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    I am all for legalization and am proud of my state for implementing this. I will say, though, that I think it is a little early to declare this a success. There will be issues that come up with anything new and it would be wise to continue to monitor how things are looking to stay in front of any problems. Colorado has handled this beautifully and they are setting a great precedent for the rest of the country when this becomes legal everywhere.
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    Actually you cant declare it a success. I find it a bit comical that from that very chart it shows that the fatalities are up. they are only down for one month and that's july for the last two years, but over all its up.
    If you look at national data fatalities are down nationwide.
    this article is not just a rose colored glasses issue its completely delusional
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    @sociald Well, I wouldn't say that. With Colorado being one of the fastest growing states in the US (5th), the fact that they have still managed to decrease car fatalities in any month year over year is an accomplishment. That said, you say July is the only year where there is less, but that isn't correct. It decreased in January, May, June and July and was about equal in March and April (very slightly up in 2014 in April). It increased in February. The variance between 2013 and 2014 is heavier in the months that 2014 had less. 2014 is a better year than 2013 - maybe review it again.

    With that said, saying that marijuana use doesn't have an impact or improves driving is not a fair statement, as there are far more factors that contribute to road safety than this small stat (such as weather, traffic rates, average age of drivers, etc.). It is, however, a good sign not to see a sharp spike upward since legalization. As stated previously, this isn't a win, but it isn't a bad sign. We still have a lot more research to go in order to make this a success in the rest of the country.
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    @Now_What well true however the state next to you, Utah, which is 4th fastest growing had an even sharper decline in auth fatalities
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    @sociald Yup, they have done a good job. Again, there are probably many contributing factors. It is something to keep monitoring.
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    Pot makes you drives slower, more careful. Doesn't give you the over confidence that alcohol does. No links to back that up just personal experience.
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    I agree 100%.. I now back in my young stupid days, after drinking so much that I couldn't stand without swaying I would be like "Hell, I'm alright I can drive..." Then do double the speed limit home. Luckily I live in the middle of nowhere and the roads are deserted at the times I was driving. But if I ever smoked any it was a different story, it would take an act of congress to pry my ass off of the chair I was siting in...

    When you're drunk you're invincible, when you're stoned you don't have the motivation to move...
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    I'm not sure "I drive high" is something you should be saying on a public forum. Especially since (the Republicans keep saying that) the NSA are watching all of our posts here.
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    A few years back I had a pro legalize youtube channel. I ran it for a few years linking to vids that debunked all the typical propaganda.
    I remember finding 2 links to studies that showed either no difference or a slight improvement on driving. Those were both physical road obstacle courses. Seems there was also one on a virtual course with the same results.
    In any event I'm not going to bother looking up the links. Most people seem to have their minds made up. Either for or against.
    I have positive hopes to see legalization across the nation pretty soon. I personally think it should never had been made illegal in the first place. Corruption led to it.
    It just makes me sick all the years I missed of being able to come home after a long day of work & smoke a joint, garden or socialize in peace.(I really don't like alcohol.)
    Without having to worry about a tyrannical Gov. sending S.W.A.T. teams smashing in my doors and windows & a population of A-holes calling me names like pothead or whatever. The people of this country & world are a real disappointment. Liars, thieves & to caught up in competing & feeling superior to their fellow man. I work, pull my weight & just want to be left in f'n peace.
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    Now if only we could figure out a way to get the entire middle east baked within a matter of minutes... Israel and Palestine's disagreements would be reduced to who's mom makes the best Hummus.
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    Oh my god, I can't believe nobody has realized this until now. Hummus is becoming increasingly popular in America, and rightfully so, it's delicious. But it's a terrorist plot, I mean just look at it... Hummus/Hamas, coincidence, I don't think so...

    Step one- Get Americans addicted to hummus.
    Step two-...
    Step three- World domination.
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    ... As long as they don't trade their daughters for a bag of kind bud like they did in the good old days and crucify edible manufacturers if they get too stoned because they're witches.
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    I would never "buzz and drive" but if I did it would slow me down a bit and give me more patience out on the road, especially if my favorite jams were on playing LOUD! "Ticking away, the moments that make up the dull day...."
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    After returning to see what I got voted up on, I have a craving to go listen to DSTM, incidentally it just had its 40th anniversary! How old does that make you feel?
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    Wonder what the increase is in those who pull over and go to sleep? Was in Colorado last month and did notice an unusual number of cars on side of roads. Thought they were having car trouble but not enough of the cars were Chrysler products.
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    Chrysler trucks stink. My first one only lasted 26 years. It was never worked on by a dealer after I bought it brand new. My second truck only has 190,000 miles so it has a way to go.
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    Sure, no one is hurrying any more, and nobody wants to get pulled over as they head out of state with all that weed.

    The surrounding state's police agencies are picking off people in wholesale lots.

    On the other hand, general aviation traffic at small airports is way up.
    Someone should check.
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    @AceLuby You should try leaving Colorado with CO. plates. I had a Kansas trooper make a u-turn on I-70 and follow me. No doubt bordering states are watching the vehicles coming out of Colorado.

    Glad I wasn't in my 60's VW bus :)
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    @Cincinnatus I mistyped. SHould have said "Glad I wasn't in A 60's VW bus :) " I don't have one but see them fairly often....mostly closer to Boulder :)
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    I had one back when, and I thought 50 mph was about as fast as I should go.

    And being passed by a semi was a life threatening experience.

    But you could rebuild the engine with a hammer and a pair of vice-grips.

    I sort of miss it.
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    All I have to say is ...


    Govt. propaganda is a fail! Make this stuff legal already!
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    That was great! But on a more serious note, it's important to keep in mind that pot and alcohol are much worse (safety wise) than alcohol alone. It's the worst of both worlds.
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    Heck! I could have predicted that. Lot's of people (pot smokers) probably don't care about. going out. Can't find their keys. Or maybe even their cars :-). I'll bet pizza deliveries are up.

    Guess what. I'll also bet that homicides will probably go down as well. Chillaxxx. lol.
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    Well, relaxing at home getting high is far less riskier than driving.....

    I'm guessing a more realistic study would be to find how many if any of those drivers had smoked pot.....
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    You have two separate events one with a quantifiable outcome. I just don't see anywhere in this article where any study was done to connect the two events.
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    @HawkTheSlayer The funny thing is.....wouldn't all these people lighting up contribute to climate change.....or is the fact that pot is green a positive?
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    Actually, the National highway fatality rates have fallen by a slightly greater margin than that being seen in Colorado. But I am not surprised that it hasn't increased. Even when it was illegal, people still drove under the influence, and it is still illegal to drive under the influence.
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    More 20-somethings sitting around in their bedrooms with the munchies instead of driving. No surprise there.
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    I hope in this state of Illinois it will be put on the ballet next year for the citizens to vote on for it to be legal for over 21 to use and buy, its the only tax advantage this crap hole state has at saving itself!
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    Are hoping to see negative results? Just waiting to say I told you so...not going to happen. Sorry to disappoint you.
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