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    Some dems held him out to be the second coming. It.would make them look foolish if they had to do their jobs and rein him in. Plus, they'd probably be called out for being racist if they tried.
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    @presSTOMPYFOOT Yeah, and all the sites are Republican sites claiming they know what Democrats think.
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    The obvious reason: the Dem media is blind to Dem corruption, so there's no public shaming of Dem congressmen like there should be.
    They simply cannot be impartial after being brainwashed on college campuses, in journalism schools, and years of working in the establishment under malicious editorial leadership likewise brainwashed years before.
    Thank God for the internet and social media, so the truth still has a fighting chance.
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    Both parties have their share of embarrassing congressman. More DEMs have resigned after getting caught then REPs have.
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    You know, whether you are (R),(D),(I),(P) or (Q), I'd think that ALL of you would want to honor and protect the document that allows YOU to be able to comment on this website FREELY.
    ANY abuse of power from ANY party should be controlled and stopped.

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    I agree, the issue is defining 'abuse', because if you compare Obama to other Presidents there's nothing there that screams he's abusing it. In fact, Boehner just complained that he didn't do it w/ the kids crossing the boarder.
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    @AceLuby Re-read the statement above.....
    What Boner or anyone says does NOT matter.
    What matters is the Constitution.........period!
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    It's like the man said, the Libertarian party and te American Independants send issue related emails. The GOP sends polemics and the Dems ask for money.
    The two parties are what is wrong with the country, period. It's sad most of the country is swept up in it.
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    @Hireman We hear about the "abuse of power" by Obama every single day by conservatives. So no, it seems to go both ways at the very least.
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    @Now_What You and I may know this, but maybe you could share this with Nancy "Just now, I watched Republicans vote for the first lawsuit against a President in U.S. history." Pelosi...
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    Government has become way more partisan in the past fifteen years or so. As I've posted before, the Dems are damn near Socialists and the Repubs are Democrat lite with each party fighting and pandering to get their own grip on power. We need people interested in the good of the country with enough backbone to make the tough calls that need to be made. The longer we put it off, the worse it will be.
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    Obviously you have no idea what a 'socialist' if you think the Democratic party is anywhere near it.
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    The fact that Socialism has a very broad definition has me asking the same question about you. But please enlighten me.
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    The Democrats are socialistic, but I would place the Republicans more in the fascist camp, so what really is the difference? Remember, every fascist party is economically socialistic with close ties between the corporate world, banking and government, which is precisely the philosophies of both parties.
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    @AceLuby Wanna bet! Swedish Socialists SD are at the right of many Dems these adys, and that is one hell of a distiction.
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    The socialist party shows its contempt for the constitution and its hypocritical tendencies on a daily basis. They aren't interested in either, but in the destruction of the country, to turn it into a 2nd world socialist cesspool, complete with total dependence and the mediocrity that socialism brings. "The ends justifies the means" and to hell with law or the constitution.
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    Have you actually read Lenin's works or Marx's criticisms of capitalism, which have all come true even faster than Marx predicted? Or just spouting off what someone told you how to feel about "socialism?"
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    What is even worse is that Obama has done far more damage to the Country than Nixon ever did. Obama's entire administration is rift with examples of criminal misconduct and yet democrats and the media have not been willing to even look at abuse after abuse. History will hold them accountable as I hope the voters do in the next election. Misconduct isn't ok just because your man did it.
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    @Placratotle If you ask that question I might as well not even try to answer it. You at all of the scandals committed by this administration along with the debt increase under Obama. Astounding, the debt has risen over seven trillion dollars under Obama that is more debt than this country accumulated from Washington through Clinton.
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    @fscott777 So you have no answer, which means youre just whining for the sake of whining?

    This is half the problem. Conservatives are constantly whining, then when you ask them for detail they just get angry.
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    @Placratotle Hoe about the IRS abuse of conservative groups, Fast and Furious giving guns to drug cartels, NSA snooping on law abiding Americans, The VA hospital mess that Obama has known about since before his first run for president, the Justice department going after reporters because the administration didn't like their viewpoint, Benghazi, and on and on.
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    @bill69 There is no irs abuse. POlitical groups shouldnt be getting tax exempt status in the first place.

    Fast and furious is in its 18th investigation and still nothing, but maybe the next one huh?

    NSA snooping was all the rage when Bush was in office. You conservatives called those of us who opposed the patriot act traitors , remember?

    SO he VA hospital has been a mess since before Obama's term......but its his fault? yeah that makes sense?


