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    :) Awesome analogy. Did you come up with that yourself or get it off someone who's written anything? I'd like to read their stuff if they have.
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    I usually avoid the talking heads, Rush and Jon Stewart aren't more capable of forming an opinion than I am, they just think they are.
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    I wasn't thinking Rush or Stewart. Rush would say something like that but Stewart wouldn't. I just thought you might have heard that from someone who has written some serious stuff. IF so, I'm interested in what they have to say. If not? and you came up with it yourself? Cool. Nice Analogy. Useful.

    I dig you dude. You don't take shit. And you're for small government as far as I can tell. So we are not in conflict :)
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    No.. They didn't think our 1st government (Articles of Confederation) could be fixed & this Health Care plan can't either ... Strange article to come up now???
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    This bill is designed to make health insurance soooooo expensive that we all go on Single Payer goverment insurance like Canada and Europe.....and it can not be fixed.
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    Have you ever been covered by Single Payer Government Controlled Insurance? I have. Four and a half years in Australia.
    It was great.
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    You ever face any serious health risk while in Australia or were you a young man who didn't really need a doctor at all. It's all about perspective and you don't have nearly as much as you think...
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    No. All Obamacare is is more government to try and fix government interference in the health insurance market during the depression.

    Trying to fix a fix for too much government with more government... is piling more government on top of Obamacare.

    Wipe the slate clean. Repeal Obamacare as well as all the other regulations on health insurance and replace all of it with free-market based health insurance that's consumer-focused instead of employer focused. Then government should work around the edges to help those that fall through the cracks.

    Until we get away from this mindset that more government action is the answer to everything... nothing will improve for long.
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    So I'm guessing universal healthcare is bad for you? Not that the Affordable Care Act is (if you're going to call it "Obamacare," call Social Security "FDRCare") universal healthcare because of the mandate and a lack of a public option but it's a good bill overall if you take the mandate out. In the Bill, it allows for people of lower income to not pay a single penny, it allows for pre-existing conditions to be covered and cannot be turned down, allows for children up to age 26 to be on their parent's healthcare plan, and actually gives equal coverage and taxation to men and women. If we do the neoclassical spin on this, we'll go back to what we had earlier and it's guaranteed to not even work. You see, insurance companies have far too much power and to me, the AFA didn't do enough to restrict the power of the insurance companies but it's better than nothing.
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    I disagree. FDRCare is a bloated entitlement that is unsustainable and Obamacare will have the same result.

    I am not for a "neoclassical" approach. This is my approach as I said above...

    "Wipe the slate clean. Repeal Obamacare as well as all the other regulations on health insurance and replace all of it with free-market based health insurance that's consumer-focused instead of employer focused. Then government should work around the edges to help those that fall through the cracks."

    Here's a link to a thread where I go into detail. Scroll down.
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    Neoclassical economics means you are in favor of free market economics which most libertarians are. Putting a free market spin on healthcare is a neoclassical idea and a bad one at that.

    I will agree though that we need to cut entitlements just a little bit as well as some other things, the most being defense and tax the rich to get our revenue back. The AFA on the other hand will last quite awhile before it fails if it ever will. The only thing that's going against it is the mandate but it's only estimated 2% will really be affected by it. As I've said before, if you cannot afford healthcare, you get off scot-free. The free-market idea of healthcare coverage would only play more into the hands of lobbying firms of insurance companies. The AFA is a thorn in their sides because it keeps them from banning patients on some things like pre-existing conditions. If a profit motive is put in, patients are supposed to go back to being denied healthcare coverage on bogus things like pre-existing conditions? Sounds an awful lot like Peter Schiff talk to me and it's a silly idea since healthcare, in and of itself, is a socialist idea and putting a market on it is just not a smart thing to do. Look at private prisons and why there are so many prisoners incarcerated because of it.
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    Ok fine. your label does not describe the health insurance market Pre-Obamacare... it describes the health insurance market pre-FDR.

    In other words... we have never really had a free-market health insurance market like we have a free-market car insurance market.

    I say we give it try before jumping head first into more government.
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    Just bring the U.S. into the 21st Century like the rest of the civilized world and accept a Nat'l Health Care Program and get politics out of it.
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    Obamacare is tragic. Tragic for each person; tragic for our country. Too bad the lawmakers could not identify the good aspects of health reform that we all agree on and implement those rather than what they did in creating a political, money wasting, regulation heavy social program.

    We are all worse off because of Obama and Obamacare.
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    Again with The Atlantic? Politix editors, are they paying you to promote them or something? The frequency with which their articles appear here is vastly out of proportion to their significance or influence over the national debate.
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    I think that they think that we think that The Atlantic is an objective source... I think that they think that we think that they are toeing the nonpartisan line by using sources like the Atlantic. I think that they think that we are gullible and judging from this message I got from them yesterday?...

    "Hi Bobolinsky. We've noticed that a lot of your recent comments have been centered around media bias. Your opinion is always informed and well thought out, but these comments also seem to derail the conversation from the topic at hand. Can you try and keep your posts relevant to the issue being discussed in the article? Thanks!"

    I think that they don't like it when we don't think like they think we think.

    Just a thought ;)
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    Heres how to fix it.Repeal it.Strip congress of their coverage. (Congress/their families enjoy the BEST coverage available at taxpayer expense.When they come up with a plan for the citizens they can enjoy the same coverage at our expense.
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    Fixed? I had my dog fixed. Is that the same thing?
    Obviously some would like to neuter health care.
    But of course every legislation can be improved on.
    The problem is neither party is willing to work together on anything.
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    Tell that to the libertarians around here.
    Truthfully, healthcare can be fixed without completely wiping the slate clean and leaving the insurance companies to do whatever they want which is now a big lobbying firm. Obamacare, whatever its faults may be, is at least the closest we have to universal healthcare and millions more can now be covered thanks to it.
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    It's hard to "work together" if your view of government is so different.. This law was passed by not working together.. Why does it matter now? We'll see how the election turns out..
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    They wouldn't do "whatever they want". They will do what they have to do to compete with all the other health insurance companies to get business.

    That's when prices fall. Think "health insurance" commercials like we have car insurance commercials now.

    Better Service!
    Lower Price!
    Compare Online!
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    I don't think it is just obamacare. what i do think is that obamacare is the straw that finally broke the camels back.Gov erment has for years been pushing more and more into our lives and it just might be that we are all getting fed up? Both sides.