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    They're way too late and not ruthless enough. The viet gangs rule in the US in terms of sheer ruthlessness. They get 'er done.
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    Don't be so gullible to believe that these children are really running away from gang violence in their own countries. Central American gangs like MS13 are the ones organizing this manipulative effort to get their members into the United States.
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    I see a lot of straw man in the Left's arguments about the kids; I don't think anybody advocates dumping the kids into the Sonoran desert. We do have laws we're required to enforce, however, so how about both sides cutting out the silly arguments and working on extricating ourselves from the debacle. My spur-of-the-moment solution:

    1. We're demobilizing the military as fast as we can, but how about slowing it down for a year or two?

    2. Use the National Guard to close the border; that's part of their job, and they have lots of experience at it now.

    3. Send troops to wherever the kids come from, allegedly only Guatemala and Honduras. As long as we're there, shoot bad guys.

    4. Make safe zones in those countries to deport the kids to, and eventually, pacify the countries, one way or the other.

    Various people will argue that we're going back to our old Central American imperialist ways, but I'd counter that this is a hopey-changey imperialism, and besides, Guatemala and Honduras picked the fight, not us.
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    @foodbaby Military force is certainly not Option #1 - in this case we've screwed up all the better options.
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    @Ryuo but isn't it a fact that prior to this humanitarian crisis of under age refugees illegal immigration has been net zero or negative? Meaning more illegal immigrants were leaving then entering. Also , I may be wrong on this but hasn't it been the case that most illegal immigrants came here legally but due to tge ridiculous process thier staus changed? I will have to look that up but I'm hanging with my daughter. Just did indoor skydiving and the adrenaline ia still pumping.
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    @Ryuo quick look. More like 40 to 45 % of illegals came here legally. Fix that problem and then the whole border thing becomes much more manageable.
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    @foodbaby Glad to see someone having a good day. I knew the answers to your questions, say 5 years ago, and I don't think it changed, but always verify:

    Most illegal immigrants came over the border illegally. A fair number were migrant workers w/o documentation who were let in for one season and stayed, and it is hard to tell them apart from the first category. About a million are people with expired green cards and student visa; I doubt that number increases much, because they are ICE's low-hanging fruit, easy to catch.
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    How many is multi millionaire Jon Stewart going to take in at his house and support? Let me guess......ZERO. He'll stay in his gated community, keep his millions and let "the little people" suffer the consequences of unfettered illegal alien invasion.
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    What is politix fascination work Jon, the idiot, Stewart? I know, he can house and feed them all along with the pope. Also all his minions that listen to his sorry butt.
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    There are about 550,000 American children in foster care and another 600,000 in children's homes awaiting adoption. How can we justify adding more to these numbers, John?
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    I don't have kids ... don't want kids ... nor do I want to take care a someone else's f**king problem by paying more in taxes =)

    Basically, the way the law is now, send us your damn baggage because America is welfare Heaven and don't they don't have the balls to say "Enough is Enough!"

    We have our own problems and until those problems are addressed we shouldn't be accepting everyone else's problems ... and that includes illegals ... kids or adults!
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    falling for this invasion as a refugee thing, what is wrong with you? look around,we are broke,send them home and send their homelands the bill.

    if yu are against removal again what is wrong with you. maybe you need a u/a to see what happened to your brain,we cannot afford to keep supporting and breast feeding all that show up after breaking in through the back door.
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    All you (liberal) "they are just children"..........
    Either we send them back or we become the 3rd world country they "fled" from.
    Do you (liberal) people really care about your own children?
    I doubt it.
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    I read that as "you liberals care about immigrant children but you don't care about your own." Right. That makes total sense.
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    @stepped_in_it or better yet, Don't think of them as undocumented immigrants. Think of them as post fetal persons who were saved from 55,000 abortions and show them the same 'love' you give unwanted zygotes. Or stfu about it.
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    @bleakoutlook I think sending a few bus loads of children to anti abortion protestors at abortion clinics for them to "save and protect" might send a good message.
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    Article in La Prensa de Honduras a few days ago said that, according to our Border Patrol, only 3% are under the age of 5. The great majority are 14-17 years old (per their own claims). The same article said that some of these teens have been identified as members of MS 13 who admitted to having committed crimes in their own countries that included murder.

