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    another example of why America is so fu@ked up....every time a video of a kitten chasing yarn or anyone wearing something a little different comes on,,.we lose our concentration and forget the important matters being what was I talking about again?
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    Unfortunately they media gives what the people want to hear. It no longer news... it's gore, fear, hate porn.

    Good ol' Herman Cain said it best "stupid people are ruining America"
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    ! the cat wearimg a shark costume while riding a Roomba in a kitchen.

    So what if he wants to wear a tan suit. It is summer.
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    He actually looks good in a tan suit. So did Reagan. The others, not so much. Now if only the tan suit wielded some sort of super-powers, enabled the wearer to have amazing wisdom. Ahh, we can dream.
    Oh, and this is a stupid subject! Who gives a damn about his suit?
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    I have to agree. Instead of paying attention to what he is and is not saying, they were gushing over his suit.
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    @Tina - Hmmm....distractive play.

    Mr. Obama wore a tan suit to a press conference...(to say we don't have a plan for a situation that is brutally evolving).

    Better to focus on the suit than the message.
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    @AntiPorcheria The problem for Obama is that any solution involves at least some boots on the ground and he cannot afford to do that. To many of his followers are against any type of military action, instead, opting to talk to people who rather behead them than talk.
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    @Tina And that, is the crux of the matter. He would rather talk to them and try to work out a solution than deal with them on their own level. President Obama is not a violent man. That's great! But when you've got a group of terrorists that is thousands strong and growing, it's time to get tough. He likes to brag about getting Bin Laden. Osama had nothing on these animals.
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    Agreed the folks upset about obsmas tan suit lost there minds long before this incident ever happened. Some lost there minds the very morning after the 2008 election.
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    @PoliticalSpice - Once, just once, I want one of these rabid right wing Tea Party nut jobs to come out and admit that their biggest problem since the 2008 election is that "there's a n!gg@r in the White House." They protest that they aren't racists, that they just object to him politically, but things like blasting him for wearing a tan suit tell the real story. I may not like him as a president, but Jesus! He can't do anything right for some of these people. It's tiresome.
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    @Denizen_Kate It has nothing to do with race. They just don't like that he's a keyan, muslim anti colonialist, who forged a hawiian birth certificate to steal citizenship in our country and then move into a white house. It has nothing whatever to do with race. They would treat any other african communist who wore a ran suit and BROWN tie exactly the same way.
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    @Denizen_Kate I heard obama has a cure for cancer. Can you believe it!!! He's actually trying to put doctors and hospitals out of business. This proves how much he hates america!
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    He's got until Labor Day. No reason to get upset about it.....but if he wears it after Labor Day it will be a sure sign of the coming Armageddon!
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    I disagree - I'm delighted to have a Politix story I can agree with, even if it is as lightweight as the suit.
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    @LisaFine needs to get over people criticizing her man. Put the Pom Poms down and walk away.... Does it ever end ?
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    Its been said that "the suit makes the man...." and the phrase "empty suit," has expressed the thought that some person was a man of "no substance."
    Three presidents have wore tan suits but only one president, Republican President Ronald Reagan brought honor to the office of president and to the country and its citizens.
    The other two presidents, "empty suits." The Title, was in extremely bad taste "These Presidents All Wore Tan Suits and (Nobody Lost Their Minds.) while I understand that the reference to,"No one lost their minds," was in relation to people's reactions to Obama wearing a tan suit, but the reference to mental illness, since Ronald Reagan had suffered from a mental illness , made the authors wording of the title of this article offensive to me.
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    @ASISEEIT2 - If Reagan were still alive and running for office today, the GOP wouldn't elect Saint Ronald as dog catcher. He has absolutely nothing in common with today's conservatives, other than the utter failure of his "trickle down economics."
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    @Denizen_Kate Its obviously true that America's citizens aren't as discriminating as they once were when the citizens voted for Ronald Reagan to be president and as a results the country ended up electing a "empty suit," Barack H. Obama
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    Who "over-reacted?" Who really cared? Who was surprised to see him at the White House?
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    I'm not surprised he's back at the White House. He ended his vacation much earlier than congress. At least someone is willing to get back to work in DC, even if many of us don't much like the job he's doing.
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    @Denizen_Kate The country would be better off if congress and Obama all took longer vacations. Every minute they are in DC they cause more damage to the country, world and overall economy.
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    For goodness sake he's our president not a fashion designer. I bet he wishes all he had to worry about was what was he going to wear for the day.
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    "People" didn't overreact...about a dozen individual humans made snide comments.

