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    No mention of rocket attacks as a reason for invading Gaza? I rather think the Israelis noticed those as much as the murdered teenagers.
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    @Yank Yes, innocent civilians get caught in crossfire during armed conflict. This is a fact of war, and it is also Hamas' fault for trying to destroy Israel in the first place. If they want peace, they need to stop being terrorists. They don't actually want peace though, so what can anyone do other than perform an all-out offensive against the group?
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    @something287 the protest wasn't during war, it was during a protest of announced new settlement homes.

    The time line of the latest escalation started in May when Israel announced 3200 new settler homes.

    There was then a protest that ended with the IDF murdering two teens (videos available online).

    There was then a retaliation where 3 Israeli teens were murdered.

    There was yet another retaliation where a Palestinian teen was lit of fire and then murdered.

    THEN we saw the escalation of rockets followed by the Israeli counter attack.

    P.S. If Israel wants peace they need to stop building and expanding settlements with the walls, no Palestinian zones, and Israeli only express roads that go with them.
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    Well, it's not impossible. ISIS, after all, has no affiliation with Al Qaeda. Many of those terrorist groups squabble amongst themselves.
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    Exactly...just like Timothy McVeigh. It sucks when absolutist religious fervor causes death and destruction at the hands of the gullible few who actually swallow that nonsense!
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    Puhleeze stop being myopic about everything. The news media does not reflect reality by ignoring the fact Hamas was digging tunnels under schools and preparing for a terrorist invasion in September -- also a tidbit recently found out. What a coincidence how the other news not mentioned in this report justifies Israel's actions.
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    And here in America you WOULDN'T be digging tunnels and using any means necessary to try and regain YOUR freedom of movement and subjugation from an invader next-door "neighbor" who possessed 10,000x the power, armament, wealth, and public opinion that your little Nation possessed?'d load your own children strapped with bombs and plastique explosive onto a school bus and drive it right into a Canadian neighborhood, if Canada so much as BREATHED that they were announcing a complete lockdown of American land and a restriction of all movement by civilians.
    In a New York SECOND.

    Questioning Israel's motive and obvious quest for genocide doesn't make anyone a HAMAS just exemplifies an ability to think outside of the influence of American pro-Israel propoganda and preconditioning. It also might indicate a refusal to being caught up in ANY swooning along with the typical, ignorant, uneducated, blind and stupid masses, with their "I'll jump on the winning side bandwagon" ignorance and a failure to QUESTION EVERYTHING seen on biased American T.V. networks.
    Both sides have an evil power manipulating their citizenry through fear and exploitation of that same ignorance and bias. And the root of this problem that was created in 1946 was the absurd notion that any piece of dirt has some kind of fantasy magic religious connoation of a "homeland". Jerusalem doesn't "belong" to anyone, based on fantasy fairy tales masquerading as "religious rights". Believe in that cretinous bullshit and you get insanity decisions that take away civil rights like Hobby Lobby.......

    No religious faction or cult "owns" any real property by virtue of a Theist Fairy Take written in an antiquated book full of absurdity..........anymore than I own the tree at the local park by virtue of letting my dog piss on it last night. Yes, my little pup might think he owns that tree....but we humans are smarter than that.....well, at least one or two of us are.
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    @Unfit2serve Israel is not currently a religious country nor is its existence currently based on religious beliefs. Nowhere will you find any documented state religion of Israel. It was founded by fundamentalist Jews, but current politicians there are so far removed from those beliefs it's hard to see how people still think Israel is a "Jewish state". Israel is the only state in the Middle East that allows homosexuality. Do ANY fundamentalist religious states do that? It is also the only free democratic country in the Middle East until Iraq gets itself back under control. There is no evidence whatsoever that Israel relies on religion as a reason for defending itself from radicals who want them wiped from the face of the earth, and to accuse Israel of such things is what we would call "anti-Zionism", which is that nice little racist euphemism that radical Muslim leaders in the Middle East have come up with to cover up their rampant antisemitism. Do you think that if Israel just sat around doing nothing, Hamas would go away? The radical party that holds legislative majority in the Palestinian territories because Palestinians hold extremist religious views would just disappear? Because that is very naive. Just saying.
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    @something287 But don't most christians support Israel because they believe that Israel is necessary for the second coming?
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    No bias here. Israel needs to do this to eradicate the terrorists and take Gaza. Them their won't be any issues, well for a while anyways.
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    The only way is to keep pounding terrorists with missiles until they stop, if they stop, because every time there's a cease fire the terrorists get away with it. It's unfortunate that innocent lives get lost, but it's the only way to be able to push them back and let them know that nobody is going to give into them anymore.
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    Gaza isn't theirs to take, and Israel was the reason so many Palestinians were packed in there to begin with.

