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    Even if he had no broken bones, his face was still swollen from being hit...therefore there was no "execution" as the lame and lying media says. If the cop was assaulted it was still a "good take down" legally and rightfully speaking, and the media is only using inflammatory wording...and that's a real shameless thing.
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    @BravoJuliet that's why I'm waiting on the official report. They are trying to try this case in the press instead of the court.
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    When are people going to learn to take initial reports with a block of salt? In our technology fueled quest for instant gratification, we seem to think that reliable information is instantaneous: it's NOT!
    A thorough investigation will take weeks, maybe months. It's not microwavable, it takes preparation.
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    Good point, However Fox ran with the broken orbital bone scam. A legit news agency should be better than that!
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    Yeah. CNN would say that "sources say.........."
    Information is so convoluted they can't dedicate themselves to the information. But they have to keep it changing. News gets stale quickly.
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    The issue of the assault to the officer is irrelevant to the shooting. In a string of charges it would be listed separately if the young man was indeed guilty of that.

    The issue of the robbery mentioned in news releases is also irrelevant to the shooting with a separate charge.

    And that party is deceased - makes no difference, you can't try him.

    The events directly related to the behavior of each man would be the definitive issue for the shooting if the charge is murder or manslaughter.
    Civil Rights violations are another thing altogether, which is what the feds were investigating.

    My 2 cents...
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    Either way there's still a dead even with a black eye the cop is still alive. It's not really fair to take sides. And as of right now here's what we know.

    Mike Brown was shot at least 6 times in varying spots.

    Mike Brown was 6'4 and heavy set

    Officer Wilson sustained a minor injury, which may or may not be related to the Mike Brown incident

    That's what we know, not much more, not much less. That's a limited amount of information.... you can call it murder or self defense. But regardless of what you call it, it won't be anything but speculation until we get a more definitive account of the events.
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    We also know that Brown strong arm robbed a store a few minutes earlier. I have to wonder what was in his mind when Wilson stopped him.
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    ...another factor too to think of...if the cop was hit in the face was his vision impaired enough to cause the fatal head shot??? He might of been trying to hit him in the arm or shoulder many things to consider but I'd say it's best not to assault a cop to begin with, eh?
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    You mean like showing a fractured orbital socket in a photo that belonged to someone else but displaying it with a caption to make it appear as if it did?
    Or how about a video of a hold up the officer was not responding too.
    They're both doing it. However, one side does have the evidence and video and is not showing it. They're both sensationalizing and drowning out the facts with speculation like the media always does in this country. However, one side is assuredly in possession of information that has been requested under the freedom of information act that they've chosen not to release.
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    @frigginhell -good and factual post....I can't for the life of me understand why you would receive 6 down votes. The only reason that makes any sense to me is summed up by the movie quote: "You can't handle the Truth."

    It is blatantly obvious the FPD and County PD are hiding something.
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    @frigginhell Seven down votes so far. It seems you've got some right wingers with their boxers in a bunch. It's sad that so many have already made up their minds that Brown was a thug/punk and Wilson was right to kill him. If I'd been Wilson, I would have been intimidated too -- Brown was a big dude. However, Wilson wanted to be a cop, and he was supposedly trained to be a cop, so unless this is what they're training them to do these days when they get scared, Wilson screwed the pooch on this one.
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    @frigginhell Did you see the photo accompanying the second shooting? Totally disingenuous, partisan and the correct photo is readily available all over the Internet.

    The eye photo used by Fox was not available anywhere.
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    You are posting sense to a blood hungry, already convicting group that seem to have a set of solid facts in place which nobody else has. Some are just voicing their opinions towards the desired findings, which also are not available as to accuracy.
    There are constantly conflicting reports as to if Brown even did rob the store, but I heard his little buddy confessed he did, and ALSO that nobody from the store ever called Police, but a suspicious shopper did.
    And none of that would, punching the cop in eye/cop getting punched by fellow cop at station/bashing his own eye on Police Car has anymore reason to be believed than the next.
    I think he was pissed and the Big Kid scared the shinany out of him and he blew him away, never seeing nor caring if Brown was armed, but was scared enuf to unload. He could have driven away in reverse, or hell, forward and hit the kid with his vehicle! OK, that is just to show how far fetched pie in the sky speculation can be. No matter how hard some wish to make it so.
    And that amounts to murder.
    But I also bet Wilson gets acquitted and freed. Because that is business as usual, not pie in the sky, for cops.
    And the wait begins.
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    Funny, Martha McCallum on Fox just said that no reports regarding Wilson's hospital visit haven't been released yet.

    CNN, Don Lemon in particular, is looking to find ANYTHING that will make the cop look bad.