    But the MEDIA lost it's mind over the tan suit.

    Made a mountain out of a molehill posting hundreds of stories referencing dozens of posts.

    And now look at this story.

    Here we go again.
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    ! corporations, media are people too.
    Conniving, contrite and crazy people, but, people all the same.
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    @Wafflecone Yep, he building a time bomb housing bubble that popped and brought financial harm to our country.
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    They should have lost their minds over Clinton, and King George I and II; they look haggard (Merle Haggard). Only reason Reagan pulled it off is because of his hair dye.
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    The folks right here at Politix seem to be the only people who think that his particular tan leisure suit is an issue.
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    @Denizen_Kate ....people need to start watching main stream media, ABC, CBS and NBC, in order to get real news. It has been on all the legitimate news stations since the first picture / video appeared. because the right wing haters are the ones who are making a big deal out of the color of his frack'in suit and showing their ignorance every time a camera or microphone is in front of them.
    I hope you will encourage everyone you know to vote these idiots out of office in November.
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    @LarryV @Denizen-Kate um, you realized that Fox's issue was how social media was abuzz over how good he looked in his suit while ignoring what he was saying about not having a plan for the middle east?
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    "people need to start watching main stream media, ABC, CBS and NBC, in order to get real news"

    Are you familiar with the concept of "framing" in the media? They all do it, even the Big 3 that you mentioned. Don't be gullible because there is not even one objective news outlet on this entire planet.
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    You are proving that Fox news was again 100% correct. Fox never had a problem with his suit, Fox had a problem with social and leftist medias gushing about it while ignoring his lack of a plan for the middle east. It is also hilarious seeing all the leftists jumping on this without bothering to look up what the real issue is about.
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    Yank - Yep You've got it right. Obama said he didn't have a plan for ISIS in the Middle east. Unlike Bush, who had one for Iraq, and lied to get everyone to go along with it.

    I'd rather have a President who says,'before we attack, we'd better have a plan', than one who stands on the deck of an aircraft carrier proclaiming 'Mission Accomplished', when it was anything but.

    I'm also damm glad Bush gave up on trying to get Bin Laden, and left that up to Obama. If he had handled that the way he did Iraq, instead of just giving up because 'it was too hard', no telling how he's have screwed that up as well.

    BTW - I believe it was Sixty Minutes who did a story on Bush a few months ago. Bush was driving around his ranch in Crawford, without wearing a seatbelt. If Obama had done the same thing, the right wing nut jobs would have gone nuts about the 'bad example' he was setting for America's youth.
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    @eyesonu so what does any of that have to do with the price of tea in China? I pointed out that the suit controversy is made up, and apparently you decided to come along and crazy up a response.
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    There is no real issue here, Yank. No leftie issue, no righty issue. You can dream one up, but it still is not there. Who gives a flying rat's patootie?!
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    @Raybo I think the 'righties' are more distressed about the 'tan face', than the tan suit. But I think Denizen_Kate already said that.

    If that's the case, I guess we'll never have to worry about Boehner running for President.Lol!
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    @eyesonu Oops! On second thought, aren't the kids these days saying "Orange is the new black." In that case, since the Republicans are trying to be more 'inclusive' and Boehner certainly looks 'orange'. Maybe the youngsters will think of him as the 'new black'.

    And I know of what I speak. We own a tanning salon. Yep. we're 'melanoma dealers'. BTW - 25 years in biz, and not a single case of anyone with skin cancer). As George Burns said, "Everything in moderation".
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    This is probably the dumbest "controversy" ever. I disapprove of the way Obama is handling the presidency, but it has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin, suit or tie.

    BTW, I think that Obama looked pretty good in a tan suit. I just wish that he was a better president.
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    To prove the suit means nothing there are those that hate Reagan and praise Clinton both in the same colored suit.So much for the suit color being the cause of criticism.
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    My post has been eliminated because I stated truth about OBAMA being POTUS which is p iece of total usless shyt
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