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    The Nuge didn't backpeddle or change his statements. Turns out he was innocent and perfectly within his rights to hope they get slaughtered in November.
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    The Nug and the FBI had a nice conversations with smiles, handshakes and good feelings all around. The Nug's reputation precedes him :)
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    What makes you think it isn't being treated seriously? He's being investigated, isn't he?

    But on another note, if some of us were thinking like Nancy Pelosi, we'd say this was a contrived situation, getting Michelle Obama more press, sympathizers, accusers of racism, and/or making it a partisan issue. Oh, wait! There are those on here already making it a racist issue.
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    Absolutely. Had an ordinary citizen done the same thing, he or she would have been treated much more harshly. I am tired of law enforcement officials being given special treatment when they break the law.
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    Since YourIQfitsU brought up the Tea Party... I thought I'd mention a story about a woman who helped construct the Group Identity Politics that dominate American Politics... She must be proud.

    This is Francis Fox Piven's opinion on the Tea Party.

    Maybe that's where YourIQfitsU got that idea...

    Here she is talking about OWS

    Here's a long video of her, Noam Chomsky and a couple others. Watch it if you want... It makes me nauseous

    My favorite video of Piven is this one including Thomas Sowell. I like Thomas Sowell
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    Just like we saw with the Nuge. Socialists trying to victimize honest Americans for expressing dissenting opinions. Those two are the most disgusting human beings to ever grace the White House.
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    More warped, mindless hatred from right wingers. Their Taliban-like mentality of "I want to kill everyone who disagrees with me!" is simply astonishing. Is anyone safe from these intolerant kooks?
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    You loving socialism doesn't equate to him wanting to kill people. That's the difference between being investigated and put on trial...
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    Sure, pee wee.
    I guess that explains why no one is investigating me for threatening to kill anyone.
    And you know I love socialism because...
    a) The voices you continuously hear reveal information to you the rest of us are never made privy to.
    b) god (little “g”) talks to you on a regular basis - in an audible voice - imparting to you everything he/she knows.
    c) You’ve convinced yourself you are omniscient.
    d) You believe your bowling ball is actually a working crystal ball.
    e) The drugs you ingest, snort, smoke or shoot-up on a daily basis expand your mind and give you magical powers.
    f) You're crazier than a rabid skunk and more hate-filled than a legion of demons.
    My guess is "f", but the correct answer could very well be “all of the above”.
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    Maybe you mean when she gave that kid chicken nuggets because they lunch his mother packed was "unhealthy"?
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    Assigned DESK DUTY!
    Is this how privileged law enforcement has become?
    He THREATENED the FIRST LADY! He should've been arrested immediately like any ordinary citizen would have if they did this right in front of police officers!
    There's this buddy-buddy culture the police in this country have. In my hometown a police officer killed an unarmed teenager with a taser when he could've easily subdued and arrested him without it. No charges were ever filed and he remained on the police force.
    Clearly police departments can't be trusted to honestly take law enforcement action against their fellow officers, or even to simply fire them if they are incompetent. What we need are some strong laws that lay out circumstances where various actions ranging from disciplinary actions to firings to arrest and the filing of charges with the prosecutor's office are required to be taken or else those who fail to act are fired and barred from serving in law enforcement ever again.
    To solve the problem of chummy relations with the prosecutor's office we need more shall-prosecute laws that require the prosecutor to go forward with charges if there is a certain level of evidence (for example, being caught red-handed like in this case).
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    You don't know that he THREATENED THE FIRST LADY...hearsay only gets him investigated, not arrested. Sheesh...funny you mention the buddy-buddy culture of police when it was another cop who reported it!
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    If a cop overheard an ordinary citizen doing something like that he wouldn't just file for investigation, he would use his police powers to arrest the person.
    I'm not saying he should necessarily be convicted, but there is plenty of evidence in this case to arrest him and make him stand trial. After that it's up to the jury if prosecutors can establish reasonable doubt.
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    Oh the hierarchy was threatened, everybody weigh in with biased opinions.i couldn't give a shit about the cop, the first lady, or the puppet in power.
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    Now what has she done to deserve that kind of vitriol? Fought for better health for our kids? Supported her husband? Raised two well-mannered daughters? I don't think that those are things for which she should be vilified!
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    I'm not sure what to think. According to every source I've checked other than this one... the statement was "overheard".

    "Another officer who overheard the statement reported it to superiors — and the U.S. Secret Service was notified."

    "An officer overheard the alleged threat and reported it to a police lieutenant at the Division, who immediately notified superiors, the officials said."

    It wouldn't be the first time an "overheard" comment was taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I'm not dismissing it, but I'm not passing judgement either. I'd need more information, but chances are we'll never hear about this again.
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