policies!
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    I'm sure he meant well but you are right. I walked up an a poor beagle left in a minivan last summer. Luckily the drivers side door wasn't locked so I let myself in to give him ice water. In the meantime the two mentally disabled came out and found me with the dog. I apologized for getting water on the seat and told them they needed to get that dog out of the van and cool him down. Their response? We only have a couple more stops to make and then we're going home. The dog is covered on drool running down the chain around his neck, panting and suffering, BUT they have more shopping to do. F*CK. They're going to do it anyway.
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    Pet locked in a hot car? That's okay. Your back window is no match for my tire iron. Leave your kid in a hot car? Don't worry. The same principle applies to your knees. And you don't have to call the police. I called them right before you started having those leg pains. I'm sure the store you decided not to bring your child into would be more than happy to re-hydrate your child before you get charged with his/her death. It's all good. I got you covered. Cause I'm a good guy like that.
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