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    Heck I'd already BE serving if the government would give the disabled population its due and allow us to fill support roles. I'm good with computers and tech, yet I can't serve my country because I can't MARCH my ass up to a console. Oh but if you get crippled WHILE serving, you're a hero and patriot.

    IMO as far as Starship Troopers goes the book was FAR superior to that campy POS that shares its name...and don't even get me started on the steaming pile that is the sequels.

    Same with Battlefield Earth...kick butt sci-fi no matter how you feel about the author...but the movie was a disappointment on its own...AND because it ended at the book's halfway point! Yes I'm derailing the discussion but I do love my sci-fi.
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    Based on Ricks' bios on the NYT website and Wikipedia, I see no evidence that he's ever served this country in either a military or civilian capacity. Just another hypocrite who preaches but doesn't practice.
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    Wow,right out of Starship first instinct is to say hell ya,but then i think how our troops are being to subject to UN & international jurisdiction,wearing blue helmets,the restriction on being able to defend themselves,being forced into harms way without having ammo for their weapons at times and the total disregard that this administration and others have for the military,i don,t hardly think so
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    i remember how women were never going to be put in combat situations look how long that lasted,never say never with the government ,just say it,s not yet convenient
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    I was actually going to reference Starship Troopers. It's dead on and a brilliant essay on citizenship. But you make a good point.
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    We have become one of the finest volunteer forces of fighting men and women because we got rid of the draft. Anyone remember Vietnam? All the draft dodgers and folks fleeing off to Canada? The Draft does not work. This is coming from someone who Voluntarily enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, who Voluntarily Chose to serve his country. I think civil and/or military service can do good for a person. However, not everyone is cut out for service and even if they are the question as to whether or not they really want to serve also comes into play. I say no to the draft.
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    Who owns you? The draft is government slavery, they are saying they own your body and can dispose of it a they see fit
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    I'm sold. Teach our youth that everything should be earned.the idea could use tweaking but if you can mandate a tax, I mean penalty on breathing then this should be a breeze.
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    Forcing people into an occupation is about as far away from "having to earn it" as you can get. The government should earn its soldiers, not recruit them by force.
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    CommonSense, I get your point and I agree I'm not fond of govt force overtaking free will to choose. My point about earning it wasn't earning an occupation but learning about the value of citizenship, service to others, and even hard work for low pay teaches us something. Minimum wage jobs you had in high school probably inspired you to continue education or vocational training because you certainly didn't want the job you had forever.
    I simply think there are valuable lessons to be learned here for our youth. Whether its the military, the Peace Corps, or some national community service type work, its better than raising a generation that sees entitlement as their future and their birthright.
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    Agreed, somewhat. Personally, I don't think there should be a draft of any sort, but I can see the advantages of having one. Which are largely already pointed out by you, Wolf.

    Americans need to learn the value of hard work again, because (the Christian equivalent of) God knows entitlement is rampant. Though, as it stands, I've seen people who have gone to the military and come back feeling more entitled than when they left.

