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    I'm an atheist, but I wouldn't vote for someone just because they're atheist. That's almost as dumb as a black person voting for Obama just because he's black. People worry too much about a candidate's belief or lack of that they ignore the things that matter.

    Also, I think that Cupp is probably not an atheist. She is so self-loathing that she just screams "Fox News shill made to make atheists look bad."
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    I think she makes atheists look like they can be reasonable and even appreciative of religions' place in society. In other words, I don't think she makes atheism look nearly as bad as the atheist whiners that boohoo at the sight of a creche next to a yule tree.
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    Yes. There is no religious test for office in the Constitution. I would be more wary of a candidate who called himself a Christian. Looking at the political behavior of Christians lately, I think it is important to point out that Hitler was a Christian. These Christian Dominionists are alarming..
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    that's interesting,where did ya pick up that tidbit?If he was was christian i don,t think he was a southern baptist,maybe a Mormon they gotta mean streak
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    She's not truly an atheist, only a stage pawn for Fox News. True atheist's wouldn't be an activist against their own rights. She's a fraud.
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    Maybe she thinks like I do. Maybe she thinks her "right to NOT worship ANY god as SHE chooses to NOT worship" is in danger by the Secularist Left's attacks on religious liberty.

    Maybe she doesn't care if there is a cross on a mountain. Maybe she doesn't care whether people say "under God" in the Pledge. Maybe she doesn't want to take away the real meaning, guidance and joy that belief brings to a lot of people.

    My position is that she is an atheist who thinks for herself and doesn't let other atheists or anyone else for that matter decide what her non-belief means about her. But atheist activists try and do that.

    I went to the Reason Rally. I saw whiners and wishful-thinkers. It may be a case of "I saw what I expected to see", and I wonder that myself, but that's the impression I got.

    Personally, I find the atheism activists the most presumptuous of all the Identity Group Activists. They presume to speak for other people's non-belief in something... I don't believe in unicorns either. What does that say about me?

    Watch this and then tell me I'm wrong about SE Cupp.

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    Note that the word "atheist" is silly. We don't believe in fairies, so could equally be called afairyists.
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    This decision would be between at least two candidates. If one candidate were Osama Bin Laden, then the atheist starts making a bit more sense.
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    I as a christian would not have an argument with a having an atheist as president, long as he understands what religion and faith is in America. We were founded on principles of tolerance. That tolerance being of those of different ethnic backgrounds and faiths. So while you may or may not believe or agree with a certain faith as an American you should tolerate that a people can believe as such. We run into so many people that are incredibly quick to bash and insult those of another faith (or non-faith as in this case). Just because someone does not believe what you believe does not make them a "bad person". I am quite sure that a scan down any list,..let's take neurologists for example would show that the top of the list is intermingled with those of different faiths. Does one neurologist being of Muslim faith or of being an Atheist make them less of a neurologist? The same applies to our elected officials. If I have a candidate that is in touch with my concerns and is willing to listen to all sides of an argument before casting a vote then I will lean towards voting for that person regardless of their faith. I do not care if you are a muslim, atheist, christian or believe in rock people gods, long as you are passionate about the issues that concern me. Keep the government out of my religion and my religion out of my government.
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    VeryConcerned said: "We run into so many people that are incredibly quick to bash and insult those of another faith (or non-faith as in this case). Just because someone does not believe what you believe does not make them a "bad person".

    Well said.
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    From a religious standpoint, I could care less what he or she believes in. From a Constitutionalist standpoint, as long as the candidate is for repealing 0bamacare, lowering taxes, stimulating job growth here in the USA, cutting foreign aid, cutting the "pork", focusing towards the national debt, that's a candidate I could get behind.
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    So as an atheist does she think everyone else is crazy? And if she really thinks the majority of America is crazy then why does she support democracy?
    Not all atheists disdain religious people or are militant. Plenty of atheists hold respectful views of other beliefs.
    Why should it matter? I will vote for the right man or woman for the job whether Christian, atheist, Muslim, or even Zeus-worshipping.
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    UUmm why would she support democracy,it's not a legal form of government in America:see:see Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution
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    Mongo, you know very well what I meant by the word "democracy". You are using the word "Democracy" the way it was used hundreds of years ago instead of how it is used today.
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    "God-fearing presidents are kept humble by the belief that there's something out there more powerful than themselves." What a crock of shit!!!
    One need merely to read a history book to know that's not true. Most of the biggest wars and largest amount of death throughout history has been waged in the name of God!!
    What a dumb dumb woman. Just shut up and let Bob fantasize about you.
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    ok just what war in the past, 200 years has been fought in TheName of G-D. since neither the civil war, wwi, wwii, korea, vietnam, iraq, afaghanistan, has not been fought in the name of G-D.

    and even as Abraham Lincoln said: i fear that when men claim that G-D is on our side, they are not on the side of G-D when it is said.
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    I really don't care if a candidate is atheist, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. What I care about is his/her qualifications, integrity, ideas about running and improving the nation.
    Likely I would NOT however, vote for a fundamentalist as they tend to radically lean towards religion to the point of denying equality and usurping the constitution in favor of their conception Biblical teachings. Fundamentalist Christians in the United States are akin to and at least as dangerous as fundamentalist Muslims in Iran.
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    Obviously she thinks the President only represents people of his own opinion of religion.
    I guess she would rather have a George Bush that believes god wanted his to start a war.
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    "Common Dreams- Building Progressive Community."

    No links to anything other than a "Progressive" blog. No links on the blog.

    When I provide links I try to use sources that the person I'm talking debating with might trust.

    Progressives are "evolutionary" communists instead of "revolutionary" communists. I don't trust them.

    I'll help you get started, but I won't do your work.

    Here's a lead for finding supporting evidence.

    "The President made the assertion during his first meeting with Palestinian leaders in June 2003, according to a BBC series which will be broadcast this month."

    The other is to track down the article from "The Independent".
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    It appears she said back in 2009 that she is an atheist. That part starts at 9:45.

    Then she says she wouldn't vote for an atheist presidential candidate. In 2009...

    Skip to 15:20 for the three year old statement that is now this story because she said the same thing on MSNBC.
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    nope! for the same reason, i would't vote for obama. neither are true to G-D, here in this second coming. neither are mormans true to G-D, even if they are not quite as stupid as many other religions.
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    No, never. This country was founded on God and as the radical Libs take over we can see the obvious destruction at work. No morals,no values and no one cares, maybe someday and then it will be too late.
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    I agree... I'm an atheist and I don't believe I have a soul... I also believe that YOU don't have a soul.
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    In context her statement about not wanting to vote for an atheist makes a little more sense... Here's the context from 2009 interview on CSpan

    Her point is that she wouldn't vote for an atheist who looked down on believers. She also likes the idea that our President answers to a power that is above all of us. This second point I'm not so much in agreement with but the first?

    You bet I agree. I don't like "secularists".. I also call them Christophobes when they piss me off with their whining about pet peeves like creches or campus Bible study groups.
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    Kinda Hot & fkn Smart...People,America was Not formed at Bush ! Go Further back,and you'll SEE what America's fundamentals were based on!
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    yes i would... when a person enters political office they should leave all of their religious beliefs at the door. it doesn't matter what they believe at home, or in their place of worship, but inside the office during working hours religion should be taboo.
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