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    ! mean the hospital managed to stay open throughout all the time we had no ObamaCare....and only closed after ObamaCare was enacted?

    Seems this guy is blaming the wrong people.
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    "they need to come up with another program to assure that rural hospitals don't close"

    ????? So another program to cover the failure of a program...that caused the hospital to close ?

    This is what you get when you have gov't over-meddling in the private sector. They screwed up home loans, screwed up ready to screw up health care.

    Central Planners ......You wanted it- you got it.
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    Hmmm... How about recognizing the fact that the affordable care act is law and not sacrificing citizens to spite it! Hmmm...
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    @shamus70 how about those demanding free Healthcare help pay for it. A freaking dollar!!! You would think giving up even a dollar wouldn't be too much? Imagine if everyone not actually paying income tax, actually contributed a dollar a year? A month? A week? For their "free" stuff, we probably wouldn't need to be having these conversations!!!
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    You guys are so sad in your twisted reasoning. Medicaid covered people prior to the ACA, but now (under the law) people need to be included in state-run Medicaid, and the GOP is so deadset against the law (trying to use it as a political tool) that they now exclude 5.7 million people who need it the most ("let them eat cake"). The ACA was established so that ALL could have affordable healthcare (you'd think that everyone would be for that) and that healthcare costs would come down, especially for government programs like Medicaid (you'd think that everyone would be for that too)-even with all of the obstructionists at work, that is actually happening! You can use your twisted reasoning all you want, but you are falling into the pit of GOP fuzzy logic.
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    No fuzzy logic here at all. It is a matter of cash. States are strapped and can't run up multi-trillions in debt like the federal government (which likely is closer to not being able to borrow and borrow and borrow to assuage it's insatiable spending habits and dump a totally unsustainable debt on our progeny). Moreover, it's just the tip of the Obamacare iceberg. You will see more and more of this as the states simply can't afford this turd. Neither can the average taxpayer? I guess these people couldn't keep their doctor or their hospital as Obama promised much less save $2,500 on their premiums. Why the law was established is irrelevant if it costs so much it can't be paid for and simply passing mandates won't get it done. The ACA is a poorly conceived, thoughtless behemoth with so many regulations even the people who gave birth to the monstrosity can't understand it - or feed it. The feds can't hang their turd on a state legislature. Being "for" something is not paying for it. The numbers, like the promises about this turd are phony no matter what side of the political fence you sit on. All the warnings about Obamacare are becoming reality and it's time people get their heads out of the sand and admit it.
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    Mr/Ms sockettuem, you seem to be stuck on one word that permeates your diatribe, similar to constipation. Like Pres. Obama said today, stop all the hate talk and try to be part of the solution. Actually, my healthcare costs are DOWN this year for the first time in many. I still have my same doctor. Everyone I have talked to have a much improved situation. My coworker just told me that, since she can insure her daughter now until she is 26, that her recent pregnancy (that would have sent her into bankruptcy) was paid for by her insurance and her daughters-they had no hospital bills and she and her husband can start fresh with their new daughter instead of being buried in bills. I could go on and on with anecdotes, but I doubt you will listen to what is actually happening in the real world. And, BTW, the only reason that my state is close to insolvency is the ultraconservative big business tea partier that we have running the state. Guess who is now way behind in the polls? He has burned too many bridges, there is a bats chance in hell that he will get re-elected. That's in an ultraconservative, bright red state. The writing is on the wall for the tea party, and while it will start to crumble in 2014, it will completely shatter in 2016. Can't wait.
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    @hankf68 100% right on. Finally America is waking up to that fact. They hate the president more than they love their country. We have been trying to say that for a long time now. We will keep on saying it right up to election day.
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    The original design of the ACA required all states to expand Medicaid to reduce uncompensated care. Them a group of attorneys general, lead by Republican Ken Cuccinelli, pursued a lawsuit to the Supreme Court which both affirmed the law's constitutionality and allowed states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion.

