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    Wow...this is the second puff piece story on Senator "High Cheekbones" this week. I guess the DNC establishment and mainstream media are coming to the conclusion that Hillary is damaged goods and they are scrambling to coronate the heir apparent.
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    @BobFromDist9 Attack on Warren? Are you serious? Did we read the same article? The one I read tried to portray her as a cross between Mother Theresa and Joan d'Ark.
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    Only if you cite everything Mother Theresa did as being liberal, without noting how needed and appreciated it was by a large majority.

    Only if you claim Joan d'Ark lied about being French so she could be martyred.

    Not once did he give any real background, and he did lie about her employment applications.
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    @BobFromDist9 Please show proof of how he lied about her employment applications?
    He just said she was a harvard law professor and scourge to the banking industry. You remember, the industry that took nearly $13 trillion in tax dollars to be bailed out bc in 2008 Capitalism failed. You remember Capitalism failing right? Where GOVERNMENT had to give money to private industry because private industry FAILED so epically? I remember, and I see that nothing has changed so welcome to your free market system where men are allowed to crash the system for a little amount of gain. Of course Jesus Christ had it right by being violent and throwing out the money hands from his temple, it's too bad he was crucified for it, being that the only crime punishable by Crucifixion in Rome was treason. There was nothing more treasonous to Rome than the abolishment of capital and currency for an economy for the masses of poor. This lady isn't Mother Theresa, she's just acting as Christ would and being a Christian.
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    WTF is up with all these articles?

    Not once have we seen something positive written about a conservative, libertarian, constitution or green party candidate.'

    Makes me wonder if Politix truly is unbiased and fair.
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    I don't think you will ever see anything but liberal praise from them. But the results of the polls seem to be strongly conservative. What's remarkable is how out of touch the liberals are to reality
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    It's pretty hard to find something rational and positive to say about anyone whose ideology is irrational and dangerous if carried out.
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    or they just choose to no run those types of articles. Look, you're a lefty that doesn't like the right I get it.

    I'm a conservative that doesn't like the right or the left, they are both irrational and dangerous. But it's loons who religiously stay faithful to a party no matter what, ready to drink the Kool aid.
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    And ps I'm a moderate Republican.

    "In all those things which deal with people, be liberal, be human. In all those things which deal
    with people's money, or their economy, or their form of government, be conservative."
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
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    It's ironic that Warren talks about income inequality. It always seems that the people who talk about income inequality to the average person have a net worth that far exceeds the average person or even the targets of their disdain. It would be like me railing against the coal and fuel industries, while flying cross country in my personal jet to tell people about how much I am against it.

    "Warren earned more than $700,000 from Harvard, book royalties and consulting fees, and lives in a $5 million house. She has multiple mutual funds and stock in IBM, the sole individual stock she owns. The total portfolio is worth nearly $8 million." Warren's net worth as of the end of 2011 was as high as $14.5 million.(Source: The Huffington Post and ElizabethWarrenwiki).
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    How does her personal situation negate the fact that many women are still being paid less than men doing the same jobs?
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    Your mistake is in thinking that everyone is as selfish as you are.

    Almost anyone who is well educated and reasonably intelligent will do much better economically than the average.
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    @cpeter133 Warren has sponsored 14 bills. How many bills has she sponsored that deal with income inequality?

    The answer: none.

    She did sponsor a bill that congratulated the Boston Red Sox for their 2013 World Series Win. Believe me, that did nothing for the inequality gap.

    Warren is a wealthy politician and her situation is largely self-made. There is irony that she talks about the issue, but has never backed it up with legislation. In my opinion, she is just pandering for votes from the crowd.
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    You are out of touch with the real world.

    Business degree candidates tend to score lower SATs then a lot of others, but tend to be the big group among the wealthy. Even legal degrees candidates tend not to have exceptionally high SATs.

    The highest are math and physical science, and they do tend to better than average, but not near what top business can do. And they are so high they leave everyone else in the dust.

    The real dividing point is, if the degree makes money for business, it pays better. A degree that serves the poor or those in need in general pays badly.

    IOW, business pays, caring for people doesn't.
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    I love for her to run to show how radical Liberalism is. What type of person gets classified a certain percent of a particular ethnic group so she can get a job and then with a straight face talk about inequity ..
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    Here's the Champion of undiluted Pseudo-Intellectual Government.

