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    HAhaha... the headline "Florida Town Shocked to Find KKK Members On Its Police Force "

    it's like saying "Compton Neighborhood Shocked to Find Crips and Bloods On Their Block"

    or even more accurate "California Town Shocked to Find Socialists in the Socialist Party!"
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    The KKK hides behind white sheets so nobody kicks their asses. Who even worries about them anymore? They are part of a horrible, bigoted and disgusting past, but they know they can't act up anymore. Society won't have it.
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    I've been following police abuse cases for over thirty years, and it doesn't surprize me one bit. The KKK has members in most large police forces and is also repressented in the prison guard unions. When it comes out people act surprized, but its a pretty well known "secret." if the fbi exposed every kkk affiliated cops NYPD, LAPD and virually every large police department would have a scandel on their hands. The FBI should do sonething about this, but they won't, that this came to light probably has something to do with a local issue the feds have with that particular department.
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    Senator Bird, President Truman, and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black were in the KKK. The Governor who stood in the door blocking the Blacks was a Democrat.
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    @jerbear LOL, that's the best you got? They have always been conservative, which today lines with the Republican party. But I am glad you got defensive without being provoked, it means you already know that. ; )
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    So are the Michael Moore/Noam Chomsky communists. At least the KKK doesn't ally themselves with nations that hate America.
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    Pathetic! Good for the chief to fire the officer and accept the probably forced resignation of his assistant! Quick action like this shows there is some good left in the police. Now for NY!
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    I hope you do not face the same kind of "discrimination" for a set of your values or beliefs. If you should then remember what you wrote here.
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    @Jason2012 except how can you fairly enforce the laws when you are part of an organization that judges by race? Every case those two have worked on may now be forced to be re-opened to make sure they weren't tainted by prejudice. Not to mention any testimony they may have given.
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    @Yank Then that standard will have to be applied to the cases that Soto Mayor and other racist judges and or officials refuse to recuse themselves from. Where does it start and where does it end?
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    Fruitland? I wouldn't touch this one with a 10 foot pole- not that there's anything wrong with Poles! lol
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    Florida is changing and soon you will see corrupt Republicans replaced by corrupt Democrats , LOL.

    Sadly the political standards here are so low that I kid not .
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    Note to self. Stay clear of Fruitland, FL. Yet another reason I fly direct in the south. I avoid driving through those towns. Direct flight in direct flight out. If it can't be done I don't go.
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    Why anyone would be shocked at tthe thought of two police officers being in the KKK haven't been down south lately. Nor have they been listening to the rhetoric of the right
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    Fair enough. But half of them effectively behave as racist, vicious southerners, and you have to admit that proximity mixes people together somewhat. Like the Anglo-Irish, Scotch-Irish, Eurasians, etc., nearby people/cultures blend to a certain extent.
    Gotta be a number of "southerners" in Florida, look at how they vote.
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    Southerners vote for conservative Christian values that is why this is called the Bible Belt. They believe in the Bible. If you hate God, the Bible and Christians then you belong in the Democratic party where they try their best to insult Christians in every way. It is a known fact that you can't have Communism or true Socialism if the people are allowed to have guns and freedom of Religion.

    I think the Democrats will eventually succeed in wiping out guns and freedom of religion in this country as well as the first amendment and the 14th, but I can't see it in my lifetime (note my name) you will go down in the history books as the root cause, if anyone is allowed to tell the truth on paper. Did you know the Whitehouse re-wrote many the Presidential Bio's on the website after Obama was elected?
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    @sensiblycenter I strongly suggest you do a tour of the northeast. Here in PA, you'll see the confederate flag everywhere. Blacks are so hated in NYC that taxi drivers will not pick them up. You'll never see blacks in Chinatown, be it San Fran or NYC because they are treated so badly by the Chinese who make the KKK look friendly. Between SF and NYC, I lived in both for a total of 12 years and in those 12 years, I NEVER saw a black person in the Chinatowns.
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    @Alucard I think Blacks are hated world wide by a number of people, so are Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Socialists, Communists, illegals, Liberals, Lawyers, criminals and so on. It can't be fun for the law abiding Black trying to catch a break. Many have made it out with education and a good job, same as the rest of the groups I have mentioned.
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    People who are in or apart of the KKK scene are stupid for lack of a better term and also in dire need of a genolgy lesson and a history lesson. Yeah, there are pilliars of the community who "sympathize" with the message of the kkk but they aint stupid enough to get caught dead wearing the kkk atire. They hide behind masks in public so no one can see who they are bc they are ashamed of what they are doing. If they were not ashamed of what they speak about then they wouldn't hide their identity.
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    Problem with the KKK from their members perspective is that it doesn't solve anything .

