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    One thing about republican presidents is their wives have generally been more popular than the pres. Laura was always likeable and a lot of people had much respect for Barbara Bush. Most people liked Nancy Reagan and even though Nixon did what he did no one held it against Pat.
    I guess it depends but in general ive noticed that.
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    @sociald Sure that's true, but remember the media wants to make sure that the wives are not to be blamed for the sins of their husbands. On the other side both spouses are cool, gracious, and infallible. That's what i notice.
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    I don't agree with every Bush did but he had class and he always did what he thought was right instead of simply pandering to whatever the average uninformed demographic was screaming loudest at the given moment. A sadly rare trait today.
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    @Center I dont care who they are as long as they are informed. Our current president is only in office because the vast majority of voters are to ignorant to actually look at a politicians credentials and history. They simply vote for the better looking one who promises them more free stuff.
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    @gumbii How is that any different than Bush doing 2 huge tax cuts without cutting spending and then he won because more seniors voted for him in 2004 than 2000 because he gave them prescription drug benefit unfunded and lied about the cost until after the election? He gave free stuff to seniors and that was exactly the group that made him win.
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    @Center He at least tried. He floated the idea of privatizing SS and got blasted for it. As to funding, I though Congress was responsible for allotting funds? Didnt know the president had the power of the purse. Bush won because dems couldnt field a better candidate than Flip Flops Frankenkerry. Thats how weak the party was. Seniors was only one of the groups that voted for Bush. If I recall, he won 51% of the national vote, not just seniors. Either way, Bush didnt simply bow to public opinion every time our nation got tired of staying committed to something. Not something our current president can say.
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    @gumbii if they only voted for Obama for free stuff and the House was gerrymandered for Republicans, why did they reelect him? Bush pushed for part D and signed the law. It was supposed to cost $400 Billion to taxpayers, but they lied about it and were caught. That was Republican Congress and Senate. The margin of victory was because more seniors voted for him in 2004 than 2000. He did get 50.7% of vote and it consisted of other people, but you can point to that demographic as the winning difference. Bush was far better with Hispanics than today's intollerant GOP. Bush did a lot of good in office and a lot of damage. If he didn't pick Cheney, he probably would not have commited so many war crimes. Don't mistake my loose defense of Obama as support for him. The free stuff line you used was the Republican talking point of why they lost. All welfare programs including food stamps remain at Bush 2008 levels. I am talking about qualification and dollar amount. More became eligible after the near depression, but the only thing Obama owns is subsidized health care which ironically was Bush's free stuff. Bush subsidized Part C and Part D for the old and Obama subsidized for younger poor.
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    How about Obama getting doused by Mitch McConnell and Boehner? Clinton getting it from Hillary AND Monica? The possibilities here are endless.
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    PNWest, the most impartial and bipartisan poster on Politix thinks that GW Bush has done a pretty good job as former President.
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    We can't wait to see how good Obama will do as EX. Woops maybe he is already. We can't find him at the White House. Where's Biden?
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    @magnacarta Who knows - Both Bushes do a good job as EX's. Clinton does pretty well. Jimmy Carter is still a tool. Thank God Obama has been able to clean up most of Bush's messes though.
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    My good friend was recently diagnosed with ALS. He has the type that is rapidly progressing. He will be gone in another couple of years, without having had the opportunity to enjoy his retirement. Whenever we see him and his wife, she is fighting back the flow of tears. Three years ago, this 60 y/o man was competing in 26 mile bike rides and bench pressing 250#. Now he is unable to drive because he doesn't have the strength to turn the key or the steering wheel.
    I applaud anyone who accepts this challenge. This isn't politics, this is about saving lives.
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    Unlike @PNWest, THIS is most bipartisan comment, and it's obvious it comes from the heart.

    All diseases that rob of us of our humanity are horrible.

    Excellent post.
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss Nope. That would be George W. Bush, international terrorist #1, murderer of almost 5,000 Americans in Iraq. Glad I could help clarify.
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    @Now_What - If you really believe that, then I feel very, very sorry for you. Please learn to think for yourself. It may be different than the propaganda pushed by Leftist ideologues, politicians and socioeconomic misfits, but you'll be happy to finally be free from the mindless, catatonic and zombie-like life of indoctrinated Leftist sheeple.
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss LOL, pot meet kettle?

    I think Obama is an idiot, but not as bit of a murderer as Bush. I think for myself and think Bush is the bigger killer than Obama.

    You on the other hand don't condemn the war crimes of Bush. Let me guess, democrats = bad, republicans or libertarians = good? Am I close? Lol, hyporcite...
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss How about this - all liberal stances = stupid, all conservative or libertarian stances = good? Am I close? Ah to be that simple and would be so much easier. Bah away, sweetheart.
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    He is not very presidential because technically he never was the president. He lost Florida in 2000, and he lost Ohio in 2004. The guy is a fraud through and through.
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    My comment probably was not fair - you are just misguided - can you really imagine Gore being president - he didn't even carry his own state.
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    Hero, huh?
    Vietnam draft dodger whose daddy used his influence to get
    George W. a spot in the Texas Air National Guard. Jumped him
    ahead of hundreds of other young men who wanted the same
    opportunity to stay out of the war. Got George W. into what they
    called a "champagne unit." Easy touch. George W. purposely
    blew off a required flight physical to prevent his being outed as
    a dope user. Got grounded and then failed to complete his

    Daddy once again used his considerable influence in Texas
    politics to get George W. an honorable discharge.

    That's your kind of hero? Figures.
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    Oh, c'mon, that was about a quart of cold water when it should have
    been at least a gallon with ice in it. Typical Bush nonsense.
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