    This is bullshit reporting on CNN's part. They are relying on hearsay at this point. Until the OFFICIAL release comes out, I'm not buying into it.
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    Mary is all over this and has already made a decision based on the likes of cnn and MSNBC. Smh she's no reporter and that's why she's here on politix
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    @ahsum99ss Don Lemon actually belongs at MSLSD, not CNN. He's right up there with Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris Perry as a race baiting pot stirrer.
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    @ahsum99ss The sources you prefer spread deliberate lies about a broken eye socket and your response is to pick on @PolitixMary. Have you actually examined her credentials? She is pretty highly qualified. My guess is she got into this with the idea of creating a type of interactive political journalism that emphasized reader participation. A new model for the internet age. That she did so because she saw the huge potential and that one day thise site will be sold for a fortune. But your idea is too insult her abilities. That's ok, shes's used to you haters, and one day she will be laughing at your insults all the way to the bank.
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    I'm sure you said the exact same thing when right wing sources were spreading lies about a broken eye socket. You only rely on official sources? Well then all this stuff you say about obama is obviously wrong. If you don't believe me check the official sources. What a bunch of hypocrites you right wingers are. You want acuracy in reporting? Pick commedy central over fox.
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    Biggest faux pas Lemon made was showing his ignorance about guns. He didn't know what constituted a full automatic weapon. He was calling semi an auto. Said they could be bought everywhere. He was called on it but continued to try to defend his ignorant position.

    The proper thing for him to do would have been to come back later and admit his ignorance. He hasn't.
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    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” And even a hell of a lot faster now than in Mark Twain's time. To the media: just stop it! Do some damn journalism if you haven't forgotten how. Check your sources and prioritize veracity over being first to publish lies. Of course in the end it's Idiot America's fault for unquestioningly gobbling up the excrement the media slops into the trough.
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    well's sure beginning to look as if journalism is a lost its," Breaking News!!!"....then they proceed to sensationalize the heck out of everything.
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    RoyFloyd - Roy, Roy, Roy - You'd never make it in today's journalistic world. It's much better to be first with a story, than to be accurate. Lots of people will watch to see the 'breaking news', and if you have to retract it at a later date as a minor error, very few will notice.

    Laura Logan - CBS Sixty Minutes scoop on Benghazi. Totally a lie. Oops. Ratings were big to hear it though.

    I've said it before. If Fox is such a 'professional news outlet'. lol. why do they feel the need to announce it all the time as "Fair and Balanced"? That's like the kid saying. "Really Mom, I'm telling the truth."

    Love the Twain quote
    “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Will Rogers
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    I've worked a lot of jobs in different industries, and the closest I ever came to journalism was paperboy for the local rag as a kid. Thanks for confirming that I made the right choice to bail out of that career path at an early age.
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    @RoyFloyd - Paper boy too. Detroit News. 180 customers covering miles. Lots were all about 1 1/2 acres. Delivered every day after school, and 5 AM on Sunday. Sunday papers weighed a ton. Had to collect once a month too. Has one family that when they didn't want to pay, they sent their Grandmother to the door. She only spoke German. Yes, that was the beginning of my career in sales. Won a contest, and got to go see "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, World. Still one of the best movies I've ever seen.

    And accuracy used to be a bigger concern, but there were still things like "Dewey Defeats Truman". Oops! Must have gotten that tip from Karl Rove. lol.

    Not sure what's going on with the farmer we've been posting with, but I'd venture a guess that the sign over the entrance to his farm doesn't say "Green Acres".:-)
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    Executed? Really Mary? This is even lower than the biased scum sucking bottom feeder shit you usually write. Good thing the truth isn't required in Politix "journalism".
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    A story proves right wing news sources are spreading a deliberate lie and you attack the source reporting the truth. Ignore them mary.
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    @Thunderchicken Even if it had been nothing but innuendo, that's better then flat out lies about a fractured eye socket. And it isn't based on inniendo. Conservatives did touted the story about the eye socket, I noticed several who did so on this very site. Her article attributed the report the eye socket wasn't broken to CNN sources, that is not innuendo it is a citation to a report. The artcle gave the name of the right wing journalist who spread the lies, easy enough to verify. You may not like her sources, or the story she reported, but it is based on more then innuendo.
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    @NormalFlora FOX news knew the story would defend a cop that shot an unarmed black man, they knew the FOX news audience would approve of that type of story, and they knew it when they reported it.

    When they ran footage of the arrest of Larry "I'm not gay" Craige over the airport mens room scandel the put a (D) on the screen next to his name. They did the same with the GOP pedophile from Florida. FOX policy is to lie and decieve.
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    I saw a video of a White boy run up to a White Police Officer and jump in front of him and give him two 'fingers' one on each hand. He got his ass beaten with a metal club, and he never touched the Cop. I shudder top think what would have happened if he punched the Officer in the eye (not breaking any bones of course.)

