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    And get the UN out of here. Throw them out, support our Allies, cruswh our enemies and screw public opinion. Oh more thing. Get Obama the hell out of office and in a court for treason where he belongs.
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    The UN is leading to that and I don't want a "one world" government myself. I still feel we should have somebody there to argue against the wrong legislation. They do a lot of disaster relief work also.
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    "But we can all rest easy because Schabas now promises he will "put aside" his "personal feelings" about Israel (wonder what those are?) and strive to be impartial. Well, at least just this once, he'll try impartiality, even though he clearly hasn't done so before."

    Is he describing Schabas or PNWest? LOL
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    Nancy Pelosi believes that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Looks like the UN is siding with Nancy on this. Meanwhile, Israel is demonized for fighting back while missiles are lobbed at them from Gaza. More backward thinking from the UN.
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    Worthless organization full of third world puppets and leaders who wipe themselves with their bare hands. How pathetic and demeaning for us to even associate with that charade.
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    Talk radio host
    Not what Pelosi said, charliegirl. She said Qatar said that. And no doubt they (unfortunately) have said that.
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    @MarkLevine I'm aware that she claimed Qatari's were responsible for that ignorant statement. In fact I didn't allude to the idea that she got it from Hamas. Pelosi says a lot of totally useless things and she obviously believes the lie that Hamas is humanitarian in it's actions. Trusting the Qatari people isn't smart on Nancy's part.
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    The UN has become a total joke. It is dominated by anti-US, anti-West, anti-Israeli BS artists -- yet we continue to fund them!!
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    @richstacy...take a close look at who is in the UN....what happens when a changed US starts voting their way? You know, one controlled by majorities of Hispanics and Muslims,
    who RIGHTLY, vote their way?
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    Do not let out President and Congress give away our sovereignty! Especially into the hands of enemies of the US and violaters of human rights in the UN now.

    It is notable that this was Mark Levine, a liberal talk radio pundit, not to be confused with Mark Levin
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    Is there any reason why we don't get out of this group and quit supporting them. We could tun the UN building in NY Into a profit making site, like a Walmart or maybe a super Hooters.
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    @PauldenZangpo you are Thinking of the OTHER one. This guy is a hack. But he happens to be correct on this subject.
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    Israel has a right to defend itself and they have a right to go after whoever is causing undue harm unto them. The UN (Useless Nutjobs) can go [censored] off......

    If it were Ban Ki Moon and his home country being threatened like Israel, that hypocrite would employ the same exact measures. Again, screw the UN (Useless Nutjobs)....
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    The UN is filled with despots, tyrants and dictators where absurdities, ignorance and stupidity is celebrated on a daily basis! Recently, the UN wanted Israel to share the technology of "Iron Dome" with Hamas, et al just to make it fair.(smh) That is so STUPID it wouldn't render a cogent reply to these ass-hats!!
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    GO, GO, GO AWAY___UN .... We need to get rid of these Dictators out of our Government or we are going to be in deep crap.. These Dictators being of Communists and Muslims and we all see what is going on in their Countries... Even without the wars, they have poor relationship with their Citizens and slave drivers,, they are only making them selves rich while starving their people... Their laws are opposite of our Constitution..
    They really were created to stop Crimes Against Humanity... but they are creating it....Themselves
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    It is a yes - more or less.....

    The state of Israel was created with the stroke of a pen.

    Those yearning for its elimination have not been successful militarily, economically, or spiritually to eradicate it...
    So, that leave paper and pens.

    As with all things United Nations... there is little united.
    This poor band of moral misfits sit in their subsidized offices, doing their subsidized power lunches - and, gobbling together their subsidized alliances - with no fear of having the money cut off.
    They can produce mountains of inconsequential drivel - in the full knowledge that it doesn't mean a damn thing.

    The UNHRC can research all they want.
    The UNHRC can reach any conclusion they want.
    They hit a brick wall when they actually want to do something about it.
    Then - once again - they have to turn to their sugar daddy for the cash and resources to make any thing happen.

    So, as blustering - flaccid organizations go - this one is right up there.
    They get to take credit for doing nothing at the expense of others.

    Israel doesn't have to loose any sleep over them.
    They don't have to worry about loosing any of the aid subsidies.

    Every one is happy.

    Nothing is in danger of getting done.
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    The UN is fine. It does a vast amount of good, as well as aiming society towards a progressive, scientific outcome. That is a good thing. The issue is that a large amount of countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East are full to the brim with antisemitism, and some of their representatives tend to very clearly represent that problem. Israel is one of the most progressive countries in the world. European people just hate them because some of them are Jewish.
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    The UN is full of a bunch of countries that can not usually make up their minds on what toilet paper to buy.For them to criticize Israel for protecting themselves is totally and completely wrong.According to this group of idiots at the UN Israel should just sit back and let Hamas fire rockets at them daily.I do not know about you,but I do not think there are many countries that would let another bomb them daily without some form of retaliation!!!
    The atrocities in other countries such as Syria,Iraq and some African countries should be far up on the UN'S list of atrocities.Yet these idiots in their wisdom say that Israel is more important.Well news flash UN--Israel does not really give a damn what you think!!!
    Yes its time for the U.S. to kick the UN out.It costs the U.S. taxpayer dollars to keep it going and it needs to ask "is it really worth it??"
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