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    As someone who is quick to oppose anti-Mormon bigotry, I don't think this qualifies as such. It's legitimate to scrutinize the finances of any huge tax-exempt hierarchy, whether it be the LDS, the Catholic Church, or Scientology. The cover art is intended to be provocative, but is directly reflective of the content of the article rather than promoting some false stereotype. I do, however, find it interesting that the magazine just happened to run this story 4 months before a Mormon candidate is on the ballot for President. That's unlikely to be an accident. But I don't think Mitt Romney (who I don't support) should have to answer for what the LDS Church does with its finances.
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    First off, Mormonism is a cult. Second, I'm glad to see its only Mormon that are obsessed with money. That has to be a relief for everyone else including our Congress and President. They must all be focusing exclusively on altruistic endeavors that better their fellow man without personal gain. There's hope for our country after all. Now we just have to get rid of all those evil immoral mormons and the country should fix itself in no time boy, that was easy wonder why we didn't think of it before. BTW, feel free to substitute the word Jews where I typed Mormon above and Hitler and the Nazi party for President and Congress.
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    The comparison is there. Of course, the lefty's will cry foul. "We don't want to kill all the Mormons!"
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    I didn't know Glenn Beck wrote opinions by proxy...Either that, or Nazi Tourette's is contagious.

    1) Mormonism is a cult, yes.
    2) Yes, this article is flawed in not properly framing their premise. Mormons are not the only people obsessed with money. Same goes for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, etc, etc. Anyone can be obsessed with money.
    3) I'd take it a step further, get rid of all religions. But that's just my 'delusional' dream of dictatorship.
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    @CI, I doubt Glenn Beck would see Mormons as a cult, seeing as he is Mormon. Second, its called satire and sarcasm. No I don't see Obama rounding up all the moons and putting them in cattle cars. What I DO see is a propoganda machine making scapegoats of a particular class of people for political purposes. That's a page from another regime that loved propoganda.
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    You know, I've studied just about every significant religion in the world, and what I've found is this: If you judge a religion by the circumstances of its founding, pretty much every religion seems kind of crazy. If you judge a religion by the way its adherents conduct themselves according to its teachings, then some of the less mainstream groups like the Quakers, Mormons, Christian Scientists, and Amish come out looking pretty good.
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    @ACTSmom actually it is loving money, and not G-D that is wicked. or loving money, more than or equal to your love of G-D, that is evil. since G-D commanded, that money exist. how can it be evil, unless you abuse it's intent and purpose?
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    gee whiz, if they live on welfare they are scum,if your a successful business person your scum.hey i achieved nirvana, I'm a Politically correct dream.I'm successfully broke.people really need to tend to their own business,literally
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    Just look how they smeared the Muslim religion and Obama isn't even Muslim. How more uninformed and outrageous can u get.
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    !!! if that had been allah? think about ww4, caused they would have nuked the ww3....
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    This cover is right on point....and this point could be about many..if not most...other Christian sects....oh ye of little faith, give us your money and it will return to you tenfold say televangelists, and megachurch 'owners' in a shameless appeal to greed, while using a cynical, insidious, and sadly effective system of herding their sheep.
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    This is dispicable. Next week they'll likely be praising a new mosque in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
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    As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I am grateful to see an article in Bloomberg’s Businessweek magazine. I have never seen such a great picture of our Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. It is so lit that it shows a Heavenly glow indicating how much we revere Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.

    I am a bit dismayed about the cover picture of Jesus laying hands on our first modern day prophet and Oliver Cowdery with Jesus directing His servants to go and make money. This of course did not happen and is meant to be sarcastic.

    One would not expect to see a publication of billionaire Michael Bloomberg critical of anyone making legitimate money. This is something you would expect from People's Weekly World, a publication of the Communist Party USA. But then again, the article was not a criticism of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints making money. Bloomberg’s criticism is of the church’s existence at all. Then what of its people? As a Jew Michael Bloomberg should know better.

    Bloomberg should apologize, but then again billionaires are not known for being humble.

    Matthew 19:24

    And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

    Meet Mormons
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    I grew up in the Mormon chruch too, its not a cult, its just like any other church. It sickens me to see all the lies and accusations about the church by the left wing media just to smear Romney .
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    BigPoppaPhat, thank you for your comment.

    We as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints consider ourselves to be “a peculiar people in the biblical sense of being a covenant people with the Lord.”

    What also makes us a peculiar people is by our Word of Wisdom, which is the law of God for all mankind. By this law we do not drink hot drinks, meaning coffee or tea,and refraining from the intake of alcohol and tobacco. Other provisions of the Word of Wisdom are also for our physical health and spiritual benefit.

    As a peculiar people, members of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints do not except the term “cult” to define our church or our practices. As it states in Wikipedia´s “New religious movement” section,“Some have pointed out that the use of the word ‘cult’ speaks more to the attitude of the individual using the label than to the nature of the NRM in question” and is considered derogatory.

    Individuals who insist on using this term can be considered to be lacking in a firm foundation in their own beliefs, be what they may. They should consider reexamining their commitment to their own belief or look elsewhere for a more suitable alternative.

    Mormons believe in service to others.

    "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17
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    Mitt Romney is having a hard time running against Obama. The healthcare ties now questionable churches, wonder what's next. In my opinion, the GOP picked the perfect person to once again lose to Obama.
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    Did you see the candidates of the GOP? The only decent one was Paul because he is a libertarian that would defend our rights, but he's only half good. The rest suck. I don't understand how those were the candidates to run for the Republican seat. This country has better people than that.
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    Actually, I thought the Jon Huntsman was decent and probably would have had the best chance of beating Obama. Unfortunately, Huntsman is highly educated and just could not hide that fact from the Toilet Potty.
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    Absolutely! It is obviously the magazine's opinion of the mormon, eh whatever it is. They are entitled to their opinion. Obviously their opinion of what the mormon's magic word is to get into Heaven is "invest"!
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