    The demographics are changing , illegals in Florida are pouring in. The REPUBLICAN tea party supported Governor now gives them tuition breaks .

    It is a group that isn't achieving a thing in the big picture.

    Florida has a lot of Anglo, Hispanic and Black separatist type groups and not only are they fools as far as their leaders financially fleece them but they never achieve their objectives .

    Becoming political is where it is at and IMO regardless of party , 80% of the politicians in this state are self serving parasites that needed to be replaced (100% in Miami)
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    @Placratotle Interestingly enough, I don't see you denying Democrat racism. You know, drop minority voters enough crumbs off the plate to keep them voting and quiet and all that...
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    @Placratotle my how the ignorance flows with you. Dennis Byrd, a notable Democrat for his time, also a senior member of the KKK at one point. That's just but one example.
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    I'm a hell of a lot more worried about the hate group that wants to cut my head off for being an American, believing in a different religion or not conforming and converting to terrorist actions.
    You know.
    That other hate group.
    Radical Muslim Extremists
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    Yeah because that happens all the time in America. But white cops harassing other ethnic groups never ever happens. Riiiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttt
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    And im guessing your skin tone closely resembles these KKK cops. Perhaps that's the real reason you worry more about those scary radical muslims.
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    You can always tell the real racists in any crowd. You know the ones that worry about and bring up skin color.
    I'm from the land of Cajuns and Creoles. You know those mixed race people that have been around thriving and coexisting long before this country was even a nation.
    People who "guess" at issues can only put forth assumptions.
    Muslim mentality is what should worry you. Not skin color.
    You must really live in a world of division based on race by the comments you always put forth. I thought California was a
    Melting pot.
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    @HawkTheSlayer "muslim mentality" hmmmmm. All the muslims I know are hard working family oriented folk. "Muslim mentality" sounds kinda racist to me. Just saying
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    KKK (WASP)-driven anger and hatred against ANYTHING non-WASP hasn't changed since the 1800's.

    Thera are many instances in America History where haters in past and current societies screamed the same old tired obscenities like "they're bringing disease...they're coming to take our jobs"...they're coming to get free benefits"...."they'r e all atheists, savages, animals, criminals, crazed drug addicts...coming here and invading and destroying our country...."filthy animals" who are bringing their God-hating radical thought and God-hating culture and beliefs that will destroy our Amerika!"........virtuall y the same exact anger and hatred that is being leveled at the Latin American refugee children amassing at our southern border.

    The rhetoric, the conflated and inflammatory language, the overt spewing and puling and whining of our WASP Nativists is always the same. The only thing that has changed over the years is the target of their religious fear and racist hatred.

    1832- "The Irish are invading America-they're full of disease, coming here for a free ride, and to take our jobs." 5 Irish workers murdered by WASP maniacs seeking to "save America from the invading Irish animals".

    1834- Poor, ignorant WASP Catholic-haters riot in the streets, their insane anger fueled by a racist Press and a racist Prosecuting attorney, and they burn down a convent, killing 62 and wounding 100, including many Catholic nuns.

    1900- WASP doctor in San Francisco misdiagnoses a sick Chinese immigrant, and fueling the WASP fear and hatred and racism being rained down on poor Chinese immigrants across America. San Francisco's Mayor and town leaders completely quarantine the ChinaTown district in S.F......and erect a barricade of barbed wire across the City. WASP leadership keeps this heinous atrocity going for almost 4 years......segregating all Asian people from their families and loved ones living outside San Francisco on the Peninsula.

