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    "In the long run, the economy will heal itself," reassures O'Brien, "but the long run is, well, a long way off."

    Barring more government stupidity that is.

    IMO Over regulation and government spending are this countries two biggest obstacles to a stable and long term growing economy.

    As for retirement, bring it on. I'll gladly retire as soon as I can.
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    It sure would be nice if some of these people felt confident enough in our economy to try and start their own businesses.

    Maybe if the rich didn't feel the need to "hedge" against "class warfare" by "offshoring" their wealth then the wealthy might invest their money at home... like to young entrepreneurs or older professionals who would like to finally be their own boss...

    But that would require a climate that has one side calling for the heads of the rich and another side that keeps getting overridden by the establishment party elite.

    Nobody wants to stick their neck out and everybody just wants a steady paycheck.

    That's the way I see it.
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    "But that would require CHANGING a POLITICAL climate that has one side calling for the heads of the rich and another side that keeps getting overridden by the establishment party elite."
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    You are kidding right? What about the government that takes 35% of your paycheck as opposed to the for profit corporation that actaully gave you a job and a paycheck. If you don't like your employer, find another one or better yet, start a business. We all have opportunities, what we do with those opportunities is up to each person.
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    I never said I disliked my employer. The way the economy is going, I would be crazy to start my own business. I applaud anyone that has, and is still going strong, but its not something that I'm interested in doing.
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    The root of this issue is the fact that generations are not all the same. The Baby Boomers have extremely different views on life than our current, or next, generation does.

    This new generation, the 'young people' referenced in the subtitle, is the Instant-Gratification Generation. Because technology has always given them what they want super fast for their whole life, they naturally expect the same methods to work in the future. They don't understand that you have to /earn/ money, respect, love, time and experience. And that, is why America will one day wilt.
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    Morality is at the "root" of the problem, of the lack there of. Your point is valid, but I feel that it goes deeper. We as a people have moved away from the morals of the past. Morals that come from religion. I'm not religious person, but I do see the importance of religion setting the moral standards a society needs to thrive. As apposed to morals set by the legislature.

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    You might be right, but from what I've seen...morals do not only come from religion. I believe in the inherent goodness of humans. The only problem is, in today's day and age, compassion is a weakness.
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    ya know, there is another point to be made. Not trying to blow the senior horn BUT, most younger people can't or won't keep my pace and that i see this every day. (that is if and when they show up for work)
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    Quit enabling them to stay home and live for free. A good portion of the Starbucks/Xbox generation doesnt want entry level jobs or care that the benefits held by Senior Execs were earned over the years of service. In the region of the country I live in, there are employers offering full benefit $60k+ per year jobs requiring only high school level education bit they can never get enough applicants because the work can be physical and the hours long. We've pampered a soft generation in many cases. I exempt from this statement those brave souls who enlist in our military. The military has always had the right formula for turning the aimless and the drifting into productive valuable resourceful citizens.
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    I read that Moonshine. Sad that the men and women returning from conflict zones are being ignored. I suppose once their usefulness is done the People just can't be burdened to care anymore.
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    Perhaps it is time to consider earlier retirement age and shorter working hours i.e., 6 hour days in place of 8 hour work days. Companies could extend the the hours of operation. For example some years back McDonald's didn't use to serve breakfast, and considering the fact that the building and ovens were a fixed cost, there was no downside to offering breakfast. Do you think they would consider dropping the morning menu now? We as a people are facing a challenge, but with a little ingenuity and willingness, it can be a win, win and profitable if we make it a priority.
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    I'd like to see the control group broken down by party. The governors that ran for reelection and won. Too simplistic of an analysis. Some of those states had low rates to begin with and others had high. I think it clouds the judgment. Sorry I posted it. I should have read it first. My bad.
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    In Alabama we are celebrating cause we landed a big airplane manufacturer. They are reporting that a big reason was Alabama's lack of unions. "Business friendly climate"
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    How about that. Airbus opening a manufacturing plant in Alabama.

    Here's what you're referring to :)

    Airbus, Boeing compete, and Alabama wins. .

    I like the opening...
    "Don't tell industrial recruitment folks in Alabama that free-market competition isn't the prescription for economic health."

    This is a Reuters article about the union viewpoint.

    U.S. unions greet Airbus with silence, wariness

    They're not happy X(

    And I always love throwing in these three links...
    States' debt map-
    States' unemployment map-
    "Right to Work" states map-
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    The Baby Boomers will always be the largest segment of our society...this is just the natural progression of time and life.