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    For cryin' out loud...if you're going to use someone's writings, cite them! How hard is that???

    This guy gets the Idiot of the Year Award, IMO.
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    Well, maybe not idiot of the year, but I'd put him in the top 20 for sure. I'm glad he got caught. Most people work really hard for a master's degree in anything.
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    I'm wondering who had the time to search this guy's paper seven years after it was written and figure out it was a forgery.
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    Real facts of wrongdoing need to be uncovered and widely reported on for every politician in America, so voters can make better informed decisions about who should be entrusted with powerful positions in their government.
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    Normally I shrug when a politician gets caught cheating in a way that does not hurt people much; I'd rather get rid of them, but then, Joe Biden set the bar verrry low. This guy, however, violated a military code of conduct, so I'm thinking more of stakes and anthills.
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    It's not hard to figure out, Washington is full of beaters and cheaters, we need something different, new blood, and a third and fourth party
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    Hollywood can barely survive one after party. Washington couldn't survive one. Just a blanket statement.
    I also do not want anybody's blood to enter my body unless I am in need or close to death. Its ironic. I give blood all the time.
    I trust the integrity of the blood supply about as much as I trust the White House.
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    The fact that it was the Army War College makes it a lot worse than run of the mill plagiarism. Then he lied about it? He definitely needs to go.
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    Rand Paul has committed plagiarism how many times ???!!!!??? Why is this guy getting nailed to the cross ?
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    It's the (D) after his name. Republicans don't care at all what Rand Paul did because he's a republican. The press was only going after him because he was a republican. But this guy is a democrat so he should be nailed to the cross.

    PNWest, the most impartial and bipartisan poster on Politix says that Walsh should resign . And so should Rand Paul.
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    As unlikely as it would be, it would be refreshing for a politician to admit that they are simply too morally bereft for the job...

    That - is not reality.

    Being a lying bastard is what politics is all about.

    Should this toad of a senator resign his senate seat over this....???
    If he had a spine - sure.
    If he goes, then all the other lying bastards in the senate should have to go, too.

    That would result in one very large, cavernous, empty room.

    Since - in practical terms - the senate is incapable of policing itself,
    Since - there is no way that any of his fellow reprobates will cast a stone,
    He shall safely complete his term.

    Now, the Army War College is another story.
    They have more respect for themselves and their credibility.
    I am surprised that they are only considering revocation of his degree.
    This should not involve a review.
    It should be a fete accomplie - by now.

    What matters the degree?
    The sheeple did not elect him contingent on his academic credentials.
    The sheeple will quite likely vote him in again.

    The guy was a lying bastard before.
    The guy is a lying bastard now.
    The guy has the plagiarism conviction to prove it.
    As politicians go - you can't get a better certification.

    He has accumulated some years towards seniority.

    You don't want to go with a new lying bastard, once you've run up mileage on the old one.
    Sooner or later, "your" lying bastard will be chairing committees.
    That's when the big money starts rolling into your state.

    It worked for West Virginia + Robert C. Byrd.

    It can happen for Montana, too.
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    And naturally, none of the people who are saying Walsh should resign from the Senate want Rand Paul, implicated in multiple instances of plagiarism, to do the same.
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    He should resign, not necessarily because of this plagiarism, but because at this point I want every elected official in government to resign. I have nothing but disdain for members of any political party. Liars, schemers and as far as I'm concerned, thieves. It has gotten to the point where as soon as one of these A$$HATS gets elected, they are right back out on the campaign trail, working hard to get re-elected. So with that in mind yes, he should resign,
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    Plagiarism rules are explained at freshman indoc, and again at grad student orientation. We can't even submit our own work, if it has already been submitted for credit in another class. It's called "double dipping," and it can cost you your degree. Walsh should definitely resign.
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    I have used information on here and did not provide the credit to the source, for instance quoting a bible verse or even a few without saying where I got it, or quoting a paper article, or giving info out of a dictionary, I even typed a bunch of information from a web site to support my argument and failed to mention where I got it, but, I was corrected one day and after thinking it over, I knew they were right and so I learned to supply where and who the information came from if possible. I think we all know things we might not know where we got it, so we have to not worry about that. It is a well known fact that Martin Luther King was cited with plagiarism on his I have a Dream speech and a lot of his college work, but it is not mention for fear of being called a racist, I think a lot of people are guilty of that.
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    If it were a single incident, I'd say drop it. It appears to have been a pattern of behavior though. What is so hard about attribution? Was he trying to make himself look smart? He has succeeded only in revealing how dumb he is.
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