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    Of course it overrules international law. For now. Until the globalists decide we should make "one little concession" here and there to get in line with the rest of the world. I've said it before and I'll say it again a terrorist or common criminal is not going to use a legal, registered, traceable firearm to committ a crime. That's like saying drug dealers will set up a Kiosk at Walgreens.
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    I believe the cliche you're looking for is: If they outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns
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    Here's another "cliche" for you: "PEOPLE kill - not guns".

    Looking at the record of crime in the U.S. I guess that Americans should be the last PEOPLE on earth to own guns .... or any other weapon.
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    I would remind everyone of the many promises that our goverment has twisted,reinterpreted and out right broken in the past. Look at what they do with the eminent domain statute. Any treaty MUST be definitive and specific as to our rights to keep and bare arms or someone will break it of in us somewhere down the way. Make NO istake, there is an agenda.
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    Based of this definition of Politician, I cannot.

    pol·i·ti·cian/ˌpäləˈtiS Hən/

    A person who is professionally involved in politics.
    A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement.
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    I always find in uninteresting when people are so bigoted that they can't address any topic. They are only capable of proving just how stupid they are.
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    Lol wilberham...I know what u mean. This place is quickly turning in to right wing dumping ground of hate. The right loves to get everyone worked up over gun issues. Those tricky republicans just play ther constituents like puppets on a string. They play this same game ( they gonna take your guns) every election and people fall for it everytime.
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    Everything Democrats is allway chalked up to racism. For one I'm not a Republican... I'm a conservative independent. So if they were to take our 2ed amendment away like all Democrats try to do but FAIL at doing so will cops loose their rights to carry? Or will they have a double standard like the dems have? Badges don't grant extra rights....

    They crap on or 1st 2ed and 4th amendment right everyday .. I for one is sick of it.. freedom is free... I wish we all could put politics aside and work together as human beings and not worry how fat we can make our pockets... guns dont kill people .. people kill people. Guns are tools.

    Chairish yout rights and freedom that you have now because at the rate this country is going we will be a police state by 2016.... god bless America
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    Anyone who disagrees with the NRA stance on total and complete access to weapons of all types and calibers is a "a fool", "a brain dead drone", "a liberal", "against the second amendment", etc.

    You NRA kooks need to calm down, remove your thumbs from your mouths, stop kicking and screaming like little children. Pouting and sniveling only works with your mommy.

    No one wants to prevent you from sleeping with and fondling your pistols, rifles and shotguns.

    We just want to place some kind of rational limit on the kind of firepower made available to anyone and everyone who happens to have a clean record. You can keep the 174 high-power rifles you "supposedly" have for rabbit hunting and the 264 pistols you think you need to protect your trailer.

    We just don't think it's a good idea to allow mentally unstable people like you to acquire storehouses of assault rifles, hand grenades, bazookas, bomb-making materials, body armor, ammunition and such AND to bring them to public events - because it's your right to do so - where large crowds are present, with women and children in the mix.

    After reading your deranged rants I'm more convinced than ever you pose a serious threat to your neighbors and anyone else who happens to encounter you in the street, mall, grocery store, church or workplace.

    You can go snuggle up with your guns now, and try not to threaten or harm anyone you encounter who happens to not be sporting a NRA arm patch.

    Have a nice day.
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    Stereotypes? No, that would be your pal, jmann88 who posted the following..."Everything Democrats is allway chalked up to racism. For one I'm not a Republican... I'm a conservative independent. So if they were to take our 2ed amendment away like all Democrats try to do but FAIL at doing so will cops loose their rights to carry?"
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    The day the UN decides to overrule the US in anything is the day I suggest they start looking for a new home in which to have their meetings of strawmen. US rights within the US are not negotiable with the UN or anyone else. We fought one superpower for the freddoms we now enjoy and have provided the backbone for every significant UN since then. The UN needs to concern itself with international affairs not US civilians. Am armed populace is the best deterrent to hijacking of our country by tyrantss.
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    The NRA is correct in it's opposition. There's a desire to disarm the American citizenry and has been going on for some time now. I'm thankful for organizations such as the NRA, who do such a great job policing issues regarding gun/gun control and also informing the public on these issues.
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    The us has the right to bear arms,the un needs to be reminded of this.We the people have the right to defend according to the constitution.
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    According to the CDC the number of homicides in the U.S. was 11,493. If someone murders someone could it be argued that all murder is a form of at least temporary insanity. Do mentally healthy people murder? Are there social issues are a larger scale that need to be addressed?
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    Yes, I am very concerned that any group of nations other than its own can determine that country's rights on anything, including guns. And I hate guns and the damage they cause but feel strongly on autonomy.
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    It is really a hoot that the gun nuts at the NRA seem to want to get in the ring with the rest of the world, supporting selling guns to terrorists and rebels all over the world in order to defend the "rights" of the members of the NRA. What more do we need to know about the NRA that that they support the rights of everyone to slaughter the innocents of the world to protect their own imagined rights.
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    Obama don't give a rats A.. about the constitution or 2nd amendment. He is just waiting for an opening to peal off another executive order.
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    before you get to enamored with The NRA,you would do well to remmember that we have lost more Rights working with them than i can count. i was a member a long time ago and it was always ,Gee we have to give them this if we want to keep that, type of compromise.The Manchurian gun lobby
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    Well.. I guess "Fast & Furious" was uncovered & didn't do what it was intended to do.. Might as well turn to the U.N.
    The question should be .. How does our President feel about this?
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    if they want my guns they will have to pry them out of my cold dead hands....... i will stand up for my second amendment right along with the NRA and good ol uncle Ted......... why dont we just let uncle Ted loose on the un that would be funny
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    Guess who's heading up the UN gun control committee?- Iran! The UN needs to be limited to intergovernment concerns. How parents raise their kids and who owns guns are not intergovernment concerns.
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    Just look at other UN countries. They take away their weapons in their own country, Of cource they think the UN way is the only way
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