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    I wished I'd done like Brad & not gotten married until all gay couples could do it.. Would of saved me a lot of pain..
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    Only an idiot would vote for romney.only a moron would vote for obama.only a fool would think voting is going to change anything.
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    But it's OK to live in sin for your son even when you're a "Christian" mom just as long as that son keeps your money rolling in. Can you say hypocrite?
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    most moms love their kids whether or not they agree with their lifestyles or beliefs,i know my parents put up with a lot of garbage from me,but they were always there for me
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    Parents should love their children. But they shouldn't interject themselves at total odds to what they accept from their children in the public arena and tell others that "they are wrong".
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    She didn't say her son was wrong. She stated her opinion in a letter to the editor that went viral. Her son wasn't mentioned in the letter.

    Are you saying that she isn't entitled to express her opinions, even locally, because her son is a movie star that has different opinions?
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    I'm saying she's a hypocrite who ought to have enough respect for her son and his life and positions since she's on welfare without his money that she should keep her mouth shut. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you.
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    Mitt Romney penned legislation that allowed and funded abortion. Mitt Romney recently had a fund raiser at the home of Phil Frost, ceo of Teva pharmacuticals, maker of the morning after pill. Romney believes gays should be able to live together, adopt and even share health coverage. Mitt Romney is a Mormon who believes Jesus Christ was simply another prophet and not the son of God or Savior. If a vote for Obama banishes you to Hell, what will a vote for Romney do? REAL Christians will write in Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee if they are voting based on faith Missus Pitt.
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    Mormons believe that God lives on the planet Kolob. That they will all become Gods someday too and get their own planet. That Joseph Smith talked to God and so does the current Prophet for that matter. That the Native Americans and Black people were turned dark because of Sin.
    Wonder if Mama Pitt knows all that?
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    Yawn. The media already thinks I should be like millions of others and actually care what celebrities do and say, now I'm supposed to listen to their families too? No thanks.
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    Loving her son unconditionally doesn't mean she isn't embarressed to have a dirty hippie for a son, a tattooed freak for a daughter in law, and foreign grandchildren because they're too good to adopt Americans orphans.
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    American children are harder to adopt and many times the process gets so bogged up in paperwork and money invested without results that people give up out of frustration and go the easier route to other countries. I you'd adopted before or even bothered to research before commenting, you might know this. It's very apparent you don't though. So thanks for your misguided, inaccurate and vitriol filled post of genius.
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    If you were as smart as you think you are you'd know the term is called "nationalism". MY country before all others.....
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    and that's a half-ass excuse I to believe those two don't have enough money to solve any problem associated with adopting a child in need??
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    They just adopted foreign children as that's the in vogue thing now,plus they have people for raising the kids anyway. wasn,t it them that had a hell of a time getting their last kid,some Zimbabwe government adoptive issues,not sure of the exact facts but they spent a lot more red tape and money than they would of here.i'll look it up
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    what an evil bigoted woman,going against the values (or lack of)of almost every Hollywood star,quick get her some left wing kool-aid!!!My gosh listen to wanna be commies come out of the woodwork against her,and no i wouldn't vote for Romney any sooner than barack
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    So she expects "the world" to think like her or else? Wow! Knocks the crap out of me, when was she born? Oohh that's what i thought, in the 20th century! But how long ago in that century? Obviously decades of decades ago, move in to the 21st century lady,it's time.
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    Wow! I find her comments exceptionally provocative , and prejudicial. See, that's why I never --ever wanted to identify with the christian "religion". Wow, this is supposed to be a country were each person can be free of that kind of "religious" extremism.
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    When did Mormons become Christians? When did Brad and Angelina become the voice of the moral right? I'm confused, I guess this makes me a good American.
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    Good show! Most people are fully dissatisfied with Obama even many Liberals like me are going to vote Republican instead of our usual Democrat because Obama sucks and we hate our electing him but the other choice was worse.
    I am fully against Obama, I think he ought to be charged with war crimes and face execution just as I do with many others like Judge Rodney Walker in Riverside County CA and Former Chief Of Police for MSJC CA Kevin Segawa and many many others.
    I am cursing the nation and world for its crimes against me and others,
    I have been about this since 1988 as The Beast of God I am. Really the days ahead are going to be full of troubles and great extreme tribulation is coming to all the world soon enough.
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    Mrs. Pitt, Christians are found in every country (each with its own system of government). Most governments claim that God is on their side. He's not.

    He's not. He doesn't care which country those who believe him reside in.

    The Bible says that those who worship God in "spirit and in truth" come from every nation, tribe and tongue.(Revelation 7:9)

    This country is not a "Christian" country and never has been. It was not founded on Christian principles, NOT when European settlers came here and stole this continent from the people that God gave it to by murdering them. Those settlers were not acting as true Christians act.

    The politicians would have you believe that this "country" was great because it was founded on Christian principles and that we are currently going downhill because we are 'not' following Christian principles in government anymore.

    That is not true. This country was "great" because it was so teeming with natural resources that it has taken 500 years to deplete these resources from the time the Europeans set foot here.

    Christian principles would dictate that those who follow Christ do not steal from others. Europeans stole this entire country from the Native American population. The Declaration of Independence says about the Native Population, that they were "merciless Indian Savages," when all they were doing was trying to defend their land.

    "He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."

    "the inhabitants of our frontiers" ... WHO was inhabiting WHOSE frontiers? WHO was merciless?

    Certainly not the "so-called" Christians for this country was not founded on Christianity.
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    Sounds like my mom! We used to spend more time rolling our eyes in disbelief at each other's opinions.
    But who really cares, she's just a citizen voicing her opinion!? Her right, her prerogative to hold and voice her stupid beliefs.
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    How is this story any different from the Morgan Freeman bit. I fully expect all the comments made there to be made again if you truly believe what you wrote.
    That "Who cares what they think? Stardom doesn't make genius"?
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    Somebody should tell her Mittens owns or owned Stericycle a company fined thousands for improper disposal of medical waste including fetuses. She might enjoy that.
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