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    Let Africa take care of Africa. We need to concentrate on our own issues at home right now. We have too many here that need our help.
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    AH not problems by this fools perspective,His goal to make us a third world country is higher on the agenda.
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    That's not what the UN wants. Lifting Africa out of poverty by wealth redistribution from the US, Europe, and other wealthy nations is what Agenda 21 is all about.
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    @ahsum99ss Is that right last time I checked there are plenty of us not in poverty and yet the right won't scratch a fingernail to help the plight of the poor so this doesn't surprise me that someone would say that don't worry eventually these problems will become so big you will have to do something about it!
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    Sounds like the authors solution is to pump money into Africa. Yet, every time they have done that the results have been the same and bad. In addition, China is following the exact same policy that they are accusing the US of doing and has no plans to stop.

    If you want to sum up Africa's real problem, it tends to be heads of state and their friends sending boat loads of cash to Swiss banks. For every penny that goes to solving the problem, a dollar is going to a numbered bank account.
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    Every time I see help Africa I really wonder who its helping there is corruption everywhere and yet it is never addressed or analyzed
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    Your post is spot on.

    I have friends who live in Africa . Well, some have left and they say the corruption is a 100%.

    Looking at S. Africa when we left it collapsed .

    Don't get me wrong because apartheid was deplorable but now their own African corruption has engulfed them and tribe vs tribe they periodically slaughter each other .

    I am actually very liberal on many issues but having been around the world and friends who have done the same , I say "When the White 's leave , the whole place falls apart."
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    This isn't about Obama because under ever US President you have throwing your money down the sewer in Africa and Latin American aid .
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    The UN is an ENABLER of corruption . They are a disease that loves to take American and European money and flush it down the toilet in corrupt countries.

    Even if actual goods are sent. Most wind up stolen by officials and sold in Black market .

    Much of Europe loves to criticize US as far as not giving enough but the reality is we have had enough of blood sucking Africa and have walked away .

    Thankfully we don't waste our money in Latin America like the Yanks do which is another disaster.
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    We are human beings first and Americans second. Or at least we should be. With that being said, agree that we have a lot of work that needs to be done right here and we better not be increasing any payments to anybody while in the midst of our recovery.
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    They don't get "money". They get credits to buy american goods. Foreign aid always has been, and always will be, socialism for business.
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    @Wafflecone You got that right and supporting a genocide of civilians because you suspect Terrorists in every nook and cranny rather bomb the place then scout it out
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    How about we deal with the hottest problem...Military-LAST Is The Wrong Approach Toward ISIS. We should be annihilating these murderous psychos. But Obama chooses to let us be complete dildos while they kill women and children.
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    ISIS is backed by america's ally saudi arabia. You want peace in the middle east and western asia? Nuke the saudi's and israelis.
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    I disagree completely.

    If you step back and look at not only Iraq's history but the history of the Islamic world.

    They butcher each other like animals UNLESS they have a brutal dictator in power who controls things with an iron fist .

    You removed that dictator . It was not Obama who removed him so take off your selective blinders .

    ISIS is just one of countless groups who is trying to take over the disaster you caused .

    Remove them and another group steps in.

    You Yanks live in a tiny bubble and to this day appear to ignorant to grasp the disaster that is the Islamic world.

    You get involved like you are super heroes and than you inherit a no end in sight financial bleeding .

    You can thank Bush/Cheney but I suspect that doesn't register in your world.
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    I'm not sure military or money is going to fix Africa until we can figure out who the good and bad guys are over there. We have tried pumping money in there for years with bad results. If we actually did use the military it would take a real long term commitment of force that may last years or more to bring stability. I don't think there is enough support from anyone for that. If we do commit to military force again I wish we would use enough for as long as it takes to accomplish the goals.
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    how about we don't give a flying stick about Africa and pull back all our international aid, pay our national debt, solve the problems here at home and let others do the same.
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    US has big problems such as an infrastructure that is crying for much needed repair .

    Yet you throw your money away on ingrate and corrupt foreign countries who suck your blood like vampires .
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    It would make a world of difference to elderly US citizens who need help with meds, care , etc .

    Why is the US nor anyone else obligated to do a thing for Africa when their own leaders could not care less about them and let me say that is exactly where US aid winds up , In their corrupt leaders safe deposit boxes .

    Europe wised up years ago . US should do the same .
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    Total foreign aid is around 37 billion which includes military aid to allies. Non military is only 23 Billion.

    That's little more than a drop in the bucket in a total federal budget of 3.77 Trillion dollars.

    If we eliminated it altogether,(which would be extremely imprudent) it would make little more than a tiny ripple in the national debt. That's OLD math my friend.
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    Post colonial Africa has suffered for decades - from nothing more than itself.

    There is not a point in history that I can recall where Africa had achieved a Utopian state.
    It has gone from bad, to worse, to more worse.
    Colonialism did not offer much to Africa - but, there was forced and enforced stability.
    That stability heavily favored the colonial overseers.
    There wasn't much war - or, civil unrest.