    If you really want someone to blame for small, critical access hospitals closing - and the avoidable deaths that inevitably follow such closures - start with the Republicans who filed that lawsuit and then move on to the Republican governors who risk the lives of their citizens to make a cheap political point.
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    And the Supreme Court's ruling to allow states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion was one of the most bizarre, constitutionally baseless things it's ever come up with.
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    @Cal the SCotUS ruling wasn't that states could opt out of it, it was that the Fed couldn't punish them for opting out of it.
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    @Yank "SCotUS ruling wasn't that states could opt out of it,"

    Oh, yes, it was and quite specifically, too. You may send thank you notes to Chief Justice Roberts for that.
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    re: SCOTUS ruling

    Actually, Yank is correct, although the effect is the same as if SCOTUS had deciding on the actual opting out. ACA, when passed, set penalties for states that didn't opt *in*.

    Medicaid is, technically, a state run program with significant federal funding for programs that meet federal guidelines. The expansion provided in PPACA was 100% funded by the federal government for a number of years but included penalties (loss of funding for the existing Medicaid programs for states that didn't opt in). SCOTUS ruled that the federal government couldn't apply the penalties - which made it fiscally possible (although ludicrous) for states to decide not to expand their programs.
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    Yeah, Dam Right the Republicans were in control of neither house or Senate and didn't help write the ACA and didn't vote for it or help with the release, but it's all their fault.

    Not Regular again BARSB?
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    Wow, a lot of people assume a lot of stuff. WMCOL got it right PPACA would have saved it. It has put a hospital a several clinics around here. The republican Governor is to blame for this tragedy not O'bama or the PPACA.
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    Another in a long line of great posts @MaryNoble.

    Please keep posting thes informative articles showing the results of republican policies.
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    The policy that caused this was from the democrats. They wrote the law that didn't allow this person to qualify for anything.

    The democrats used these people as a 'stick' to force others to do their will.

    Reminds of Hamas and the human shields. Not nearly as bad, but from the same playbook.
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    @ithink The Democrats wrote the law, and then the Republicans sued to opt out of the parts which would have prevented things like this from happening.
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    Yes, the states sued to prevent the federal government from imposing undue costs on the states. Most states by law cannot run a $17 trillion dollar debt like the federal government can. Social programs are some of the largest line items in a states budget.

    Ask yourself why the government wanted to dump these costs on the states. Why did it put a restriction into the ACA which prohibited someone from purchasing on the exchange because of their income. When I bought my insurance from directly BC/BS they never asked about my income.

    Why wasn't the ACA written to include all individuals, why bring the states into the process at all? This was supposed to cover people, not states.

    Individuals are being most hurt by the ACA. Individuals had their policies cancelled. Individuals are having to pay higher premiums and higher deductibles.

    You know who isn't? The employers, the corporations. Obama gave them an extension, but he forced the individual to comply with the law. Not many individuals had a lobbyist to champion their cases. Not many individuals gave huge campaign contributions. The individual got screwed; the corporations, they got a pass.
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    @PNWest Are you dreaming again? The dems wrote the law and they passed the law all by themselves. They were wrong to do so. And now people are paying for their bad act.
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    So this hospital that has managed to stay open and save thousands of lives, before Obama and his baby Obamacare.
    Suddenly, after Obamacare, this life saving hospital had to close its doors?
    84 miles, 84 miles, 84 miles?
    Thats all that stood in the way of this woman living or dying?
    She had no family, no friends, absolutely no way to make an hour and a half drive, to save her life?
    Hmm, doubtful.

    Don't blame the republicans for that.
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    The woman had a heart attack. It could have been dealt with if a facility for doing so had existed locally, but an hour and a half drive would not have saved her, which is why a helicopter was sent. Heart attacks are sudden, often without warning and without previously diagnosed symptoms.

    As for the hospital closure being laid at GOP doors:

    - Under the ACA, the income amounts that made folks eligible for coverage differ from the state's income requirements for medicaid coverage.
    - In order to keep millions of poor, low income Americans from falling through the coverage cracks, the federal government encouraged (but could not legally force) states to raise those minimum income levels, and offered federal funding for the states to do so.
    - Most states did this. However, many states, all with Republican-led governors and legislatures, deliberately chose NOT to alter those income levels and expand Medicaid coverage, meaning many are now ineligible both for ACA coverage or Medicaid.
    - Many of these low income folks had to stop going to some of these local hospitals, and this one's demise is a direct result of GOP policy in that state. This woman's death is therefore on them.
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    As has been stated in other posts even before the ACA and Medicare expansion the hospital had been hemorrhaging money. Probably due to the fact that it was in a poor rural community. In such communities alot of people tend to go to seek treatment less and when they do they will go through the ER where they cant be denied for inability to pay.

