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    It may show a need to consolidate under one county sheriff instead of small PDs eager to fund themselves with frivolous citations.
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    They did that where I live, but then instead of issuing citatations they tried to maybe residents pay a police fee. that didn't last long though. On the other hand the municipality who did not go along with the unified police department has had a lot of investigations into corruption so yea. Generally sheriffs are elected at least but city police are usually appointed. So if you have a bad police chief sometimes you have a bad mayor too and need to get rid of them both.
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    One small town in south Missouri used a city ordnance which said you had to remain stopped for 15 seconds at stop signs or lights to arrest and fine visitors and fund their PD.
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    There are lots of stories if a journalist actually looked around and was objective. This is tabloid journalism at it's finest.
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    Shouldn't be a single person surprised at the antics of Ferguson power structure which includes the police.

    Any word on Officer Wilson giving back the money the KKK raised for him? Money raised by the KKK negatively prejudices his position.
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    You really have your teeth into the racism side of the story, but I haven't seem any proof of that either.

    As far as the officer not telling you he is returning KKK money, he hasn't said a single word about anything that I know of, why would this be any different?
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    First of all the police officers you are calling "Ferguson" police were actually the state police who were brought in. Second that graph means nothing without the reference to crimes committed. It could even be simple traffic violations for non-residents. A small community can easily get many times more traffic citations then their population if they focus on that. It happens all the time.
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    Do you have a complete roster of the Ferguson police department, so we can compare it to the names listed in the story and know if you are correct?

    Or are you just speculating?
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    @boombatic Here's one, right from the article:

    A St. Louis County officer, Dan Page, was suspended after video of a racist rant came to light.
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    This story has nothing to do with the police response to protests in Ferguson. It's about the Ferguson PD itself.
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    Yes, you're right. A small little smear on the map near me does exactly that. It has many times more citations than it does citizens living in it's limits. It also, no shock here, uses it's PD to fund the entire town. It even allows the mayor to preside over it's traffic court.(most citations occurring on the highway which has a strong state patrol presence anyway). The state of Ohio has told them they can't do it. It's against the law to run the village and court in that manner. Guess what, still open doing business.
    So you say it could happen anywhere. Sure it can. It does. Doesn't make it right because it does. It's just as wrong any other place and it creates a hostile attitude towards law enforcement, deservedly so. Outcomes such as Brown's shooting being the result.
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    Seriously? You just dismiss this information like that? More warrants than St Louis? Cant you just admit this is a little suspect? No matter your opinion on the shooting.
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    What is this really saying about the local government that is responsible for this police department. We all need to keep in mind, all agency foul up are usually conditioned by the government body responsible for their existence.
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    Without the Racism in Ferguson slant, the headlines would read;

    1) First Black President fails to produce for Black America after two terms.
    2) Business as usual in the third worse city in the USA.
    3) This should take your minds off real voting issues derogatory to Democrats.
    4) Democrats want the 'I hate Whitie' vote back for November's elections.
    5) Has anyone on Politix ever changed their political party because of the cite?
    6) Is Politix an outlet for hate, for the Journalists as well as the participants?
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    My Rottweiler,“Rush Limp-Paw” goes into attack mode when he hears those liberal terms of endearment right out of their lexicon; Racist, Homophobe, fascist and Liberal (he can't distinguish the difference)
    He jumps them and takes them to the ground, then he nuzzles their throats with barded teeth. He’s just a big fuzz ball and a tease. When the poor 'victimized' puke collects his wits, he’s off in a 'race-ist' with 'Rush' close behind. <smile>
    A little parody to fit the occasion....
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    He's right though about the murder rate thing...if you had ever watched A&E's "First 48" for any length of time through a few seasons you would notice objectively that most of the star players in it are usually always black.
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    I still don't understand why with percentage of population of people of color versus white why they haven't voted for a racial minority in their towns leadership. Do they make it especially hard for minorities to vote in Ferguson or Missouri? They need a good activist down there to encourage people to vote.
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    Look into their connections with the KKK!.... For those form the south, this incident is not surprising at all. The Klan is visibly recruiting and fundraising down there!
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    Where's the graph that shows the crime rate in Ferguson compared to other Missouri communities? How about the graph that shows the type of crimes committed compared to other Missouri communities? After the locals looted and ransacked the place, those statistics might be "off the charts in a terrible way" also.
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    You are possibly correct, but from all indications, the police display and presence there were a big part of that problem. The Police Chief was so far over his head he didn't even know or want to know how his Officers were handling what was in the beginning a peaceful protest. Adults are like children sometimes when you tell them they can't do something that's the thing that becomes most important to do. The looters just took an opportunity to loot while the situation was blown completely out of control.
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    When did the police as opposed to the courts "issue" arrest warrants. Is this really an indictment on the Fergusen courts for being too strict or the St. Louis courts for being too lenient?
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    No, please let this damned story die a natural death!! You people are merciless and I hope none of you are ver in a position to judge anyone fairly!!!!
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    Ok tells me.that there are problems with some of.the population of Ferguson. Also are they also adding the county arrests or just city of. Also tells me the court systems doesn't play around with people who don't show up for their hearings. Just because the.officer was a rookie on a department that had problems doesn't make the officer bad
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    Is this an indication of bad policing or good policing?
    Is it the departments fault for writing citations for criminal behavior ?
    Is it the public's fault for earning them?

    The graph can be a condemnation of the department - if you want it to be.

    It can also be interpreted to be good police work - in a town that refuses to be policed.

    Don't blame the cops for doing their jobs.
    Hold equal accountability on those doing the crimes, committing the violations, and earning the citations.
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    Does any city fall in good favor with the police. They are hated but when a loved one gets killed or hurt who you gonna call.
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    I would actually think twice before calling the cops, there are many Americans that think the same way.
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    @Meathead ,
    Good, maybe that will mean that you won't be here anymore to post your ravings.
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