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    20+ million more Americans have to buy insurance to feed the fatcats who have been robbing the system for years OR pay a tax to the other fatcats who got us $16 trillion in debt....
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    Toby.. I'll answer for you...0 /100.. At least argue on a point. I can't tell if I'm on your side or not
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    Thanks .. Sorry if I seemed rude. Gotcha, but need to google and learn what the Kaiser Institute supports. It's a flawed test.
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    My response wasn't derived from a biased test...I simply answered the question.
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    I scored 10 out of 10 putting me as knowing more than 99.6% of most Americans. Essentially the quiz covers a lot of the misinformation about the Affordable Care Act.

    Considering the ACA is the same plan created by Massachusetts Governor Romney, one would think that he would want to take full credit for doing the right thing instead of denying a plan that has its roots in the Heritage  Foundation (a right wing think tank).
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    It was easy to see how the questions were slanted toward favoritism of the law. I answered correctly questions the test rated incorrect, simply because of the wording.
    For instance, while the "death panels" are not called "end of life" panels or anything remotely close to that, there are panels which will regulate treatments as to cost effectiveness and "quality of life" decisions. Money will trump everything. I had my hip replaced this year, for a reason.
    The law's very existence will give the government an excuse to regulate everything we do.
    My husband and I are both diabetic and have heart problems, yet we have had two different insurance providers since 2008 and nothing was ever said about pre-existing conditions.
    Our daughter works as a nurse in ICU and she says the patient charts she sees do not name the patient's insurance company or status and their care is not restricted by the insurance company, contrary to the way insurance coverage is portrayed on television programs. Your doctor doesn't know what insurance company you have, his billing department does. Big difference.
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    @Realthinker -------Well it sure doesn't sound like you do...Still trying to imply that there are "death panels" ...but the law just doesn't call them that.(There are NO "death panels" in this law) That's a repub myth. And its great that your doc doesn't know what insurance co. you use---MINE knows mine..and a lot of other people are in that same position. "Money", by the way...Already "trumps" EVERYTHING in this country!!!---That's what this whole law is trying to reign in. The insurance company greed for profits over healthcare & medicine!
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    @Frank You are going to be very disappointed. Those panels are there. Your doctor's office has office staff to handle insurance claims so the dr. doesn't have to concern himself with which patient has which insurance. I guarantee you he does not know know which plan you have and what it may or may not cover. The staff doesn't know all the details either. Notice, they will have a notification somewhere that obtaining pre-approval for certain procedures is your responsibility, not theirs.
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    I scored 5 out of 10

    I knew when I was answering that I was giving the answer that Kaiser Family Foundation wants to believe is true.

    Number two is the best example...

    2. Will the health reform law allow a government panel to make decisions about end-of-life care for people on Medicare?

    It's called the Independent Medicare Advisory Board (IMAB) aka Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)...

    It in the bill that we had to pass before we could read it.
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    "I knew when I was answering that I was giving the answer that Kaiser Family Foundation wants to believe is FALSE."

    big difference.
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    Are we wrong? Classic example of a seemingly innocent "test".. But how can it not be unbiased, if your a supporter of a law? Thanks for actually showing a question ..
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    Remember me saying that my opinion on politix's lib bias was "evolving"?

    These last few days have been balls-to-the-wall distractions, diversions and blatant liberal propaganda like this story.

    Are you trying to bore the conservatives into going away ?

    Anyone want to talk about this story?

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    I'm not going anywhere. Even if I don't like the articles. The liberals statements entertain me. I love seeing how they think in fantasyland.
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    You're right. It can be funny. But when the site hands the Libs a slam dunk, we have to respond or the libs just reinforce themselves.

    The funny thing is that we turn the thread into something politix is not proud of...

    Like these...

    It's not dominated by conservatives... but I like this one too.

    Criminal Pharma Companies Are Poisoning Americans
    Op-ed by Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief
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    I "googled" Kiaser Family Institute & in some articles it is stated that they are "one of Obama Cares strongest supporters." One article explains how the KFI arrives at a conclusion that is not true. That quiz it seems to me, trying to persuade people by misrepresenting the answers.
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    When I clicked "Take the Test" the link was to a page with the questions skipped and a zero score. Talk about a rigged deal. As for Obama care, the assumptions made be the administration are not to be believed. I think Obama care is just the first step to socialized medicine. Given the health care I've seen my foreign friends receive, I'd rather not go there.
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    Managing Editor
    Hey Thunderchicken, sorry about that, and thanks for spotting it. We've fixed the link now. Enjoy the quiz :)
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    The quiz operates just fine. The Affordable Healthcare Act will also operate just fine and provide affordable care to citizens who would otherwise be an illness or injury away from economic ruin.
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    The quiz operates just fine.
    Did you read the previous post?