    The hospital in question was holding out until the ACA passed hoping that the Medicare expansion would get more insured people coming in so that they could pay some of the debt off, and get some money coming in to slow down their loss of capital.

    Instead when medicare expansion wasn't accepted and their state refused to accept the ACA it was probably the last straw that broke the camels back and forced them to close.
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    @Who_Knows And having lost the enormous embedded value in their hospital because of state level political posturing, replacing it will cost vastly more (in infrastructure and equipment replacement, hiring fees and other start-up costs during a period of low or insufficient income) than maintaining it would have cost.
    So this community is unlikely to obtain a new hospital even if the political grandstanding ends. Sad.
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    @Unfit2serve And if you read my post, I was indicating how it's an article to bash republicans (plural)....and the commenters rip it to shreds.
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    @SAS86 and @ashum99ss, right! Because an hour and a half by car is all you need to save you from a fatal heart attack!

    Sheesh. Sure glad you guys aren't doctors.
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    @SAS86 I could have found someone or something instead of waiting for nothing. Try YouTube for crying out loud. There's all kinds of things one can do if you take a little time and EFFORT
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    So lets see. The State had managed to provide the care needed for years. Then obama needs money to fund his take over of health care so he demands that the States pay more. Many States can not afford to pay more so they say no. That puts people in a so called gap that until obama id not exist. Yet these people say it is the States fault.
    Oh it must be nice to live in such a fantasy world.
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    The only thing I find wrong with his argument is the part about if medicaid was expanded the hospital would have been able to stay open. Isn't one of the issues with hospitals is that medicaid does not cover the cost of treatment in most cases? Seems that more cases that didn't cover the cost of treatment would keep a hospital open.
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    To the morons who think Health Care Reform caused the hospital closure it didn't it was going under and needed Health Care Reform to stay open the Teapublican/GOP Governors refusing to expand Medicare are murdering their own citizens. FYI Healthcare Reform has enabled 7 million + of your fellow Americans to get coverage how come none of the Obama haters ever talk about that ?
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    Stop....If these goons can't figger something out even after removing their shoes to "enhance" their math's utterly usueless to try and explain something of "Kindergarten-complexity " to them, especially since admitting to anything at all that is Republican-driven idiocy requires a backbone AND integrity. You're wasting your explanation......don't you know that anytime Republican forgets to buy toilet paper, it's Obama's fault for pressuring the Koch Bros???(...who are the makers of every cheap-azz useless paper product on supermarket shelves....)
    Y''s not by accident that the Koch bros want a two-class America....the more poor folks, the more cheap paper goods they can sell. That roll of paper towels your Safeway or Kroger's is always running out of....that package of 6-8 rolls for $5.99 or $6.99 is the staple source of Koch income...along with the cheapst, worst, 1 or 2-ply toilet paper, regardless of the fakey distributor label on the wrapper it's a Koch product. Sell the cheapest shit to the make gazillions. It's the Koch way. Gotta make sure we have a Humongous poor segment of society...thats our PRIME market!!!
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    Hospitals were ALREADY in trouble before ACA because of the uninsured. Most of you don't realize that anyone with chest pain must be evaluated and not denied care, regardless of not having any insurance. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are written off each year as uncollected debts. Most with insurances are charged more but reimbursed have been slashed to the point where whole wings were being closed. Physicians reimbursements have been systematically slashed since 1989. If any of you are under the delusion that physicians are rich, maybe in the 70's. Now, if they can get paid for the technical portion of a test, they!re lucky.
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    ! sad. Obama has been president for SIX years now. He really needs to start fixing something..Anything! Maybe if the VA. Wasn't cooking the books, we could work on saving Vets. When did all these problems start. I worked w/ Veterans and I never remember all of this mess. Failure on the Dems once again. It will only end, when they're replaced.
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    That's just it...Obama's not here to "fix" anything...he's here to fundamentally transform America into a pile of shit...that's it!
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    @BravoJuliet This story made no sense. Sounds to me like negligence on the part of the family. Did she even have a doctor? Crazy!
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    Ok, since you asked:

    During 5 years of Obama, the Dow has increased from 7,979 to 16,459. Unemployment has decreased from 7.8% to 6.7%. GDP growth has gone from -5.4% to +4.1%. The deficit GDP has been reduced from 9.8% to 3.3%. Consumer confidence has gone from 37.7 to 78.1.