    Once the colonial powers left, the carpet-bagging locals took up - where the Europeans left off - with great enthusiasm.

    The current situation today is driven by rampant corruption and exploitation.

    Dr. Shanks theories and opinions fall under the category of "nothing is impossible - so long as some one else has to do it."
    At least of all of his "and, then a miracle happens" recommendations - is that some how a generation of education, job skill development - and, economic stimulation - can all happen simultaneously, over night.
    Not only is this possible simply because he can conceive it - but, it will also flourish in the presence of festering civil wars - and, burgeoning jihadists.

    So, in total denial of the social realities, Dr. Shank wants the US to dump billions into Africa.
    All for the highest of altruistic reasons - save the children, invest in education, etc.
    I assume that he expects Americans to be stupid enough to ignore the fact that none of that money is going to make it to those long suffering children.
    The cash will be lucky to make it past the bureaucrats in Washington.
    If the program directors don't scarf it all in bonuses, it then has to make it past all the layers of bureaucratic thieves in the resident African nations.
    What is left has to make it past the local bureaucrats, contractors, etc.

    no... it is simply too expensive to pump money into Africa.
    There are way too many layers of corrupt managers, preventing the accomplishment of just about everything.

    The real problem here is not lack of aid money.
    The US has dumped billions into Africa for decades.

    The key blockade to accomplishing anything in Africa - is the assumption and expectation on the part of Africa - that "their" problems are only solvable by some one else.
    Africa is too sick.
    Africa is too violent.
    Africa is too corrupt.
    Africa is too poor.
    yet, from all this, Africa expects some one from the outside to come in a fix all their problems.


    Having seen America's abilities at nation building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, Ukraine, etc.- why the hell would they expect the fix to come from here.

    no.. all they want is mo money, mo money, mo money.
    They don't want it to look or sound like mo money, mo money, mo money.
    Dr. Shanks and all his lofty goals are little more than a money laundering scheme for the mo money, mo money, mo money.

    With China moving in with twice the mo money, mo money, mo money - than the US is dumping in there these daze - Africa had best get going with learning Mandarin.

    Let's see if the Africans will perform any better for their new Chinese benevolent overlords.
    Let them to the nation building for a change.

    It never got us a damn thing.
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    I like Obama's idea. Get business to invest in their economy and improve their lives. Don't give the aid money leaders who do nothing with it.
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    Spot on. The U.S. spends far too much on military aid which is more often than not used for domestic oppression and other economic assistance which usually gets siphoned off so that local leaders can live large. Both do little to gain the hearts and minds of the population and indeed cause the U.S. to be loathed. OTOH China knows what's up. Built a soccer stadium in Costa Rica using Chinese materials, engineers and labor and decorated it with plaques noting the gift of friendship from your buddies in China. We should be doing such.
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    @ErnestPayne That's my point. If business go in and invest the workers benefit. Our biggest reason Corporations have balked at going into Africa is because graft and bribery are the way of life and we have a strong law against that. If Corporations are caught doing that they lose the ability to vend to the US Government. China doesn't mind paying payola.
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    Hmmm. Hard to get the take here. Friends Committee on National Legislation, adjunct faculty at George Mason University's School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution? George Mason=Koch University. I did see an article condemning Murdoch and the Kochs on the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution's website to it may be a part of the university the Kochs haven't gotten their claws (or $$$$) into yet, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. They are Quakers, but then, so was Nixon. It's hard to know if peaceful resolution works, we've tried it so seldom. Bomb first, ask questions later, or have the CIA undermine the whole place and stage a coup. It never hurt anything to try peace first. All we are saying is give peace a chance.
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    No sending more money to Africa will do no good at all. it has never worked in the past -- why would it work now?

    There can be no peace in Africa or anywhere else in the world until terrorism is thoroughly defeated. That means that the forces for good in the world must join together to destroy radical Islamic terrorism NOW, before it is too late. What is going on right now all across central Africa, and in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iraq amounts to barbarism equaled only in the Nazi era. If we turn a blind eye we will pay for it sooner rather than later.

    The world is on the brink right now. Terrorism understands only violence and brute force. "Making nice" will solve absolutely nothing.
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    I'm not sure so I voted "In Parts". Africa is a rich continent with plenty of resources to trade. Humanitarian aid usually winds up in the pockets of politicians. If the countries in Africa want to develop their resources and need money to do so, let private capital front it.

    I do agree (gasp) with Obama that military solutions to Africa's problems are not very productive.
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    Private money would be appropriate to develop Africa's resources. Humanitarian " aid" winds up in politician's pockets.
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    I don' think anyone should be giving aid, private or public, until 1. Islamic terror and 2. rampant corruption can be dealt with.
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    I agree with the 'stop sending the military as a knee-jerk response' part. otherwise, I disagree with involving ourselves overseas unless there are vital national interests (ours, no one else's) at stake.
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