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    I'll tell you what are some real racial slurs: education, work, dignity, self reliance, law abiding, marriage, Christianity

    Say these words to some minorities and watch how seething mad they get. They really don't like those words at all.
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    Are you here legally or illegally? Are you an immigrant or not?
    If you are here illegally and you migrated from another country you are an illegal immigrant. Simple as that.
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    It's not a racial slur, but it is incredibly polarizing and inflammatory language. It's a phrase that has encouraged distaste towards immigrants, regardless of whether they entered the country legally or not.

    The phrase "Illegal Immigrant" is what George Carlin would have called the evolution of language. First it was 'aliens,' next 'illegals,' now 'illegal immigrants.' It's a way of dumbing down the words, or phrase, to dilute their actual meaning. Here is an example:

    WWI: Soldiers came home with what they called "Shell shock." Very brutal and to the point.
    WWII: A new phrase was used for the same ailment: "Battle Fatigue." Longer words, less emotion.
    Korea: Now it was stretched out even more: "Operational Exhaustion." No longer does emotion even exist in the phrase, nor does it sound scary, dangerous or harmful like it should.
    Vietnam/Post-Nam Era: This was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back: "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder." That phrase is responsible for just as much injustice as 'illegal immigrants.' It's such a benign phrase that no one even pays attention to it anymore.

    The reason these two examples occurred is because Americans are afraid of just about everything. Because of this fact, they find they must shelter themselves from the real world.'Shell shock' sounds scary,'PTSD' is just some letters.'Aliens' sounds like an invasion,'illegal immigrants' makes it sound like the flow is being stemmed.

    Want some more examples?
    -'Toilet paper' is now 'bathroom tissue.'
    -'Sneakers' are now known as 'running shoes.'
    -'Fake/false teeth'? Nah. Those are 'dental appliances.'
    -'Medicine' is now 'Medication.'
    -'Dump's are now 'landfill's.
    - Shitty 'motels' are called 'motor lodges.'
    -'Used cars'--> 'Previously owned vehicles.'
    -'Riots' have become 'civil disorders.'
    -'Strikes' are nothing more than 'job actions.'
    -'Zoos' are 'wildlife parks.'
    -'Drug addiction' is a 'substance abuse.'

    Sure, you can make the argument that language evolves into what the speakers require. A case of that would be the word 'retard.' Nowadays, you would never call someone with a 'mental disability,' retarded.(See that one too?) But you would call someone who does something stupid, retarded. But again, that boils down to fear. You fear something, so you insult it.'Retarded' has much more emotion than 'stupid' or 'dumb.'

    Oh, and this isn't just the States. But that's just the country I chose to use. Same can be applied to any English speaking country, and I feel safe assuming, many countries with other languages.
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    Well said. But I still don't have a problem calling them illegal aliens or Illegal immigrants. Undocumented workers is just BS to make it sound like they are contributing to society and just messed up their paperwork. More BS. Can't call them aliens as their are many legal resident aliens. i suppose if it makes anyone feel better i could call them criminals or criminal aliens or criminal immigrants. Or better yet, let's go with CRIMMIGRANTS. That's evolution of language.
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    The definition of 'alien' is: A foreigner.

    I don't give a damn how sensitive people want to feel about me calling people what they are. I do it all the time, even on this site. People who are living in a country, but are not citizens of that country (born there, naturalized or otherwise), are aliens.
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    I simply meant calling them aliens doesn't tell me the legality of their current status in the country. It's not enough information.
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    You forgot my favorite... War, Police Action, and Kinetic Military Action

    I agree with your deconstructions of language but I disagree with you on what is "polarizing and inflammatory language".

    I find the use of the word "immigrant" and the phrase "undocumented worker" to be the polarizing and inflammatory labels... Polarizing and inflammatory to citizens and legal residents.

    About the "alien" label. I am with you too that "alien" is a correct description, I just think "immigrant" is more accurate and without the baggage of "foreigner" or "other/not of us", that is inferred with the word.