    I'd say that was a pretty good record, wouldn't you?
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    Yea, the DOW is really great for Main all trickles down to them from the fat cats in their high towers of New York...LOL!
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    If you have a retirement account, it's great for you too. A booming DOW trickles down to everyone. The opposite hurts everyone, remember 2008?
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    So why didn't someone put her in a car and drive her to the nearest hospital or urgent care once it became obvious that help wasn't on its way? They can walk 15 days to protest, but someone couldn't put her ass in a car and drive her?
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    If you read the article, the nearest hospital was 85 miles away. I doubt that a heart-attack victim would be ok in the 1-2 hours to get them to the hospital.
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    @Polno I doubt she would be ok t0o, but sitting in a parking lot for over an hour isn't going to save her life either. I know thats what the author of this thread said, but in reality the hospital wasn't closed it just didn't have AeroVac and I'm sure there were other medical facilities like an Urgent Care within a reasonable distance. Don't get me wrong, I think it's BS that in this country lives are being lost due to bully politics. I don't know about you, but I am not going to stand around and just watch someone die and not try and do everything in my power to save their life, 23 years of training in self aid and buddy care in the military will not allow me just stand there waiting for help. If the women survived for over an hour sitting in the parking lot waiting for a helicopter, she may have survived a two hour drive if someone would have given her a simple aspirin.
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    she died at one hour, so that's moot, most attack victims die at higher rates directly related to distance/time to proper care...
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    What the hell is wrong with you people? Funding was available and offered. The state administration chose to decline the offer and closed the hospital and you blame the person making the offer?
    No wonder that Americans are seen as idiots all over the world. Now go back to your nice, trashy trailer park and drink some more beer - if you can call that swill, beer.
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    So what part of the Medicaid expansion would have save that hospital? Would money have been spent to publicly fund it?
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    Yank - The hospital would have been reimbursed for the cost of treating uninsured patients. Their Republican owners would have been happy, and making money, and the hospital would have stayed open. Get it?

    Let me clarify. For profit hospital - Gets paid = Stays open. Medicaid expansion = money to the States to cover uninsured non-reimbursed expenses to these hospitals. The Republican owners of these hospitals make more money, and the hospitals stay open. What do you think the Medicaid expansion is all about?!
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    What a pity. These small hospitals were closing all across the nation until PPACA and Medicaid expansion. This is just another life saving hospital the Republicans would not let PPACA save.

    I think the intent with Republican leaders is to deny affordable coverage to as many poor, oppressed, and middle class as possible so that the GOP can reduce the population and claim they are environmentalist. Believe it or not, their base will go for it, even if they themselves are targeted for extinction by the GOP leadership. The GOP can always blame the Democrats and Obama for their foibles and screw-ups.
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    Ahhhh No the "reduce the population and claim they are environmentalist" (Eugenics folks) are all on the left. In fact- Look up Obama's science Czar John Holdren....You know the guy who wished for forced sterilization... or just killing old people....

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    True. Just look at how they try to use the acts of one person to malign a whole group. It is part and parcel of their racism where they blame a whole group for acts of one member of the group.

    It's like one good conservative does not mean all Cons are good. With today's Democrats there is a pattern of them being justice minded for all, while just the opposite is true for Republicans.

    Most right-wingers here are as afraid of patterns, credible facts, and truth as a possum is of an axe handle.
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    @drpeeper Holdren wished for nothing of the kind. Read the book, or at least don't look to the Washington Times et al for legitimate info regarding Holdren's writings. A right-wing rag reported it as such and the myth took hold, not unlike what happened when the same irresponsible media decided to make Saul Alinsky the poster boy for the evils of progressivism. And you folks keep lapping it up, like doggyfood in a shiny silver bowl.
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