    When will people tire of the same big spending faculty lounge drones ?
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    The only one who claimed she said she was part Native American to gain advantage in a job was Scott (carpetbagging politician and nekkid model) Brown. There is no proof of it. My wife is a Professional Genealogist, and you'd be amazed at the number of people who have the old family legend passed down that they are part Creek or Cherokee. I'd bet it comes up with 1/2 the people she contracts for. After all, this is the South and that's where the Creek and the Cherokee were. She gently lets them know it's not likely and sends off a DNA test and, more often than not, since the South was also home to the vast majority of the slave population, rather than Native American blood, it's African ancestry. The "Native American" was just a story someone back in history concocted to explain why a branch of the family is a lot darker than the rest. True story, it's amazing how many folks really believe they have Native American ancestry just from what they've been told through the years.
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    Will she also end up as another dead Clinton associate then too? How many would that make through the Clinton history pages?
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    Actually many of them in the police reports died of suicide from gunshot to the back of the head...guess you've never investigated it all but it's been around for years now.
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    Corporations that get so big that the government considers them "too big to fail" and is forced to rescue them when they gamble too much, should not have the same privileges smaller corporations have. If we don't elect people like her, how are we going to stop those mega corporations from their present course of gradually changing our country into a fascist state where the government is controlled by the mega corporations and the people are forced into poverty to control them better?
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    scorched earth policy of vested interests , surprised she hasn't been x-ed out already , somehow, the vested interests will find something , as with others a nosedive dramatic expected, sorry that's my take on it , the taxpayers are an inconvenience to transfer value to the extreme wealth. Most renounce U.S. citizenship to shift off shore. YES, I agree with her .
    Will never see the Whitehouse door.
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    Liz has a sword aimed right at the heart of corporate greed and corruption. It's high time REAL America, which are the working class, spoke out with her against the growing income inequality. Capitalism by itself cripples the poor and middle class, by catering to the wealthy and socialism by itself cripples the economy by too much spending. Only by joining the two ideals can there be a successful democracy TRULY governed BY the people AND FOR the people.
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    If you're a lefty, Go all the way. Instead of pretending your to the center. Like Hillery. I feel Americans are tired of the Clintons and the Bush's.
    Going after the Banker crooks and wall street is a sure way to get a lot of people on your side.
    If the country isn't run better the Republicans will have a great time come election time.
    I'm for a no party or third party candidate. Pushing for Term limits would get my support.
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    If you're a lefty, Go all the way. Instead of pretending your to the center. Like Hillery. I feel Americans are tired of the Clintons and the Bush's. "

    Well that is going to be the next election.
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    While the media makes it sound like things are great. People look around them and see things different. I think a republican will be the next president.
    Rand Paul has a positive vibe about him. The folks from Texas come across as a bit weird. I think its a waste of money and time for them to run. Same for Romney and Christy.
    Really, Ron Paul was the right candidate. A veteran who was anti war. Willing to close base's and deal with our debt. Obama is like Bush. Except he has no job experience at all. Funny how asleep everyone is. We have been losing freedoms and liberty's at a scary pace. Term limits are needed badly. The current regime is so corrupt it makes me ill.
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    the Reds gave their usual answer. If someone from Congress is enacting and enforcing the laws that protect Americans from big banks; then the Reds/GOP would be against the bailed out banks having to actually pay something for their crimes
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    I am not a liberal, so I'll it to liberals to decide who the champion of undilited liberalism is. As one who favors socialist economic policy over liberal half measures, I can affird that I have no affinity whatever for clinton, and am far more inclined to vote for someone like elizebeth warren or bernie sanders. Indeed, although it is highly unlikely he'd ever get my vote even rand paul is to the left of hillary on issues of foriegn policy, war, drones, surveillience, the patriot act and marijuana. Hillary is just another moderate to conservative deomocrat status quo politician...
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    If you make lots of money you can skip this; if not read on – you may not believe what I’m writing but you should at least think about this before you make up your mind.

    Warren, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (to the degree they haven’t been castrated by Congress) and many other people and institutions (on both sides of the isle) are worried about the influence of big corporations and the wealthy. Per the article:

    "Big corporations "use their money and their connections to try and capture Washington, and rig the rules in their favor," Warren said. "Just look at the big banks - they cheated the America people, crashed the economy and got bailed out. And now they’re even bigger."