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on some details, but I like your critical thinking about the topic.
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    So you are saying there are record number of suicides because they are being called illegal aliens?
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    It's no more a racial slur then telling them they're not a U.S. citizen. What is "racial" about it? This is ridiculous. That's like saying it's a racial slur if I call you a male if you're a man, or if you call me a female because I'm a female.. This is so laughable. It's pretty sad that this would even be on here. When we live in a time where "truth" becomes 'racial' or 'judgmental' or 'politically incorrect', then we know society is REALLY messed up. LOLOLOL
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    Let's see they immigrated to the U.S.(sound better the snuck)... They didn't follow the law...(sounds better than criminal) ya.. I'd vote for "illegal immigrant"... WAIT.. I take that back .. My vote goes to "Man made disaster" instead of Terriorism.
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    Oh sure,, Let's call bank robbery Undocumented Withdrawal, rape would be unassisted copulation, murder we'll call unrequested premature exit, child molesting could be unsolicted sex education. Where will the madness of these people stop. How bout we call CNN Consistant Neurotic Nonsense, or Communist News Network or (fill in blank) These people suck so bad we no longer need gravity.
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    Since the term refers to illegals from all nationalities, it cannot, by definition, be a racial slur. Mr Garcia is refering to Hispanic illegals only, thereby admitting he thinks only Hispanics are here illegally and that is likely not the case at all. This is just more politically correct brain washing.
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    Obviously you lack a 'bit of sense'.
    If you come to a conclusion based on logic and not bias, a lot of things make sense.
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    "'re saying the individual is unlawful..." Um, yes. That's exactly right. They are illegally here and they are an immigrant. There is nothing racist there. Just calling it like it is.
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    No, an illegal immigrant is just an illegal immigrant and many come out of Mexico to this town with a load of dope. Come in, have free babies, free medical, free rx, no ss taxes, no medicare taxes, just dope. MOst will not take a job if they hold out taxes but they sure like to spend our taxpayers money. NOt all are this way, i know a few, that are legit, work five days a week, does not bother anyone. most dope and drink five days a week and make it bad for the legit working immigrants.
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    No. I'm not insulting the person, I'm not even insulting their actions. There is nothing disparaging in the word immigrant or alien. The term illegal is simply a definition of that immigrants or aliens legal status as a non-citizen. This is ridiculous. It's simply an attempt to keep people from discussing the issue in blunt terms. Liberals know that if you control the words people use use can control the argument. This is the same as trying to control the "hate rhetoric" where we cant use words like target because of their connotations. It might send someone over the edge. So do quick pulses of light used in video games and tv commercials. Give me a break. IF you are here without being a natural born or properly documented citizen or resident alien, you are an ILLEGAL Alien or ILLEGAL immigrant. IF as an illegal, you find this wording offensive or it hurts your feelings, then you are free to leave the country you don't belong in.
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    If "illegal immigrant" is a racial slur, then so too is "legal immigrant." And if these are racial slurs, then just what should we call people who immigrate here illegally. And just which race are we slurring since illegal immigrants are made up of many races from many continents?
    With this type of logic, "unwed mother," even, "jay walker," could be considered racial slurs. Dumb!
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    Taken as their parts... "illegal" is not racist, and "immigrant" is not racist... put them together and "illegal immigrant" is racist?

    I've broken down the labels used in the immigration debate in another thread...

    I believe "illegal immigrant" is the best label. It keeps the focus where it needs to be... On the broken border and our broken immigration system.

    Oh and there's the Dug/Border Wars/Terrorism too.

    The Mexico drug war: Bodies for billions
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    In Hegelian terms...

    Thesis- "Illegal immigrant" is not a racial slur.
    Antithesis- "Illegal immigrant" is a racial slur.

    I guess wants to push the "undocumented worker" label.

    2) Undocumented Workers"- Label used by cruel people who value "labor below open market levels for citizens and legal residents" more than they value human beings. They want the border to stay broken and the cheap labor coming. Both sides are guilty.

    Sorry... I'm not cruel.
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    You are correct, it seems people are unable to deal with the meaning of words, they project their bias to the phrase.
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