    The Affordable Healthcare Act will also operate just fine and provide affordable care to citizens who would otherwise be an illness or injury away from economic ruin.
    Wanna buy a bridge?
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    10 out of 10. Questions are biased. It concentrates on the negative for wealthy/corporate and the positive for poor and uninsured. There are both positives and negatives on both ends.
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    You answered 10 out of 10 questions correctly, better than 99.6% of Americans.***** See I actually do a little reading before I start yelling & screaming about repealing a law...I sure wish others on this site would do the same, instead of just listening to hannity & rush make up their minds for them...

    (Mr. & Mrs. "moderators this needs to be out there, for all of those people who want to repeal what they call"Obama-Care" and really don't even know what they are talking about)...
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    I know my wife's insurance covered birth control up until yesterday when Owebamacare started "providing free birth control services".

    So as it turns out now, I have to pay both for my wife's Rx and the freeloaders under Owebamacare.

    Obama sucks!!
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    Would have scored better had I not given him the benefit of doubt...
    Obama doesn't even know what's in Obamacare!
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    No, but if it covers a pre-existing condition known as menopause, I
    am enrolling her first thing in the morning.
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    I didn't have to get past Question one, when it told me all I needed to know. That its going to FORCE me to pay for other people one way or another. Not too mention, my company will probably stop offering insurance and I will lose my excellent benefits I worked my A$$ off to get. Where in this quiz is the question of how much this monstrosity is going to cost????
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    Oh, and I don't believe question 2 for a sec. There'll be some form of death panel, maybe not right away, but when they realize they can't pay for this crap, it'll get in there.
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    Yes, I scored well but the questions are very poorly phrased and skewed in favor of those supporting Obamacare. Completely not sold on it.
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    I got 100%
    The stats show the lack of knowledge of the general public.
    It would fun to know just how lacking in knowledge are those who oppose the Affordable Health Care Act.
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    Likewise, it would be interesting to hear you tell how forcing me to buy insurance is going to help the poor.
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    It's called the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" if we're talking about lack of knowledge.

    PPACA not AHCA

    Here's another abbreviation... IMAB
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    Affordable implies one has money to spend, that's not the case with those on welfare.
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    To Toby:
    Why do you assume it only helps the poor? There are millions of people like me who could not have gotten private insurance because of 'Pre-Existing Conditions'.
    But then if you are truly interested, you would find out things for your self. There is a wealth of information on the web. Just Google it.
    And thanks to the kindness of Bobolinsky it is PPACA.
    May I be damned and forever disgraced for leaving of the PP.
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    Forcing me to buy insurance didn't address your preexisting condition, it just opened the door for some fatcat to run up a million dollar bill over a condition you're dealing with just fine right now.
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    You ain't kidding.

    Efforts to implement ObamaCare law raise concerns of massive government expansion

    "The IRS, Health and Human Services and many other agencies will now write thousands of pages of regulations -- an effort well under way:
    "There's already 13,000 pages of regulations, and they're not even done yet," Rehberg said."
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    Folks just absolutely refuse to find out what is going on right under their nose. It is like this administration can do what it pleases at anytime and idiots do not realize they are destroying America.If Obama were to lose the upcoming election I predict he is going to empty the jails and I look for Abu Jamal to be the first pardoned. People have no real idea what Obama can and will do.He is also
    dumping every American dollar he can he is going to equalize the system by getting rid of all the money.
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    Won't hear an argument from me.

    I think he is leaving no stone unturned when maximizing spending. One of the wrenches that the Reagan Revolution threw into the Cloward-Piven plan was "welfare reform" in 1996. President Obama just gutted that.

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy
    Here's the Wikinotes version –Piven_strategy

    Obama Guts Welfare Reform

    The strategy is to collapse the system from within by spending too much. I have little doubt that the extra spending on separate planes for President Obama and the First Family are just a dot on an "i".
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    He must be removed at all cost or America will collapse! The food stamp deal is just another way of getting out his base.(Those that refuse to work) There are plenty of jobs out their for those without an education but if they can get it for free why work?
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