    Slaughtering people for political affiliation can't possibly breed even more terrorism, can it? Look at Iraq; we managed to kill over 100,000 "terrorists" and it's calm and quiet now--and they love us.
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    No bias here. England needs to do this to eradicate the terrorists and take back the Colonies. Then there won't be any issues..... well for a while, anyways.

    No bias here. America needs to do this to eradicate the terrorists and take the Indian Territories. Then there won't be any issues... well for a while, anyways.

    No bias here. Russia needs to do this to eradicate the terrorists and take Ukraine. Then there won't be any issues.....well, for a while anyways.

    Germany needs to do this to eradicate the terrorists and take the Sudetenland. Then there won't be any issues.... well, for a while anyways.

    *edited for spelling and grammar
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    @EarthChild And how many of the dead children are terrorists?
    What did they get away with before they were murdered?
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    This is just like saying that cancer did not kill someone, it was just "a lone cell" that did it.

    @Firestorm @GedankPol @DrPeeper @AntiPorcheria @Thunderchicken @Slayer98_l @Knightkore @Vance1 @Marine1 @TheGrif @Linebacker66 @Rocker @miketost @SAS86 @Belinos @BobSmith @MongoAPillager @CaryNickel @N0rthman @The_Bald_Guy @HawkTheSlayer @BravoJuliet @rickv2 @MedicineBow @1971Tennessee @DAClark1911 @concerned_cit @MarkJM @mountain-folk @AMScountryboy @truthsayer @NOObama @Tacitus_01 @Robbo03712 @Galt45 @DrNickels @BillH @Bill2E @Paultron @Sam-T-Jones @MedicineBow @Tamal_Pais @gizmo0001 @2kingsdaughter @Realthinker @ahsum99ss @TigerLandSC @presSTOMPYFOOT @Malitia_Man @Bobolinsky @haditup2here @Diane-R @BSking @williamDT @BelinKS @AtsilaKamama @FordPrefect @Cunnivorex @SlowMo @Hillofbeans @Wait-----what @joyshusband @frapsb @Pr0-Lif3 @tomincali @MolonLabe @Tralee @RedTexasMomma @DontBlameMe2 @Tacitus01 @DyingBreed @IMAQT @cliffhanger @sockettuem @MadAmerican @SavageMazx
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    Just an observation: You DO know that in your list of tagged posters includes a couple of self-professed active KKK members, right? knew that and included them anyway, right?
    Ah....ignorance is truly bliss.
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    @Unfit2serve Yes, your's is!

    I am sure that there are numerous ones there that I do not agree with on every issue. Every once in a while I take someone off if they become too profane or add one when I like how they say something.
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    What difference does it make? They are the same breed of terrorist murderers and when one group of terrorist savages goes on a killing spree, then the rest start supporting and joining in. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Fatah, ISIS.........they are all the same.
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    You're going to want to look up SHIA and SUNNI. A understanding of this will make you seem far less foolish when you say things like "they're all the same"
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    You're going to want to look up Al Qaeda, Hamas, Fatah, ISIS and few others and do some research on terrorist groups and you won't be making foolish statements. Oh, Iraq is not peaceful right now since US troops pulled out.
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    As usual, this bonehead leaves out the part about those savages raining rockets into Israel as maybe the reason this is all happening.
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    Lets see, 3 Israeli youths kidnapped by, Palestinians from GAZA, 3 kidnapped youths murdered by Palestinians from GAZA, no one handed over to authorities for prosecution of those acts by GAZA, a retaliatory murder of a Palestinian kid by a single Israeli, riots in GAZA, the Israeli is caught and put in jail to be tried for murder, continued riots in GAZA, thousands of rockets are fired into Israel indiscriminately from GAZA, Israel responds, Israel is the bad guy.
    Not sure how this works. I guess it is the liberal think at work again.
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    It's not liberal think. It's fascist think. What Republicans are a lot closer to than Democrats are. Hamas is fascism and worse. It's only a matter of time before Republicans try to impose Hamas policies on America.
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    ! might be that some of us can add.
    Palestinian deaths: 1000 and growing, including over 850 civilians.
    Israeli deaths: 27, two civilians.