    We have to stop this madness. Google this: NUMBERSUSA .
    Once you are registered (join us), go to the "action board"
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    20Jul14.....Don't be fooled by anyone or anything. It is ALL a money game...for the family & kids, the transporters, the security, the foodstuffs to keep'em alive, the senators and congress, the pResident, and the gangs.
    But for Christ's sake, call a spade a spade and because they are ALL illegal-----ship'em out. The costs in doing this will be much, much less than housing and feeding and processing them....Much Obliged...BobLoblah
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    The law doesn't say they can't be stopped in their side. How about an agent every 100 feet with a long pole. (padded of course) and beat the crap out of the mules.
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    "If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious." -- God

    (A meme making the rounds of the web right now.)
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    @HoraceGreely I'm willing for my tax dollars to be used for their aide. It certainly beats the GOP plan for flushing our tax money down the toilet by suing the President in a fit of pique.
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    So it's time to change the inscription on the statue of liberty right?

    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

    That doesn't really embody the American spirit anymore. We're at a point when we have to debate whether or not we should send children back to violence, disease, and poverty. That inscription no longer belongs in America. Because we don't welcome the tired or poor, we build fences surrounded by armed guards to keep them out. I don't approve of amnesty BTW. But I have a conscience, and it wouldn't be clear if I supported the mass deportation of innocent children. I don't know the answer. But there's something better than rounding up children and shipping them off.
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    @HoraceGreely You expect barely literate orphaned children to find the us embassy and fill out all those documents then wait several months, maybe years? Remembering that the live in countries plagued by violence and could be killed any day, everyday they wait is another day they could be killed. Do you have children? Where's your compassion?
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    @The_Gipper they traveled through Mexico to find the border. That isn't the point. We cannot take in the massive numbers that are here. Not to mention the numbers that will come if we don't send them back. Close the border.
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    The one's from Mexico can be deported and the parents from other countries can they stay as well as the kids. And if Stewart believes in what he say's then why doesn't he use his money to support some of these kids. Maybe he doesn't believe in it that much.
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    So is he suggesting that a child in diapers were able to wander across the border? I think they should all be declared refugees, held in camps so we can give them vaccines, and explore the possibility of giving them asylum. We also need to start putting serious pressure on our neighbors to the south who refuse to raise the standard of living, and the mistreatment of the poor. If Mexico was in better shape, no one would have to cross the border. The amount of corruption in Central America is awful, but letting people walk to the US is not the answer.
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    A lady on FB posted a bus dropping people off at Wal-Mart for a shopping trip on us and leaves with a different load of people, they come out and a bus drops off another load and picks up the last load. They are all old enough to go off shopping on their own. The infant is another lie.
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    Interesting when we take our news and opinions from a former comedian. He talks of taking care of these children, but who really put them in danger in the first place? Their home countries first by not controlling their crime and enforcing their laws, Mexico for allowing them to travel 1200 dangerous miles through lawless country sides of a country who government is more corrupt than the cartels. a country that would gladly let immigrant pass through but arrest any who stay in Mexico. Maybe we have some responsibility to the problem but the onus is on central America and it's people.
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    The one advantage to having immigrant children coming here is they can actually be AMERICANIZED and integrated into overall American culture....they might actually embrace America vs. some immigrants who come here and still hate America. A conversation needs to take place between Mexico and the US, it should have happened a long...long time ago with the cartels and the violence on the border.
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    Mexican cartel problems and their social issue and crime problems should be dealt with on the Mexican side of the border. The violin songs about the poor oppressed children of gang bangers is wearing thin. We've already talked to Mexican officials until we're blue in the face. All they want us to do is give them welfare and harm our economy. According to their corrupt government, they allegedly care about the welfare of their children. Let them prove it by taking care of their own. It's foolish to give cartels and other criminals a free pass to America to destroy our country and our economy because we like to guilt people about the children of gangsters.
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