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    Maybe...they're not out of the woods yet.

    But now we know why they were brought this drug could be used to see the results on humans. This was the shot in the dark that allowed them to bypass the strict process of the FDA's regulations that still could have been years away.

    I hope it works!
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    Sorry @hillofbeans, you made it very clear that these cowards should have been left there to die. However, many of their fellow Americans are so excited about the opportunity to save these heroes. I hope you are on board and praying for a speedy recovery for our fellow countrymen that were out in a very bad part of the world trying to help the less fortunate.
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    I've seen a lot of back and forth over this one on both sides but now we know the "real why" these two were brought back and put into one of the CDC's top facilities...they had a possible cure to try out for Ebola on two people who couldn't be more willing, and who already understands the disease more than most.
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    Most on the left wanted these heroes to come home, regardless of their disease. I think most are also happy they are getting help and hopefully can survive this!
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    I wasn't against them coming here...the company that makes the drug where it's actually produced is in Owensboro KY not far from here. We had kind of heard rumors that that's what they were going to do and why they brought them back. I'm also in favor of it because if you're going to beat this virus, you have to test for it and I still can't think of any country set up any better than we are at medical science...other than Israel's.
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    Actually, one of the first none Africans to be diagnosed with the disease recovered without specialized treatment. Now 71 he did a short interview with Lex 18 News, and is semi-retired. They didn't even know what he had at the time. Later tests for the antibodies showed what it was.

    Yes, Ebola is nasty! Is it the pandemic threat some fear? Most likely not.
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    If it may help! At least try it as a last resort for some who will die without it, if the US doctors survive. Then see if it works from those cases.
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    And the best part!
    It is made from Tobacco. You know that terrible thing that the libs tried for years to force the companies out of business.
    Love it!
    Watched a special interview with those hat make it last night on the news.
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    If your life was on the line with a 50-90% mortality rate...what would you do? Interesting that it is the dreaded and scorned lowly Tobacco leaf with its quick mosaic and genetic growth. Good to know that Cancer treatments might come from the same plant chemical. And why is cancer not treated the same way. Where is the FDA and trials on the Ebola drug?
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    This drug was given because there was no hope left. If it works, great; but, we don't know how well it works or if it is, in fact, working until the doctor and nurse survive.
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    magnacarta - You say, "with no negative (it think it should be)'effects'". Have you seen the ads for the 'approved drugs' that list 'side effects'? If I had Ebola, and my biggest potential 'side effect' from not taking the drug was death, none of the other 'side effects' would really bother me.:-).
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    @eyesonu I want these people to get well.
    i myself got Cancer and had it removed and chemo . I agree with you. The effect however with the Ebola thing is still too early to say it's successful. That's all i meant.
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    @magnacarta - Glad to hear you beat the big "C". I've got two friends who are currently losing their fights. Having been through it, You know better than most what it is like to deal with a scary disease.

    You're also right to say the jury's still out on the success of the treatment. But if I had Ebola, I'd go kiss Ted Cruz's ass if I thought it would help cure me.(Guess I shouldn't announce that to loudly, because Ted will probably tell me it would)
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    @eyesonu Well i do have side effects from the chemo, kidney problems now. But I'll see how long
    that takes me. BTW: You don't need to kiss Ted's ass, you will however have do so to whoever is in charge of HHS, or Health Politburo for future treatments.
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    @magnacarta - Nawwwww. Ted's going to secede from the U.S. and form his own country. "Texerica". Where he can be 'large and in charge'.:-). You'll see a mass migration of like-minded individuals flock there. A fifty-foot double fence around the whole 'country', and an army to guard it from little kids trying to get in from Honduras. Cheney will be the Secretary of Defense. Huckabee will be Secretary of Religious Thinking. Ted Nugent will be second in command to Cheney. Palin will be Secretary of State because of her vast foreign policy experience.(She's seen Russia). Department of Education will not exist. Instead, Cruz will pass out copies of 'Green Eggs and Ham'. There you have it. Georg Orwell's '1984', Er, I mean, Alex Jone's '2020'(I chose 2020 on purpose, because the 'right' would want something named after their 'clear vision')
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    The old tobacco plant continues to surprise us. Some bad, some good...let's hope this good one bears up under further scrutiny!
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    and it should have been administered in Africa, rather than taking the significant chance of creating an outbreak elsewhere, either in transit or in the US ...
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    Yeah, but I'm not holding my breath that Joel Osteen will cough up a few of his millions to help black people in Africa.
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    Writebol and her husband, David, had been in Liberia since last August, sent there by SIM USA and sponsored by their home congregation at Calvary Church in Charlotte.

    Those " evil" churches ??
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    Who was the idiot who allowed the infected into this country in the first place? They should be shot on site! Second. If airborne , our leaders are fully responsible and all of then will have to pay! If this becomes an outbreak, I want public hangings for all the congress, senate, any who supported the bringing of doom to America!
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    Apparently you missed part of the article.
    "Ebola is only spread through direct contact with an infected person's blood or other bodily fluids, not through the air."
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    @NormalFlora The CDC is a government facility! I have as much faith in them and their abilities like a bloody shit! Do I trust then? NO! There is no chance in Hell I would have brought these people here! I would have treated them there in Africa where the caught the contagion!
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    Athiestchild - I guess you'd fall into the category that some call a 'low information voter'. Those who spout of nonsense without any idea of what they're talking about.
    See Fishbone345's post # 16

    And of course, Michelle Bachmann is telling everyone that the illegal immigrant kids are bringing it in as well. What a bunch of morons.
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    Who in our continent was the retard to bring this virus here? Just a name! So, when this spreads, we have someone to fully blame for our deaths! f'ing retard!
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    Don't be scared that's what they want.
    Your name makes me think you're on the wrong angle for this story.
    How about you point out how the wife of the doctor thanked jeebus and god for watching over her husband and being with them through all of this. Because if she is right, then jeebus made sure the rich white guy survived and let a bunch of poor villagers die an horrific agonizing death just to show rich white people in rich countries how much he cares. Try going with that and the inherent hypocrisy instead.
    Being scared of ebola is what they want you do.
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    Let's hope that this untested and unapproved drug doesn't cause the virus to mutate into a form far worse and more communicable than it already is.
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    ctc - With that kind of thinking, they'd still be testing aspirin to see if it's safe.

    Let's see... The virus mutates, and the patients die. The patients don't get treatment, and they die. Hmmm..... What should we do? It's not a highly communicable disease. unlike one other certainly uninformed 'poster' seems to think it is.
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