    It's clear to see who is randomly killing civilians, who doesn't want a two-State solution...and perhaps most saddengly, the complete vacuity and lack of any rational thought amongst the masses of Pro-Israel-propogandized American cattle fodder passing themselves of as thinking, sane adults.

    Killing EVERY Palestine will never eradicate CERTAINLY will bring ISIS to Palestine along with every other Arab in the Middle East, and hasten both the end of Israel and probably, the end of America, as brought about by fools who will support Israel no matter how much the genocidal urge and bloodlust NetanYahoo has for Arabs resembles the Nazis and Joseph Goebbels.
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    You DO understand that the West Bank is not Gaza, right URBS? The 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered in the West Bank, not Gaza.
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    Let's see. Three Civil Rights workers murdered by racist militant terrorists in Mississippi in 1964.

    The appropriate response is to send in the Air Force to Bomb Philadelphia, Mississippi...followed by tanks and troops to murder over 1000 residents of that town, including dozens of children. Right? THAT'S what you advocate?
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    You want the most effective way to get rid of Hamas?

    Here's the answer: stop attacking Gaza, and declare a unilateral ceasefire for six months.

    Now before you click that down-vote button you're dying to click, and perhaps some of you have already stopped reading this comment, hear me out:

    The Palestinian National Authority is scheduled to have elections later this year. As of the agreement in April, they were supposed to have the elections within six months.

    Hamas gets its power from the fact that it is the legal elected representatives of the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza. Hamas won 44% of the vote in the last Palestinian election, in 2006, and thanks to the funny way seats are distributed when 5+ parties compete in an election, won well over 50% of the seats in the Palestinian legislature; the only thing stopping them from complete control over the PLA is the fact that the Palestinian people elected the Fatah candidate as president.

    Hamas and Fatah eventually conflicted with each other to the point that the government split, with Hamas taking Gaza and Fatah seizing the West Bank. The conflict probably had something to do with Hamas being Islamist militants who insisted on maintaining their own separate militia, whereas Fatah had renounced violence and were by this point a party of moderates. Israel responded to this development by blockading Gaza for the next eight years, a move that resulted in Hamas becoming quite unpopular in Gaza.

    In April, Hamas and Fatah came to an agreement to form a unity government, primarily because it had been eight years since the previous election, and it would be hard to call oneself a democratic state when it's been eight years since the last election. Given Hamas' stranglehold on the Palestinian Legislature, their cooperation was necessary in order to get an election underway; hence the agreement. The malaise in the Gaza Strip was resulting in Hamas being deeply unpopular, and Hamas stood to lose big in the upcoming election.

    So naturally we have a fresh Israel-Gaza conflict to not only disrupt elections, but boost Hamas' popularity as the sole "defenders of the people." Inciting conflict with Israel was in Hamas' best interests.

    You want to get rid of Hamas? Stop the Gaza invasion immediately, and declare a unilateral ceasefire for six months. It's not like the rocket attacks are denting the Iron Dome, with Hamas launching over a thousand rockets into Israel this year resulting in a grand total of one death and 15 injuries. That's a terrible rocket success rate.

    Every day you fight Hamas you strengthen their numbers and improve their chances of winning the next election.

