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    I don't want to believe that is true, but I think Hillary may be right. America should stand with Israel, just as they have always stood by us. They are an important and great ally to the US and their country has been unfairly targeted since their existence.
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    @thismonkey Your going with the "right wing hate site" over your own 2016 standard-bearer? Now, ain't THAT somethin'!
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    Make sure to clean your ears. Time is getting short. She's gunna tell everyone exactly what they want to hear from here on. LoL!
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    Your statement fails on the face of it.

    Nobody wants to hear that anything they say, think, or believe, is based on bigotry. And, there is no getting around the fact that anti-Semitism is bigotry, in the VAST majority of cases.
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    But does she believe that? Or is she trying to get moderate Republican votes.... All criticism of Israel isn't anti-Semitic. Is all criticism of Obama racist? There are other reasons to question what we think we know.
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    Well, to most lefties on here, any criticism of Obama is racist!

    Well, if she's pandering (lying), then...

    "What difference does it make?"
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    This is sort of dumb. If I refuse to eat haggis, does that make me anti Scottish? Israel is one thing, a country that has set itself up where it was unwelcome and in which Jews get special privileges that other citizen of Israel do not get. Not all Jews agree with Israel (Noam Chomsky, for one). I can dislike the Queen without being anti English, I can oppose the Russian treatment of Georgians without being anti-Russian. I can dislike every US congressperson grovelling before Netanyahu as they would never grovel before the Bloody Queen of England and not be anti-Semitic. Being anti Zionist is not at all the same as being anti-Semitic. Arabs are Semites as are Jews. Hillary and every US politician always says nonsense like this, but it doe not make it true.
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    Hillary reminds me of the empty talking point Miami "Cuba libre" politicos who are 100% full of ####.

    I mention them because I know you are in Miami .
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    Both parties can be counted on to suck up to the Israelis. Israel is hardly an important issue for me, and whoever runs against Hillary (assuming she is nominated) will also suck up to AIPAC and probably to CANF (the Cuban exile equivalent of AIPAC) as well.
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    She is completely wrong. I am Jewish and I do not support the illegal settlements or bombing of Gaza and there are millions of Jews worldwide that feel the same. We are sick and tired of being berated just because we stand up against what we believe are war crimes. Why is it that any disagreement about Isreal instantly labels us as anti-Semetic. As a Jew I am ashamed and horrified at the actions of Israel and the U.S. I hope the world will have courage to stand up to Israel's barbaric Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. If any other country did what Israel is doing the world would be up in arms. The only reason the U.S. stands by Israel is that we want a military post in the middle east, and the U.S. feels guilty that they did little to help Jews in WWII. What does Israel do for the U.S. exactly? What they are doing is creating anti-Semetism world wide with their actions. Israel's agression is bad for Jews world wide and it make us targets. NOT IN OUR NAME. JEWS AGAINST THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION, ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS AND APARTHEID LAWS. THE TIME TO STAND UP IS NOW!!! Hilary is just looking for Jewish votes...that is all. America is hugely anti-Semetic and this is just a political cover-up. JEWS FOR A FREE PALESTINE!
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    very interesting post....I appreciate hearing you unique and highly relevant perspective on this issue and its current divisiveness hear in the U.S.
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    You are Jewish and I am not but if I lived in Israel I would not want a "free" Palestine because nothing good is coming Israel's way due to that.

    In the end a country must do what is good for its citizens not its neighbor which is a concept the US doesn't grasp with its open borders .
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    The Anti-Israel part of the Democrat Party is still going to vote Democrat even though Hillary says this. They aren't going to switch to Republican, so their votes are safe. However, moderate Republicans, who are still pro-Israel, will find her less repulsive due to this. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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    If it is the correct type of Republican like a Rudy Guiliani .

    I was a Republican till moving to Florida 4 - 5 yrs ago from NY and than over night left the GOP .

    ESP in this state .
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    I agree they are not the only option but be realistic . Most people will fall in line with 1 of the 2 .

    An Independent can do it and I think now more than ever but He/she better be very rich if they want to compete .
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    The protest in Europe against Israel are pretty much all Muslim...that's the punishment Europeans get for welcoming them to their homeland no good deed goes unpunished. People in the US don't even know why terrorist chose 9/11 as a date, they are clueless as to the history of the Ottoman empire. You'd have to be stupid not to realize the majority of Sunni Muslims support Isis, the silence of the Muslims in the USA speak volumes, no protest against Isis as they slaughter Christians and condemnation from the Islamic Studies Foundation or CAIR in the USA of this tragedy.
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    Actually Jewish Americans much to their credit vote at close to a 100% in local, state and federal .