    None of that whining has anything to do with the topic of the thread, executive actions!
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    Unfortunately it's not the old Democrat party any's the party highjacked by the Socialist Commie PC Progressive Fascist types. Want proof...just disagree with them or say something against their policies.
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    One way to tell that the Democrats have gone to the far left is how obedient they've become; the General Secretary speaks, and the next day NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, Slate, TNR, Kos, Vox, and many outlets with longer names are all saying it. Politix too.
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    Much as the G.O.P. has lost a lot of integrity having been hijacked by the Christian Fundamentalist theocrats and Tea Party sociopaths.
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    I have to look at that like this;

    Do I want to be highjacked by the one who wants lower taxes, smaller government, and adherence to the Constitution, or the one who wants me to pay higher taxes, live under more regulations, squash my free speech, and make me live by PC rule?
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    @BravoJuliet Only when they're out of power. When they control the purse strings, it's Katie bar the door.
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    I thought the following was quite apropos -- injecting a little politicle humor at the same time--

    "An Israeli doctor says: "In Israel, medicine is so
    advanced that we cut off a man's testicles, put them on another man and in 6
    weeks, he is looking for work". The German doctor says: "that's nothing, in
    Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is
    looking for work". The Russian doctor says: "gentlemen, we take half a heart
    from a man, put it in another's chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for
    The United States doctor laughs: "You all are behind us. Five years
    ago, we took a man with no brains, no heart and no balls and made him
    President. Now, the whole country is looking for work!"

    This joke supposedly won an award for the
    best political joke in a competition held in Britain?
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    What hypocrisy would that be? For it to be "hypocrisy" there would have to be actual substance to Republicans' claims that Obama abuses his power. There manifestly is not.
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    If Obama was caught having sex with a girl scout on the steps of the White House the democrats and main stream media would protect him.
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    I'm guessing it would probably be a Boy Scout! Do they not realize by not reacting to his treasonous acts against America, by stopping him the GOP will spend the 1st Four years cleaning out the illegal pukes, writing laws & Bills daily and the 2nd four years making the Democraps give back a little of what they have stolen via Obama?
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    Well, let's see, shall we? If Bush concocted an absurd "WMD" lie and then sent his own dubious and skeptical Colin Powell to the U.N. to propogate that lie to the world, forever ruining Powell's credibility, and then sinned even further by sending his V.P. to lie to the entire U.S. Congress and American people, and continued to foment "mushroom clouds over America" abject fear-mongering tactics........all solely to test out the Miitary's latest "smart weaponry" and keep his donor class military contractor buddies wealthy, along with criminally using our Military to invade a completely innocent sovereign country, to "keep the supply of cheap American oil coming".........killing over 500,000 human beings in the process, overwhelming the VA, and forever tarnishing America's image and standing in the world..........if that happened, would Republicans STILL be defending Bush and the NeoCon lunatics that are solely responsible for the ongoing bloodshed now streaming across Iraq and Syria? Would Republicans do that?
    Would they..........or would they just never utter his name again, quietly accept the results of "America is the MOST dangerous country" world poll that resulted, and keep Bush under wraps doing Paint-by-Numbers in Crawford, TX.........hoping to never, ever have to be held accountable for America's WORST Military Blunder in history and the first War Criminal REPUBLICAN Administration?

    Gee, I wonder...would Republicans REALLY be that ball-less, spineless, non-accountable to actually pretend something like that, i.e., the WORST debacle in our history never occurred....and react instead by blaming the NEXT President, for anything and everything imaginable, hoping Americans would be folled and NOT notice the bright yellow-stain and bright yellow-streak that runs down every complict, murderous Republican's back?
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    How about "Marbury v. Madison"? One of the first cases before the Supreme Court and the landmark case that first invoked the Supreme Court's unwritten power of judicial review.
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    @Cal Yes. Marbury was ultimately attempting to sue Jefferson for denying his appointment but the case lacked standing. The case was actually brought several times but ultimately was not sufficiently ruled on until the "Marbury v Madison" we know today.
    Again, Marbury was pissed off that the executive branch did not do what he wanted so he sued. The bigger point being that the executive and legislative branches have been suing each other and been sued by citizens since the creation of the Supreme Court.
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    It's pure party politics. Plain and simple. The dual-party dichotomy of politics gets in the way of progress all the time. .... I guess that's why it's called CONgress (the opposite of progress).
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    No surprise here the Democrats cry foul at every turn as long as it is not one of their own.
    Funny how Mr. Chappaquiddick was so incensed about that stuff.
    The IRS thing sounds very familiar.
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    Powerful statement..But One must remember... Once YOU start the Controlling Process..The End Result MAY be WORSE Than before You Started..
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    They are sycophantic cult followers, not leaders. These people are not fit to set foot in the Congress of the United States. And while I disagree with the lawsuit idea, if Congress doesn't do something about Obama's abuses of power, they need to apologize to Richard Nixon.
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    Republicans are going after the President for a delay in the Affordable Care Act that was delayed mostly by Republican attempts to keep it from happening. That is like a teenager blaming his parents for the DUI he received because they let him borrow the keys to the car, when they thought he was going to a friends house to study for his Geometry test.

    They can find so little to complain about that they blame Obama for THEIR actions? That in itself lets you know where the real problem is.
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    It's funny he mentioned these mailers. Every mailer I get from Republicans is asking for money. I wonder? Is his view a little slanted.....?
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    Obama was elected by Mexican's and Black's, if we are not careful we will have another democratic president when he leaves office, are we prepared for this?
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    Which Boehner should the democrats listen to, the one suing him for taking executive action ... or the Boehner that told Obama that he'll have to take executive action?

    Boehner Encourages Obama To Take Executive Action, One Day After Voting To Sue Obama Over Executive Action
    ThinkProgress ‎- 4 days ago
    House Republicans say that the President can fix the border situation ... reprieve and work authorization for some undocumented immigrants.
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