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    I LOVE kids, but have been seriously considering this since I'm not sure I want my kids to live in the world we leave them.
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    Depends on what your income is. If you only make 25K a year your not going to spend 15K year on each of your kids. These kinds of estimate never continue to amaze me. Obviously those who added up this total have never lived close to the poverty level.
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    This is just an that costs can be compared across does not mean that everyone spends that much......Some sped far less some spend far more.....they are not claiming anything other then it is an average cost.
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    You are right, but if you are near the poverty level, why are you having children? Are you nuts? Never allow a PG intil you can afford it. actually don't get married until you can afford it either. That is plain stupid if you do.
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    @jerbear I know right! I mean when I was 5 I sat down and planned out my entire life, and so far everything has went exactly according to plan. There are never any accidents, and your plan is always a good one, so I don't understand why everyone don't do it.
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    People spend too much money on things that don't matter and don't last. Buy less "instant gratification" items, buy and cook whole foods at home (learn how to cut up a whole chicken for goodness sake) and entertain your kids with a little participation on your part instead of just buying a ticket to entertain them. Not only will you save a lot of money but your kids will be better neighbors when they move in next to the rest of us.
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    $13k per year??? LMFAO Ridiculous. Although I suppose that'd be right if you raise them with the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" mentality with designer jeans, shoes, the latest high-tech gadgets etc. Also helps if you raise a lot of your own food, and eat home cooked meals.
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    Hispanics oppose birth control and most of them are liberal lemmings. 75% of AA babies are born to single mothers.

    You can pay for your own kids or you can pay for somebody else.
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    Also because they have absolutely no scriptural defense for that position. It's a totally man-made rule designed to make life a burden for people because they happen to be a certain gender. It's patriarchy, not faith. Hopefully, intelligent women, religious and otherwise, will ignore them and do what is best for themselves in their own particular individual circumstances.
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    I'd like to see what "costs" they threw in. Also......if you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em. Just practice. It's much more fun anyway.
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    Then add the cost of "keeping up with the Jonses kids" because little Timmy needs a laptop, cell phone, Xbox, plasma television, high end sneakers, expensive jeans, all the latest toys and drugs/counseling to cope with his stress.
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    Kid does not need most of those items.
    Some kids are ok with getting cheaper items.
    I know a kid who gets her clothes from walmart. she wears boy jeans because the jeans for girls are too fragile for how active she is on the playground.
    I however can see the cell phone for when they go on field trips. Especially if it has a gps feature in it, in case the kid gets lost.
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    That's why we only feed ours once a day and don't buy them clothes, never send them to school, have never taught them to read or write, and for damned sure aren't sending them to college. Some of them we just leave outside and let them rough it. Of course ours are dogs, cats, and goats, who in the Hell would want a human one?
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    You'll never guess how much it costs to raise a politician these days oh btw there is birth control for a reason try using it and reduce the load our future has to deal with oh was that a bit cruel to those who have eight or more children?
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    Sounds like somebody is trying to convince people kids are too expensive to have. If you can't afford food for kids or you want to spend it on luxury items you shouldn't have kids otherwise people have been having kids without much money longer than cost surveys have been around.
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    "Sounds like somebody is trying to convince people kids are too expensive to have. "

    And I wish more people would listen...
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    Depends on how you raise your offspring too. And where you are raising them.
    Some school districts expect the families to bear most of the cost of the supplies that they figure the kid needs for each school year. Some others tend to go more basic on what the kid needs.
    Also, one has to figure in the cost of the food the family feeds the offspring as part of that. Do they eat homecooked foods, or do they tend to eat out at places like Burger King, Old Country Buffet, or even Manny's Steakhouse.
    As well as where you buy the stuff for the offspring. Do you shop at Macy's or at places like Kmart or even Walmart. Or even the nearest thrift shop.
    For some families, the average of $13,630 is a little under of what some families make in one year. So they tend to do it cheaper in how they raise the kid. Some of them buy clothing that is a lil larger than what the kid needs. So the stuff can last a few years.
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    There's some good news. The school my niece and nephew attend are taught about protecting the environment, recycling, conserving energy and water, etc..........., which I think is wonderful. The kids are shopping at second hand stores to recycle, not buying bottled water, growing vegetable gardens, buying recycled products, etc........., which I think is awesome. My niece also asked to learn how to can She wants to be a fashion designer and she started buying recycled clothes and redesigning them. My nephew loves tinkering with electronics and building things. All these things cut down on cost and helps the environment, and of course their parents pockets.
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    My X and I combined made 45k a year at our top prime when the kids were turning 12. Our kids had their own consoles, TVs, PCs, phones private school.
    By choice I drove a 77 Suburban that got about 18mpg. My X had a newer 89Thunderbird and a new Motorcycle. We ate out, took trips and had one credit card for emergency.
    We did have very good terms on our mortgage and on our health insurance. Only thing we lacked was civility with each other.

    I'll admit it would be have been tougher in today's climate with lending rates and new crappy insurances
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    Oh.. I had a personal sailboat, he had a powerboat and we had a 1968 Shelby Cobra convertible in the garage of our split level 3 floor, 3200 sq ft home. Sometimes the credit card had about 20 k spent on it. I worked pt to save daycare expense. sacrifice was my having solid career. But I am still a skilled worker.
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    Obviously the authors of this study, as well as many commenters on here have trouble doing math. $245,340 over 18 years works out to $13,630 per year. so according to this article a family with 4 kids is spending $54,520 per year just on their kids. Anyone who lives in the real world, i.e. not journalists based in New York, L.A. or D.C., know of many families with children most of whom, if not all, spend less than that amount on their entire family. I understand that if you want to live in a McMansion, send your kids to private school, take two or three vacations a year this figure probably seems low. But in an article on what it costs to raise a kid the numbers should be based on what's needed, not on frivolous, excessive discretionary spending. No matter how popular the later may be among the authors social circle.
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    It costs a lot, but I'm not seeing how it could cost this much. Definitely something more people need to consider before having children though.
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    That was actually slightly lower than my guess, your headline made it seem as though the number had increased over the past two years but that's what it was two years ago so I guessed a higher number.

    Who are you writing for? I mean who is the audience you intend to impress? It's certainly not us and it's not you so who are you writing for? Do you consider the audience when writing?
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