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    All other countries are taking steps to aid globall warming. We are still debating it's existence. Bill Nye the science guy is absolutely correct.
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    Except for Foxnews.. There is never two sides to this issue. The rest of the networks cram it down your throat. It shows how Mr. Nye is out of touch.
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    Time for homework:
    Study causes of the "Great Depression"
    Also what killed the most soldiers in the famous Revolutionary War Battle- "Monmouth"
    What type of winter did Europe have last year ?
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    Seems there's a lot to discuss on this but the education community is hardly impartial in scientific results. Liberal donors back grants too. I believe there is climate change whether there is anything we can do about it is an entire other matter. Gore has been completely discounted as a fraud so where do we go from here? Anyone going to stop China, the world's largest polluter at this time from their industrial waste being released into the atmosphere? Or stop Brazil from harvesting the rainforest? Good Luck.
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    Bill Nye is as about as much of a Scientist as Clint Eastwood is a Cowboy Gun Slinger.... The very Numbers provided by Science shows Human Kind has Zero effect on the Climate, A single Volcano will produce more atmospheric Co2 than Man has added since the beginning of the industrial revolution.. But it's actually simple to Show that Increased Co2 Lags Warming.. For humans to have any effect Co2 would have to Lead Warming and that is not the case in all of recorded history... When it gets warmer decomp speeds up and carbonaceous rocks release vast amounts of Co2 ... And there is about a 15 year Lag from the time it warms till the Co2 level rise...
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    I think climate change is natural evolution compounded by human disrespect for our environment. Mankind will either learn to adapt or will become extinct.
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    I would like to thank those who posted before me for providing ample examples of Mr. Nye's point. The mention of Gore was necesary for what reason? Is he a scientist? Does he speak for the US government at this time? But I think we can agree he has an agenda and he overstates his case in documentaries and speeches.

    Scientists having an agenda? What? OK, what are the odds of practically every government sponsored scientific society from oil consumers, oil producers, as well as those with ample althernative energy sources such as Switzerland and Greenland having the same agenda? What about China, Russia, the US, Britain and France all agreeing on this one issue?

    Why did no one bring up which side the facts support?
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    Because we've discussed this in earlier threads. Example, green plant fossils found underneath the Greenland glacial ice pack. Had to be green plants growing there at one time. I'm not denying climate change. I'm not convinced that its just humans that are causing it. And if we agree that it is, how do we stop other countries from industrializing.
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    Who says humans cause 100% of the warming? Why stop other countries from industrializing? Why not cut back where it makes since to try and lessen the impact while taking actions to mitigate the effects that do occur?
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    All I need to know to tell me Global Warming is about Moeny and not the environment is the initial solution proposed by the United Nations...the ones who produced the IPCC.

    From the United Nations site about the Kyoto Protocol

    The Kyoto mechanisms are:

    Emissions trading – known as “the carbon market"
    Clean development mechanism (CDM)
    Joint implementation (JI).

    The Carbon Market.... What's that?

    "Parties with commitments under the Kyoto Protocol (Annex B Parties) have accepted targets for limiting or reducing emissions. These targets are expressed as levels of allowed emissions, or “assigned amounts,” over the 2008-2012 commitment period. The allowed emissions are divided into “assigned amount units”(AAUs)."

    The idea was to "assign" amounts of carbon each country can emit... And then countries that exceed that amount can buy the unused credits of other countries.

    "Carbon is now tracked and traded like any other commodity. This is known as the "carbon market.""

    Who does the "assigning? The United Nations of course.

    This is not environmental concern... This is "redistribution of wealth" on a Global Scale. That's why I brought up Al "Nobel Peace Prize" Gore.
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    of course to conspiracy theorists it could look like its all about money...well actually it is a little bit..But , what other type of punishment would you expect they give for overshooting your countries emissions goal?.. momentarily Currency is the one thing EVERY country understands and it's natural for them to use that as leverage until they find a more suitable alternative... Only countries unwilling to guarantee a decent way of life for their younger generations will be against this...America dont you care about your children?... I know I do.
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    You missed my point Soulja... The UN sets the limits for each country...

    The assumption is that some countries are going to have EXTRA...

    If the intent was to reduce carbon emissions... the plan would not have a predictable "Redistributive Effect".

    The predictable effect of compliance with this is not reductions in carbon levels... That was the intent all along... It's like Creationism... "Science with an Agenda".
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    Oh and scientists could NEVER have a political agenda... They are far too sciencey for anything as foolish as caving to pressure to buy into global warming in order to get government grant money.

    From 2008-$38.5 billion in grant money will battle Global Warming

    Here's a NYT piece from 2008. It's boring but here are their equivocation and rationalization attempts...

    There is this from 2009-$100 Million in Grant Money Available For Global Warming Research

    This site gives advice on how to get your hands on some of that money.

    Let's see what Al "Hockey-Stick/Peace Prize" Gore what his take on the money angle... There's a video.

    Speaking of Al Gore...
    Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire

    That was back in 2009... He's branched out since then...

    Into Public-Sector Union pension fund management.

    Gore’s eco-friendly firm lands $16M contract to manage city pension funds

    How's that saying go?.... "Follow the Money"?
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    I see you think Reagan messed up with his free market solution to acid rain.

    On the scientist and money part, you might have a point except for it an entire world thing to include the oil producing countries that sign on to it.