    The historical list of American WASP anger directed at all others that don't look, think, talk, or act the way WASPs do is age-old and overlong........

    The slave-owning Antebellum South......the Ku Klux Klan........the John Birch Society....Naziism...the "Birther" movement.......the "Family Values Council".........the skinhead movement........the grand majority of your Moose, Masonic, Elk Lodges......all these "country-loving" groups were and are primarily WASP-founded, WASP-driven, and WASP-controlled.

    Turn over the rocks that hide most of our most extremist militia groups, like our "Sovereign Citizen"misanthropes, or our 20,000-strong "Christian Identity" White Power movement that festers, roils, and lurks in the shadows and moves in circles throughout our Extreme Right-wing Absolutist NeoConservative political groups..........and inevitably, you will find the same White Anglo-Saxon the core.

    Nothing in Life is 100%.......but:
    If you despise Catholics, Jews, and any non-Protestant American -you are likely a WASP.
    If you hate and despise illegal immigrants......ditto.
    If you hate and despise atheism and agnosticism.......ditto.
    If you hate and despise other religions, other faiths, other races.......other are likely a WASP.

    Of course, not every WASP is a racist........a hater....a Nativist......or insane. Probably not even 95% of our Protestants in America are in any way crazy, or out there spewing anger, fear, and/or hatred of others. Like most all organized religious groups.....Protestants have done GREAT things in America......emulating Christ's message of love, tolerance, and acceptance.

    (Note: this poster was born and baptised as a WASP...and does possess absolute faith in a Power greater than human beings.)
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    It's painful to see you paint WASPS so bitterly - and frankly pretty unfair to use the same brush on the 95% of us who are not fundamentalists/racist/RWnutjo bs/hatespewers.

    Just sayin'. Why give the minority the power to define the majority of us?
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    I agree there is racism on all sides but regardless of that if you wear a uniform and belong to a hate group than you have to go .
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    Let us remember "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Thomas Jefferson.

    They are still lurking around in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to rise cause trouble again. We really should 'outlaw' ALL hate organizations such as the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, etc. They really are a threat to this country's core values.

    When members are discovered they should immediately be arrested and the very least, be fired from all public jobs.

    Police officers are to serve and protect. Can we really expect Klan members to fulfill their obligation?

    BTW, California has KKK members in the California Highway Patrol ranks. But of course they're on the under also.

    They should be sniffed out and fired immediately. How can they uphold their oath to serve and protect?

    Oh, wait, serve and protect whites only. Yeah, I forgot about that one.

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    Not to sound dumb...but I am and have a question: Is it against the law and/or a federal crime to be a police officer, or any government employee and belong to the KKK?

    I'm not in support of the KKK or any other group that hates on anyone in our great country and I understand the rational for wanting police officers to be neutral, but I wasn't aware the government could stop them from joining groups, etc. when they are off-duty.
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    Keep in mind the Klan is not like belonging to a Tropical fish club .

    These are Klan members with badges and guns .

    "To protect and serve" means for everyone .

    This is a hate group and they had to go . I feel the same about any hate group .
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    @JoseinThrdWrld Thanks for responding JoseinThrdWrld; and I agree with you about the Klan. Until recently I believed they were obsolete.

    I was curious to see if there was a legal standing to stop those who work in law enforcement from joining any hate groups, especially the KKK. It was interesting to read that one of the officers resigned and the other fired; is there an ordinance in Florida that forbids this off duty participation? If so, why weren't both fired?
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    I think they were both going to be fired thus one just resigned .

    I do not think that there is anything "on the books" in Florida as far as what organization you can belong to but once it was known that they were Klan every arrest they make as far as Blacks is not only under suspicion but defense attorneys would have a field day.

    They simply could no longer do their job in their areas or any area and such a liability even with Black officers that no dept is going to keep them .
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    Thanks...good to read; I worry about Florida since the death of Trayvon Martin. You begin to wonder where the protection for the innocent is. Thanks
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    So if any law enforcement agency, that includes HLS, ICE, Border Patrol, and especially politician, finds a member of the LaRaza Terrorist anti white, anti American group working amongst them, that person will be fired and the media will whine racist then as well? Good to know!
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