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    And... Goodnight Vietnam.

    It's so sad when something like this happens. I wish he would've found outlets for his depression, he will be missed. One of the greatest performers, gone from the Earth.
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    Prayers go out to his family and friends and all of America for comfort. God today we all woke up with perhaps a little less laughter going forward missing one of your lights that brought so much laughter to many.....bring your comfort and arms around us all.....

    RIP Robin Williams our Happy Feet will continue on in your memory.....
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    The funniest people I've ever known have some of the worst demons that they battle - humor is their antidote. I am sorry to hear of this man's passing, and I offer my prayers to his loved ones. RIP Robin Williams.

    My favorite movie of his is a tie between Dead Poets Society and August Rush. My favorite voice of his will always be Aladdin.
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    "The funniest people I've ever known have some of the worst demons that they battle - humor is their antidote. "

    That is very true, most good comedians have very troubled past (and present) and that is where their humor comes from.... Probably the only comedian that I can think of that was raised upper middle class and has no problems now to speak of and still is funny is Daniel Tosh...
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    I appreciate people who can overcome their issues and make people laugh. How crazy do you have to be to stand on a stage and entertain people?

    I don't really think Daniel Tosh is funny...he makes fun of people and has nice one-liners but I like quality humor. Maybe I haven't seen any of his stand-up but there's a limit for me with him.
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    You have to be really crazy, or drunk/high... Doug Stanhope has said that without alcohol he is just a stuttering, stammering mess on stage. He has had friends confront him about his drinking and drug issues, telling him that for his health he should quit, "But don't do it tonight, we have tickets to the late show.." And one of my favorites "I drank, smoked, and did drugs to get where I'm at. I'm here because drugs expanded my imagination and made me think outside of your reality, cigarettes gave me the patience to sit and write those thoughts down in a comedy friendly format, and the alcohol gives me the courage to stand up here in front of you judgmental pricks and do it with a quarter million dollars worth of cameras in my face."

    As far as Tosh, he isn't for everyone. His gig is being a complete dick, and that just happens to be a style of humor I like...
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    Very interesting. I think I am okay with never being a comedian. My step-sister could be one though. She's a riot.

    I prefer storyline and situational irony comedians. I like a good dose of sarcasm too. To each their own!
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    There is something terribly sad about a man who can make the whole world laugh but cannot escape his own sadness. I hope you've found the peace you were looking for, Robin. You will be missed.
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    They say "laughter is good for the soul" Robin Williams provided endless amounts of laughter. He is a legend. RIP sir you will be missed.
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    To me Williams always had a depressed look about him and it was like he used his talent to make fun of depression. Never like that. Seemed dangerous to me to try to dismiss an illness as serious as depression with show business.

    You mentioned Winters. I never got the same sense from Winter's act. Many suffer from depression. It is how it is dealt with that matters. I think Williams believed he could overcome his by trying to bury it beneath his act. I think his illness drove him to be the performer he was, and it drove him to end his life. The thin line between genius and fool.
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    Yeah, as a matter of fact, Winters was bi-polar. He passed away just over 2 years ago. I'd wager that Winter's death had a profound impact on Williams. I always got the impression that Robin Williams considered Jonathan Winters a minter.
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    May he rest in peace. It's a sad thing when so many truly funny people suffer such horrible depression and end up taking their own lives.
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    I think a lot of folks that work in comedy DO hide sadness, depression, and some "demons" behind the facade of mirth and merriment .... my recently-deceased (18 mos ago) younger brother was a professional Ringling Bros./ Circus Vargas clown from the age of 18 to about his mid-40's........and he was an incredible extrovert, a super-creative, madcap funny person, always entertaining when he was BEHIND the greasepaint, but a very introverted, often-depressed person when he wasn't "acting" ....... to the point that we really never knew how he was feeling very much of the time.
    But..Robin Williams was clearly a genius, an incredibly astute and informed man......albeit his struggles with substance abuse seem all to common these days.

    The world was ABSOLUTELY a better place with Robin in it; how he could NOT see, feel, or understand that, i.e., how he could feel he wasn't "worth it" or "good enough" is a testament to just how utterly devastating severe depression can be to the human psyche.
    Or, maybe the man had some horrific secret, some atrocity or abuse or childhood-devastating event that just consumed him, in the end........we'll never know, I guess.
    Given that he asphyxiated trying to vomit, it sounds like heroin or some form of opiate was the culprit....
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    @Unfit2serve - We 'common folk' often take for granted that because people are successful, they must be much happier than the masses. Every time I start to feel like really famous people don't have many of the same demons, something like this happens to remind me that they do.

    They say often performers fight depression and loneliness when they're not in front of an audience. As someone who has spent a career in sales, I liken that to the fear of wondering if you've still got it, and being told you're only as good as your last deal.

    As my Mother said when she was in her eighties. "Life isn't for whimps."

    Thank you Robin, for all the great moments. Rest in peace.
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    His was said to be caused by a chemical imbalance. Neuro-transmitters and synapses not functioning properly due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Which rules out events in his life such as childhood experiences.
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    @WMCOL - I sure am glad my neuro-transmitters don't work, and the synapses in my brain don't fire, or connect.(At least that's what some of my less-than-stellar bosses seemed to think)

    Our family has a 'special needs' boy in it. He's fifteen. Can't walk, talk, or feed himself. Some days when he appears to be really happy, he'll just sit and laugh for a half hour at a time. We all wonder what he finds so funny, and at times are a bit jealous, because to him, life isn't all that complicated.
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    Have a cousin with Down Syndrome. I am always amazed at how those with disabilities seem to deal so much better with them than the non-disabled. These "special needs" folks can be truly inspirational and their exuberance for life is a joy to behold. It can really alter a parents life but acceptance is the first step to peace.
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    One of Acting greats. He made me laugh he made me cry. He was as involved in supporting our Military as was Bob Hope. He always seemed on the edge of serious depression. I enjoyed most every movie he did but "Good Morning Viet Nam was #1 for me.
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    Good Mourning Vietnam had more importance to Nam Vets than most people realized. He made this F'ed world a little easier to live in. We Lost a good man.
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    It's very sad that this happened, he was one of the best comedians of our time.

    I liked all his movies, but my favorites were Jack where he played a 12 year old boy with a disease that made him age faster then normal, and What Dreams May Come, which coincidently is about the afterlife and him saving his wife from Hell after she commits suicide.
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    What Dreams May Come was a dark movie. It must have been a phase bc he a LSO did that movie w/ Pacino (Insomnia?) where Williams played the killer, and the movie about the stalker photo guy.
    Jack was funny, but my favorite will always be Good Morning Vietnam. Some of his lines in that movie were priceless. I wouldn't be surprised if he ad-libbed many of them.
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    If you are thing about following in Robin Williams footsteps the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 800-273-8255
    RIP you will be missed.
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    Nothing will ever top the first two seasons of Mork and Mindy. It was a fast-paced type of ad-lib humor we'd never seen before.

    I'm in shock.
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    His funniest role to me was the Genie in Aladdin. I also loved Dead Poet's Society ad Mrs. Doubtfire.
    I agree with the poster who said it's a shame someone who could bring such joy and laughter to others struggled with such inner sadness.
    He will be missed.
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    BiCentennial Man..........but I'm an Asimov junkie.
    RIP Robin..........hope you are up there on Ork looking down at us fools and laughing.........
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