    Are you part of the American people? If so, is this what you want? I sure don’t! The above is one of the major causes of income inequality.

    You have to understand that “income inequality” has nothing to do with the minimum wage or the difference in wages between unskilled workers, skilled workers, small business owners or managers. It’s about the vanishing middle class (the people with disposable income who buy the bulk of the stuff we make). The middle class are the real job creators – if they’re not buying no one is selling and good jobs are lost.

    The two ends of the income spectrum, those with low income and those with high income, are expanding while the middle of the spectrum (the middle class) is contracting. In terms of the number of consumers, the low income end of the spectrum is expanding much faster than the high income end of the spectrum.

    This results in fewer people with disposable incomes (middle and upper class) and more people who have little to spend on anything that is not a necessity (food, rent, etc.) The bottom line is there are fewer customers who can afford to buy the products we make; sales contract leading to fewer jobs that a good wage. You might think that those on the high end of the spectrum make up the difference by buying more, but this is not the case.

    As one of the wealthy put it, he makes between 10 and 30 million dollars a year and can afford to buy as much of whatever he wants or needs. But, he says, how many pairs of blue jeans, how many pillows or mattresses or socks can one person use?

    He invests his money wherever he can get the best return, some overseas where expanding economies (China, India, etc.) offer a better return than he can get by investing in slower growing economies (like ours).

    Ah, you say, his investments create jobs. Indeed they do. Some are overseas and some, perhaps the majority, are here in the US. But the jobs he creates when he invests in a small company or startup, while paying well, are few in number (investments in large companies generally offer smaller returns and thus are not as attractive to growth investors).

    The companies he invests in add jobs only in proportion to their sales; consumers who buy things are thus the real job creators – they create the vast majority of jobs. A growing lower class and shrinking middle class suppress sales because there are fewer consumers with disposable income. When sales are suppressed jobs are lost rather than created. And the jobs are lost not only at the companies in which he has invested, but at all companies that sell things (which are by far the largest employers).

    This is why income inequality is such an important problem and should be a concern to all Americans, conservative, libertarian, liberal and everyone in between.
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    Big corporations "use their money and their connections to try and capture Washington, and rig the rules in their favor," Warren said. "Just look at the big banks - they cheated the America people, crashed the economy and got bailed out. And now they’re even bigger."

    Obama dances for his corporate master the same as Bush did .
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    @Fleck It's not just Obama and Bush; it's every member of Congress. Taking the money out of politics would go a long way to solve the problem, but SCOTUS is moving us in the wrong direction as quickly as they can. Money is speech and corporations are people - yee-haw!
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    The financial industry needs to be controlled. There is just too much of her stuff that runs under the radar. The infrastructure of the US needs work. Beyond that I don't agree with her.
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    I wish Warren were not painted SOOOO liberal. Jon Huntsman, a Republican presidential contender in 2012, had much the same passion for controlling the outsized power and influence of corporations. Similar populist message. I would see these kinds of politicians as having the ability to do good work. I would vote for Huntsman, and I would vote for Warren. Whether or not Warren runs in 2016, she is a lesson to Hilary: have a passionate vision, and appeal to the people. She is a firebrand, and Hilary needs to be one, too. Obama, in my opinion overly vilified by the Right, is too aloof, professorial, even Socratic (until lately, though not so to get elected ...a hard guy to figure [even though the Right think they know who he is {they never get him right}}). Hilary could come off that way, too.
    Oh, but do I digress ...apologies!
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    Nice post. For fair-minded folks that can see past the drone of their particular biased TV or Radio or Internet newsfeed, your politician characterizations are pretty spot-on.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am too often one of those that is not seeing past my own bias. But, I do sincerely believe that unless I and others learn to do as you describe (see past the drone of their particular biased TV or Radio or Internet newsfeed), we cannot make it work anymore in this country and this world. The encouraging thing is that there are people who are dedicating their adult careers to make this happen.
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    Imagine this: President Clinton/VP Warren......OHHHHH!

    May the odds be FOREVER in my favor!

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    Imagine this: President Clinton/VP Warren......OHHHHH!
    May the odds be FOREVER in my favor!

    I think when the ticket is Hillary vs Bush which means the border swings WIDE open . You may indeed have a rightwing aneurysm.
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