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    Had Romney been in charge everything in the world would have been completely different? Ukraine wouldn't have happened? We know Romney's stance on Israel and Palestine ( he has none, can't do anything about it why bother trying ).
    So what does this mean?
    If Romney had won we would be saying the same about Obama. Some people are only happy if they have something to complain about.
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    I tried to tell people. God knows I tried to tell people. I was on this very site day and night begging people to listen. I got scoffed at, laughed at, and called the most ridiculous and horrible names. There was even a guy running around demonizing conservatives with chides of this is what you get when you vote (R).

    Now today, the election is almost two years old and people are seeing Neo's predictions come true. I wonder if they have any regrets for the great evil they've foisted on the children of the future? I wonder if they have any regrets for passengers of a Malaysian airplane blown to bits out of the sky, or Syrians killed in a bloody civil war, or Israel being bombed by Hamas.

    I know the answers to these questions. I just hope that Americans are starting to sober up. We have a chance in November to right a few wrongs. Maybe? If we have resolve and can admit the last six years were the biggest mistakes of American history.

    It feels good to be right. It would have felt even better to have a real president in the White House.
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    You're not right. This is an arbitrary poll. In a hypothetical election today Franklin Roosevelt would beat Millard Filmore. The poll doesn't make a difference, you can pair up any 2 people and ask would people vote for them if the election was tomorrow.
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    @Ironicguy - Give that consolation to millions of moms and dads who can't find adequate jobs to feed their children. Tell that to millions of people who are suffering from falling incomes. Tell that to Israelis being bombed by Hamas or Syrians watching their nation being ravaged. Explain that to the hundreds of thousands of poor and destitute children being warehoused at the border like mangy dogs in a kennel.

    Your little diatribe doesn't address any of the vast issues this once great nation is wrestling with today. None of these problems would be the monsters they are if we had a real president in office. Granted, Romney was not perfect. He had his flaws. A thief and a liar he was not. This country needs a man to restore its faith in America and to unite us to conquer our problems.

    November is a chance for people to put a few actions behind their words and we will see if this poll has merit or not.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix If Romney had been elected, unemployment wouldn't be at 0%. We'd still have unemployed mothers and fathers. People still wouldn't be able to find jobs, and there would still be poverty. I don't have anything to say to Israelis or Syrians. The United States has a responsibility to it's people, and we can't fix the worlds problem. Would Romney have launched a military invasion? How is that better for anyone? And the border? Don't lie about your numbers. There are no hundreds of thousands, there are around 10,000. Over 50,000 crossed, but they were placed with relatives here in the United States. There are no hundreds of thousands of children, hyperbole is unnecessary. What would Romney do? He supported self deportation, which meant making life so terrible for immigrants they'd give up and leave the country.

    Also you insult America. America is, and always has been a great nation. How dare you say she isn't. America has always had issues, but we always work through them in due time. It takes more than 1 administration to fix a "crisis". We have a real President, his name is Barack Obama and he was elected with 65 million votes and 332 votes in the electoral college. He may not share your values, but he is our real President. Just like Bush, Clinton, Bush sr, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt and all the others. He is our President, and like it or not he will continue to be until 2017. Romney was like any other politician, he was a thief and a liar. Just like everyone in Washington. Even the most upstanding members of congress are corrupt in one form or another. So let's not pretend he had the moral high ground.

    I have faith in America, it has never wavered. Even after Lewinsky, even after 9/11, even after the war on terror, even after the recession. I have believed in my country, and it's unpatriotic to lose your faith because of the party in the white house. I believed Bush could fix our problems, I believed Clinton could fix our problems, I believed Bush sr could fix our problems. And Yes I have that same belief that our current President can fix some of America's problem.

    In November people will vote, and god willing they'll vote for principles.... not for letters. The only thing that causes separation in this country is ideologues, liberal or conservative. Not Obama, Not Boehner, Not Reid,Not Scalia, Not Ginsburg and Not McConnell.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Cry me a river Neo. You guys care nothing about ANY of these issues especially the poor. Don't worry your "great nation" will be restore as soon as the next white republican is elected I'm sure. That is really all hou guys want anyway
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    He was right on Detroit, Sarah was right on Russia, and these are the people the liberals called crazy. Look what you got.
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    Unfortunately you cant rewind and undo the poor decisions you make. That's why people need to learn about substance and not get caught up in hype.
    I am not saying Romney would have been great. Undoubtedly would have been better than what we got though.
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    And where are we NOW...6 years later?

    1. The worst recession in US history is over.
    2. People are going back to work. Just 12 months after Bush handed over the worst economy since the Great Depresssion to Obama, the US began adding jobs instead of losing them. In July 2014 The number of first-time applications for unemployment benefits fell to 297,250 its lowest level since the year 2006.... more than a year before the beginning of the Great Recession. In July the US economy added 206,000 new jobs. That's the 6th straight month in a row that the US economy has added at least 200,000 jobs ...a record that hasn't happened since Clinton was president in 1997.
    3. Banks are healthy and profitable again.
    4. The US auto industry is the pride of the nation. Industry-wide auto sales rose 1.2% to 1.4 million in June 2014, pushing the annualized selling rate to 16.98 million, its highest pace since July 2006
    5. Housing prices are on the rise again.
    6. Home building is up again.
    7. The average rate of inflation for the 6 Obama years has averaged a
    low1.6 percent vs 2.8 percent for 8 years of Bush. Good news for
    shoppers and savers.
    8.Interest rates are low.
    9. Consumer confidence is soaring. In July 2014 consumer confidence hit a seven-year high
    10. The U.S. budget deficit is falling sharply this year amid higher tax revenues and an improving economy.