    Anyone else ever see that video?
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    As opposed to that boy-scout "witness" that has outstanding warrants out for him?? You bonehead media are ridiculous!
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    Blah blah blah Blarny Blarny. . By rioting they just made themselves look bad in every sense of the word... the news media should be held accountable. ...... who up for filing a lawsuit ..
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    Fine. Prove to me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Michael Brown did not present a police officer with the threat of serious injury or death.
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    I'm not buying this report as fact just yet. Reporters having access to a hospital report on Wilson? Something doesn't smell right here either. Divulging treatment would violate Dr-Patient confidentiality.
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    What the actual F. I am more irritated by this situation by the day. Media needs to quit inciting things and shut their holes IMHO. Ultimately, the only 2 who REALLY know what went down that fateful day are Brown and Wilson. I wouldn't trust Dorian Johnson's word further than his pants sag.
    (lots more where that came from with a simple keyword search in Google or Bing)
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    OK, I agree with your premise. WHO is speaking for Brown? He's dead. How does Brown get justice? When one of two folks who "know" are dead, doesn't that automatically tip the scales of justice to whomever is alive?
    So your idea is just make sure you kill the other person, and then you have no worries about whether it was legal, or not. Is that you, George Zimmerman?

    It is INDISPUTABLE that anyone other than a police officer who empties a pistol into an unarmed man, from 35 feet away, a fleeing man, would be arested immediately after the Brown shooting, awaiting trial.
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    @Unfit2serve - You're absolutely correct. and no one is speaking for Brown. At least none of the 'official investigators'. Funny how the police were asked not to release the store video, so they wouldn't escalate the tensions, but they did anyway. And now the 'blown out eye socket' is now categorized as minor bruising. And the police incident report is blank.

    Sure sounds like someone is trying to get the 'facts' aligned just right. Hmmm... Even the other shooting, of the guy with the knife, didn't quite happen as the officers said it did. Their report didn't quite match a video of the incident. Video camera on every officer, and in every car. Instead of spending money on traffic cameras to catch speeders and red light violations, buy cameras, to protect BOTH the officer's rights, and those of the citizens that he or she has to deal with.
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    "...brown should not have been executed for punching a police officer."

    The investigation is far from any conclusion. How do you know he was executed?
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    @Mary Noble

    I'm at work but when home I'll get both Missouri Statute and a Supreme Court ruling for you that sets precedence for this case.
    You're mistaken in thinking this wasn't a justified shooting, fractured eye socket or not.
    It's just a matter of digging through what I've saved pertinent to this case.
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    Well that's good news since that will give me time to organize the mess I've assembled for study on this case.
    I can organize what I have with time, fill in some gaps, share perspective of someone who's spent time on city council so I know how city government works with regard to police oversight in these matters having been personally named along with 7 other council members when a city employee has caused a law suit to be filed against the city.
    Yes, I've sat those closed door meetings with our city attorney, outdide attorneys and advised how to proceed from our liability insurance company's lawyers.
    These type deals aren't fun and there's structure in the way these events are handled with civilian oversight.
    The implications Ferguson city government is a bunch of white supremacists shielding blood thirsty police officers is an exercise in opening 10 digit encrypted locks on refrigerator doors.

    Anyways, here's testimony from Dr. Baden who makes no determination. If one is objective enough to read what he's saying you could swing part of Johnson's now recanted story against Williams or one could interpret autopsy report to corroborate ALL of William's accounting of events or those who claim to be close to Williams who claim to know the story.
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    What I can't do is convince those who've bought into Johnson's lies.
    As screwed up as it is, some folks believe Trayvon Martin did nothing wrong and Zimmerman should be locked away.

    Not much anyone can do for those who bought into Martin's innocense any more than those ignoring g facts in Brown case.
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    Oh, and the very fair, objective and balanced statement about the officer "executing" Brown. And you monitor for incendiary and "political rhetoric" that detracts from the discussion. Guess accusing a government official in his official line of duty of an "execution" is given a pass.
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    Mary Noble...what a surprise. And only a badly swollen face. Obviously no confrontation with someone 6'4'' and close to 300 lbs. Just a punch. No need to shoot at this "gentle giant" rushing at you. Just one punch. And Mary Noble's cites about what happened? MIA.
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    If that "boy" wanted to live then he shouldn't have broken the law in the first place. Why was it the police had stopped him? Oh right, the THUG was JAYWALKING. I know that's a death sentence everywhere.
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    >>> I know that's a death sentence everywhere.<<<

    It is for Greely and a lot of others here.
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    What difference does it make how hard he was blasted in the face? Assault is assault. Not exactly a break in the case. I don't agree with the officer pumping 6 rounds in a guy but all the facts haven't been produced either.
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