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    Talk is all you're going to get because our government is paying people to escort illegals into this country so the above bill is a conflict of interest and will never suceed =)
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    If you are referring to the millions upon millions of American drug users whose HUGE market demand is PAYING the Drug Cartels massive American dollars to make sure that those drugs KEEP flowing into America, despite what that drug trafficking has done to Guatamala, El Salvador, and Honduras, no, it ain't the Government paying for this murderous debacle-it's the American PEOPLE who are the murderers here.
    Latin America is under the control of the Drug Cartels who are just serving the American Market, no matter the human costs..........yes, we actually DO have CRIMINAL AMERICAN CITIZENS "paying" to ensure the destruction of innocent lives in Latin America......which yes, has caused children and teenagers to run toward ANY country they can get to in order to survive.

    Little discussed FACT: Applications to EMIGRATE to other nations NOT called America, by the citizens in all 3 of these Latin American countries has multiplied by 700% percent since 2009.........Yes.....I know the truth about where a majority of fleeing Latin Americans are REALLY trying to run to is a tad inconvenient to the "Obama planned this whole Latin American crisis to bring illegals here" nonsensical ravings of the utterly insane partisans on the Right, but it's always refreshing to step back and review the facts of a given situation.

    The folks so desparate to leave and arriving here now in Texas are the poorest of the Latin American poor......who couldn't afford to apply for and pay their way to go to any other nation.
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    @Unfit2serve Bullshit, hoopla, same ol' same ol'. It's Congress, politicians, and corruption in the judicial system. Drug laws not users are the problem. Drug related crime should never be heard as their is no rational reason for our lunatic laws.
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    Well, the DHS has done a great job ensuring that due to post-911 hysterical fear-mongering by the RIGHT, the Police Forces and Law Enforcement agencies in every American township, every podunk American town of 25 people, along with every normal-sized town, city, State, local and Federal-level Law Enforcement Agency or Organization has now been armed to the teeth, dressed-out and ready for "terrorists" in their full combat gear and weaponry equivilant to what our military folks have........let's give full credit to the DHS and the Patriot Act for the full mobilized militarization of America's finest. Anybody still doubt what and who those weapons will most likely be turned on first?(Hint: It won't be folks coming here from the Middle East...)
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    The current border crossers aren't the only way human traffickers arrive. Those are just the illegal ones. There's a legal human trafficking problem too, the work visa program pushed by Dems and Wall Street while unemployed Americans are qualified.
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    It's the Dept. of Homeland Security and they need to be TOLD to look out for people being smuggled into the country???
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    Election cycle smoke and mirrors propaganda.

    So concerned about human trafficking? Why are you encouraging it by letting floods of illegals across the border right now? How many others are there that haven't made it to the border? Word on the street is that illegals are getting through airports going God knows where without ID and without their free complementary TSA hand-raping at that!

    ALL of this I mentioned is just fuel for the fire...
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    meanwhile Homeland Security is sending information to Central America to help get these invaders past their initial interview.

    homeland security should be defunded and disbanded
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    This is a growing problem, and the only way to solve it is to attack the demand side of the equation.......the folks benefitting and buying human beings.
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    how about the employers who are legally bringing in slaves? message places are getting busted all the time for it.
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    Human trafficking is an atrocity. It needs to be stopped, but most prefer to take out all their frustration on individual "illegals", when really the government should be investigating the root of the issue, which I'm sure they will find that corporate interests are funding and relying on human trafficking to increase profits, and have a cheap labor source. Unfortunately our government has done nothing but prove that they have a price tag, and the highest bidder gets their way. Hence no actions being taken to solve the problem, no matter where it's securing our borders, or amnesty. People keep blaming it on the "illegals" for being people trying to seek a better life, and freeloading or whatnot... it's most commonly human traffickers selling these undocumented human beings on the falsehood that being an undocumented worker in the USA is a better life. Now I'm aware that not all undocumented immigrants are trafficked in that way... but many are. And the governments refusal to do anything about it but deport people is obviously not proving effective. The source of the problem here is the merger of corporate and state power once again.
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    if the dems are on board that means they have room to try and add in shamnesty and get more money

    i doubt any of them are wanting to go after human smuggling,right now the feds deliver kids to illegal aliens parents who had them smuggled in completing that conspiracy,if they were wanting to stop human smuggling we would be read about these so called parents getting locked up with heavy charges and they would all get deported after.
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    The whole problem I see is enforcement. We now have laws for Border control which aren't applied. So will anything make a difference. I'm for this proposal in principle in reality, I'm not sure.
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    I might support it, if he explained in more detail how it would work, how much it will cost, how he will measure its' success or failure, and give it a sunset clause 5 or 10 years hence.
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    What would this do to stop the illegal aliens? How are the ones at Airports supposed ti ID these people?
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    Do those of human trafficking have signs to indicate that. And if those who are citizens who are mistaken do they then come under the scrutiny of profiling.
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