    That is their real political power .
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    Holy crap, Mrs. "I screwed up regarding Benghazi" Clinton is actually correct on this one....Billary got one right for once. Hell must've dropped a couple of degrees yesterday...
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    Hillary seems to have morphed into her Bush lite mode. She's vastly superior to anything the GOP will offer up in 2016 but she's far from perfect. Sometimes she can be almost Republican.
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    @JoseinThrdWrld - the difference is that she isn't a Bush. That family is one of the worst things that has ever happened to this country.
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    I've posted this multiple places but I want as many people to see it as possible....

    First off it is not justifying Hamas' actions. It simply explains the roots from which the modern Zionist movement has sprung.
    It dives deep into the history of the isolated Jewish communities that lived within Europe for hundreds of years and the dictatorial religious and political leadership that the rabbis had over their people (this culture of leadership being the reason why so many of the most prominent communist philosophers such as Marx had a Jewish background.)
    Yet then during the era of the enlightenment the Jewish rabbis did lose much power in their communities no matter how hard they tried to keep it.
    So in order to maintain power they had to become more political. In which they began to advocate the political Zionist movement which was all about power nothing about being true to scripture as can be proved seeing how most of the Orthodox Jews refused to return because the scripture said they must wait for the savior to take them back to it.
    The newly formed Israeli army later on displaced over 700,000 Palestinians, the equivalent of 200,000,000 Americans and killed many approximately what would be the equivalent of 1,000,000 and left them with the land equivalency of Texas and Alaska for us.

    While doing this they also managed to end the hundreds of years of peace that had been occurring between regional Jews and palistainians.
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    In the interest of preventing duplication, I will inform you I have replied to that statement on your link.

    I'd be happy to discuss it further there.
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    She just positioning for running I think, an ambitious politician will say anything but who knows what they really think.
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    Like the corporate media and most Western politicians, Hilary Clinton is thoroughly "owned" by Israel.

    The sad reality is that due to Israeli terrorism, bribery, corruption and brow beating, the UN General, which had no legal right to act, and contravened it's "sacred duty" and principles of ethnic responsibilities, assigned the Palestinian mandate to a UN protectorate of Jerusalem, and two democratic constitutional countries, one "Jewish", one "Arab", but both guaranteeing all citizens full rights including property rights, irrespective of race, religion or sex. One of the two, Israel, then engaged in massive ethnic cleansing of "their" 51% of the Palestine, of which Jews owned a mere 7% at the time, killing over 10,000 and driving out over 700,000 of the Israeli-Palestinians, creating a massive regional refugee problem. Israel has subsequently instigated illegal wars which resulted not only in the creation of further refugee problems, but in the occupation of 97% of the territory of the Palestinian Mandate. That brutal occupation continues today, where Israel, armed to the teeth with some of the most modern weapon systems in the world, most of them supplied by and paid for by the USA, is using American supplied systems in breach of American law, to murder almost totally disarmed Palestinians in thoroughly illegal acts of mass reprisals. The Palestinians which Israel has dispossessed and made refugees of have been blockaded, invaded, killed and injured on a continuous basis over a period of over half-a-century, with at least 10 Palestinians killed and injured for each Israeli.
    Despite the founding terms, apartheid Israel still has no constitution, massively discriminates based on ethnicity and religion, maintain very different laws for Jewish and non-Jewish portions of the population, and despite continuous claims to be a "democracy", a total of 3 Israeli-Palestinian ministers have briefly served in a country where Israeli-Palestinians make-up over 20% of the population demonstrating the vast gulf betweeen the Israel for which Clinton apologises and the reality with which Palestinians, in both the "Jewish" and "Arab" zones, have to suffer. Refer e.g.

    As for her strident claims about Russia, the portion of Ukraine being fought over has been Russian for centuries, and was only attached to the administrative district which became Ukraine in the 1950s. The nazi-thugs who lead a coup against the elected government of the Ukraine were organised and funded by the USA, despite representations and undertakings of non-aggression and non-intervention made by the USA to the Soviet Union in order to facilitate the peaceful dissasembly of the Soviet Union. This appears to have been driven by the infamous (for "Fsck the EU") Victoria Nuland, an official of the U.S. State Department who is married to Robert Kagan who, with his brother Fred, and their father, Donald, were the founders of the Project for a New American Century, which aggressively pushed for war against Iraq during the Clinton and Bush administrations. Refer e.g.
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