    My brother-in-law pulled eight years, before he went in he was the nicest guy, always ready to work hard and do what needed to be done. He's been out for two years now, and feels he is entitled to whatever he gets without having to work for it. It's sickening, sometimes. Though he has been through a lot in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    And the help he's receiving for the problems incurred mentally and emotionally over there is disgusting. They've done absolutely nothing to help him since he came back in 2010.
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    can't make conditions that might interfere with a free loader socirty.
    the next thing you know, someone might expect people to start being responsible again?
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    Terrible idea.
    The US government doesn't have a good past of intelligently using the military. People shouldn't be coerced into joining such a mismanaged organization.
    Furthermore, a draft would give the government an excuse to further shortchange our men and women in uniform. If there's a draft and they have no choice the government doesn't have to promise higher pay and more benefits to get people into the military. They already overtrump the benefits. Most people who join the military never get college benefits because there's all kinds of requirements that they don't tell you about in the advertisements. Even today many of the new veterans deal with problems such as unemployment and homelessness.
    If the government has trouble getting enough people in the military the burden is on the government to make it a more attractive option both by providing adequate compensation, a safety net in case I become disabled, and making better foreign policy decisions. Then nobody would even be talking about a draft because the government's military needs would be met easily.
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    On the other hand,
    For welfare(not counting disability or Medicare-which I think should be expanded by nixing the words "over 65" or college help, I mean the "I can't find work, I need money" kind of welfare) this might not be a bad idea.
    But this is how I'd have it work, welfare can only be temporary, people on welfare must do any and all volunteer work required of them (volunteer organizations could register with the government to get welfare recipients referred to them) up to a reasonable amount of time (they need enough time to go job-hunting obviously) that doesn't require them to move to another location and that meets their skills set(which will be assessed beforehand). Their skills set should also be compared with opportunities in private and public sector jobs including the Military, Americorp, and the Peace Corp as well as educational opportunities for jobs that require a degree, and then assisted into moving towards a job. When a suitable opportunity is found their welfare is gone and they can either take the opportunity or not have any money. Some sort of system will have to be set up so employers don't know you went through this system to prevent them from taking advantage of the situation and paying ridiculously low wages.
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    Hell naw,Not the way the fkn US government treats those soldiers that come back from war with PTSD and such...Almost to the point theres NO Pride in fighting for America due to Ignorant Leadership.
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    Reminds me of the Hitler Youth movement. They started out with only 300 boy scouts, soon it was compulsory, in 5 years they totaled 7 million; next thing you hear they are helping little old ladies with groceries, next they are protesting in the streets, next they are being tried for war crimes in the Nuremberg trials. Indoctrination.
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    This is a FANTASTIC idea!!!!! Heck yeah!! I have stated something similar to this myself on another forum!! It's high time the freebie handouts STOP!!! ESPECALLY for the young people that are so fraudulently accepting EVERY handout they can get their slimy hands on.
    I am almost 50 years young and I have worked from the time I was 16, I can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in the pan. These young people just sitting around with there heads in the television and there thumbs on the x box paddle, or making more babies they cant support, it's high time they learn what it is to earn what they get!!
    Idle hands ARE the devils workshop.
    That IS my motto! Lol

    Now I am talking about able bodied young adults. Not handicap, not elderly, if there is a medical problem, that's different.

    (I know I will probably get blasted over this post, but sorry. It IS the way I feel)
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    We have the best military in the world, but we unfortunately politicians make policy. Policies like the Korean war, the viet nam war, the Iraq war and now Afghanistan all in the last 50 years. Our military is proud to defend America and Americans, not so much being a policeman in Afghanistan for citizens that don't want us there. We have more than enough troops to defend our country in light of the fact we have 25,000 troops in S Korea, 25,000 in Japan and almost 100,000 in Europe, 100,000 in Afghanistan and other military bases all around the world. We do not need a draft. Our constitution calls for a defense of our country, not others. What good does it do to save Anbar, if we lose Arizona? We borrow from Europe to defend Europe. We borrow from the Gulf states to defend the Gulf states. We borrow from Japan to defend Japan. Is it not a symptom of senility to be borrowing from the world so we can defend the world?
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    No need for a draft right now. Service option that is not military is a good idea, but there is no infrastructure that is able to handle large numbers of people. Idea needs more work.
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    To each and everyone of you that served. Did you do that so your children would be forced into doing the same, or did you do it so that your children could have a better life than you...a life with choices.
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    This should apply to the biggest freeloaders: corporations. If the CEO's, corporate officers and top executives haven't done their time, then the company does NOT qualify for corporate welfare.
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    It's not exactly a draft. And it doesn't specify ONLY military service. It requires CIVIL service in order to be able to qualify for certain benefits. No one is being forced under this "idea," but given a choice to contribute a short amount of time for the betterment of our society.
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