    Let the Palestinian General Elections go on as scheduled. Let the Palestinian people get a chance to vote out Hamas. If the Palestinians vote Hamas out, Hamas loses much of its power base, a moderate Fatah-led government can take over in Gaza, and Israel wins by handing Hamas a stronger defeat than could be inflicted by any military.

    And if Hamas wins, well, then people can no longer say the Palestinian people don't have it coming.
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    This is... Very well thought-out, and something Israel will be totally unwilling to do. Also much better than my idea of dropping Nukes over the entirety of the Middle East.
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    Thank you for joining me in attempting to educate the mass of morons here who think anything Israel shits out is gold, and laps it up willingly....and the folks here that are willing to kill as many hapless, constrained (by Israel's blockade) INNOCENT Palestinians that have NO CONTROL over what HAMAS does.
    You've illustrated the ONLY possible solution that will save the Palestinian regular folks from Netanyahoo's thirst for genocide....and begin the long process towrds the two-State solution that so many Americans CLAIM they want..........but clearly, given the absurd posts here being made by the usual WASP American religious haters that are behind most of the evil in the Western world, don't REALLY want.
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    @Unfit2serve Your only mistake is leaving Hezbollah and Iran out of the equation. Even Egypt sees the danger in this. The new military government there knows what has been happening. Can you imagine The Muslim Brotherhood controlling Egypt, Hamas controlling the Palestinians and Hezbollah controlling Lebanon all linked together and being supplied by Iran? True, this has been happening to a certain extent, but Israel has been able to interrupt their arms shipments. And, with Egypt shutting down its border with Gaza and the Syrian war taking them temporarily out of the picture, Iran struggles to supply its jihadist movement in Gaza....only because Israel diligently enforces border restrictions. But, Gaza has become like Okinawa or Iwo Jima...completely undermined by tunnels filled with explosives and war supplies.
    So, blame Israel all you want, but they are just defending themselves. And, will probably continue to do so regardless of what anyone thinks. Then, before the last Jew is pushed into the sea he will push the magic button that obliterates Iran and other enemies.
    Your plan is great and very honorable, but Iran and Hezbollah will never, ever stop their efforts to control the Palestinians and destroy Israel.
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    Your last sentence: yes, the children would be responsible--assuming they vote. Yes, they, and those who voted against hamas would be responsible too.
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    Ah, that makes everything all better! Someone should tell those three boys that 'Hamas didn't kill them; just some random Palestinian Jihadis.' I bet they, and their parents, will feel much better about the situation.

    This would be akin to America joining World War II thinking the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, when in fact it was the Japanese. Hell, that's like 'apples and apples!'

    The sad truth is, the press, with their dogmatic anti-semitism, rants about this sort of nonsense as if everyone should be angry with the Israelis! After all, what's a few thousand rockets pouring into your neighborhood in a day?

    Friggin' nitwits.
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    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner

    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd

    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios

    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc

    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric

    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

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    @brussell1872 Aaaaaaaannnndddd...who cares? Should I list all the straight media moguls to demonstrate how evil they are concerning gays?

    You'd be surprised how indifferent most big business people are to their faith, especially in their business dealings.
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    Provide your source for a few thousand rockets pouring into a neighborhood in a day.

    Follow that up with telling us that if a bunch of Muslims showed up at your front door tomorrow, forced you out of your house and onto a reservation that you wouldn't resist.
    Tell us how you'd respect their right to exist in the land they took from you.
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    At this point, what difference does putting Japanese in internment camps make?

    Real men know what is right and what is wrong. There is no expiration date.
    Apathy is for cowards.
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    Plausible denial. And it is about the tunnels. Info that Hamas planned to attack on the Jewish holy day of September 24. Seems that people would rather have the Israelis suffer a blood bath and kidnappings before they retaliated. The buck stops with the government and that is Hamas. Oops. That wasn't us.
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    Tell us that if a bunch of Muslims showed up at your front door tomorrow, forced you out of your house and onto a reservation that you wouldn't resist.
    Tell us how you'd respect their right to exist in the land they took from you.

    Tell us how you wouldn't throw a rocket at the guys who took everything from your family.
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