    10.The federal deficit has been continually shrinking due to a combination improving economy, higher taxes and government spending cuts .and is expected to continue to shrink, In April, the Congressional Budget Office forecast a $492 billion deficit at the end of the fiscal year which would mark the smallest deficit since 2007.

    11.The Bush war in Iraq is over. No more US death statistics to read each month
    12. Osama is Dead.
    13.Terrorist are being droned to death.
    And the stock market?
    14. The DOW is higher than it has ever been in it's history. It's breaking records.
    15. The NASDAQ has tripled since the closing days of the Bush administration.
    16. Daily Consumer spending now averages $90+(up 40% since end of 2008)
    17. In June of 2014 home builders began work on 893,000 units
    18. In June auto sales rose to an 8 year high of

    1,421,963 units
    19. In the second quarter of 2014 the US GDP surged to 4% beating Wall Street expectation thanks to increased consumer and business spending

    6 years ago, with the country in economic chaos, None of us could not
    have ever dreamed that our country would be where it is today. It was
    unthinkable. Unimaginable.

    Yet here we all are a country that rose from the ashes
    of economic disaster called the GREAT AMERICAN RECESSION that began in become a vibrant growing healthy economy.

    In 2009 the Bush administration handed Obama a stinking rotten
    lemon...and in 6 years the Obama administration has turned it into
    sparkling premium Champagne.

    I tip my hat to Obama. He has guided our country through the worst of times
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    Thank you for sound reasoning. I will add to it he's done all of this with 4 years of a House of Repukes trying their dam nest to stop him from doing anything. Most pesidents get the benefit of having Congress try and work them, but this pres has only gotten so much as a smitten of help from these hacks who so desperately want him to fail.
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    In a parallel universe, the not-re-elected Obama would top President Romney if the 2012 presidential election were held today. Everyone's likely to ask "what if," even if it's not very useful.
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    Truth of the matter is The entire government body is in need of reapplying for their jobs and seeing how many actually got into office. not on honest desire, drive, and motivation for the sake of the people and the country. No they invested large sums of money on the short haul for latger profit and gain on the long haul so they get richer on our money and their investments.
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    Hey Chris Wilson, you're just like the pollsters who promised the GOP that Romney would win 2012-naive and misinformed. If you poll the believers, that's what you get. Instead of hammering away at President Obama like you do in this op-ed piece, why don't you lay the blame for inaction and fragmentation at the feet of the GOP obstructionists. In fact I shudder at where we would be if Romney were President-likely 3 wars and an economy spiraling out of control. With 5 years of Obama (thankfully), we have:
    -The Dow has increased from 7,979 to 16,459.
    -Unemployment has decreased from 7.8% to 6.7%.
    -GDP growth has gone from -5.4% to +4.1%.
    -The deficit GDP has been reduced from 9.8% to 3.3%.
    -Consumer confidence has gone from 37.7 to 78.1
    All of this despite a Congress that has worked feverishly to make sure he accomplishes nothing. Just think of what could have been done if he had real Americans to work with that wanted to move our country forward.
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    Mitt seems to be able to surround himself with loud mouthed morons, sort of like his friend McCain
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    If Romney was President today, we will have been at war somewhere for a year and we be in worse trouble now. But the rich would be making bank. But no one else would be.
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    This is the disenchantment part of the presidency--the part that almost every president goes through. Some are saying Obama has already reached the Lame Duck period. I'm not so sure about that but Romney as prez?? Romney was/is a strawman....a talking head. He was a GOP prop....kind of a Ken doll. He did/does not represent Main St Americans. He did not have a sound fiscal plan. He waffled, back-peddled hemmed and hawed. He lacks foreign policy savvy. He has/had no commitment to minorities or women.
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    @Starsplash Oh really? The left is still moaning about Bush getting elected in 2000. Talk about cry babies. And Bush this and Bush that. Grow up.
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    Would it matter? The people didn't vote for W, and he still got elected....if they didn't vote for him again, in a recall election he would have still been in office anyways.
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    Stalin is said to have remarked, "It isn't who votes that counts. It's who counts the votes. In electronic voting America it isn't who votes and it isn't who counts the votes, it's who programs the voting machines. In the Bush victory, a lot was made of "dimpled chads." Can you spot a dimpled electron?
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    @boombatic Take color out and the elections will be much different. The Democrats are racist against White Presidents.
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    @Curmudgeon Besides....we LOVED Bill Clinton....and we WILL LOVE Hillary in 2016, so your statement is not only false, but silly.
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